Saturday, March 24, 2018

Integrated Interpretation

From page 40 of my astrology course workbook:

To interpret a chart in an integrated manner, one has to know “what to explore,” or rather, which parts of the chart relate to which facets of personality or life promise. Particular houses and planets symbolize particular needs or traits in an individual. Aspects show the potential of these needs or traits being actualized or frustrated. For example, if an individual has a “stressed” Venus, (that is, a Venus receiving mainly challenging aspects of squares and oppositions), then the person’s needs that Venus symbolizes concerning values and/or relationships would be frustrated somewhat until the person meets the challenge of changing whatever in himself is causing the frustration. However, Venus is not the only thing in the chart that symbolizes values and relationships, and it is here that we must do a little “exploring.”

We have to also look to the second house, planets posited there, their aspects, the ruler of the second, its position and aspects, planets in the seventh house, its ruler and aspects, and other sources listed below. Suddenly, values and relationships become complicated and VERY personal!!

Here is a list of basic factors to consider in “exploring” facets of an individual’s character. In each case, look to the rulers of the houses--- their dispositors (rulers of the signs they occupy), their house positions and the aspects they hold to refine the indications of the traditional planets concerning the faculties in question. [It is assumed here that you have a basic education in astrological interpretation of planets and signs. Also keep in mind that planets in houses take on the traits of the natural rulers of those houses---i.e. first house takes on Aries traits, second takes on Taurus traits, etc. This is fully explained in the work of Zip Dobyns and her “alphabet” theory.] 

This is by no means all that an astrologer can delineate in a chart, but it is a good starting point. This is only meant to be a tool to aid the student in developing good habits and an integrated pattern of interpretation. It takes hard work and practice to interpret a chart smoothly and accurately. Don’t use this list as a crutch or a substitute for logical, sensitive reasoning. i.e. it isn’t helpful to just bluntly tell someone what might be an unconscious trait (8th house) without somehow making it relevant to them.

1.     Basic Temperament: ---Ascendant, ruler of the ascendant’s sign and house position, first house planets (if any), Sun and Moon
2.     Ego Need for Fulfillment: ---Sun and Fifth house
3.     Emotional Needs and Motivation: ---Venus, Moon, fourth and seventh houses.
4.     Mental Faculties: ---Mercury, third house (reasoning, conscious mind, communication style or methods), Moon, fourth and twelfth houses (subconscious mind, common sense), Jupiter, ninth house (judgment), Pluto, eighth house (unconscious mind), Uranus (intuition), and Neptune (imagination, inspiration, delusion, psychic sense)
5.     Self-Image: ---Moon, fourth and second houses (self-worth)
6.     Projected Image: ---Mars, first and third houses
7.     Relationships: ---Venus, seventh, eleventh and third houses
8.     Values: ---Venus (personal preferences), Jupiter (highest ideal), second and eighth houses
9.     Health: ---Sun, Saturn, ascendant, first and sixth houses
10.  Parents: ---Sun and Saturn (father), Moon (mother), tenth and fourth houses (either)
11.  Areas of Conflict, Pain and Doubt: ---Saturn, twelfth and eighth houses, Moon and houses with Virgo and Capricorn on the cusps or intercepted
12.  Career: ---Tenth, sixth, and second houses, Saturn
13.  Spiritual and Philosophical Attitudes: ---Ninth and twelfth houses, Jupiter and Neptune.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Current events

Sorry for the long absence…no excuse except that events have been so rapid, just as I’m ready to write about one, another one happens. However, the USA chart could bear a little scrutiny.

I use the Sibley chart, and it has been very accurate for years in my opinion. Right now solar arc Saturn is still pulling away from opposing the ascendant. It was exact about 19 months ago, but is in effect for about a year before and after that partile. However, the natal chart has a Sun/Saturn square, so the solar arc (and progressed) Sun is square the ascendant and is only a degree and five minutes separating. When solar arcs activate angles, it is very important. The most important thing about both of these is that transiting Neptune is applying to conjunct the solar arc/progressed Sun and squaring solar arc Saturn. More importantly, it is square the ascendant, as well. Neptune is in the natal 9th house (legislature) and natally squares Mars. The chart “promises” a deceptive government and right now, seeing as how it is transiting square the ascendant/descendant axis, I believe we are being deceived like never before, or it could be that our people are confused.

The last time the USA Sun/Saturn solar arc square activated the USA’s ascendant was 1928, and we know how that turned out! I fully expect something similar. We’ve had rumors of an impending depression and/or change in the currency.

Solar arc Pluto is also quincunx the USA natal Moon (the populace) Pluto rules the 12th, so behind the scenes there is a strong “ignoring” of the populace…a profound “disconnect.”  

We now have a stellium of five planets in pragmatic, realistic Capricorn. These all oppose the USA’s Cancer planets. Saturn was there last in late 1959 to ’61 but at that time there wasn’t a stellium like this one, and we didn’t have other profound astrological events affecting the USA chart, as we do now, but we did have the election of Kennedy  then, and, subsequently, his assassination in 1963.

Solar Eclipse of February 15, 2018

This eclipse will fall within five minutes of the Sibley USA chart’s Moon. The Moon rules the 8th house of a Koch chart of the USA. This can herald important decisions, changes, or events regarding investments, taxes, or any kind of collective monetary issue. Since the eclipse Mars will be conjoining the ascendant and Neptune square both very tightly, I would expect the propaganda to be thick and deceptive. Remember, the Sibley chart shows a square to Neptune in the ninth, and Mars rules the fourth (the masses), so we are promised in the birth chart that our government would be deceptive.

BTW, this chart shows a void of course moon according to using only the planets and Ptolemaic aspects. I have to question the conventional interpretations of VOC since “nothing will come of it” doesn’t seem to fit the USA. Of course, the Sibley chart may not be the REAL chart of the USA. It HAS, however, worked beautifully (in my opinion) for events in our history.   
Donald Trump Composite with USA

We astrologers all knew that Donald Trump’s ascendant/Mars conjunction is opposite the Sibley chart’s Moon when he was running for office. This is an antagonizing signature. He can “push our buttons.” The eclipse in February will, of course, affect him, too, by opposition. Every time I have written about a new president, one of my favorite tools is the composite of the president with the Sibley USA chart. In this chart Mars conjoins the MC and squares the Ascendant which describes the antagonism we are witnessing. Plus, the composite Moon is within minutes of opposing the composite Mars, as well, so it only underscores the antagonism. Transiting Uranus is now squaring both (an awakening). In a year solar arc Neptune will oppose the composite Saturn, and that will indicate grassroots (Saturn rules fourth) confusion. Right now, transiting Saturn is opposing the composite Sun, so we ARE waking up.

There are many other contacts, but the most important one is transiting Pluto coming to a square to the composite ascendant. That will be in a little over 1 ½ years. Pluto rules the second house, so it should be a financial issue that completely transforms the relationship between Trump and the US. No matter how much we want astrology to show our inevitable fate, much depends on our exercise of free will and what we choose to do. 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

 [Note: In order to keep up with the times and to keep my brain from getting rusty, I’m going to attempt to do a video the next time I post a blog. I would have done it this time, but Mercury is retrograde, and I respect that. Why ask for trouble?]

In the past I’ve usually done a composite of a new president’s chart with the USA Sibley chart. I overlooked doing it with Trump, but in view of the eclipse tomorrow which greatly affects all three of them….Trump’s, the USA’s and the composite, it is time to do that. Besides, every astrologer in the world is perusing Trump’s chart, but I don’t see much about the USA’s chart or the composite of the two of them. I’m going to attempt to post the charts here, but they may end up at the beginning or end of the post. Blogspot has a will of its own. (in fact, it is beyond me....if you're interested, I'll privately email you the charts. Blogspot changes its procedures almost monthly.)

Trump, of course, has this eclipse directly on his Ascendant/Mars conjunction. Eclipses set up at least a year’s worth of sensitivity to that point in the chart, but it manifests whenever anything triggers it…even tertiary and primary progressions and directions. The manifestation is neither “good” nor “bad” --- just sensitive. When it is in fixed signs, as this one is, it can be sensitive for a couple of years or more. In this case, that is especially true because there is a solar eclipse next February at 27 Aquarius…opposite this point which prolongs its effect, as well.

In addition, note that the USA’s Moon is located at 27:11 Aquarius. That is right on the degree of the above-mentioned eclipse in 2018, but it is affected by the eclipse tomorrow because of being in opposition. The Moon in a mundane chart represents the populace, and in the Sibley chart, it rules the eighth house. Personally, I think this relates to a very rapid rise in food prices because the immigrant farm workers were deported, and vast amounts of food are not being harvested—“rotting in the fields” as one person put it. Consider, too, the danger of more drastic cuts in public assistance that will contribute to hardship of the less fortunate of our population.

Long ago I learned (I believe it was via a Liz Greene book) that the leader a country elects is a reflection of the collective consciousness. Either Clinton OR Trump would have reflected it because they are both quite corrupt (in different ways), see the populace as easily led sheep and are both war mongers with huge ambition for power. When you compare the USA’s chart with Trump’s, it’s easy to see how much they “connect.” In particular, Trump’s Venus/Saturn conjunction aligns with the USA’s Mercury/Pluto opposition. That opposition is an indicator of the USA’s “power” issue, and Trump’s Venus/Saturn indicates his neediness to be “loved” because it was probably missing from his father. Venus rules his MC, and since that represents “authority” (father), and it squares his rising Mars, his father had to have been harsh with him…possibly violent at times.

It is interesting that the composite chart of Trump with the USA has an angular Mars, too, (conjunct the MC) and the Moon opposes it within less than a degree. In fact, there is only a seven minute orb. That polarizes the populace and can indicate a “knee-jerk” angry response to him. Furthermore the Sun trines Pluto. In a composite, that indicates a deep commitment between the two entities. However, the Sun also squares Neptune out-of-sign, which indicates deception of the one in power in this relationship. Sun rules the MC. In short, I think the country is being greatly deceived by this man. (I realize I’m biased, but I try mightily to just look at the charts.)

The eclipse is going to align with the composite Jupiter, which conjoins Saturn, albeit widely, (both of them straddle Trump’s natal chart ascendant.), which shows clearly the “love/hate” response from the country at large. I’m flummoxed about that and unsure whether or not he will be impeached.

[I’ll use these same charts on my video next month. Right now, I’m just setting up the drama.]

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Additional notes abut the lunar phase.

I will start making videos once in a while, but right now I’m working on how to do it. However, there is an important event happening in Trump’s chart that bears examining. First, his progressed Moon was conjunct progressed Saturn in Mid-July (depression) and is approaching a conjunction with natal and progressed Pluto in only six to eight months. That is an obsessive emotional state. In about eleven months, his solar arc Uranus will conjoin Mars, an accident indicator because it’s an impatient, enraged time when a person would not be careful—temper! In his chart it has to do with his marriage, and so I would expect his wife to be independent and unpredictable at that time. In a little less than four years, his solar arc Uranus conjoins the ascendant…a divorce aspect, and/or an unexpected “declaration of independence.” His attention is on his marriage even now since the solar arc Moon is about to oppose his Ascendant. That will be May 8, 2018. Don’t expect an event on that date necessarily…it often waits for a trigger, like a Mars transit, a tertiary progression, or a lunation (new or full Moon).

The event that I think is more important than all that is the end of his progressed solar/lunar cycle. That is close to three years away. Whether he is still president or not, it is the end of the Balsamic phase of his progressed Moon/Sun cycle. When a person is going through the Balsamic phase, things do not move quickly because the person should be doing an introspective of the previous seven phases of the cycle (each one is 3 and ½ years long). Things slow down, and nothing moves quickly in the Balsamic phase. Note how Trump can’t get anything done that he wants to do. There is so much going on in the USA chart, too, I will save it all for the video that I hope to make before the much-heralded eclipse.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Progressed Phases

One of the most reliable timers in astrology is the progressed Moon to progressed Sun cycle. There are eight phases they go through over about a 28 year time. The last one, the Balsamic phase ENDS the cycle and is normally a time of reflection. Things do not move very quickly so that the owner of the chart has time to reflect. Normally, it is NOT a time of great success nor a pinnacle of one’s career. Especially if it occurs in the 12th house…also a place of reflection.

Each phase comprises 45 degrees and, since the progressed Moon moves at an average rate of one degree a month, each one lasts about 3½ years. The phases are: New, Crescent, First Quarter, Gibbous, Full, Disseminating, Third Quarter and Balsamic. When a person’s progressed Sun and Moon are in relationship to one of those phases, the person takes on the qualities of that phase and behaves slightly differently than they may have prior to that time. We go through the full cycle of these phases about three times in our lives if we live to about 84 (on average—for some it could be 90; for others it can be less than 84). And remember, you’re BORN somewhere within a phase, which is your lifetime orientation. Therefore, you can’t go by your age to determine where you are in those periods of time.

Donald Trump’s current phase is the last one—Balsamic. Not only that, but it’s taking place in the 12th house. Usually, the universe gives a person with that in effect, plenty of time to reflect. It is not a time for aggressiveness or for innovative high energy pursuits.  It is hard to say exactly what will happen to his presidency since there are so many “lucky” indicators in his chart right now….talk about “teflon!” 

However, we can see some possible turning points. The closest one is around 5 weeks from now. I mentioned it in a previous blog. The progressed Moon is about to conjoin the progressed MC which is holding a conjunction to progressed Saturn. Progressions wait for a “trigger” from something faster…like the progressed Moon, or transiting Sun or Mars, or a tertiary progression involving (always) the same ‘planets.’ (for convenience we designate the Sun and Moon as planets, too) He has also been under a great deal of financial pressure about his homes, career and his family… progressed Mercury (ruling second and tenth) is separating from conjoining his progressed Pluto (ruling fourth).  In about a year the progressed Moon conjoins that, too, which is another time he could resign or be impeached.

But, the big turning point is when the progressed Moon catches up with the progressed Sun and they start a new cycle—their “new” phase. That will be August/September of 2019. Whether he is president then or not, he WILL begin a new cycle. Let us hope by then he’ll have learned what the preceding Balsamic phase had to teach him.