Wednesday, May 10, 2017

It's getting dramatic!

Yesterday and today we are reeling from the firing of the head of the FBI. Every time a person insists on investigating Trump’s ties with Russia, they get fired. If he is so innocent, then why would he feel a need to do that?  We are very fortunate to have a good time of birth for Trump, and his chart is working like a charm. His progressed Moon changed signs in the last twenty four hours, so this event is really significant. It went from Cancer into Leo. In addition, minor progressed Mars is conjoining his Ascendant right now within minutes. He is really pissed!!

What is beautiful is that his secondary progressed MC is approaching a conjunction with secondary progressed Saturn at 2 Leo (discipline and disappointment in career). The progressed Moon (which moves about a degree a month) will join them in two to three months. That has the potential of ending his presidency. Further, his progressed Uranus is closely (six minutes separating) opposing his natal Moon, which would indicate a state of constant emotional turmoil and anxiety. Transiting Mars will trigger that around May 22nd/23rd.  That has the potential of violence.

Minor progressions are supposed to indicate inner, spiritual matters, and if so, Trump is learning a lesson about deception. He was born with Mercury square Neptune which is notorious for indicating a vivid imagination and, therefore, a signature of a deceptive person. Some people find a way to change habits; some don’t. Right now minor progressed Saturn in Trump’s chart is aligning with that square. It has gone over his Neptune (10 minutes separating from a conjunction) and is on the way in the next few months to square his Mercury. Saturn is “reality” and discipline. He will not get away with his deceptions. 

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

secondary, tertiary, minor progressions and Trump's chart

For the past several months I’ve been working with Robert Blaschke’s book about progressions. In it, he explains that when popular astrology columns started being published, the much more rigorous forecasting methods were ignored and replaced with just secondary progressions and transits. Some even use just transits. Transits were not meant to be a stand-alone prognostication method.

In the first book of his series, he explains how progressions are supposed to be used. If you google his name, there is even a lecture about it on YouTube. Secondary progressions are supposed to be used with tertiary and minor progressions with triggers from transits, but ONLY the transits of the planets that are holding the progressions.  This is the way it was done when C.E.O. Carter and others of his generation wrote their books.

Therefore, looking at Trump’s chart, his minor progressed Sun is conjunct minor progressed Saturn, and they in turn are conjunct his natal Neptune—applying, not separating. Minor progressions are not “event” oriented, but rather more spiritual in nature. We then look for a time when the transiting Sun and/or Saturn will trigger it. Neptune will not for a very long time. The Sun will do so on March 28/29.  By that time, the minor progressed Moon will be joining the minor progressed Sun and Saturn, as well, but a few days later.

This is all triggering his Neptune/Mercury square, which is the signature of a person who has a loose relationship with the truth. So the lesson will be about honesty. Transiting Pluto is now squaring his Jupiter and progressed Venus, and solar arc Pluto is conjoining them, so he is in the midst of a lot of pressure to discipline his extravagance. However, since he was born with Uranus conjunct the Sun and opposing the Moon (extreme self-will), it’s doubtful that he’ll do that. Besides, solar arc Pluto is trining those natal placements, so he feels he is absolutely in control—especially with secondary progressed Uranus opposing his Moon within five minutes. It’s hard to say how this will end, although I think a year from now will be a defining moment. He has so many positive indicators, it gives new meaning to “Teflon” president.

However, I believe the real drama will come when Saturn joins that configuration in transit by opposing it in March/April 2018.

At that time, the tertiary Sun will conjoin the tertiary Moon at 9 to 11 Aquarius, opposing Trump’s natal Pluto at 10 Leo. By that time minor progressed Saturn will be squaring Mercury and TRANSITING Saturn will be square minor progressed Saturn, and therefore opposing Mercury. And minor progressed MC (which moves rapidly) will be conjoining natal Neptune--confusion about one's career. Progressed Moon will be conjoining progressed Pluto….severe emotional pressure. When so many of these progressions line up and are triggered by transits, things happen.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The USA chart now

Whenever I’m looking at a mundane chart, I like to go back to a time in history when the planets being triggered currently were triggered before. Usually, for people AND countries, these themes repeat. For the USA Sibly chart (July 4, 1776 at 5:12 pm in Philadelphia, PA., but because of some historical dates, I’m leaning more toward Rudhyar’s time of 5:14 pm for the USA.), the last time the progressed Sun was in aspect to the ascendant, as it is now, it was around the time leading up to the stock market crash of 1929. And just before that, in 1924 there was the Immigration Act that essentially severely limited immigration into the country—in fact banning Asians altogether.

The Immigration Act of 1924 limited the number of immigrants allowed entry into the United States through a national origins quota. The quota provided immigration visas to two percent of the total number of people of each nationality in the United States as of the 1890 national census. It completely excluded immigrants from Asia.”

A lot is going on in this chart and also Trump’s so I’ll have to post these essays in segments. First, the USA progressed Moon is about to change phase from disseminating to third quarter square (on March 1st). The third quarter square (all of these phases last about 3 ½ years) is noted for being rebellious, but in the context of the law. I call it “legal rebellion” because it is not the hot-headed upheaval we see in the first quarter square. Furthermore, it is going to be right on the Sibly (Sibley? –spelled both ways in various books) chart’s ascendant…i.e. the progressed Moon will be conjunct; the progressed Sun is squaring. Before this year is over, Neptune will trigger it (March 30th, Sep 8th, and again on Jan. 31, 2018) which would indicate smoke screens and intense deception. However, Uranus will be triggering the USA’s Mars/Neptune square, so a great deal of “awakening” is going on, as well.

I’ve often mentioned that whenever we have gone to war the Mars/Neptune square has been triggered. That configuration is the indication of our government’s massive deceptions, which verifies that foreign conflicts we initiate (ninth house Neptune) are usually under some pretext. Even today, Mercury is transiting the USA’s Pluto (ruling the 12th), opposing our 8th house Mercury, which would indicate covert communications on a large scale.

Solar arc Saturn has been opposing the ascendant for a year, (and less than a year with the Rudhyar chart), which shows the mood of the country is depressed. When the Progressed Moon triggers it roughly a month, we should see that erupt into public awareness not seen yet. In summation, the biggest thing I notice is the natal Sun/Saturn square has moved to activate the ascendant, with the progressed Moon right now less than a degree from triggering it. Also, transiting Mars is about to trigger the USA’s natal Sun/Saturn square February 14-17—boiling over frustration publicly. Not only that, but transiting Pluto is right now square progressed Mars, and that is rage.

Next I’ll write about Trump’s chart—we have a good time of birth for him—and last, an examination of the composite between his chart and the USA. I’ve found the composite to be extremely valuable.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The USA using minor and tertiary progressions

I’ve been so discouraged by the election, it’s hard to look at the USA chart, but it’s necessary. I’ve been working more with tertiary and minor progressions lately, using Robert Blaschke’s book on progressions. The USA chart has some interesting ones going on now. The Sun in a chart represents the leader. Right now tertiary Uranus is conjoining the USA Sun within minutes. President Obama has been behaving “independently” lately, albeit not enough regarding the stand-off in ND, but at least some. Trump, of course, is always Uranian, since it conjoins his natal Sun.

Over the last few months, the minor progressed Pluto has been conjoining the USA natal Moon…pressure brought to bear on the populace, which is being transformed by what is going on.

What I find really amazing is that the minor progressed Ascendant of the USA is aligning with the secondary progressed Moon and both are opposing the USA natal Uranus. The minor Ascendant will not actually catch up to that for a little while longer. That certainly describes the shock and chaos we are suffering and may even be the indicator of an upset…common with Uranus aspects. Meanwhile, the tertiary Venus is exactly conjoining the descendant, which would show acquiescence to whatever the powers-that-be are doing.

Tertiary Saturn, at 5:00 degrees Aquarius is about to quincunx Jupiter, which I would surmise is a “disconnect” of the grassroots populace from information related to the USA’s income and expenses. Plus, tertiary Pluto is also quincunx the USA Sun…applying by only 16 minutes…another disconnect but this one regarding the legislature and their “secrets” or “behind the scenes” activities. In other words, I believe there is enormous corruption running rampant right now.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Donald Trump’s Chart

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The birth chart is a very flexible thing. Every time we make a choice, we change our future possibilities. For instance, if one is born with a tendency toward lying (as Donald Trump is), and you keep on doing it, then there are consequences. But, if at some time, you decided not to do it anymore, your life changes and so do the results of future possibilities in your birth chart. That is why forecasting with a chart is so difficult. An astrologer does not know what character choices anyone has made in the past (and often neither do the clients themselves, it is so subjective), so it is impossible to say what choices they’ll make in any circumstances. But the chart CAN show what the dilemma is really all about which can be very helpful in making choices.

In other words, just because your chart shows a tendency toward something, it doesn’t mean you are fated to always have that habit in your character. My teacher used to say, “Change your character, and you change your life.”  No one is “destined” to be a murderer or a thief (or anything else negative).  Otherwise, why have the Ten Commandments? Or any moral code at all?

Donald Trump has the south node of the Moon conjunct the Moon in Sagittarius and in the fourth house in the Koch house system.  Both the south node of the Moon and the Moon, itself, show past life habits that have been developed. Not only that, but the fourth house is where we find information about the subconscious, habit patterns, and family, which is where we acquire our habits, etc. Sagittarius has often been called the “hoof in mouth disease” sign…and Donald has a “habit” (fourth house and lunar emphasis) of blurting out the “truth” as he sees it at the moment. After all, he has Mercury square Neptune (undisciplined imagination), which is the signature of one who has a loose acquaintance with honesty. It is further exacerbated by the Moon being opposite Uranus and the Sun (which are only five degrees apart).  Uranus is indicative of independence in the extreme and strong individuality. Since all of this is aligning with the lunar nodes, these attributes have been there in past lives and are habitual. In other words, he does as he pleases. The Sun and Uranus are in the tenth house…career…and that would indicate independence in career. Most with that signature are self-employed.

In addition, he has Mars rising in Leo, which is aggressive, quick to anger and impulsive. Leo rising—especially with Mars rising in Leo, as well, is proud and defensive—seldom apologizing, if ever.

So far, we see extreme independence, and we’d assume confidence. HOWEVER, he also has Venus in sensitive, emotional Cancer conjunct Saturn, the planet of conflict, pain and doubt. They square Jupiter in Libra in the second house. When someone has such a conjunction, we look for the way they will compensate by finding out if the conjunction aspects anything. The square to Jupiter shows he NEEDS to compensate in order to feel he fits into society (Jupiter in Libra—the sign that needs others’ approval). Since Jupiter is in the second house, he sees the answer in being rich, and Jupiter there usually indicates wealth to some degree. But, as an aside here, he also has Neptune in the second house which is indicative of losses, poor financial judgement, and one who has a difficult time *keeping* money. Since Neptune rules the 8th house (other peoples’ money), that is where he gets it. As an aside, Jupiter also trines Uranus tightly, which indicates a great sense of humor and enormous *luck.*

All in all, his natal chart does show a short attention span, blunt speech and spontaneity, but it is not nearly as dangerous as Hillary’s. He can change on a dime; she is rigid and will not deviate from a plan, and her chart is SO strong in that direction—no matter what time she was born, she’d almost have to become a different person to change it; I see no evidence of that.

Donald’s Forecast

I am not going to predict a winner in this contest because the chart shows how a person feels at a given time, and if Trump wins, he may not be the happiest of people when he finds out how his hands are tied by law and the “shadow government” that I believe is really running things.

His chart shows that he is not all that unhappy at the time of the election. In fact, on November 19th, transiting Uranus is trine his Moon which would indicate exciting plans he may envision for the public as well as things going very well in his marriage. It is around December 2nd, that he hits a brick wall, so to speak. At that time, Saturn will be opposing Uranus (“I have to do what I have to do and there is no ‘freedom’ to do as I please.”), and the progressed Moon conjoins natal Saturn= depression. Of course, since these things unfold over time, it could be manifesting right after the election.

Additionally, later in December, around the New Year, Saturn transits the Moon.  He is not a happy person at that time.  It appears it might be a private family matter, but that can be the result of a thwarting of plans (Moon rules the 11th—goals).

The progressed MC will conjoin progressed Saturn in a little over a year, which is a disappointment in one’s public image and can be a major professional loss.

Recently, two things have happened. One, his progressed Sun changed signs and entered the low self-esteem sign of Virgo. That was about three months ago. This only happens every thirty years (a sign change, not necessarily Virgo, of course). It is a major shift. Around the same time progressed Mercury conjoined progressed Pluto, which is a deep, intense shift in thought. These really rocked his core. He is learning a lot from this campaign.

In summation, this has been a difficult race to predict because Hillary is secretive about her birth time, we don’t have a clue about Jill’s time of birth, Bernie’s was also “iffy” and the only one we have definitely is Donald’s. Usually, though, the prevailing wisdom is that Saturn is usually near the MC (which absolutely depends on the time of birth) when one becomes president because that indicates culmination of career—one’s highest attainment. Trump’s is opposite that point, and that is usually the low point of a career when one questions their basic security. After all, Trump has lost his TV show and has probably done a lot of damage to his “brand” since many hotels are removing his name. That would indicate a loss. We shall see.