Tuesday, August 9, 2011

John Boehner's Speculative Chart

Riots in London, a volatile stock market, the worst single fatal incident in Afghanistan…all are very indicative of Pluto square Uranus. Now Mars is joining it—exact today and tomorrow, but tomorrow the Moon will have gone over it, as well. Many astrologers have said this first part of August would be tough. There was a similar pattern last summer when we had the BP oil disaster. John Boehner’s chart is feeling the effects of this, too, so today I’d like to look at his nativity.

I took the time to try to calculate what time he was born because I was concerned that he might run for President in the future. His biography is readily available, so I used events in his life to determine what time he was probably born for them to happen when they did. He was born in Cincinnati, OH on November 17, 1949. I’m speculating he was born about 7:37 p.m. Keep in mind that I could be wrong, but the resulting chart shows all the career events of his life and works quite well.

He is ribbed about being rather emotional and “teary-eyed,” and that is typical of Cancer rising. The Moon, therefore, plays a huge role in his chart, being the ruler, and it is conjunct Neptune in Libra. When this is misused, it can point to alcoholism (he’s known to imbibe) and deception. He has taken different sides of issues, depending on who was in the White House, going from one extreme to another. The dark side of Libra manifests as telling people what they want to hear to garner approval. Since the Moon also squares Jupiter, the result can be a loose handle on judgment—especially when the Moon also conjoins Neptune.

My teacher, Gina Ceaglio, told the class one time that alcoholics usually have very strong, willful natures normally shown by a strong Pluto and/or Saturn with Mars along with a strong Neptune. After all, she said, they have their whole family in hostage to their addiction. Everyone lives around it because it is always a factor. Boehner has Mars conjunct Saturn in Virgo AND Pluto square Mercury and the Sun in fixed signs (Pluto in Leo; Sun in Scorpio). Combine this with the Moon conjoining Neptune and square Jupiter, and there is a good chance that Mr. Boehner has tendencies to addiction; he smokes, but he also may have an addiction to alcohol. He is certainly a very controlling personality.

Much is made of his being “one of the people” because of his humble beginnings. However, a fifth house Sun person feels special, if not “royal,” and with its sextile to Jupiter, he has a lot of confidence in himself. Jupiter in the 8th house can often be an indication of wealth coming easily from others—such as lobbyists, his pension, and other perks he can now enjoy. He was seen giving out checks (contributions) to congressmen from a corporation just before a vote concerning that corporation. He admitted that was not a smart thing to do—i.e. being seen doing it on the house floor. He spends a considerable amount of money for a male-only country club membership. He said recently that he didn’t feel that congressmen should be “graded” on their jobs “like a teacher” because some of them spent a considerable amount of money getting into their positions—as if he bought the job and can do with it as he pleases. When the Sun squares Pluto in a natal chart, the person will feel that their early life was out of their control, and there is an inner vow to never let that happen when they grow up. So the ambition and determination is to change their life for the better, not stay in that mindset. Uranus is rising, showing a unique personality with a great deal of independence and fearlessness.

When Mr. Boehner became Speaker of the House, the solar arc/progressed MC was trine his natal Venus and Mars, making a grand trine. The progressed Sun was conjunct Jupiter. The progressed Moon was about to conjoin the progressed Sun in two to three months which shows a brand new beginning to his life, but also a tendency, for a while at least, to be aggressive and impulsive. (note: when he began his first tenure as a representative in the US House in 1991, his progressed Moon was exactly square Jupiter)

Right now Uranus in the sky is square his natal Uranus, along with the Ascendant, and has been doing so since April. Pluto has been opposing that point during the last two and a half years as he rose to power. This is exceedingly independent, aggressive and confident. Currently, over this last few days and continuing through the next couple days, Mars has joined in. Right now Saturn is square his Venus. He is probably noticing the S&P downgrade and the reaction of the stock market and is somewhat disappointed, if not angry and shocked. He succeeded in his ambitions over the last couple months because solar arc Ascendant was exactly sextile natal Uranus which rules his ninth house—legislation.

In about 2 ½ years, solar arc Saturn will conjoin his Mercury and about 2 years and five months after that it will affect the Sun. He will not be getting his way then. Also in two years, the Sun changes signs, so another new beginning will be on the agenda.

Mitch McConnell

I didn’t try to find out his time of birth, but Mitch McConnell, minority leader of the Senate, born on Feb 20, 1942, has the Sun at one degree of Pisces. Neptune will be on that over the next year or so, and therefore, I don’t believe he’ll be clear-headed enough to know what he’s doing. He has a Mars-Saturn conjunction in Taurus, as well as the Moon (maybe, if he’s born after 4:00 a.m.) and Uranus. Money is his main objective, so those pundits saying he is in many corporations’ pockets are probably right.

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  1. Hi Carole:

    This was an exceptionally comforting Blog. It doesn't sound like either of these gentlemen will get to be President. Thank You God.

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