Friday, December 10, 2010

Julian Assange

As Mercury turns retrograde, the drama continues toward the revolutionary Uranus/Pluto square that will partile in 2012 and continue with seven exact contacts through 2017. The most amazing event to surface recently that gives us a clue of what is ahead, is the apprehension of Julian Assange, the creator of Wikileaks.

He was born July 3, 1971 at 2:05 pm (according to a source from The Mountain Astrologer) in Townsville, Queensland, Australia. The resulting chart sure gives new meaning to the old schoolyard taunt, “It takes one to know one.” Mr. Assange’s chart is heavy with Scorpionic energy which we associate with secrecy. He has Moon, Ascendant and Jupiter in Scorpio, and in fact, they are equidistant by 10 degrees from each other giving us the mid-point formula of MO/JU=ASC. That means that the ascendant is conjunct the Moon/Jupiter midpoint. He knows how to keep secrets and how it is done.

Adding to this is the Sun, Ceres and Venus in the 8th house, which is like having those in Scorpio also, since the 8th is Scorpio’s natural home. Pluto rules Scorpio, so anything it touches will add a Scorpio flavor to it; in this case it squares Venus, which will be triggered by the eclipse on December 21st. That is an aspect of crudeness in the sex drive, too, (in a lower vibration), and since Scorpio is also rather passionate in that regard, it isn’t surprising that they are using a sex issue to apprehend him.

I also expected to see a strong Uranus, and I was not disappointed. It is tightly square the Sun, and people with that are usually a law unto them selves. It takes that kind of courage to do what he did. And it also takes idealism to WANT to do it. He has Jupiter conjunct Neptune in the first house showing strong idealism and spiritual values. It is opposing Saturn, so he is aware of the responsibility to build new foundations and make ideals concrete and real.

Solar Arcs

When I was in astrology school in San Diego in the early ‘70s, my teacher, Gina Ceaglio, once said that if a giant finger came out of the sky and said, “You must choose between Solar Arc and Secondary Progressions!”, she would choose Solar Arc. For that reason I put a huge emphasis on it and wrote a book about it ten years ago. [It’s on sale on my website, by the way, until they are all gone, which will not be long now.] Right now the Solar Arcs in Mr. Assange’s chart are more phenomenal than I’ve seen in a long time! Let’s start with the Sun-Uranus square.

A year ago, SA Sun was square the ascendant, and that was probably about the time we first heard about Wikeleaks—or if not, when he may have launched his work, I’m not sure, but it was a turning point for him, personally. I remember being delighted that someone was going to expose all the corruption that goes on in Washington and all over the world. Now, during this breaking news, Solar Arc Uranus is EXACTLY on the ascendant. That is sudden, abrupt, unexpected disruption to one’s life. It is hidden things becoming suddenly known, since it’s moving out of the 12th (secrets) into the first—the house of things obviously apparent.

That was the Sun-Uranus moving to a new position; but Saturn by Solar Arc is right now—within minutes separating (meaning already happened)—leaving a square to Uranus (nothing he can do about what is happening to him; freedom limited) and approaching a conjunction to his natal Sun. That will be exact in a little over a year from now, so recently and for the next year or so, he is going to have lessons (Saturn) about being that “law unto himself.” Not that it’s necessarily a spiritual lesson; it’s his being detained so that he can’t do it as freely as before. He is currently very depressed, since Solar Arc Mercury is square his natal Saturn; it is only two minutes from partile. A year ago SA Mercury was square his natal Neptune, which often is confusion, but can also be communicating, or exposing communications, in secret. I use the word “exposing” because Mercury rules HIS eighth house and is squaring a planet in the first. This was his goal, since Mercury also rules his eleventh, which is long range goals, among other things.

Meanwhile, SA Neptune has been moving, and IT is approaching a square to Uranus, exact in about fourteen months, and opposing his Sun in about two years and three months. Those two will be extremely difficult, since they will be extremely debilitating, the cause of this done secretly, and could very well be the lowest point in his life. Powerful people who have their secrets exposed do not take it lightly. They will feel that retribution will be in order. In addition, Pluto by SA is approaching a square to the MC, exact in about a year and four months. That one destroys a career and public image, or creates a power struggle with “authority.” Solar Arc Ascendant will oppose Venus in about seven months, which is an outpouring of positive public support, but it then goes on to square natal Pluto in about two years and four months. That can be physical strain and sometimes brutality. That lasts for awhile because secondary progressed ascendant is right behind it and keeps it going on for more than a year. I have to wonder what kind of physical or psychological abuse he may be put through.

Two years ago SA Mars was opposing his natal Pluto, and that may have been the time of some of his most hardworking covert research, since Mars rules the sixth (our work or service). Mars is changing signs in about nine months, and then will trine natal Neptune nine months after that. He will feel he achieved what he set out to do and get spiritual sustenance from that.

I love what Robert Gover (whom I consider to be a genius) said recently in either ISAR or NCGR’s e-newsletter—forgot which:
“Wikileaks is Dorothy flinging open the curtain to find that the Wizard is a deranged con artist playing with lights that enchant the masses.
How dare the people of a democracy learn what their public servants are up to. Those doings are Officially Classified Secret. Your duty, John Q. and Susie Q. Citizen, is to work your asses off and pay your taxes to support the Wizard. You are not permitted to know what the Wizard does with all that money. That information is way above your pay grade” [Remember, Robert Gover wrote this, not me.]

And last, the speech given on December 5th was well-received. It is my Christmas gift as a download to all of you if you ask for it. Please send AN EMAIL ADDRESS to me to receive it. Email me at Otherwise, I don’t know where to send the download. After Christmas it will be for sale on my website.
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Happy Holidays, everyone!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

December 21: Eclipse AND Winter Solstice!!

This year, the Winter Solstice (which is the Capricorn Ingress chart, as well) is following a lunar eclipse on the same day. And this eclipse is not just in any degree(s) but the all-important last degrees of mutable signs—often called “fated” degrees. In this case, we look at the last degree of Gemini, which is the position of the Moon in this LUNAR eclipse. We’ll examine both charts as they apply to the USA, and therefore set for Washington, DC—but first, the eclipse chart.

Rudhyar says the key note of this degree is: “The setting of social standards through personal excellence and competition.” He concludes, “The SHOW is over. Now comes the hour of decision.” (An Astrological Mandala, page 109)

We know by crunching the numbers that our long term habit of living beyond our means is coming to a close. The national economical condition is the macrocosm of our individual microcosm financial condition, as witness the upsurge in bankruptcies and foreclosures. We are a collective, and therefore the country’s persona is always a reflection of its individual citizens.

A lunar eclipse is a full moon that occurs near or on the ecliptic (hence, the term “eclipse”). A solar eclipse is a new moon near or on the ecliptic. This full moon lunar eclipse falls in the second and eighth houses. Those are called the money houses, so our attention for the next six months to a year will be on money issues—income versus outgo. They are in challenging aspect to Jupiter and Uranus, which are conjunct in Pisces in the fifth house. This means there is a conflict in the collective psyche regarding income/outgo and pleasure. Jupiter and Uranus in the fifth indicate a “good time,” humor and fun. Ironically, despite the knowledge that we are going to see austerity ahead, this quarter should be a kind of “last hurrah” with more spending than expected. It’s a kind of defiant, “I’ll do as I please.” “Don’t tell ME what to do.”, attitude. Uranus is square both Sun and Moon, which in a natal chart would be a defiant, independent person. We can already see that in polls that project people will spend more than they did last year during the holiday season.

Also in this chart is a Mars/Pluto conjunction, with Mars in range of being square Saturn in the 12th, so the reality is, subconsciously, the populace is fearful, frustrated and enraged. The words coming from people are angry, most likely better researched than usual, but still somewhat deluded because Mars is semi-square Neptune, located in the fourth. Neptune in the fourth of an eclipse chart would indicate the masses are confused and feeling emotionally overwhelmed. It will come out as anger because of the Mars connection.

The legislature is the 9th house, and in this chart, it is ruled by the Moon. It is in the 8th house and part of the eclipse. The buoyancy people are feeling is in some part because of expectations from that body. However, there should be some surprises in store (Moon square Uranus and Jupiter) after feeling too optimistic.

Mercury is not only retrograde (we’ll have to retrace our steps from this quarter and do some correcting later), but also square Jupiter and Uranus. It rules the 8th and 11th. Over optimism is usually the norm concerning Jupiter stresses, but with Uranus, it can also be “know it all” thinking, or defiant decisions not based on facts at all. The 8th house is debt, taxes, any money that is held jointly or shared in some way with others. Inflation and mis-management is a common result of 8th house contacts with Jupiter and Uranus—especially in Pisces where delusion and fantasy can cloud perception.

Venus is rising and rules the 7th, the public, contracts, agreements and justice. It also rules the 12th—secrets, behind the scene activity. The Moon (remember, the legislature) is sesquiquadrate Venus, which means that congress is not necessarily going to be “just” in its contracts or policies and that there will be secret, behind the scenes activity that may not be wholly in the public’s interest. There is a chance that congress will be compassionate (Moon does trine Neptune, after all), but it is a free-will choice, and the rougher aspects are stronger. We shall see.

The other chart, the Ingress for Capricorn, or in this case, also the Winter Solstice chart, continues the saga. In this case, Saturn square Mars/Pluto is much more prominent and takes center stage. Saturn in the fourth, indicates fear in the grass roots populace, but also frustration since it is still square Mars. Mars with Pluto is rage. They are located in the sixth house which is concerned with jobs, military, police, everyday activity, and the service industry particularly. Even the Sun is there! So the emphasis is on those things. The Sun will activate Pluto in late April-early May (using a technique of one degree equally a month) and that is when the government can shut down if some things are not approved. That is shown in several ways, not just that one technique.

The Moon, which is the chart ruler (Cancer is rising), is opposing Mars-Pluto and square Saturn and the MC. Even the nodes are aligning with Pluto and the Sun! A LOT is going on out of sight, but it is affecting our everyday life dramatically. The Sun is also square Uranus and Jupiter out-of-sign (meaning that they are square mathematically, but at the end and beginning of signs not associated with squares). Back in late July-early August we had one of the first close (but not exact) associations with the coming Pluto-Uranus square. It will not be exact until 2012, and then will last for several years becoming exact an amazing SEVEN times!! That is the aspect of revolution. You can be sure that last summer some things were happening that is precipitating the drama now unfolding.

I’m not a weather forecaster, but I believe that when Saturn is in the fourth of an Ingress chart, it portends a dry season. Remember this chart is set for Washington DC, so it only applies to our country. Remember, it’s all a play, an illusion, and spirit will not be affected by coming events, BUT we are on the planet now participating in the drama, and what we choose to do or not do DOES affect our soul development.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Post Election 2010

I’m amazed that it has been so long since I posted anything. It has been very busy and time flew by.

Last year I read Jon Peterson’s book about 2012 and also attended his lecture in Fairfax, VA a few months ago. I was reminded again about his thoughts this last weekend when I attended a seminar by Tom Jerome Roma. These are unprecedented times, and no one can really predict what is coming for good reason. Tom and I both agreed that we have never seen the configurations in play now for hundreds of years (and still haven’t found the last time), and even Arch Crawford has said he hasn’t either—although he did find something to compare related to the stock market, but I don’t know what it is. Still he says it has been hundreds of years since seeing the current unfolding planetary drama.

The thing is this: We DID see a similar PATTERN in both the ‘30s and the ‘60s, but at those times five of the outer planets were not changing signs all at once within a couple years. And not just ANY signs; four of them are entering into the cardinal signs, which is the world axis degree pattern. i.e. they are the times of year when the seasons start--the summer and winter solstices, and spring and fall equinox points. When the outer planets change signs, it always brings in a new focus, new experiences and reforms. Five all at once is incredible. In 1989-90 we had a major conjunction of outer planets in Capricorn—Neptune, Uranus and Saturn. Jupiter was opposing them. When an outer planet enters Capricorn, the focus is on “father or authority figures, government and business.” That was when some of the current problems started. They have escalated because Pluto just entered Capricorn in 2008 and has been back and forth changing from Sagittarius to Capricorn since (but is entrenched there now). Pluto is subversive activity and also total destruction and transformation of whatever Capricorn represents. The last time it was in Capricorn was just before we declared our independence. The USA chart has Pluto in Capricorn in it.

Right now, the government is so controlled by corporate interests, and so many people are being misled by subversive political manipulation (google the "Koch Brothers/Tea Party" movement, for instance), it is hard to see what the causes and solutions of our dilemma really are. Most likely, we are going to see a third party emerge and the whole system will implode. But, first, expect hyper inflation. It’s around the corner. Meredith Whitney says, “It’s going to get very expensive to be poor in this country.” I’ve heard from some people that their health insurance premiums have tripled. (I don’t like all of the new health care reform, either.) Again, insurance companies are out to make a profit, and they have a powerful hold on the government. It’s an example of more of the corporate stranglehold on the country. And, incidentally, a short 20 month period of time is not enough to "cause" what we are dealing with. It started decades ago. To think otherwise is very simplistic.

The recent election result is a non-event. We all knew how it would go. Nothing will change, however, to benefit mainstream Americans. All the partisan bickering is just to keep us preoccupied while people like the Koch Brothers do their thing. I wish people would just research them, alone, if nothing else.

So far, Pluto and Saturn have changed signs. In 2011, Uranus and Jupiter will do so, and Neptune will begin its 14 year sojourn in Pisces. Hold on to your seat. It’s going to be an unprecedented major shuffling of life as we know it unfolding over the next half dozen or so years. After all, computers changed life enormously, but took a few short years to become embedded. The most important of the aspects is the Uranus square to Pluto. Uranus is the "awakener" and Pluto is "transformation, subversion and manipulation" (among other things) We will "awaken" to the "subversion and manipulation." With a square of these two, it's usually violent and disruptive. This cycle started in the mid-sixties--remember the violence then? It is not even exact yet, but will start to be in 2012. It will not be completely out of orb until 2018. That should be how long it will take to hopefully heal what ails us or get us used to new paradigms. But, we have free will to listen to liars and follow pseudo-Messiahs. Neither side of the great American two-party system is ALL right and squeaky clean. Both have a lot to answer for.

On the up side, Peterson says that change is coming via huge technological advances that will enable us to live for 200 years and halt the aging process. He says that people in their 30’s now, and even older, are going to have much longer life expectancy due to being able to create new organs from one’s own DNA. It is already successfully being done in laboratories. Other advances will usher in a whole new way of looking at life as we know it. It might be wise to expand your thinking to be able to even encompass all the change that is on the way—and not from where we expect it!!

One last thing, and probably most important... A Course in Miracles teaches that this is all an illusion, and many may feel that since it is, we can drop out and not participate. Participation is not necessarily "getting into the streets," but can be more effective if it's just holding a vision of what life can be. Prayer is powerful.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Virgo Ingress

The Ingress chart each month, when the Sun goes into a new sign, is usually a very good forecasting tool for the month ahead. Cast for the capital city of a country, it is made unique for that government and so is not the same all over the world.

The one for Washington DC this time is showing that the month is largely out of our hands. Most of it will be the results of forces already put into motion. Earlier, many pundits in our profession, including myself, had correctly pointed to late July and early August (three weeks ago) as being pivotal. Sure enough, on the news the past couple days, commentators have been saying that the unemployment figures for “the last three weeks” show that we are not out of the “recession” yet. Property values continue to plummet. And it has been a summer of extremes. The worst oil spill ever, the worst flood in Pakistan ever, the worst heat in Russia ever, and on and on. Haiti’s earthquake disaster continues to haunt them. In fact, earthquakes are occurring more frequently than usual.
In private lives, shocks and adjustments are happening everywhere. I hear about it every day.

Many people thought that a pivotal point would be a stock market crash. That may yet come, but it isn’t necessarily the only thing that can bring about global clean up. We are in a “tearing down” period, meaning that old structures that are not working, are being exposed for what they are so that we can get rid of them and build more workable alternatives. Specifically, it is the work of Pluto in Capricorn. The last time Pluto traversed that sign was in the 1700’s. In fact, in the USA chart, it is at 27 Capricorn and had been in that sign since 1762. The control of England over us that was oppressive and unacceptable led to the Declaration of Independence. We are now entering a similar period of recognizing who is trying to control us and to declare another statement of independence. We can see it all around, if we can just get clearer eyesight to see who is really doing it.

Right now the problem is that Neptune is transiting the USA Moon exactly right now, and the citizenry is being deceived. The Moon in a country’s chart represents the populace, the patriots. Neptune is deception, but it CAN represent inspiration if used positively. We need to step back and really look at what is going on and hear both sides. The worst thing we can do is to get fervent over a few sound bites fed to us by a party line without hearing what everyone has to say.

Pluto has been just beginning to affect us and has a long way to go. Uranus has yet to exactly square it. Saturn has been the star for a while, going over the USA MC, but it will quickly pass on soon, and Uranus will enter the drama. When Pluto reaches three degrees Capricorn for the last time in this cycle, which will be October/November 2010, we may be able to more clearly see the truth.

Everything is an unfolding process, and this one is global in scope. It isn’t just the USA and our concerns that are being addressed here, but rather, it is humanity’s evolution and where we are choosing to go next that is the focus. Don’t expect this to be just our country’s unemployment/property values problems; it is much, much more than that. Pay attention to what is happening all over the world.

Our personal ingress chart is showing emphasis on our homes, jobs and survival. It is not, however, the chart of a critical time showing anything major. There will be some surprises in Congress, shocking news on a regular basis (Uranus square the ascendant, and ruling the 9th), but people’s minds are on their daily routine and jobs—or lack thereof. Next month’s ingress will be a bit more dramatic.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Alcoholism and Mel Gibson

Most astrology books attribute Alcholism (and all drug addiction) to Neptune and the 12th house in a general sense. So, one would think that being an actor, as well, (also Neptune—illusion, escapism, etc.) that Mel Gibson would have a very strong Neptune. Well, in a way he does, but there are other things much stronger.

My teacher, Gina Ceaglio, once gave us a lecture in class about addiction in charts, and one of the most important points she made was that addictive personalities were not “weak,” as you would think a strong Neptune would be, but rather, the extreme opposite: willful, controlling and self-centered, the antithesis of Neptunian characteristics.

“After all,” she said (to paraphrase), “what can be more controlling than to leave the people around you, who depend on you, not knowing what you’ll do next and living their lives all around your addiction? The addict is the center of attention and essentially controlling the whole group.” This is definitely borne out in Gibson’s chart.

Born on January 3, 1956 at 4:45 pm in Peekskill, NY, he has family-oriented Cancer rising. Moon is in Libra in the first minute of the sign (zero degree of a cardinal sign is very powerful) and, of course, Sun in Capricorn in the sixth house just under the descendant. The most powerful configuration in the chart involves four planets: Pluto at 28:20 Leo conjunct Jupiter out-of-sign at 1:03 Virgo in the second house both square Mars at 23.20 Scorpio which conjuncts Saturn at 29:10 of the same sign in the fifth. These are primarily fixed signs (except Jupiter) in fixed houses. That is a tough configuration. People who have preceded me in this profession have written that a fixed square like this indicates that the soul has entrenched himself (or herself) in a very hard-to-budge habit pattern of behavior for many lifetimes regarding what the planets represent. Mars-Pluto: intense anger, and in Leo-Scorpio (the most dramatic), can be rage. Jupiter-Pluto combinations can be outrage regarding justice, and with Saturn in the midst, frustration at being blocked or stymied in getting the rage out or getting justice. Saturn rules the seventh house, so marriages can be the source of much frustration. Another source is having the Moon in Libra, a position denoting that he is not naturally a confrontational person. The Moon rules his chart and is in the fourth house, as well, so family, tradition and security of the home are of paramount importance. He would try to keep the peace for that reason, but if frustrations built too much, which is easy for him if he’s losing control, he’d need an outlet. Enter Neptune.

Neptune is at the apex of a T-square with Mercury and Uranus. Taken by itself this is an active imagination, maybe too much so, coupled with a very independent mind that is somewhat brilliant. Neptune rules the Pisces MC, great for an actor, and is in the fourth house in the Koch system. It is said that Mercury square Neptune is a “slippery” mind that can be very creative in rationalizing most anything. It’s the signature of a person who can bend the truth easily or be in denial about things that are obvious to other people. And, it can be one of the signatures of alcoholism. Not everyone who has this is an alcoholic; it takes a combination of factors, but Mr. Gibson has this.

I could write a long, long article about these two configurations above, but this gives you an idea of what he is dealing with in his own nature. Just remember, though, that we make ourselves who we are by choices we make over many lifetimes, and events in our lives are supposed to be our teachers. For that reason, if anyone has events that reveal his or her darker side, we would expect that the indications in the chart of that darker side would be triggered at that time. That is exactly what is happening to Mr. Gibson.

It’s obvious that his Moon is being triggered by the current Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter and Uranus T-square. The Moon in a very early degree of any sign has meaning of its own. Lynn Koiner has written about this, and she says that an early degree Moon is someone learning to harness emotional energy and instincts. Emotion could too easily take over the personality. There is certainly a lesson about this going on!

Also, and more importantly, the fixed four-planet square, mentioned a few paragraphs above, is being triggered by the progressed ascendant. The ascendant/descendant axis is the relationship-marriage axis, and when it contacts anything in the chart, the owner of the chart has his or her attention drawn to that issue. If you look at the chart above, the secondary progressions are in the second ring. Note in the second house that the progressed ascendant is currently between progressed Jupiter and Pluto. It had been conjunct Jupiter about sixteen months ago when he was happy with a new girlfriend. About four months ago, it hit the midpoint between them, and that was probably when the relationship began to unravel. Incidentally, it was square the fifth house natal Mars about three years ago after the separation from his wife and the racist rant of his arrest. Lots of anger at that time! The progressed ascendant still has to go over both the progressed and natal Plutos plus square the natal Saturn, which is probably when his divorce will be final. In about five years, it will conjoin Jupiter. I believe that will be a health issue since Jupiter rules his sixth house and the ascendant is also the physical body.

Meanwhile, in addition to the progressed ascendant triggering his dark side, transiting Neptune is also involved. It is opposing natal Pluto right now, has been square his natal Mars and is about the square natal Saturn. Even solar arc Neptune in involved since it has been square the MC, exact a little over a year ago, and with it Mercury was recently conjoining the MC—just over two months ago at the same time the progressed Moon was opposing it. Therefore, since Uranus is part of this T-square, it has been opposing the MC, but that was two years ago. He has really been in a state of confusion and instability!!

But that is not all. Secondary progressed Mars is at the midpoint between natal Saturn and Mercury, all 29 degrees. Mars will be exactly there in less than two months, but it is so close, he can feel it now. The Combination of Stellar Influences says of this, “Incompatibility, unrest, the desire to quarrel. The tendency to treat others badly, separations caused by disputes and arguments, the tendency to bring about a separation by force, a change through force of circumstances.”

A lot more could be said about his early life, even past lives, but blogs cannot be books. I’ll have to save this excellent example for a book about forecasting. In short, this is a pivotal point in Mr. Gibson’s life. It would be so helpful if an astrologer could explain to him what the lesson plan is. After all, healing can’t begin until we have some idea about the source of our pain and how we bring it on ourselves.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

BP's Chart and Astro-Map

Before I get into BP’s chart and its forecast for April 20, 2010, I’d like to point out a couple things about the above Astro-Map. (Click on the map to enlarge it.) In interpreting these maps, one of the primary indicators is the latitude where the lines cross each other. If two planets’ lines cross, it lights up that whole latitude all around the earth and indicates conditions for the owner of the chart on those latitudes. Some may be quite lovely; others can be disastrous. It is one of the factors we consider when doing re-locality analyses for clients.

I have drawn two lines across the map and circled the crossing place of the planets in question. You will notice that in the Gulf of Mexico, itself, there is a crossing of Saturn (at the MC: vertical red line) and Mars (on the Ascendant: curved yellow line). This means that if BP had been born at that spot, in the Gulf just off the coast of Texas, then Saturn would have been on the MC and Mars on the Ascendant. It also means that the energy of those two planets will “play out” at that location. You can see that a line drawn on the latitude of that crossing goes right through the spill area. Mars on the ascendant is often impulsive and aggressive, and certainly accident prone—especially when in the natal chart it is square Uranus. Saturn on the MC is responsibility in professional dealings among several other things.

Below that line is another one going through the Yucatan Peninsula and the Caribbean. There are two crossings for this latitude. One is in the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii (circled for you), and these two are Mercury and Jupiter. In the BP natal chart there is a square between these two, which is over-confidence. Often when people have this in their natal chart, they are hasty in making judgments, are prone to exaggeration toward the positive, and when connected to the second house, as this one is, then greed can be a factor. And in the natal chart Jupiter also opposes Pluto which rules deep recesses of the earth.

The other crossing is way over in Asia in Laos (also circled for you). Regardless of how far away it is, a crossing affects the entire global latitude it occupies. This crossing is for Mars on the ascendant again, but with Uranus on the MC. This is the “accident” pair. It is noted for impatience, short cuts and defensive arrogance. It is in BP’s natal chart.

BP’s Natal Chart

First, a natal analysis of some of the company’s issues—this is an incorporation chart for July 2, 1962 at 9:30 a.m. in London, England.

The arrogance and aggressiveness of this company is all over the chart. Leo is rising with Uranus just over the Ascendant, and both are square Mars at the MC. The Sun, ruler of the chart is midway between these two, semi-squaring each. Uranus on the Ascendant is individuality personified. Depending on how it is aspected, it can be a pioneer unafraid to blaze new trails, or a lawless renegade who thinks rules are “made to be broken.” And Leo rising is inherently proud, feeling superior to others (the small people), unless there are other indications to soften it, which in this case, there are not.

Mars at the MC is indicative of aggressive management, and when square Uranus, impatience, as well. The MC is in Taurus, as is Mars, so the main objective of management is money making—not necessarily providing a service or product. There is also a tendency for management to be secretive—ruler of the MC is Venus, which is in the 12th.

BP was born just after a new Moon which means it is in the first lunar phase. This is noted for being very Aries-like, or impulsive, out-going and aggressive—almost adolescent in behavior. Add to this the extreme optimism of Mercury square Jupiter, which also forges ahead with little preparation, and one can see that the company probably did very little long-term planning. All this together is “quick, quick, quick—get it done.” Mercury rules the second house and also the intercepted tenth, so being square Jupiter, spending can be excessive with little forethought—especially for management. So, where does the cost cutting come in?

Saturn is where we look for “limiting,” and it is in the sixth. The sixth house is day-to-day operations and also employees. It is conjoining the south node of the Moon in Aquarius. There is a natural tendency for the company to be cold and inhumane to employees (sixth, Aquarius south node and Saturn opposing Venus). Venus is ruler of the MC, and when in opposition to Saturn in the sixth, there would be cost cutting secretly (12th house) in the areas of day-to-day operations and toward employees in some way.

In addition, there is a tight square between Saturn and Neptune. Since Saturn is in the sixth (employees) and Neptune is in the third (communications) it appears that employees were deceived (Neptune when stressed) chronically.
But here is the kicker: Pluto is 8 degrees from conjoining the Ascendant—a very powerful, forceful entity. Pluto rules the fourth house and is opposing Jupiter, which also rules the intercepted fourth. The fourth house is the foundation upon which something is built—its source of security. Reinhold Ebertin says of the negative expression of these in his Combination of Stellar Influences, “The pursuit of fanatical aims, the desire to exploit the masses (Plutocrats), wastefulness.” He also says on the same page (176) that when this is manifesting (by progression or other technique), the result is: “Loss of social standing and of one’s wealth, conflicts with the authorities and the executors of governmental power (arrest). The misfortune to lose everything.”

The Chart’s indications on April 20, 2010

Mars is at 25:10 Taurus, and the progressed Sun, which rules the chart, had just reached 25:41 Leo on April 20th, squaring the natal Mars Position. Six months earlier, or even before, the recklessness escalated. Impatience ruled. But the Sun still has yet to conjunct Uranus at 27:52 Leo, so we will see what happens to this company in about two years from now.

The Sun and Moon are both in Cancer in new phase. New phase charts have an Aries quality about them—rushing ahead with little preparation. Mars by solar arc had just conjoined the Sun the year before, and on the day of the explosion, transiting South node was within a degree of the Moon. Solar arc Uranus is about to square the Moon. In other words, the natal Mars-Uranus square is activating the natal Moon of the company chart. The Moon is the ruler of the eleventh and resides there, so there were goals to be met, and this was addressed with extreme aggressiveness and impatience.

I mentioned quotes by Ebertin above. The Jupiter-Pluto opposition was exact within two minutes (progressed to progressed), which would have triggered its manifestation, and transiting Pluto opposed the progressed MC also within two minutes! This can be the beginning of the demise of the company and, at the very least, extreme pressure on the authority figures therein. Transiting Mars was within half a degree of the natal nodal axis and even closer to the progressed nodes—emergency suddenly erupting. But, again, including aggressive behavior, which we have witnessed.

When a progressed or solar arc planet (or angle) changes signs, circumstances change. The solar arc moon had just gone into Virgo a week or ten days before, having conjoined the Ascendant only a month before. It was a critical time, and BP was fully aware of it; hence the “elite” in the company selling off their shares of stock. The transiting Sun on April 20th triggered this by trine aspect, and also trined progressed Uranus which was located at 0:34 Virgo. A new beginning for BP!

But I believe the major indicators are progressed Mars and transiting Neptune. Uranus in this chart is at 27:52 Leo. Progressed Mars, which is natally square Uranus, was at 27:51 Gemini. Even though it’s a sextile, it triggers the natal “promise,” which is the square. Neptune in transit has been contacting the Mars-Uranus square for quite sometime. On this day, transiting Neptune and transiting Uranus were both activating the mid point (in orb) of the Uranus-Ascendant conjunction. Uranus in quincunx—a loss of public trust since it rules the seventh house (the public), and Neptune opposing—public awareness of all their deceptions. Even Venus was in the act, going over Mars and squaring the progressed Sun at the time of the resulting fire and sinking of the rig.

Employees Sue BP

Two days ago (June 29, 2010) a story broke at 9:10 a.m. (NYC) that BP’s employees are suing BP for their own losses. At that time, transiting Mars, at 12:07 Virgo was opposing BP’s Jupiter at 12:41 Pisces. Mars rules the ninth (law suits) and Jupiter generically is justice. Transiting Venus was within ten minutes of natal Venus. Transiting Moon in the sixth (employees) was just past BP’s Saturn. Transiting Saturn was quincunx transiting Neptune, which is closing in on an opposition to BP’s Ascendant. But above all, Uranus, ruler of the sixth, was exactly to the minute quincunx progressed Uranus, a public rupture from the company. This chart is so clear about BP’s character and the event we are enduring, I have no doubt it is the correct one.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


For many years, astrologers have been writing about this time. It is significant. We are entering into a new paradigm in our collective evolution, and this is the week that it gets down to business. We have compared the years 2008 to 2015 to a combination of the Great Depression and the turbulent sixties, but because we are in different circumstances, leadership, problems and technologies, it will follow its own unique script which no one can predict, since we do have a modicum of free will—and the more conscious we become, the more we acquire.

As the so-called “recession” went on in the last couple years, we astrologers have been saying it was only an introduction to what is to come. It was the prelude, when the events and actors took their places on the world’s stage and “set the scene” as the curtain went up on the drama about to unfold. With this month’s Cancer Ingress and the eclipse of June 26th, we begin to get deeply into the process. We’ll see how serious it all is when we get to the end of July and early August. For this reason, I have set up Obama’s forecast for August 1, 2010 which we will explore later on in this offering.

The Summer Solstice
On June 21st at 7:28 am EDT, the Sun entered Cancer, also called the Summer Solstice. The chart for this event at the beginning of each season (Autumnal Equinox, Winter Solstice and Vernal Equinox are the other three) is important to show us what to expect for the following three month period. To determine how it will affect each culture, it is calculated for the co-ordinates of the capital city of any particular country. Using the co-ordinates for Washington DC, the resulting chart prominently features the approaching dynamic cardinal T-square, and it involves the Sun this time, as well.

The Jupiter-Uranus part of it is near the MC showing erratic leadership. Pluto squares the same point, and that can designate power struggles (as we are witnessing) and tension in leadership, particularly. Whomever is leading the country, and it can be said it’s the entire government—not just one person, can expect some unsettling upsets regarding very serious issues—like the Republican rift over exposure of their support of Big Oil by the public apology to BP from Senator Joe Barton.

Especially tight is the Uranus-Sun square, which indicates sudden surprises regarding national financial issues (they rule second and eighth) as well as a discontented and rebellious populace. And with Pluto opposing the Sun, this will not be an easy three months ahead—especially concerning financial issues and employment which fuel this rebellion. With the Sun in the 12th, it won’t be entirely visible this quarter, but a movement is growing since Jupiter is involved. We know about the tea party movement, but there is also the Zeitgeist movement (you can Google it) and probably several others. This particular configuration usually is present when there are revolutions that lead countries into a new direction. When this separates and moves on in a couple years we’ll look back on this time as the turning point when drastic changes occurred.

With the ruler of the chart, the Moon, placed in the fourth house, we will be focused on domestic issues as well as fundamental security whether brought on by the economy, weather or just plain survival. Fourth house is very basic—our foundations. Further, the Moon is in the last degree of Libra. Most of the Sabian Symbols for each degree are rather personal, but this one is quite different. Rudhyar’s definition in An Astrological Mandala is:

"(Keynote: the fulfillment of man’s power of understanding at whatever level of existence the person operates.)
…Understanding and wisdom develop in terms of the life of community and through experiences provided by interpersonal and group relationships. Cultural factors are always involved, even though true wisdom transcends cultural values and is rooted in the essential nature of Man. What is at stake here is a HOLISTIC APPROACH TO KNOWLEDGE, based on Universals.” (page 191)

We are at a precipice where we have choices to make. Do we allow greed to continue unabated? After all, it is hardly logical that 90% of the wealth of the world be in the hands of 1% of the people and that at the expense of masses of peoples’ suffering. Do we continue to deplete finite resources and destroy the planet we depend on for survival? This particular three months’ of time should awaken us (Uranus square the Sun) to just how dangerous this is, and thus help to develop our collective “understanding.” There are many layers to this. Do we understand the power of the mind and spiritual laws, for instance? As a “masse consciousness” we have an enormous gap in understanding.

The Lunar Eclipse of June 26, 2010
This particular eclipse is powerful because it is in tight alignment with Pluto, which is part of the T-square coming into partile just ahead. Rather than talk about the chart, itself, I think the Astro Map of this eclipse is very graphic in helping us understand the importance and pivotal affect the Gulf Oil Disaster is having in precipitating the events that we’ve been expecting this year and for the next two years, at least.

We can discern quite a bit about where in the world our country’s attention will be focused by constructing an astro map (see image above) using the eclipse date and time, and our capital’s co-ordinates. Most of the current computer programs have an astro mapping application based on Jim Lewis’ famous Astro*Carto*Graphy premise. This map (from the Kepler program, btw) shows where planets would be on the angles of the chart if one were born in various places. In the map above, calculated for the date and time of this eclipse, you can see glyphs for all the planets’ angular positions; the red lines are the MC/IC axis and the yellow lines are the AC/DC axis. Wherever those lines pass over places our attention will be drawn to those geographical areas for the next six months at least. And it’s especially potent in a large swath where they happen to cross each other.

Note the plethora of lines going through the Gulf of Mexico. These are the eclipse line, itself, plus Mercury and the T-square of Pluto with Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter. In a nutshell, we can expect extreme disruption (Jupiter and Uranus), serious concern (Saturn) and great annihilation (Pluto) in that area. Looking over toward Indonesia, we see a mirror image of this, where there will also be similar energy. These same planets are on other angles through Western Europe and in the Pacific Ocean near the longitude of Midway Island. For some reason, our country’s attention will be drawn to those areas, as well. This is so graphic, there is very little else to explain.

Obama in August
During the last presidential campaign, I wrote in one of my analyses of the candidates (archived on my site that if Obama were elected, he’d come into the office very bewildered about what to do. (I believe he realized what he was in for just after the debriefing from Bush.) Neptune was just past his ascendant and about to oppose Uranus, the ruler of his chart. It was evident that he wouldn’t know what to do first. But, Aquarius, as a sign “type” projects an air of certainty. So it would be hard to spot vacillation since it isn’t the characteristic “m.o.” of Aquarius. Actually, it has been nicknamed the “know it all” sign, when used negatively, and because it is fixed, the natives usually remain married to their certainty of being right. Uranus, which rules his chart, is in the seventh sector, which has Libran energy undertones, and therefore, his by-partisan efforts. Libra, ever the diplomat, tries to get all sides to “get along” and is willing to compromise.

Now more than a year later, Neptune is still opposing Uranus and his nodal axis, as well. But new things are just over the horizon. When the progressed Sun changes signs, there is usually a great change in personality. It has been in analytical Virgo, and will pass into Libra. One of the negative traits of Libra is indecisiveness and getting many, many opinions before acting, if indeed, it ever happens. It can look weak. Jimmy Carter is a Libra. It’s better for a diplomat than a president. But, it has also been nicknamed “the iron fist in the velvet glove” and can be quite a potent energy when used well by getting it’s way using shrewd diplomacy.

Obama’s progressed Sun is now in the last degree of Virgo and will change signs before August is over. And where is Saturn now? In the last degrees of Virgo, and it was there contacting his progressed Sun last October and again right on top of it in April during the initial days of the BP disaster! His progressed Sun and transiting Saturn are together going into Libra this summer and will join the other major players in the great T-square (a right triangle configuration) of outer planets that are the harbingers of this turning point in history. At the same time, they are both exactly opposing Uranus and Jupiter, with Mars at 2 degrees Libra, for good measure.

But, that’s not all! Obama has Venus at 1:47 Cancer, which fills in the fourth part of a grand square in the sky. Saturn and Mars (and his progressed Sun) are 90 degrees from his Venus, Pluto is opposite it, and Uranus and Jupiter are on the other side 90 degrees from Venus, as well. The USA Venus is 3 of Cancer, and so is close to Obama’s position. It doesn’t get much more stressful than that relative to world history, so we should be witnessing dramatic events that will awaken us to finally implement changes and do something about the state of affairs we have caused—either by greed, ignorance or apathy. The only thing I see in Obama’s chart that would indicate effective leadership at this time, is about eleven months after August when his progressed Sun trines natal Jupiter. However, close to that time solar arc Pluto is square Saturn, and that is one of the most difficult aspects anyone ever endures—very strong-willed, though.

In the beginning days of August, Obama’s progressed Mercury (at 25:19 of Libra on 8/1) will exactly square his natal Saturn (at 25:20 Capricorn—8/1), which indicates depression, fatigue, and impotence of words. And with Saturn just having crossed his progressed Sun position in Mid to late July, there may be good reason.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Splitting of the Golden Couple

We were all shocked recently when we found out that the Gores were calling it quits after a long and seemingly happy marriage. Thankfully, we have the exact birth data for both of them, so an analysis is possible. Al Gore was born on March 31, 1948 at 12:53 pm in Washington DC and Tipper on August 19, 1948 at 2:40 am in the same city.

Before looking at the composite, let’s examine each one separately. If we had been watching their charts, this would not have been a surprise. The marriage had been having some problems for at least six years. Tipper has an exact Sun-Saturn conjunction at 26 Leo—only one minute of orb. It opposes her Moon at 21 Aquarius, and that axis has been experiencing a Neptune transit since 2006 when we allow a degree or two applying. We begin to feel an outer planet transit a couple of degrees before it is exact. Some people allow five degrees, but I think that may be pushing it. Neptune rules her MC, her status in life. The Sun rules the second and third (by Koch houses) and Saturn rules her seventh. She had been indecisive about the marriage for several years. Now, her secondary progressed ascendant is only 10 minutes from conjoining her natal Saturn-Sun. She is not a happy person about her marriage. Further, progressed Saturn is conjoining her natal Mercury—sadness and depression.

Six and a half years ago, the Saturn-Sun conjunction had moved by solar arc to conjoin her Mars, which natally is 20:06 Libra. She was very angry about something connected to the marriage and very likely concerning money, status or communications. The same rulerships are in play because Mars is the intercepted ruler of the tenth house. The MC is the cusp of that house (for those of you who don’t know). At the same time, solar arc Pluto was square her ascendant, which is part of the relationship axis. When Pluto squares that, a relationship is under stress. About 10 to 11 months ago solar arc Mars was square her natal MC and 18 months ago conjoining her Jupiter. She was having a lesson about her need for financial security and prestige. There is more, but those are the main indicators.

Tipper projects a charming and motherly image with Venus rising in Cancer. But, that part of her chart is square Neptune, and in reality, she feels like a victim much of the time and sacrifices a great deal to satisfy a need to be proud of her station in life. People who have Sun conjunct Saturn usually feel they have worked very hard without being given things in life unless she earned it. She would persevere through a great deal to keep what she may have worked very hard to achieve.

Al Gore, for some reason, had a very upset and angry wife about five years ago when solar arc Uranus conjoined his natal Mars, but that was just the last of six prior years when one thing after another was cascading in the marriage. Uranus, which rules his seventh house, had previously conjoined his Pluto and Saturn. He has Leo rising (hence being attracted to a Leo woman) and the stellium, Pluto, Saturn and Mars, in his first house. Uranus by solar arc slowly moved over them for at least five and a half years before separating from it almost five years ago. He probably thought the storm was over. However, his Moon occupies 3 degrees of Capricorn (and conjunct Jupiter in the fifth) and recently Pluto transited his Moon while Saturn was square. The Moon in a man’s chart represents habit patterns, home life and women in his life, including wife and mother. In the last couple weeks the progressed Moon set this off forming a square from 3 degrees Aries. His solar arc MC (status, career, etc.) is now conjoining natal Uranus—a sudden surprise from his wife (Uranus rules the seventh, remember) that has left him a bit confused. Progress Venus (ruler of intercepted tenth) is square natal Neptune. However, the progressed Sun is trine natal Uranus, but don’t jump to conclusions! In his natal chart the Sun opposes Neptune, so the trine is diluted and may operate like an opposition. I think he probably considered himself free a year ago when solar arc Uranus was trine his MC. That is often a move, since it is sextile the fourth cusp, and a quick one, at that.

Between the two natal charts there are issues. Tipper’s Ascendant-Venus conjunction is very tightly square her own Neptune which in turn is forming a T-Square with Al’s Sun. She may have felt as though she were a victim in the relationship, sacrificing her own ego needs for the sake of his career. Tipper has Pisces on the MC, ruled by Neptune. Her MC conjoins his Mercury and squares his Uranus. His “out of the box” way of thinking may have taken her by surprise quite often. But, most of all, her Sun-Saturn conjunction is square his Venus by less than 10 minutes. She probably was not really supportive of many of his career moves since his Venus rules his MC and Saturn square is notorious for pouring cold water over whatever it touches or at the very least, being fearful of them. But a person with Venus rising and square Neptune can be a very good actor.

And now the composite: This truly is a love relationship. The Sun conjoins Venus with only 5 minutes of orb. The ruler of the Cancer ascendant, is the Moon, and it is posited in the seventh house, a sure indicator that this might be a marriage or other legal partnership. Idealism ran high in the partnership—Neptune tucked down in the fourth is trine Mercury, Sun and Venus. Since they were born relatively close together, they both have Saturn-Pluto in Leo. Al’s is in a conjunction with Mars and potent, but hers is too wide for a conjunction. In the composite, though, it is an issue. At this time and for the past five to six years, the Sun-Venus connection has moved to be congruent with the Saturn-Pluto in the composite chart. It started with Venus first going over Pluto about five and a third years ago. It is not over. Venus will start the contacts to Saturn in two more years, and that can be reconciliation or the beginning of the final chapter. It will take some time. Eight years from now, there is still a Venus-Saturn contact to come.

But why the announcement now? Solar arc Saturn is square the composite ascendant, and Transiting Saturn is opposing the solar arc Moon, both of which are trine and sextile the composite Moon in the seventh—hence the apparent amicableness of the separation.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

to continue...

There is a lot of Neptunian influence in the USA chart, as mentioned before, and although I had notes about it, I left out the progressed Moon now approaching a conjunction to Neptune and square Mars just before. All of those references relate, not only to the confusion of the people (if not deception of same), but also oil, which is ruled by Neptune. [So is the sea. Neptune also rules smoke (ash over Europe) and gases and poisonous chemicals in general, such as those that occur underground in mines.]

Our country depends on goods trucked all over the country. In the last depression, that was not the case. But now, with the prospect of oil going up steeply in price, the cost of food will also inevitably rise. This has happened in the past in Russia when fuel was so expensive, food rotted in the field before it could be shipped, and people starved in great numbers.

As history unfolds, it does repeat because the cycles that synchronize with events also repeat. We can learn from history, but we also have to take into account what has changed from one era of history to another. In this case, it is difficult because we are not being told the whole truth about much of anything. Just this morning (May 19, 2010) there was a Katie Couric video of a news crew being turned away from the beaches of Louisiana, under the orders of BP—i.e. the coast guard was following BP’s orders!!—and it was under the threat of arrest! Aerial photos revealed a very black beach for miles.

But on the other hand…
Even with all that going on, and knowing what enormous problems the whole globe faces, there is another way of looking at this. Robert Blaschke has written that the progressed Sun in the USA chart now trine the natal Jupiter is what is holding the country together. That may be so, but solar arc Uranus is also trine the USA’s MC, and we are awakening to what is really going on. There is a site, for instance, called for anonymous posting of whistle-blowing types of reports. The internet is making it harder and harder to hide anything.

Whenever we have these very difficult configurations, they are actually a Godsend. Otherwise, the misbehaviors of humanity would go on to unimaginable results. Look at the major planetary players this way: (not that I’m telling you what to do… just a suggestion…) The Uranus-Saturn opposition is a struggle between the old and the new. When old ways (Saturn) are no longer working (oil has become destructive and too expensive), then through “shock” (Uranus) we “wake up” (Uranus) and “invent” (Uranus) new ways of doing things. The opposition just shows that the time has come.

Pluto square Uranus (major player over the next two to three years—not quite there yet) are always harbingers of major dismantling of existing structures. When we’ve had great innovation and change, they have been active. The conjunction of the two in the mid-sixties was the main reflection of the riots about equality of race and protest against the Vietnam War. We are now at the first 90 degree angle since that conjunction. This shows impatience on a massive scale and an “I am not going to take it anymore” attitude. Assassinations often result in this attitude, by the way. But, before we can have change, we have to break down the stubborn, resistant structure that is already there. The square shows that it will be done with impatience and force, but it will effect change in the end, and that is the important thing.

A Course in Miracles teaches that when we don’t like something, we can stop and say to ourselves, “I can look at this a different way.” When we do that, our energy shifts, and we begin to attract a different version of the drama in front of us. Yesterday I was depressed, but when I reflected on the outcome that all this will bring, IF we use the energies wisely, I felt a lot more hopeful.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Major BP Oil Spill

The news reports say that the infamous oil spill, that is now a major disaster, started with an explosion at 11:00 pm EST (note the “standard” time designation) on April 20, 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico. Co-ordinates given were exact, but rounded off, they are 29N and 89W. It is highly unlikely that the time is exact so it doesn’t hurt to round off the co-ordinates. I’m sure this chart is pretty close, though.

Amazingly, the chart for this event has the current Saturn-Uranus opposition aligning with the MC-IC axis. In fact, if the event happened about 2 to 8 minutes earlier, they would have been aligning exactly. Uranus was at 28:29 Pisces, which rules oil, and Saturn occupies 29:06 Virgo. Saturn rules “safety” and in Virgo, attention to detail. We may find, in general, for the past couple years, that the “devil was in the details” regarding safety for many, many events! Like the mining disaster that was also in April.

Pluto, although trine the Sun, is within range of a square to both ends of this opposition, and that suggests that this is a much, much more literally “in depth” event that it appears at first. For one thing, the MC of this chart is within a degree of the Sibly USA chart, and as Saturn and Uranus enter Libra and Aries, aligning with this angle over the next few months, we will see just how much damage has been done.

The nodes in this chart are exactly square the USA Saturn with only a five minute orb. I believe the nodes point to karmic lessons when they contact Saturn. Saturn, in turn, rules the Sibly chart’s second house and is posited in the tenth sector. Tenth is business, corporations, leadership, et al. Second house, as we all know, is money and values. Clearly, this is a lesson about those things. Not only that, but Pluto is in the second of the USA chart, and it has just experienced a conjunction of the progressed nodes, separating by less than a degree. Pluto is where we look for power, control, crime, even oil, if you consider that it is the “power” that is sought—not to mention it being the ruler of the “underground.” Transiting Pluto at 5:22 Capricorn is opposing the USA Jupiter within less than a degree, as well. Jupiter is too much, excess, expansion, and it is certainly true of the oil that is being spilled all over the Gulf, which will probably be taken by currents much farther away than that.

Neptune has been hovering over the USA Moon for quite awhile and will still retrograde (starting May 31st) back to an exact conjunction on August 25th and again on January 15, 2011. Where do we start to define that!?? The Moon in the USA chart is not only the ordinary citizen who has been manipulated and deceived for years, it also rules the 8th which is our collective financial system— the stock market, the insurance industry, taxes, banks—and even death. I’m not saying we’re all going to die, but I do believe we are going to be heard and the “death” will be the collective financial interests of the country that will go through dissolution of the system as we have known it, and a revision process to prevent the country from taking its last gasp.

Another clue to this is the quincunx of the USA’s solar arc Neptune to the USA’s Saturn, only 12 minutes applying. Saturn is ruler of the second, and Neptune the intercepted third. The quincunx is usually a separation, a disconnection. This can mean “decisions” (third house) to “disconnect” the monetary system as we have known it. Currently, we see a move on to dismantle banks into state-run smaller institutions. Personally, I hope it extends to dismantling the Federal Reserve.

A further clue is that the progressed USA Jupiter is retrograding to a position that is now within a degree of squaring the USA Saturn—a new foundation being built. It will probably take more than three years for this to suddenly be realized—about the time that the USA progressed Sun squares the natal Uranus in roughly three years and five months.
There is much more, but I get depressed…. More later.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Cardinal Climax, Tiger Woods, and a little bit more about Star Trek

The big news that we're all hearing lately is about the intense configuration this summer of the outer planets in the early degrees of cardinal signs. It has been a hot topic for Astrologers for the last five years at least. To give you an idea of how important it is, this pattern resembles those during the Great Depression and the mid-sixties when we saw so much drama with assassinations, the Vietnam War and the back-to-the-earth movement. What can I say that will add anything to the avalanche of things already written?
One thing is that the eclipse of June 26th, at 4:46 Capricorn is conjoining Pluto at 4:05. This is in line with the USA's Venus. Venus in the USA chart represents the economy generically, but also represents the leader of the country because it rules the MC. And, it tells us about labor, employment, the military and the police force because it rules the sixth house in the Sibly chart. (This chart has long been disputed, as have a number of others, but I’ve watched it closely for years, and it does show events accurately as they occur—particularly the 9/11 event.)

With this eclipse and the cardinal pattern coming into alignment, plus a number of other things, we can expect a good revolution this summer, or at least the beginning of one. The extent of our economic troubles will come to light, as well as the true unemployment rate. However, the country is in need of a good “cleaning house.” The benefit of this house cleaning is clearly shown, as well.

For instance, nobody seems to be mentioning the almost exact trine of the progressed Sun to Jupiter! That would be exact in early October. The Sun represents the legislature and laws. Sun rules the ninth, and the ninth house is the philosophical mind of the owner’s chart—that’s why it is law and legislature, which are supposed to represent our thinking and wishes. It is our country’s chart, so we are going to do a good job of communicating our mind-set—although contradictory with red and blue expressing different views. In fact, the progressed Sun is IN the third, which is communication on a local, day-to-day level. People are getting VERY vocal already, and it will get much stronger.

Solar arc Uranus is trine the USA’s MC, which is the aspect it has in the natal chart (and so doubly significant). This shows our inherent expectation of freedom from authority (MC) telling us what to do. It is exact right about now, but will be aspected positively by the transiting Saturn and Mars around the first of August. I expect a lot of drama regarding our rights to free expression from late June until September, if not beyond.

Progressed Mercury is retrograde, but it is approaching a trine to Mars. It has already quincunxed (is that even a valid word?!) Neptune. That would indicate a separation of the country’s thinking (grass roots Americans) and the way they see their will being implemented. Plus, it’s a strong trigger to the infamous square of these too, and MIGHT bring in some recognition of obvious hypocrisy. Neptune rules the intercepted third and is in the ninth; Mercury rules the intercepted ninth, but is progressed in the third. A quincunx indicates separation. It could not be clearer. We are not in agreement with our representatives.

But, the best for last: The progressed Moon is going to be square Mars in June. Then it conjoins Neptune in July. The Moon, representing the populace, is addressing the deceptive nature of the Mars/Neptune square. If that were all, it might not mean much, but solar arc Pluto is going to square Mars and conjoin Neptune around January 2012 and January/February 2013 respectively. This will bring in a strong accountability for the prior deceptions that led up to this point. However, I want to point out that there is always the possibility of mis-use of any energy. The last time solar arc Pluto contacted this square was in 1923/24, and although the roaring twenties is remembered for the Charleston, flappers and Gershwin, there was also the rise of the Mafia and Hitler. This particular aspect only affects the USA, but the Cardinal Climax affects us all globally. We are now approaching the regular adjustments we go through on a regular basis, when these patterns repeat, to bring a correction to excesses. It’s always painful in some way until we learn something, but better in the long run.

Tiger Woods—another Mars/Neptune issue

When the news first broke about Tiger Woods’ extracurricular activities, someone commented that it was the Gemini Mars in his chart. In a way it was, but I feel it’s imperative to say that a Mars position by sign, all by itself, doesn’t account for behavior of any kind, much less something this negative. Mars is the planet we look to for one’s desire nature, and Gemini is noted for liking variety, but it can be expressed many different ways. One of the reasons I chose to write about this in the same blog as the USA chart is because it involves that pesky Neptune/Mars negative expression of “deceptive behavior.” Tiger’s Mars is opposite his Neptune, and his Neptune, in turn, is conjunct his Moon. Together this is a very active imagination connected to his emotional needs. Even that, all by itself, is not enough to tell us what those needs are. What does that is his Venus in Scorpio along with his Sun square Pluto, which happens to be in the first house. That combination is a very, very strong sex drive. Pluto is opposite Jupiter (and of course, Sun squares) which only makes it more so.

When his infamous accident occurred, Uranus was exactly square his Moon (surprise emotional shock), and his progressed Moon was just between squaring his natal and progressed Mars. It was also midway between squaring this natal Moon and Neptune conjunction. Therefore, this was a shocking lesson about deceptive behavior to gratify his vivid imagination. In addition, his progressed Saturn was conjoining his progressed MC within nine minutes—a public fall from grace. Makes you wonder if anything is ever really an “accident.”

Star Trek

And last, the additional thing I wanted to say about Star Trek is about a chart’s effective longevity. In other words, does a chart stop when the owner dies? It appears not. It is said that whenever there was a new book or movie about Marilyn Monroe, it showed in her chart long after she was deceased.

I looked at the Star Trek chart to see if there was anything going on when “the next generation” first aired. Keep in mind that an event as large as a new show, which requires preparation, is a process that is unfolding over a couple years from conception to acceptance/success.

The key element of this show’s chart (set for the first airing of the original series: Sept. 8, 1966 at 8:30 pm, NYC), I believe, is the Uranus/Pluto/Sun conjunction in the fifth house. That was the primary energy being triggered during this time. When “Next Generation” first aired on September 28, 1987, several things were activating it. The solar arc Moon was not only sextile that triple conjunction, but also about to trine the seventh house natal Neptune a year later—a success indicator. Venus had conjoined natal Uranus eleven months earlier (Uranus, the “awakener”—and Venus is the chart ruler). Transiting Uranus had, and Saturn was, square the stellium.

In addition there was a lot of action involving Mars. The progressed ascendant was two minutes from sextile to it on that date, solar arc Uranus was in sextile separating by one degree and Pluto approaching by only 26 minutes. Solar arc Neptune (imagination) had been trine Mars a year earlier. Transiting Pluto was square Mars within one degree.

One little thing deserves comment. With most of this overwhelmingly positive, it’s worth noting that transiting Saturn was exactly square the Sun within six minutes, and it might have been closer if I’d set this up with the exact time the show started. Saturn gets a bad rap as an “inhibitor” or “block” to what we want to do. The USA has Saturn square the Sun in the Sibly chart, for instance, and we are a huge, successful country—albeit in a little trouble right now. Saturn square the Sun, if not overwhelmed by other indicators, shows responsibility and hard work in the extreme, which is probably what it took to put this show on for seven seasons. Without Saturn, there is no “backbone.”

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Star Trek and the Void-of-Course Moon

Star Trek first aired on September 8, 1966 at 8:30 pm Eastern time. Daylight saving time was in effect, so we have to assume that the time given was the one in use. If that is so, then the chart for the debut of Star Trek has a void-of-course Moon! Now, we’ve all been taught in astrology classes, and in Al Morrison lectures—he put the void-of-course Moon on the map, so to speak—that anything started on a void Moon has no energy or potential. (And for those of you who don’t have an astrological technical background, a void Moon is one that will not make a major aspect to a planet until it changes signs.)

I attended a local lecture in the late ‘80s by a Virginia Beach astrologer, Nancy Edwards, and she said it should be interpreted as “nothing to worry about” because the issue one might be addressing was “already decided.” This was from a horary perspective, but could just as easily apply to anything else. I began looking at the void Moon from both perspectives, and it seems to me that she is correct. Star Trek is an example. All this time we have been advising people to side step starting anything when the Moon is void-of-course, but with this evidence, we may need to re-think that—at least from a long range perspective.

In the Star Trek chart, the Moon is 27:15 Gemini, just separating from a square to Saturn at 27:05 Pisces, which was the last aspect. Saturn rules the MC! Astrologers would have hesitated advising starting a show with that in the chart! The show lasted three seasons—just until the Moon changed signs by solar arc. Now that part was predictable and would normally follow all our rules. The program was even derided at first and wouldn’t have survived if not for fans writing in protest; Mercury is conjunct Sun, Pluto and Uranus in the chart, so they were effective! Mercury not only rules letter writing generically, but also the third house in this chart, so it was a double whammy. And the Moon, ruler of the “public,” is in the third. The Moon, being in Gemini, is also indicative of the two layers this show had: one being the adventure, enjoyable in itself, but the other being a social/moral statement in each episode, as well.

I wrote a book about this a couple years ago, Star Trek Revealed, (which is available on my website—if you want an autographed copy, some Barnes and Noble and metaphysical bookstores, and Amazon, by the way). It is not aimed at the PhDs among us, but rather it is written for those who never watched nor understood the attraction of this phenomenon. It’s also for those who only saw the superficial part of the drama and didn’t recognize the underlying message. And at the end there is a section about the astrology of it all.

But, the point of this essay is to suggest why a void-of-course Moon didn’t stop it from mushrooming into a cultural icon. First, I don’t believe Star Trek was an accident or just another drama. When we are on the verge of an exponential leap in evolution, I think we are sent avatars to guide us. We need them in all levels of society and through all media. At the time of the Star Trek debut, A Course in Miracles was being scribed, for instance, which would appeal to a different kind of audience. It had a similar message to Star Trek, which was that “we make our own reality”—at least that was one of the messages. And, that “reality is not what we think it is—there are many worlds operating simultaneously.” I believe Gene Roddenberry had an avatar’s mission, whether he was aware of it or not. And so, Star Trek was “nothing to worry about”—it was an issue “already decided.”

Secondly, the chart, itself, has some clues. There is a powerful stellium in Virgo of the Sun, Mercury, Pluto and Uranus all in an applying trine to the MC. Plus, Saturn, ruler of the MC, is applying tightly to trine Jupiter with only a ten minute orb. Since Saturn is retrograde in the 12th, can this mean that the full impact on the subconscious would be felt later? It is fascinating that the original series went off the air when the void-of-course Moon changed signs, and the following Next Generation series started when the MC changed signs in 1987. (to be continued….)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The January 15, 2010 Eclipse at Washington DC

This is an important eclipse, not only because it is unusually long in duration, but also because of two important configurations. One is the square to the ascendant of the eclipse chart. The ascendant will be different depending on the place you choose to calculate the chart. We set up eclipse charts for capital cities of countries to see how it will impact that particular region. In the Washington DC chart, 14:29 Scorpio is rising. Mars, at 15:17 Leo, is closely square (90 degrees away from) that position. Mars is also the most elevated planet and is retrograde.
An eclipse is in effect for at least six months, often a year, and sometimes it can be many years in duration—especially if it’s in a fixed sign with a powerful pattern involved with it. That is not the case here. This tells us that the next six months to a year there should be a great deal of angry expression about the unemployment situation, as well as the job congress is doing. Mars rules the sixth house and is in the ninth. Sixth house is employment, services and even health care; the ninth house is where we look to see how we’ll be feeling about the legislature, education and other social institutions. Even the triple conjunction of Sun, Moon and Venus in the third house of the chart will not mitigate this because that configuration is activating the USA’s opposition of Mercury and Pluto. In other words, when the USA was born, there was an opposition of these two. It indicates a country that is forceful in promulgating ideas. It can also be a secretive government since Mercury rules the intercepted ninth in the USA chart. This eclipse is triggering that, shining a light on it, and bringing it to our attention.
In addition, since Saturn and Pluto are in a long term square aspect, it is present in the eclipse chart, as well. Not only that, but Mercury is closely conjoining Pluto (and therefore square Saturn). This exacerbates the above trigger of the USA’s Mercury/Pluto opposition, and because they are both in range of opposing and squaring the USA’s Venus, the next six months should have profound impact on our economic situation. Since there is so much secrecy in our government and Federal Reserve, it’s hard to say exactly what we can expect.
In this chart Neptune and Jupiter are pretty much equidistant straddling the USA Moon at 27 Aquarius. The Moon rules the 8th –debt, banking, taxes, etc. Jupiter and Neptune together have a reputation of head-in-the-sand delusional thinking. The two have been hovering around the USA Moon for months, and the result has been denial that we are in a depression plus financial decisions that are disastrous. Very soon, Jupiter will pull away from Neptune and the “bubble” in our awareness will end.