Friday, November 25, 2011

The Current Climate of Change

Many of you may have noticed over the last few weeks that there was a climate of deception and change. We see it all around in the worldwide occupy movements, that were not reported in the mainstream media for a LONG time, and the flip-flopping of political candidates—not to mention the exposure of scandals like Penn State and even new information about Natalie Wood’s death. You may be wondering what is going on in the “astro weather” department. With the current indications, no one will get away with very much. People have had enough. You can expect further truths to emerge.

First there is the long, long cycle of Pluto. It went into Capricorn back in 2008, and that was the beginning of a clean-out of corruption and power misused. That was when we saw the economy begin to crack with all the corruption of financial institutions—and it’s not finished. The Universe has a scheduled, orderly agenda of overseeing our evolution whether we like it or not. It will extend all the way down to the individual level and will last until 2025. Until then, one out-of-balance power struggle after another will be transformed, which is putting it nicely. In other words, if you are personally (or collectively) used to wielding power or have been pushy and overly strong-willed, it will be harder to continue being that way. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was way back when things got so bad in England, the Pilgrims decided to leave the country. It is a very long cycle, and whatever sign it is in, there is upheaval related to that sign that leaves a situation totally destroyed and left to rebuild. Capricorn is about government, structures of whole societies, power and “who’s in charge.” Whether the ultimate outcome is positive or not depends on us. Are we our best most honest selves, or do we try to control and repress others? If you are the one being forceful and controlling unfairly, it will not be allowed to continue. From an individual up to a global level we are personally responsible for the outcome. Since Pluto is being energized by Uranus 90 degrees away for the next several years, expect a revolution.

Then there is the continuing opposition of Jupiter and Saturn. These have already opposed each other exactly back in March, but are now in range of an opposition, although not exact, reminding us again of their meaning here at the holiday season. This is the business duo. When Jupiter is going FROM the conjunction of the two TO the opposition, business usually is on an upswing that is relative to possibility. In other words, for the last ten years, although it seems the economy has been negative, it was relatively positive compared to the NEXT ten years when it goes from the opposition back to a conjunction. This is a twenty year cycle. The first half is the more positive compared to the second half.

Every two years Mars stays in one sign for a long time. If it didn’t, its cycle would be about eighteen months, but because of this long retrograde period, it takes two years to complete its cycle. This time it will remain in Virgo from November 12, 2011 until July 4, 2012. The first two weeks of November (just passed) it was opposite Neptune. This inclines to deceptive behavior. You can be either the one deceiving or the one being hoodwinked, but one should have been vigilant during this period. This will not repeat again, but will be very, very close in mid-April next year. Virgos, Pisceans, Sagittarians, and Geminis will be more impatient, will jump to conclusions and perhaps be more impulsive than usual. Plus, the eclipses this year will activate those signs making them a focal point. They will be learning a lot.

There are two eclipses this month and next. The first was this morning, and the next will be on December 10th. The eclipse months are two months out of four each year that we call the “Moon Wobble.” The other two are half-way between those. They always show a time of upheaval and a bit of chaos if they affect your chart specifically.

As an aside, Mercury went retrograde yesterday and will remain so until December 14th. That doesn’t help in a Moon Wobble time. It helps to be vigilant with that, as well—double checking things for accuracy and postponing a start-up of any kind. It's a good time to go back to something that needs re-working.

The outer planets have been changing signs in unprecedented numbers. Very seldom do we have so many doing so in so short a time span. We feel this by being a bit off balance and wary of what will happen next. The last month has been particularly so. But, it’s all part of the larger plan, which in the end is for our best interests. The next one to change permanently(and it already did for a short time from April to August this year)for a fourteen year sojourn is Neptune, which will enter Pisces in very early February. Neptune’s activity is totally different from Pluto’s. It can be felt either as confusion and delusion or inspiration and spiritual enlightenment, depending on its placement and aspects in your personal chart. It, too, will affect the four signs mentioned above for fourteen years.

In short, for the next several years we can expect a concentrated effect of these planets like we haven’t seen in a long time. It has barely begun. We are entering into a new chapter of our evolution, and it should be welcomed. After all, we’re not doing so great where we are, are we?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rick Perry

Whenever we look at a birth chart, one challenge is to keep in mind that people have choices all their lives. They can choose to live up to the best of themselves, or reinforce and express their darker side. I first interpreted the second George Bush with an eye to his best potential when he first ran for president, but it soon became obvious that he had not chosen a positive path of growth. Rick Perry’s is a chart like that.

We had a date and place for him but no time. Then an astrologer in Texas called the department of vital records and was able to get his birth time read to him over the phone!! If only every vital records department were that co-operative. He was born on March 4, 1950 at 10:40 am CST in Haskell, TX.

He has placid, not confrontational Taurus rising. The ruler is Venus in Aquarius, and it is trine Mars in Libra which has great potential for compromise—the aspect, not just Mars. The ability to strengthen and exhibit that quality is there. However, he also has Mercury (the way we think) in Aquarius conjoining Jupiter, but in range of opposing Pluto and square the Ascendant. That is a different story. Mercury-Jupiter by itself is optimism, and in the tenth house, the optimism expresses most in his career confidence. He sees himself as very fortunate and deserving there. The Sun in the tenth adds to that. Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are all in Aquarius. That is an emotionally detached sign, when considered as an archetypal principal. It tends to view life as “what is best for the group.” Which group, is the question. Mercury is in an out-of-sign trine to Uranus, the dispositor of Mercury (ruling the sign Mercury occupies, Aquarius), and that indicates very independent thinking without feeling a need for advice—with Jupiter it is exaggerated; opposing Pluto, it is absolute. We have seen this quality blatantly exhibited, and it is dangerous.

Sun in Pisces (the only thing in that sign) is usually kind-hearted, not the sort of energy that executes people and seems to enjoy it. I think he was born a Pisces to learn how to BE one—Saturn is opposing the Sun. It includes the Moon, since Saturn conjoins it in Virgo. That can be very critical and cold—especially with so much in detached Aquarius. But, mostly it speaks to an austere upbringing, albeit with drama and ego involved (fifth house).

What is his life purpose? One lesson is to learn to be less critical and negative and more compassionate. But the main indicator of past life energy is the south node in Libra in the fifth house. This indicates that in past lives he was a person of some importance, used to being respected and admired, but mostly because of his spouse. He chose a well-off spouse in this lifetime, too. He was not used to making his own decisions, however, and so he’s in this lifetime, not only to learn to be “one of the common people,” but also to make his own decisions. As with most issues wherein we are not so skilled, we can see him over-doing it. Like the pendulum swinging too far in the other direction.

Pluto in his chart represents his public persona, since it rules the seventh house. Within the last year, his Moon-Saturn conjunction has moved by solar arc to square his natal Pluto. It calls for a transformation of habits—especially those of habitual criticism and callousness. Whether he is still in the presidential race or not, his progressed Sun will square his progressed Pluto in about five or six months, and he will have a strong lesson about control, power and public perception. It will be followed seven or eight months after that by a repeat of the same thing when the progressed Sun also squares natal Pluto. Sun-Pluto connections are the most life-changing of them all.

Not only that, but his goals radically shifted about four months ago when solar arc Pluto conjoined Neptune, but that wasn’t a strong harbinger of success. Instead, it indicated that he was not clear about what he was doing. That is exacerbated by the fact that Neptune in transit over the last few months has been squaring his 27:55 degree Taurus ascendant. This is about the most confused a person gets in life regarding their behavior. It also can indicate a period of escapism, like drinking too much. In fact, solar arc Neptune has been squaring his natal Saturn-Moon for more than a year, which greatly adds to this problem. I wish him luck, but he’s not presidential material.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Steve Jobs' Chart

I've had requests for Steve Jobs' chart. Also, many people and pundits have mentioned some darker traits he had. I'll be doing an NCGR Memberletter article more in depth about this, but for now, I'd like to celebrate a life that did much for us, albeit with some unfortunate side effects. People will probably be examining his life for a long time.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

No doubt about it; Steve Jobs was a genius who did, indeed, change the world. His chart shoots down some old myths of interpretation about astrology but verifies others. He was born on February 24, 1955 at 7:15 pm in San Francisco. We know now that he was adopted and that his biological parents did not keep him because his father was Syrian, and his mother’s family did not approve. Jobs did not respond to his father’s repeated attempts to contact him, right up to the end. The ruler of the tenth, which I’ve come to agree is the parent of the same sex as the child, is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is square Saturn. Saturn is also considered the father in anyone’s chart, and it is square Pluto in fixed signs. This shows non-communication and power struggles with all father figures (or authority in general), and most likely applies to his adopted father, as well.

One of the myths of astrology is that Mercury square Saturn is “not too bright.” You’ll find judgments like that in older texts. I ran across it first in the Rosicrucian astrology course and searched further because I was born with Mercury retrograde conjunct Saturn in the 12th house, and read that I was probably retarded!! I actually made straight A’s. (One wonders how to make a grade A plural since the apostrophe shows possession, but without it, it is the word, “as.”) Well, we know that Jobs had a retrograde Mercury, and it was square Saturn, so that myth goes out the window. His Mercury is actually rather weak when compared to other indicators. However, it is the chart ruler. When the chart ruler is in the fifth house, the drive of the person is toward creativity with an urge to stand out, to be special in some way. In Aquarius, it can easily be inventive and inclined toward electronics or future-oriented creativity. The square to Saturn just indicates that he learns by ‘doing,’ that he has to have solid evidence and hands-on experience while learning. It also indicates that he has to know the basic premise behind anything he is trying to understand. He isn’t a “memorizer.” He builds, which is what Saturn does. Everything has to have a logical purpose. The square of Saturn to Pluto shows hard work, perseverance and obsession. Since those two rule the fifth and third, then it would be obsession about his creative (5th) ideas (3rd).

In an early interview, the writer made much of his temper and “in your face” attitude. That comes from Moon and Mars in Aries…and especially Mars in the 8th house, which is extremely private and determined. He wanted only the best (Virgo rising and Sun in the 6th) and was a perfectionist with very little patience with mediocrity.
Mars is important in this chart because it is part of a configuration involving Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter. His Uranus/Jupiter conjunction shows originality and ability to expand on unique ideas; the fact that it is trine Saturn shows he can bring those ideas down to practical application. This is a traditional interpretation that has been verified many times. It would have been a moot, generational thing if not for the Mars, which personalizes it and allows him to USE his ideas. Neptune (ruler of the seventh) is opposing Mars, and shows vision for the public (7th)—maybe even some psychic ability. However, it is also a bit deceptive, which can explain how he could cheat his first partner out of several hundred dollars early on.

When he died, solar arc Neptune was exactly, to the minute, quincunx Uranus. Quincunxes are separative, and since Uranus rules his sixth house, and Neptune the seventh, we could say his spirit separated from his public life, his work and his illness—and isn’t that what death is? Plus the Moon was in between squaring Mars and Neptune, and Neptune was in between a trine and sextile to them. More than likely, he was unconscious at the end and the passing was easy. Solar arc Pluto was five minutes past trining the MC. Mars, ruler of the 8th and natally occupying it, was just minutes from sextile Pluto—more indications of an easy passing.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

John Boehner's Speculative Chart

Riots in London, a volatile stock market, the worst single fatal incident in Afghanistan…all are very indicative of Pluto square Uranus. Now Mars is joining it—exact today and tomorrow, but tomorrow the Moon will have gone over it, as well. Many astrologers have said this first part of August would be tough. There was a similar pattern last summer when we had the BP oil disaster. John Boehner’s chart is feeling the effects of this, too, so today I’d like to look at his nativity.

I took the time to try to calculate what time he was born because I was concerned that he might run for President in the future. His biography is readily available, so I used events in his life to determine what time he was probably born for them to happen when they did. He was born in Cincinnati, OH on November 17, 1949. I’m speculating he was born about 7:37 p.m. Keep in mind that I could be wrong, but the resulting chart shows all the career events of his life and works quite well.

He is ribbed about being rather emotional and “teary-eyed,” and that is typical of Cancer rising. The Moon, therefore, plays a huge role in his chart, being the ruler, and it is conjunct Neptune in Libra. When this is misused, it can point to alcoholism (he’s known to imbibe) and deception. He has taken different sides of issues, depending on who was in the White House, going from one extreme to another. The dark side of Libra manifests as telling people what they want to hear to garner approval. Since the Moon also squares Jupiter, the result can be a loose handle on judgment—especially when the Moon also conjoins Neptune.

My teacher, Gina Ceaglio, told the class one time that alcoholics usually have very strong, willful natures normally shown by a strong Pluto and/or Saturn with Mars along with a strong Neptune. After all, she said, they have their whole family in hostage to their addiction. Everyone lives around it because it is always a factor. Boehner has Mars conjunct Saturn in Virgo AND Pluto square Mercury and the Sun in fixed signs (Pluto in Leo; Sun in Scorpio). Combine this with the Moon conjoining Neptune and square Jupiter, and there is a good chance that Mr. Boehner has tendencies to addiction; he smokes, but he also may have an addiction to alcohol. He is certainly a very controlling personality.

Much is made of his being “one of the people” because of his humble beginnings. However, a fifth house Sun person feels special, if not “royal,” and with its sextile to Jupiter, he has a lot of confidence in himself. Jupiter in the 8th house can often be an indication of wealth coming easily from others—such as lobbyists, his pension, and other perks he can now enjoy. He was seen giving out checks (contributions) to congressmen from a corporation just before a vote concerning that corporation. He admitted that was not a smart thing to do—i.e. being seen doing it on the house floor. He spends a considerable amount of money for a male-only country club membership. He said recently that he didn’t feel that congressmen should be “graded” on their jobs “like a teacher” because some of them spent a considerable amount of money getting into their positions—as if he bought the job and can do with it as he pleases. When the Sun squares Pluto in a natal chart, the person will feel that their early life was out of their control, and there is an inner vow to never let that happen when they grow up. So the ambition and determination is to change their life for the better, not stay in that mindset. Uranus is rising, showing a unique personality with a great deal of independence and fearlessness.

When Mr. Boehner became Speaker of the House, the solar arc/progressed MC was trine his natal Venus and Mars, making a grand trine. The progressed Sun was conjunct Jupiter. The progressed Moon was about to conjoin the progressed Sun in two to three months which shows a brand new beginning to his life, but also a tendency, for a while at least, to be aggressive and impulsive. (note: when he began his first tenure as a representative in the US House in 1991, his progressed Moon was exactly square Jupiter)

Right now Uranus in the sky is square his natal Uranus, along with the Ascendant, and has been doing so since April. Pluto has been opposing that point during the last two and a half years as he rose to power. This is exceedingly independent, aggressive and confident. Currently, over this last few days and continuing through the next couple days, Mars has joined in. Right now Saturn is square his Venus. He is probably noticing the S&P downgrade and the reaction of the stock market and is somewhat disappointed, if not angry and shocked. He succeeded in his ambitions over the last couple months because solar arc Ascendant was exactly sextile natal Uranus which rules his ninth house—legislation.

In about 2 ½ years, solar arc Saturn will conjoin his Mercury and about 2 years and five months after that it will affect the Sun. He will not be getting his way then. Also in two years, the Sun changes signs, so another new beginning will be on the agenda.

Mitch McConnell

I didn’t try to find out his time of birth, but Mitch McConnell, minority leader of the Senate, born on Feb 20, 1942, has the Sun at one degree of Pisces. Neptune will be on that over the next year or so, and therefore, I don’t believe he’ll be clear-headed enough to know what he’s doing. He has a Mars-Saturn conjunction in Taurus, as well as the Moon (maybe, if he’s born after 4:00 a.m.) and Uranus. Money is his main objective, so those pundits saying he is in many corporations’ pockets are probably right.

Friday, July 29, 2011

The New Moon Tomorrow and Obama’s chart

I knew months ago that this summer would be a tense time since the T-square of Uranus, Saturn and Pluto would be in range for the last time for a while (Saturn moves away soon) and because Mars is going to join it in August. It’s very similar to last summer when Mars and Jupiter had joined them, and we were in the throes of the big BP oil disaster. The energy that has been building over the last few weeks, related to the debt ceiling, is just the build-up to the discord and tension in August—but it may not be related to the same issue. It might just as easily be a hurricane or earthquake.

Lunation charts drawn for the capital cities of countries show more detail about a couple weeks ahead. This one tomorrow (July 30) is just a regular New Moon, not an eclipse, but it has information we can use, nonetheless.

The key aspect that is the most pronounced is Mercury opposing Neptune aligning with the MC, when we draw the chart for the US. Mercury is going retrograde on August second just before midnight EDT, as well, and that will be in effect until the 26th. It is in range of opposing Neptune until about the 15th, depending on how much orb you allow. That sounds ominous, but thankfully, they are well-supported. There is a nice “kite” pattern with them involving Pluto and Jupiter. To put it another way, Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto are in a grand trine—even involving the MC. Plus, Jupiter and Pluto, in turn, are sextile Neptune, which is almost midway between them. This tells me that creative imagination is at work, people are thinking more deeply, and even possibly waking up to some deceptions that have been blatantly perpetrated (like Fox News telling people that Obama has been spending three times what Bush spent DAILY. Since the Bush era ended with an almost 12 trillion deficit, and we’re now at 14.3, then Obama’s administration is spending slightly less per day if you’re averaging on an annual basis. And the obligations were already in place). But that’s not the only lie. A little research can sort it out, but it takes work.

Mercury opposing Neptune, taken alone, is deception and illusion. When it’s well-supported, as it is now, it can be used as creative ideas, spiritual objectives, or awareness of compassion. After all, Somalia, despite their pirates, is starving and desperate. Just what we throw out every day could save them—symbolically. Of course, I’m not advocating sending them our trash. There is no excuse for this kind of suffering when corporations and billionaires are raking in more personal wealth than in the history of the planet.

Another deception is the refusal of Monsanto and big agriculture to label GMO foods. One official even said that if they labeled them, they might as well put a “skull and crossbones” on the label. Europe has enforced labeling, and GMOs are not doing well there. An opposition infers “awareness,” so perhaps this opposition being in effect for a couple weeks, plus other things in the chart, can indicate a call to action as the populace wakes up to just what they have been consuming.

As far as Congress goes, the ninth house tells us what is going on with them. It’s ruled by the Moon (and the MC by the Sun), and the new moon is IN the ninth conjunct Venus. All are square Jupiter. That is excessive posturing and over-optimism. I think agreements will be reached, but at more cost than anticipated, and that all the congressmen have too much confidence in what they are doing (or trying to put over on us). However, the fourth house is the grassroots populace, ruled by Uranus in this chart, and IT is trine the Sun, Moon, and Venus. I believe that finally, we’re exerting our rights and individuality over the next two weeks, and people are letting it be known that they are not pleased with this dysfunctional congress. Since this chart is in effect for only a couple weeks, it isn’t necessarily going to change anything. For two weeks, I don’t believe anyone in any government knows exactly what is going on (angular Neptune) and a lot will have to be re-visited and done over (retrograde Mercury). The cost will be considerable (Venus square Jupiter).

We are heading into the long-term square of Uranus to Pluto. It’s a very important configuration that comes along periodically to upset the status quo and help us clean house. It will make seven contacts over the next several years, and it is just beginning; i.e. they are moving into position and have been for the last year—the first exact contact hasn’t even occurred yet (that will be June 24, 2012). These two were in effect during the Great Depression and also in the ‘60s when we had so many protests and assassinations. Pull up a seat; it is going to be a very interesting drama.

Obama’s Chart

There is so much going on in this chart, I can only hit the highlights here. First, his progressed Moon has been in Pisces for about 27 months. When the Moon is there, one can feel weak and ineffective, plus easily fall into a “victim” consciousness. BUT, in less than three months from now, it will go into aggressive, pro-active Aries, and you will see a different side of him emerge. On August second, though, his Progressed Moon is just four minutes from being sextile his progressed Jupiter, so he will feel he has achieved something in the next week.

Eleven months ago his progressed Sun went into Libra. Since the ruler of his chart is in Libra’s house to begin with, it only ADDED to his natural tendency to compromise and negotiate. We see that operating daily. This progressed Sun is right now only a couple minutes from being trine his natal Jupiter—very nice. I wish that were the only thing operating. Unfortunately, nothing is simple.

Solar arc aspects between the heavy outer planets are the most powerful. Solar arc Pluto is now square natal Saturn. By August second, it will be one minute past that. It just shows that this has been a difficult fight and very hard for him—one of the most intense power struggles of his career. In addition, progressed ascendant will be entering these stressful aspect arenas in the next two years, so (surprise!) it will not be easy. In a little over six months, when progressed ascendant opposes progressed Mars, he will be facing very angry circumstances. It could get violent. And in about 13 to 14 months, he’s in a depression or at least very tired, which I think is the most likely manifestation.

Progressed Uranus is approaching a square to his MC—and although this is a slow and very long influence, it does cover the next several years and shows great upheaval with one surprise in his career after another. To top it off, like background music, Neptune in transit has been square his MC for over a year and will continue to do so, moving on to square his Moon. That is indecision, confusion, deception, and eventually, it may affect his health, since the Moon rules his sixth house. Not a great forecast.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Anthony Case

When we look at the tragic case of Casey and Caylee Anthony, we are all saddened. However, it is a good example of relationship dynamics and what can set off a natural personality conflict. It would be ideal to imagine that every child will be compatible with his or her parents, but unfortunately, it is not the case a great deal of the time. If parents, however, would have an analysis of their chart with their children’s many tragedies like this one could be avoided.
We don’t have a time of birth for Casey, the mother—just a date and place, but we do have one for Caylee, and even without a time of birth for the mother, it is easy to see that these two would have a difficult relationship. It doesn’t mean that Casey was a “bad” mother, nor does it mean that little Caylee was a “s**t head” as her mother was quoted as calling her. It would have been difficult for these two to get along under the best of circumstances.


Caylee Anthony was born on August 9, 2005 at 7:14 am EDT in Orlando, FL. Since she was born close to sunrise, she is a double Leo (Sun and Ascendant in the same sign), and she has the Moon in Libra. That combination needs a lot of attention and usually has a strong sense of how one is fitting into society even at a very early age.
Her mother is shown by the MC and its ruler. (I use the MC for the parent that is the same sex as the child.) That is Venus, in this case, and Venus is in Virgo squaring Pluto very closely—one degree orb. That shows that the mother was primarily materialistic (second house placement and Taurus MC), very critical of Caylee (Virgo) and controlling (Pluto square), although, it can also show that there was enormous tension between them, as well. Since Pluto rules the fourth, the other parent, it also indicates a great deal of secrecy about him. The early home life is the fourth, too, and with this kind of signature, Caylee’s early life would have been destined to be full of tension and pressure.
The Moon in Libra (in the second house with Venus) also describes her mother, and although it is sextile Saturn, showing general reliability, it is quincunx Mars. Mars is the indication of behavior—how one “acts.” A quincunx shows division or separation—nothing in common. So when she was being herself—her natural action, her mother (Moon) couldn’t relate to it. It was foreign to her. Being in Taurus, Caylee’s Mars indicates she would be somewhat stubborn and persistent. She would show frustration easily because Mars is square Saturn and Mercury. Her behavior was constantly limited or curtailed. She would have been outspoken (Mars in the ninth as well as square Mercury) and express herself quite clearly. Saturn in the twelfth is conjunct Mercury, which, in turn, is conjoining her twelfth house Sun. This is maturity at a very early age plus hardship, leaving a kind of “un-nameable” guilt for even existing. She would catch on very early that she was not really all that welcomed by her mother when she was born. This innate guilt is also shown by the Sun being opposite Neptune, both spanning the Ascendant/Descendant axis. Neptune is opposing Mercury, so she inherited her mother’s propensity for deception, although since it’s an opposition, it would often be coming to her from others rather than from her own choices.

The Composite

A composite chart is created from midpoints between any two entities’ charts. This can be between people, a person and a city, or anything that is “born.” It’s a fabulous tool to see the essence of a relationship, and from experience, I’m convinced it takes precedence over just comparing two charts. This one is not perfect, since we don’t have a time of birth for Casey (born March 19, 1986 in Warren, OH), but we can see a lot from what we have. First there is a T-square between Mars, Pluto, Mercury and Sun. If Casey had been born mid-day or later, this would be a full-blown grand square including the Moon. But the T-square is enough to indicate enormous tension. They would see each other as resistant, non-co-operative and stubborn. It would have been a life-long power struggle. Anger would easily escalate into rage.
Further, Venus is square Saturn indicating a lack of affection. And it also quincunxes Uranus very tightly revealing that there was a fundamental feeling that each was limiting the other’s freedom. Neither one felt she was free to express herself fully nor to do as she wanted.

June 16, 2008

This was the last day Caylee was seen alive. She had been going through quite a bit leading up to this day. For some reason, ten months earlier, her life shifted in some way resulting in her being more intense and ultra-aware. Her Libra natal Moon went into Scorpio. We all have this phenomenon of the progressed moon changing signs around every 2 ¼ to 2 ½ years. It usually indicates a time when we take a subtle change in direction, attitude, and sometimes even personality. Transiting Uranus had been opposing Venus and square Pluto for weeks, setting off the square that indicated a mother who was critical and controlling. Caylee would have seen her mother as being unpredictable, and since Pluto rules the fourth, her home life had become erratic and unpredictable, as well. When Uranus squares Pluto, the person experiencing it wants whatever is happening to be over with. It’s intense impatience at a peak. Little Caylee did not like whatever was happening and was more than likely very outspoken about it.
I have taught and always believed that solar arc aspects do not trigger secondary progressions, but I’ve often observed, nonetheless, that they seem to be operative. This is one of those times. The solar arc Mars on this day was square the progressed Mercury within ONE MINUTE, and progressed Mercury was quincunx progressed Uranus within two minutes. By the end of the day, both could have been exact. After all, we don’t know what time, or even what day, Caylee left us. But, Uranus rules the seventh, which is connected to “being in public” or visible to the public, and the quincunx is separating. So, at that time she was literally “separated from the public.” Transiting Nodes were conjunct the progressed Sun; this was a karmic event.
The most dramatic thing of all was transiting Mars. For about four or five days, Caylee had been angry. She was probably “acting out” quite a bit. Mars was going over her Sun, progressed Sun and then the Ascendant. The MC at this time was square the Ascendant, as well, so it was included in this. The night before this, it was exact. Chiron was exactly opposite the ascendant to the minute. This was a day of destiny, when choices were ultra-important.
Casey Anthony’s natal chart (even without an exact time) shows a Mars-Uranus conjunction square Mercury and Sun. This indicates a high-strung person who is easily angered and insists on doing what she wants. This is also a signature of attention deficit disorder—not a diagnosis, just a common aspect in the charts of people who have it. She is highly accident prone and impatient. Transiting Uranus was square Casey’s natal Uranus and conjunct her Mercury; so she was especially not patient at this time. In fact, she was highly nervous. On June 16th, the Sun at 25-26 Gemini was opposing her Mars, and since it had been opposite Uranus two or three days earlier, she had been high-strung and impatient for several days. Transiting Pluto had been squaring her Sun for over a year, so she felt pressured and desperate. This was a perfect storm.

The Composite on June 16, 2008

For over a year, transiting Saturn had been going over the T-square mentioned earlier that indicated that this relationship was very difficult. It had been activating it again from late March 2008 onward. That is extremely difficult with both parties feeling severely frustrated. The composite Moon is hard to pinpoint without a time of birth for Casey, but it was definitely in mid to late Leo close to Caylee’s ascendant. So, at some point around this time, the transiting Mars was also triggering the composite Moon which is not only anger and impatience on both parties’ sides, but also a visceral, emotional eruption of it.
Without a time of birth for Casey, I don’t want to speculate about anything, but there is ample evidence that both of them were highly volatile at this time, and it’s entirely possible that Caylee was accidentally killed out of impatience and anger. And last, solar arc Jupiter was within minutes of Casey’s natal Sun. If she was born earlier than six am, then this could have been exact around the time of the death, and it would have indicated being very optimistic about how this would all play out which could account for her behavior and carelessness.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 15th Eclipse and the USA Chart

I have a hard time believing that the founding fathers really used Astrology to pick a time to begin this country as some pundits have said. It may have the very nice Sun, Jupiter and Venus conjunction, but there are three difficult aspects (Sun square Saturn, Mercury opposite Pluto and Mars square Neptune), the last two of which are directly connected to the collective subconscious of the country. If you think of a country’s chart as an ex-ray of the psychology of the people en masse, it is not that hard to see what the underlying issues are behind the way they live, the way they are perceived by other countries and what motivates them.

In my opinion, the most unconscious and challenging of these three is the square between Mars and Neptune. A “square” aspect means the two planets are 90 degrees apart (and we allow a few degrees from exactness as being effective—Mars and Neptune are just one degree from being exactly 90 degrees apart, which we consider “tight” or close). A square means that their energies are in conflict. Imagine two rivers coming together at a right angle—which is what 90 degrees is. What happens? Turbulence is created. The square aspect is also the most likely of all the aspects to produce “projection,” which is a form of denial.

Mars in a chart describes how the entity handles physical energy—i.e. how s/he acts, moves, projects oneself, handles anger and aggression, and how one “does” things. It can show how impulsive the chart owner is. It also will describe, along with other things, what is going on related to the house(s) that has Aries on the cusp (since Mars rules Aries) and the house it occupies. In the USA chart, Mars is connected to houses four and five (Koch system) that have to do with the home and family, tradition, emotional security, and most importantly, the subconscious mind, which is programed by early home, family, etc. (4) and also sexual conduct, children, ego, recreation and even gambling (5). It is located in the angular seventh house, which is a strong position. The seventh is where we look to find out the entity’s attitude about war, but that’s the negative side. It’s really, essentially, getting along with others who are not part of your immediate family—i.e. the public, and therefore, has to do with partnership, marriage, negotiation, compromise and diplomacy—relationships that have contracts. But, when that breaks down, war breaks out. [I’m reminded of a comment by the late Edie Custer who said that the seventh house is “marriage and open enemies, and sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.”]

Neptune stays in a sign for about 14 years, so it is not as personal as Mars by sign placement. It becomes more personal by house affiliation. It powerfully affects any planet to which it is connected geometrically. Neptune, in positive manifestation, relates to imagination, spirituality, sensitivity, compassion, psychic ability, and artistic forms that are ethereal, like music and dance. Neptune is called the “universal solvent” because it shows where we dissolve boundaries and become confused or, if positive, inspired. When it is connected to a planet in a challenging way, such as a square or opposition—even a semi-square (45 degrees) and its companion the sesqui-quadrate (135 degrees)—the usual result is confusion, delusion and sometimes deliberate deception. This can result in being in denial about one’s own traits and in this case, behavior (Mars). In the USA chart, Neptune is in the ninth house which is where we look in a country’s chart to see what kind of laws they use, what kind of legislature is in place, the educational system—in fact, all the country’s institutions, including churches, schools, social services, etc. And it is the entity’s attitude about foreign countries as well as showing one’s general ethics and philosophy. Since Neptune rules Pisces, we find that sign intercepted in the third house. The third is the conscious mind—what we are aware of—and our speech. [Note: An interception happens when there are two houses with the same sign on the cusp, in this case four and five both have Aries there, so a house somewhere else will have a whole sign “caught” within it and the previous sign on its cusp. The houses opposite these will also have the same phenomenon.]

Putting it Together
This all tells us something important about the USA’s way of doing things. There is an unconscious tendency to be deceptive (Neptune) in behavior (Mars); particularly, this is centered in the legislature and with foreign countries regarding our speech and negotiations. We citizens are in denial about it, but we are not honest in our negotiations, in our partnerships, even with our wars. And because it is part of the collective subconscious, we, the populace, are easily deceived, as well. That doesn’t mean that individuals are ALL this way, but as a general rule, our representatives (ninth house Neptune) are conveniently confused in their ethics (putting it kindly), and as a collective, we are in denial about it for the most part. It is a weakness in the very foundation of our country. It manifested from the very beginning. For instance, Alexander Hamilton formed a central bank, which is not what the constitution called for. After it was corrected (I think by Andrew Jackson), the very devious conclave of bankers who met at Jekyll Island in 1910 figured out a way to do it again by forming the Federal Reserve, which is, in essence, a central bank. Even today, people mistakenly believe it is part of the government. We were totally hoodwinked. (For the whole story, read “The Creature from Jekyll Island.”)

The Eclipse
Yesterday, June 15, 2011, the eclipse at 24 Sagittarius energized this square. It is MOST important when the part of the chart being contacted is holding an important progression, transit or solar arc. That is the case now. Pluto by solar arc is just 30 minutes away from being square Mars and only one degree and 33 minutes from being conjunct Neptune. That is MAJOR. Pluto and Mars are equated with volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and on a personal level, rage. When Pluto touches something, there is total breaking down and rebuilding the energies involved. The eclipse is bringing all the deception to our attention over the next year. I see an eclipse as a spotlight on a trait that we need to see in ourselves. When you also include something as important as solar arc Pluto in the mix, we have a potential powder keg. Thirty minutes of solar arc motion equals six months. One degree and 33 minutes equals a year and nearly seven months. All solar arc planets move about five minutes a month. When it is this close and triggered by an eclipse, it is right around the corner. No one can really predict exactly how it will unfold, but we are at a point in our history where we cannot be in denial any longer. There is much, much more to this since the Sun-Saturn square will be triggered by the eclipse on July 1st, and that one is also holding a Saturn transit. Our best defense is to be honest, prepared for anything like a hurricane, earthquake, etc.—even expression of rage in the country (which is already starting), expression of rage from foreign countries toward us, and hold our representatives accountable, as well.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Upcoming Eclipses

We are having three eclipses in a row in the immediate future: a partial solar eclipse on June 1st, a total lunar eclipse on June 15th and another partial solar eclipse on July 1st. Each one is very important for different reasons. And if you have a position in your chart in the eclipse degrees, this will be a very personal effect for you. Or if you were born 3, 6 or 9 months from these dates, it will affect you, too.
The first one on June 1, 2011 at 5:01:57 pm EDT in Washington DC shows the eclipse at 11:02 Gemini. Since the USA’s Sibley chart has 12 degrees Sagittarius rising, it is very close to opposing the ascendant. That is potent—especially since it is also in range of our 8 degree Gemini Uranus which is holding solar arc Saturn at 8 Gemini also. Uranus represents surprising and unexpected events. Saturn conjunct Uranus is loss of freedom, a feeling there is nothing one can do about anything. We are already into this mind-set, so the eclipse will intensify it.
In the astromap for this eclipse, this configuration is primarily affecting the western part of the US from eastern Nevada to mid-Texas and all regions north or south of that. A Uranus-Pluto-Saturn T-square affecting a region can bring great hardship, and we’re seeing evidence of that with weather already.
The Eclipse chart’s MC, at 6:25 Leo is aligning with the USA’s north node at 6:36 Leo! Plus, transiting Uranus is not only square the USA Venus, it is also opposing the progressed Moon, all in 3 degrees of cardinal signs—i.e. they occupy Aries (Uranus), Cancer (USA Venus) and Libra (progressed Moon). Since Pluto is not far from also activating this configuration, and the progressed Moon will be involved with IT in a couple months, we are looking at a very interesting summer to say the least.
With all that, though, most citizens will continue to see the economy as tolerably stable and be in continuing denial that anything is out of the ordinary. This is because Jupiter at 29:26 Aries is opposing the 0:53 Scorpio ascendant (out of sign opposition, but very close). Jupiter opposite the ascendant is extremely optimistic. And there is a stellium of Venus, Mars, and Mercury in Taurus in the seventh. There could be some grumbling about prices, but so far, there is no outright major rebellion.
Then we come to the eclipse of June 15th. Amazingly, that one has an even tighter opposition of Jupiter to the ascendant—only a three minute orb!! There might be a sudden upsurge in jobs since Jupiter is technically in the sixth house, but Uranus is there, too, which can indicate instability. Neptune in both these eclipse charts is in the fourth house which usually indicates a rainy season ahead.
This eclipse is the strongest of the three even though it is not a solar eclipse, which is normally stronger. This is because, being at 24 degrees of Gemini/Sagittarius, it is the closest one to the ecliptic, shown by the nodes being at 23 Gemini/Sagittarius. The nodes indicate the location of the Moon in relation to the Eclipitc, and this lunar eclipse is closer to it than the two solar eclipses are. Therefore, it is very powerful.
The T-square mentioned above is getting tighter now, and it will be set off by the third eclipse coming on July 1st, (three in a row is relatively rare). Even though it is the weakest since it’s further away from the nodes than the others, it is still powerful for the USA. At 9:12 Cancer, it is close to the USA Sun—in fact, at the midpoint between the Sun and Jupiter, which is affected also by the T-square mentioned before. When you add the progressed Moon just entering this configuration, too, it is going to be a very, very important summer for us. We are in for a rocky ride concerning just about everything.
Don’t be surprised if you see news about earthquakes or other natural phenomenon (or political upheaval) coming out of Alaska. In the Astromap for this eclipse (which is posted above) note all the activity by the T-square, the eclipse, Venus and Neptune all converging around Fairbanks and above Anchorage. Plus, the Mars line is going through the mid-west again as the Vernal Equinox Map showed, and Maine has the eclipse line and Pluto going through it, so that state may have some deep rumblings going on, which could just as well be political as physical.
Rain should be plentiful in a swath from the Great Lakes eastward to Virginia, but more than enough on the latitude that divides Lake Erie and Lake Ontario and 100 miles north and south of it. (I’m just dipping my toe into the weather part of this, so don’t hold me to it.)
We have been predicting the time ahead for many years. It’s very important because it is a clean out and balancing of everything that has gotten out of balance and mighty dirty. Before the calm and order comes back, a lot of dust has to be raised, so rest assured, it’s all for the good, no matter how messy it seems.

Friday, May 13, 2011


Nowadays, all you have to do is label something “socialist” (whether it applies or not) and conservatives will dismiss it out of hand and not even read or listen to what is being relayed. Or, if you’re a Liberal, just hear “conspiracy theory” and the ears and eyes close. Those are the sound bites our “leaders” or media mouthpieces are repeating over and over to, apparently, keep us from dialog. However, I have a son who is on the opposite side of the political fence from me (got it from his Limbaugh-lovin’ father) so I listen to, read and view whatever he sends me. I don’t agree with most of it, but I get a really good idea of what conservatives are thinking. I have to admit, there are some points that I had to pause over.
One is the “FEMA Camps.” When Jesse Ventura did a show about them, it was promptly removed from the internet, and it’s impossible to see it now. Not even allowed as re-run. I have to wonder why, and it had to come from a powerful place to manage such censorship. I don’t like Jesse Ventura particularly, but that one show was an eye-opener (popper, actually), and I now have a good DVD of a similar documentary about it. The only thing I object to in the DVD is that the producer added a lot of propaganda at the end about Hitler that wasn’t necessary or relevant. My point is that both sides have some valid information that we’d do well to ponder. And I believe we are cheating ourselves by shutting out ALL that the “opponent” has to say.
Osama bin Laden
A second point I had to pause about was the demise of Osama bin Laden. Right after the purported May 2nd killing of bin Laden, Steve R. Pieczenik was on radio saying that he personally knew (as did Bush, Rice and even Albright) that he had died in 2001 of Marfan disease. They purportedly froze the body to trot out later when politically expedient. You may have to copy and paste the following link, which is not supporting it—just REPORTING it. You can google Pieczenik if you want to find the actual radio show: (copy and paste)
I wouldn’t have put something on Facebook about it except that right after that there was a little survey on the internet asking people to vote on when bin Laden died. They offered December 2001 or May 2011. The vote tally was 98% FOR December 2001. Amazingly, I had done a little research astrologically about what month he would have died, if in 2001, and had come up with early December, myself. I wondered where they got December! I had not seen that date anywhere else—just “shortly after 9/11” or “months ago” when someone appeared on TV in late April 2002. (I wish I’d saved the links, but didn’t know I’d be writing about this.) So, let’s examine the charts for the two dates and see what they show.
First the source of the chart for Osama bin Laden from Karen Hamaker-Zondag who said:
“My source is William de Rijcke in Belgium, a physician and astrologer, who has a good friend working at Interpol. This friend has been searching the archives of Interpol and found the date and time. He gave this to William de Rijcke who in his turn spread the news. I heard somebody mentioning that it was a hospital record, but I am not 100% sure it is.
I was given the following data: March 10, 1957, in Jiddah, Saudi Arabia, at 10:58 AM EET. I know William de Rijcke for decades now, and he has a scientific mind; there is no indication that one cannot trust him.
The only problem I have is that as far as I know Arabian hospitals did not record birth times, but maybe I am wrong. I have published the data to add to the discussion, and always mentioned the source.”
Keep in mind that the family was very wealthy and might have been treated differently than the average Saudi citizen relative to birth records. Also note this data says EET, not BAT, which is the local time zone. The chart I’ve seen circulated ignored the EET, and set it for BAT, which moves the ascendant about 14 degrees. That is very important since the ascendant is the body.
The Chart for December 6, 2001
The natal chart has Saturn in the sixth house which in turn is ruled by Scorpio. Saturn rules connective tissue in the body (Rex Bill’s “The Rulership Book”), and when Saturn is in the sixth, it usually indicates chronic health conditions. Saturn rules bin Laden’s 8th house, which is usually involved in one’s death, and indeed, shows the “promise” of how one will most likely die. When the ruler of the 8th is in the sixth, then one will most likely die of a chronic illness (especially when the planet is Saturn), not violence.
It is known that bin Laden had Marfan Syndrome. Wikipedia says: “Marfan syndrome (also called Marfan's syndrome) is a genetic disorder of the connective tissue. People with Marfan's tend to be unusually tall, with long limbs and long, thin fingers.” Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, and in December 2001 (indeed, for the whole year) Pluto was transiting Osama’s Saturn. Plus, solar arc Neptune (weakening, debilitating) had been conjoining it two years earlier. On December 6, 2001, the Sun and Mercury joined Pluto at 14-15 Sagittarius which was between the 14 degree Saturn and 16 degree solar arc Neptune. It was a critical day.
Pluto in the natal chart is at 28:43 Leo. On this day, transiting Mars was opposing it and was quincunx the progressed ascendant. The progressed ascendant was semisextile that point; a semi-sextile acts the same as a quincunx and is separative. (i.e. ruler of the sixth being activated by the ascendant can be the body separating from Spirit because of illness.) Solar arc Chiron was quincunx Pluto, and Juno was conjunct. Progressed Moon was opposing progressed Pluto and the transiting Moon would trigger all this late that afternoon. Progressed Moon/Pluto connections are very intense and dramatic.
The Sun represents vitality. The progressed Sun had been opposing Neptune a year before and was square natal Uranus just before this. It could indicate slow deterioration for over a year and then a sudden turn for the worse. Transiting Uranus was trine the ascendant, but the natal Uranus is semi-square the ascendant, and when a planet activates any point in a chart, it will bring out the NATAL aspect no matter what aspect it is making. This is another indication of an emergency. And last, transiting Neptune was opposing the solar arc ascendant and squaring the progressed Venus which rules the 12th house. This can be the indication of deception about the whole thing but also the extreme weakness of the body and probably hospitalization.
The Chart for May 2, 2011
I did a blog about charts being activated after death awhile back, and it looks like this is what is going on here, and it’s a very different story than the 2001 chart. The natal chart has a square between Neptune in the fifth (which rules the MC) and Uranus in the second (which rules the ninth). Ninth and tenth houses together represent one’s position in the world (tenth) and the media (ninth). This square promises mysteries and deception regarding those things.
At 1:00 am Abbattabad, Pakistan time, the MC was exactly quincunx the ascendant and conjunct the north node. This can indicate a separation of the person from public view (one’s position in the world) and karmic results of such. Transiting Neptune, the ruler of the MC, was within three minutes of trining the natal Moon and progressed Neptune!! If this indicates a deceptive event, then it is a successful one. Plus, the solar arc MC, Mercury and Venus were all square natal Uranus, having been opposite natal Neptune the year before. This is a sudden awakening, or event that is very public (because of the MC being involved) after a year or two of deception or secrecy. Transiting Uranus was quincunx natal Neptune. This is tricky and can be either an end to media “mystery” and deception about bin Laden’s role in his “career” or that the media is not involved in the truth at all. Uranus rules the ninth (media and also foreign countries, by the way). Transiting Saturn is quincunx the tenth house/MC stellium of MC, Mercury, Venus, Juno and Hygeia. Saturn rules the 8th, remember. So, this can be the “death” of bin Laden’s career, and because Mercury (ruler of the ascendant) is involved, it can also be the death of the body. However, just a Saturn transit with little else to sustain it, is not enough for such a huge event. It can also be the final act that puts the whole thing to rest.
Solar arc Pluto is trine the ascendant and quincunx the south node. He was born with Pluto in wide sextile to the ascendant—six degrees orb—so this is activating the sextile. That is not defeat or death. It’s being able to exhibit power and control. However, contradicting this, the progressed Sun was only 14 minutes from being quincunx progressed Saturn, which can be loss of vitality and even death, since Saturn rules the 8th. Echoing this, the transiting Sun was also quincunx the transiting Saturn, which we often look for in activating a progression.
We may never know which year bin Laden died, but I have to say the 2001 date is more dramatic and concrete, and there is just too much Neptune (deception, deceit) involved in the second one. Symbolically, he “died” this month because we all know it now. Before, it was speculation. Of far more importance currently is the Japan nuclear plant disaster that may end up being a global problem.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Economic Cycle of Jupiter and Saturn

Jupiter-Saturn Cycle
Jupiter and Saturn are considered the planetary pair that most closely relate to economic factors in a person’s chart. Their relationship by phase (more below about that) and aspect can relay information about a person’s attitudes, prospects and habit patterns regarding “success” in the “real” world. On a mundane scale—i.e. global/political, they have a cyclic relationship that correlates with worldwide economic conditions which can be very helpful in assessing current events.
It was 1974 in San Francisco at an AFA convention that I first heard about this. Marc Robertson gave a lecture on the topic, and in fact, you can read more about it in his succinct book, “Engine of Destiny” published by AFA. I don’t know if it’s still available, but it’s a wonderful little gem of a book with enormous information packed into less than 100 pages. He covers not only the Jupiter/Saturn cycle, but five other pairs, as well.
The synodic cycle of Jupiter and Saturn is twenty years. That is, after Jupiter and Saturn align (conjunct) in space, it will be roughly twenty years before they do so again. Within that cycle there are eight phases. We are used to the Sun and Moon having phases and are familiar with four: new, first quarter, full and last quarter. Those are the times when the Moon has moved, in relation to the Sun, a quarter of a circle (90 degrees), half a circle and the last quarter of the circle before becoming new again.
You can divide each of those four phases in half again. This makes each of the eight phases 45 degrees in space. All planets have phases with all the other planets, and it is a bedrock concept in Astrology holding profound meaning. With Jupiter and Saturn, regarding our global economic cycle, the new phase, which is at the alignment or conjunction (they appear to be together in the sky although one is farther out in space than the other), is when we tend to act instinctively. The beginning of this current cycle, was in late May/early June 2000. We believe we have pretty good sense about how far to go with spending or not, we think, but it is instinctive and without a plan. This initiates an approximately ten year period of optimism and spending—and if misused, greed. Note that ten years ago we in the USA had a surplus when Bush took office. Lots of optimism, so Bush gave it back. Then we had a rising bubble of housing prices and debt accumulation over the next ten years. Whoever was amassing debt was looking at expansion or profit and not at the responsibility of the results. The waxing phase of the Sun and Moon, remember, is when the Moon appears to get bigger and bigger.
After the new phase comes the crescent phase, which is when the two planets are 45 degrees apart with the faster planet ahead of the slower one. This is when there is an urge to break new ground and depart from old structures. We started a war.
Then there is the first quarter phase, around five years from the conjunction, and it is here that there is a crisis, a battle. Usually, it is a more aggressive period. In the current cycle, this was when Bush entered his second term where he aggressively announced he would spend his political capital.
The next phase is the gibbous. Jupiter is now 135 degrees from Saturn in the sky. This is the time the global community begins to analyze what has been going on and to try to be more efficient. There is a danger of degenerating into criticism and “blaming” during this time. It has a “Virgo” flavor.
The ten year marker, or full phase, is where we are now in this cycle. It was exact the last day of March/first day of April, which is why I was inspired to write this. The full phase is when we “see the light.” That is, if we use the Sun/Moon analogy, it is full Moon time, and there is full realization of the results of the last ten years’ economic choices and activity. We are heading into the waning phase for the next ten years, and during that time, historically, economies are more austere. We reap what we have sown in the waxing phase—positive or negative depending on whether it was wise or not.
The disseminating phase is next, starting in October 2012, and may be the most important of all. This phase is about assessing what we have learned and teaching others, although most of the time we as a species don’t use its highest function. It is about making laws to insure the future will be wiser from our mistakes.
The last quarter phase, starting August 2015, is when we reach a place of responsibility and act on what we have learned, preparing for the future. In the last cycle, Clinton was in office during these last couple phases. It wouldn’t have mattered who was in office, though. The same energy would have been prevalent. The difference is that some can use it better than others.
And finally, the Balsamic phase, which is the most spiritual of all. On some level of our global psyches we realize, whether we’re conscious of it or not, that we are all one. It is an internalizing of what has gone before, digesting it, and preparing for the new cycle which will begin this next time just before Christmas in 2020 at zero degrees Aquarius. Every time I see these cycles unfold, I’m awestruck again at how orderly God has arranged our growth. If we don’t learn the lesson in one cycle, there will be another one right behind it!

Friday, April 15, 2011


Since I use Medicare, I am very concerned about attempts to end it or alter it in a way that makes it no better than forced health insurance via the insurance industry. Therefore, today I researched the date and time Medicare was signed into law and was delighted to find that Lyndon Johnson’s itinerary for that day, July 30, 1965, was archived at (You will have to copy and paste) On this page are links to the four pages of his schedule for the day along with the exact times he did each thing. Note that he finished opening remarks and “moved to the signing table” at 3:09 p.m. He was in Independence MO at the Truman library for this occasion, and the log also mentioned on page two that it was CST. It mentions that he and Truman, along with others, walked to Truman’s office in the library at 3:20 p.m. Therefore, since the last act was to present Truman with the first SS card at the end of the signing, I set the chart for 3:19 p.m.—a logical time for the signing to be complete.
Amazingly, the Sun is conjunct Hygeia, the asteroid we associate with health, in the ninth, the sector we associate with legislation. Also in the ninth is a stellium in Virgo (also associated with health) of Venus, Moon, Uranus and Pluto. Mercury is also in the stellium, but in the last degree of Leo. We are all familiar with Medicare’s abuses, which is shown by Neptune being in the 12th and widely square the Sun, but more closely square Hygeia. Just the process of vigorously investigating and prosecuting those abuses would go a long way to making Medicare more solvent! As a recipient of Medicare, I’ve found the process of using it most efficient. They send the patient a statement of treatments and what they paid, and I caught a fraudulent charge one time by just looking at the statement. I’ve also had years of dealing with health insurance coverage, and I prefer Medicare and the single payer process hands down.
Right now there is quite a bit going on in this chart. First, as one would expect, Neptune is not only an active trigger, but also is being acted upon. One of our greatest problems right now is being deceived and misled by the media and corporations who have a vested interest in controlling government. Masses of people are being deceived and manipulated into supporting things that are not in their own best interests. This is shown in this chart, as well. Mercury in the chart rules the 7th—the public. It also rules the MC, which represents those in control of Medicare. Neptune is transiting opposite Mercury all during this year, and since it is coming from the 12th house, you can be sure it is deception of the public, and even those in control, on a scale none of us could imagine. This is further emphasized by secondary progressed Mars moving to conjoin natal Neptune as well. It is now within one degree, which is how close it needs to be to be active. It will go on to conjoin progressed Neptune showing that it will be in effect for quite some time. The progressed MC will catch up to this long influence in ten years, which is when I anticipate Medicare will not resemble its present form any longer.
You might wonder why it would take ten years. Well, it’s a strong chart with Pluto at the MC—tenacious. And transiting Pluto is going to be trine the stellium in Virgo and the MC until 2021. After that, it will be out of range and not effective. Plus, in 2021, not only will the progressed MC be conjoining Neptune, but transiting Neptune will be opposing the natal MC. If the signing of the law was finished a minute or two earlier, then this could be earlier as well. That literally means the base of the program is “dissolved.” One would hope we replace it with another strong health system after that dissolution. Right now, though, I don’t believe anyone will succeed in dismantling this very popular program.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Why a chart tells us what it does

Last week a client, who received an annual forecast recently, called with a question. It reminded me that no matter how long someone has sought the services of an astrologer, it helps to go back to the basics and explain some things from time to time. When people come to an astrologer, it is usually because they have a drama in their lives and are looking for immediate answers. They are not interested in what led up to it or how they may have been the cause of it themselves. They are in the moment and looking for results.
The lady calling wanted to know why a chart would show circumstances coming up that are a repeat of a chronic situation that had permeated her life for as long as she could remember, and what she could do about it. Since I had been doing her chart for several years, I thought she would know the basic premise behind the “why” of events in our lives, but she didn’t remember. Or, perhaps I did not make it clear at the beginning. In a highly charged emotional engagement like a chart interpretation, people will not hear all the details. One client wrote me that she didn’t fully “hear” it all until she listened to the tape again ten years later!! Then she said it changed her life. Knowing why things are happening is the heart and soul of spiritual growth—besides, of course, faith and prayer.
My teacher used to say, “Character is destiny; change your character and you change your destiny.” The birth chart shows why you are here, what character traits need attention and what your habitual patterns are potentially going to be. I say “potentially” because you have free will to change whatever is not working for you. When the transiting, progressed or directed planets contact the pattern in the chart that shows where improvement is needed, you can count on situations or events to come together to remind you to improve them.
For instance, if your chart shows an addictive personality, and you have given in to it for years by smoking, eating or drinking excessively, then when the transits, et al, align with the pattern that shows that, you might have a health issue emerge if you have not curtailed habits that are unhealthy. We learn by seeing and experiencing cause and effect.
Further, nothing comes from nothing, and underlying that will be psychological issues that may be the trigger for such a personality. That leads to the question, “Where did that come from when it’s shown at BIRTH—BEFORE you have had a chance to be affected psychologically?” If some of you doubt reincarnation, please read carefully John 9:1-3. The disciples asked why the man was BORN blind…HIS sin or his parents’? Jesus did not say, “Are you crazy? How can someone sin BEFORE he’s born?” Instead, he replied as though it was a perfectly reasonable question. And I might add, the fact that he was born blind for some other reason does not negate the disciples’ question as valid. Origen, an early Christian leader, wrote about this, but his works were largely discredited by Justinian and Theodora during one of the Ecumenical Councils of Constantinople.
Steven Forrest’s work about reincarnation as shown in the birth chart is worth pursuing. He states that we come into life with engrained, often negative, habits that had a “pay off” before, but which now may not be appropriate. Most people will persist in trying to make them work for four or even five decades before finally striving to find out why it isn’t “paying off” anymore.
Some people will be in denial about their traits and exhibit the famous psychological phenomenon of projection—usually those with fixed sign squares, and the astrologer has a choice. You can enable them by going along with the denial and even excusing it, or tell them as much as possible what the traits are that are causing pain or discomfort. This does NOT mean it has to be done cruelly or extremely directly, but that you point out the events leading up to the current drama and how the person was a contributor. If he or she reacts very strongly—especially to something that is not that huge, then you can be sure, (as all my teachers have said) you have touched the truth. The subconscious (or as the Course in Miracles calls it, “the ego”) does not like to be found out or to have to take responsibility, so it will react strongly to hold onto its illusion. You cannot do anything about the way a person will use what you tell them or how they will respond, once it’s out of your mouth, but it might be the best thing you ever did for that person even though you take a lot of heat for it and they blame you for their problems—which I call, “letting the chips fall where they may.” You can control nothing but yourself.
My most gratifying times have been when these people call to thank me for being forthright with them. No one had explained cause and effect to them on that level, and if someone had not, they could have wasted many more years beating the same drum and getting the same results.
Please note that there are many very disturbed people out there. Discernment is needed to determine when to refer someone to a professional psychologist.
I have worked with many social workers and psychologists, who would never tell anyone they use an astrologer, who found the insight invaluable, as did Jung. Someday, probably not in my lifetime, we will see giant strides taken to help people with their spiritual journey when we get over our knee jerk negative reactions to this magnificent gift God has given us to do just that.
Next time: The Saturn/Jupiter cycle.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Equinox, Full Moon, Federal Reserve and Health Issues

Remember last year when the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded? It was just before the long-expected T-square of Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn would form along with Mars in the mix. The explosion was just the sort of thing that would fit that configuration, but it started early, so when we got to late July and nothing further happened, we were disappointed. Actually, in late July the oil spill was still not contained, BUT how do we know what was really going on, the consequences of which have yet to be discovered? However, there were other things, as Ray Merriman wrote in a recent post:

You may remember at that time four major things happened: 1) the Financial Regulatory Reform Act was passed, 2) the Federal Reserve decided to launch QE2, thus surprising market participants who at the time did not anticipate this, 3) Russia fueled the nuclear rods of Iran, enhancing their nuclear ambitions against the wishes of much of the rest of the world, and 4) Russia (and much of Europe) suffered a great drought that caused wheat prices to soar. There were also deadly floods in Pakistan and China. I know many astrologers were disappointed that more serious calamities or a financial meltdown did not manifest. But events that would be associated with the Cardinal Climax are happening now it is rekindled with the ingress of Uranus back into Aries over the degrees of this configuration. It is as if this configuration is unfolding all over again. That's what happens when such highly charged degrees are hit again later on.

Well, now Uranus has entering Aries again for a seven year visit, and by the time it leaves, things will be a lot different. Last night Suze Orman was lecturing about the “American Dream” being quite different now. She said that the idea of a “bigger house, better car, new clothes and toys” is over. It was never a sustainable vision anyway, because it was not based on real values. This is only the first of a long list of adjustments we are making to get to a less insulated attitude about life and how we fit into the global community. We could not continue to conspicuously consume and ignore our starving brothers on other continents forever. (See more about this later in this blog under “Health Issues”)

The Vernal Equinox

This chart is considered the most important in forecasting for the year because it is a chart set for the moment the Sun enters Aries, and hence, the beginning of Spring. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and our Western Tropical system is based on this. The real zodiacal year is from the first day of spring until the next one. Our contrived calendars are not really natural. Therefore, it is a chart that will give us authentic information about the theme of the year and what we can expect. Keep in mind that although it is a definite chart, time is different in various places, so it has to be cast for the capital city of the country you wish to investigate. Then when put on an Astro Map, you can see how it will affect that specific country relative to the rest of the world. Mundane astrology is very complex and would just about require full time attention to be able to forecast about every country.

This chart is dramatic. We all know that this year the Sun, when it enters Aries, will immediately conjunct Uranus, which had entered that sign days earlier. What is surprising is that the Ascendant and Midheaven are also involved. Even the nodes are aligning with the MC/IC axis. This means that we are in for a very unpredictable year with a lot of surprises.

The Moon is conjunct Saturn in the first house, so depression of the populace is a given; however, it is opposing Jupiter (which is conjoining Mercury) in the 7th. Since Mercury rules the intercepted 9th house, and Jupiter the intercepted 3rd, the media will be overly optimistic and, as usual, mislead the public. However, Pluto is squaring both ends of this opposition, and financial problems of millions of homes will fuel a strong back lash (such as we have seen in Wisconsin and elsewhere). You can expect this to reach a strong rebellion about injustices (Pluto square Jupiter) about five months from now—i.e. in August/September—and then continuing for six months at least. Rage about unemployment and other daily survival concerns reach a peak also around the new year (2012).

There is a willingness to sacrifice because the majority of people just do not understand what is going on. Venus rules the chart—Libra rising—and it is in the fifth conjoining Neptune. It’s well-aspected, so the people will be led easily to dramatize the spirituality of sacrifice, when, in fact, they are unaware of how they are being manipulated. We haven’t had a Vernal Equinox chart with the Sun conjoining Uranus since 1927, and we all know what happened a couple years after that. The stock market crash didn’t just “happen” in 1929; it was a final result of the preceding several years. In some important ways, we are reliving history.

Astromap (Illustrated above--click to enlarge)

I have designated the places being affected by this chart—which is good for the whole year until the Vernal Equinox of 2012—either by lines drawn for latitudes that are sensitive or by circles. Note that the top line I drew goes through the northern part of Japan, but in the Pacific just west of Hawaii there is a very important crossing of Pluto with the Sun and Uranus (earthquakes?), and one I did not draw a circle around is a crossing of Pluto with Mars at the left edge of the map just below the top line I drew. That could be an earthquake point, as well. I did not circle Chile, but note that the whole southwestern coast of South America is alive with activity as is China, Egypt and Libya.

Full Moon Today (March 19, 2011)

This weekend is a double whammy. First today, March 19th at 2:10 p.m. EDT in Washington, DC, we will have a full Moon at 28:49 Pisces (Sun)/Virgo (Moon). A full Moon is when the Moon is opposite the Sun. The chart for the exact minute the full Moon is partile (exact) is not as dramatic as the Vernal Equinox chart, but there are some interesting things about it. On December 21st, there was an important Eclipse at 29 Sagittarius. In this chart the Moon’s nodes have just passed that point and are in square to the Sun and Moon. The Sun is conjoining Uranus, albeit out of sign, and that is going to be the major aspect in the Vernal Equinox chart. Configurations like this point to instability and sudden disruptive events.

Federal Reserve

Those of you who follow my work may remember that I’ve been beating the drum about the Federal Reserve being unconstitutional and one of the causes of our problems. It is fascinating to see that the chart of the Fed is currently being affected dramatically. Right now the solar arc Neptune of this chart is exactly (to the minute) square natal Uranus, which rules the 8th house. This means that the Fed is definitely not in touch with the values and mood of the people. Since the 8th is debt and power via debt, the Neptune square indicates a dissolving of this. This one thing would not be enough to say that the Fed is losing its grip, but there is more, and it’s the prevailing energy. The Ascendant-Mars conjunction in the natal chart has moved by solar arc to square natal Neptune!! The Mars square was exact less than six weeks ago, at which time this institution was confused about what action to take—and may not have known what it’s doing. This will continue for another year and four months at least, as the solar arc ascendant moves to square Neptune, as well. And Transiting Neptune is square the Fed’s progressed Moon for the next two months, if not longer.

The Vernal Equinox chart aligns with this chart’s MC quite well. The zero degree Aries Sun and Uranus are straddling the Fed’s zero degree Aries MC and squaring the Fed’s zero degree Cancer Pluto and one degree Capricorn Sun. AND, the transiting Pluto at 7:25 Capricorn is square the Fed’s progressed Ascendant at 7:26 Libra as well as moving closer to square the Fed’s solar arc Pluto at 8 Libra. Transiting Saturn will continue to hammer the Fed’s chart as well. Hopefully, Congress will succeed in the years ahead to dismantle this behemoth that should never have existed in the first place. (Read The Creature from Jekyll Island or Money Creators by Gertrude M. Coogan –now online free as a public domain book—for background on this)

And last, Health Issues

Recently, I was shocked to find out that my blood sugar was elevated. Not drastically, but enough to do some research. I found this about High Fructose Corn Syrup from an article in Mother Jones:

Unlike glucose, which the body stores in various tissues for use as fuel, fructose is sent to the liver for processing. Robert Lustig, a pediatric endocrinologist at the University of California-San Francisco, has shown that it causes a buildup of fats there, triggering a host of health problems including diabetes, gout, and heart disease. Most worrisome, Lustig says, it can lead to insulin resistance, a hormonal snafu that makes you feel hungry even when you're full. "The way fructose is metabolized leads you to want to eat more," he explains—no great revelation to anyone who's ever slain a pint of Ben & Jerry's in one sitting.

Ever since HFCS was added to processed food, diabetes has spiked. So I then decided to cut out Fructose and all derivatives of corn and soy. Easier said than done. It is in EVERYTHING. Even Campbell’s soup and Lay’s potato chips. Even saltine crackers!! The problem is not just the way fructose is processed in the body; it’s also that 95 to 98% of corn and soy (and possibly beets—another sugar source) grown in this country is genetically modified. Not only is it in the food via fructose, but that stuff is fed to the cattle and other animals that we EAT. Plus we are possibly buying genetically modified FRESH produce because nothing is labeled as such. To be sure you’re not getting it, you have to either grow your own (with certified organic seed) or buy from vendors who certify their produce to be organic. I’ve mentioned before in a lecture (available free by download on my website: that Mother Nature “corrects” aberrations one way or another. Monsanto’s frankenseeds are sterile, so that no one can grow anything from the seed of a genetically modified organism (GMO). Everyone is up in arms about how they make farmers buy the seed over and over. It MIGHT be profit, but it MIGHT be that they couldn’t GET seed from their GMO crops that would reproduce.

And to further this thought, lab rats fed GMO food were sterile within two generations. “That,” some greedy power mongers might have thought,” is a way to get rid of overpopulation.” (meaning the starving third world population to whom they generously donate seed) Monsanto shipped some of their “round-up ready” seed to Haiti, and the people there, knowing it for what it is, burned it. Keep in mind too, that Monsanto is quickly becoming the controller of the world’s food supply. All we need is a bug that just LOVES Monsanto seed, and worldwide famine could ensue. We need diversity.

Something to really think about next time you go grocery shopping. Read the labels. Some form of corn or soy is in everything. Now that the public is catching on, and their ads about “sugar is sugar” didn’t work, they’re getting deceptive. You’ll see things like “Sunflower OR Corn oil” – they don’t say which. Or “vegetable sugar or vegetable starch,” not which vegetable. If we just stop eating their junk, it will hit them in the purse, and this will make it change faster than any other way—and you’ll be healthier, too.