Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 21, 2012

I meant to write about this last week, but I’ve just moved and have been extremely overwhelmed with getting settled, Christmas and regular astrological work. But, just under the wire (except in the eastern hemisphere), here is what I wanted to say about tomorrow, December 21, 2012.

Over a decade ago, I attended a lecture at the ARE about the Mayan Calendar and the Great Pyramid. John Van Auken showed us slides indicating that not only was the Mayan Calendar ending in 2012, but that the time line on one of the features in the Pyramid also ended simultaneously.

In a cartoon circulated widely, a Mayan says to a friend that he has “run out of room” on the circular stone tablet of a calendar he is carving and that it would probably “freak out a lot of people in the future.” That seems to be what has happened. Some of the proposed possibilities are quite far-fetched. We really don’t know what is going to happen, if anything. The truth is that there are several cycles the Mayans used, and they will all come together congruently at a new beginning point on December 21, 2012, and I’ve read, at 11:11 am EST. I’ve done a chart for this and used Washington, DC as the place, arbitrarily since a place is never really mentioned. That the cycles are ending and setting up a new series of major and minor cycles spanning thousands of years is all that we really know for sure.

The problem with this chart is that it isn’t the same system the Mayans used (about which I know nothing), so it is probably useless. However, we can see it as an “event” chart and read it from that perspective. The only things I can see that would indicate a rising of consciousness and/or vibration for humanity—which I believe has been going on for years and will continue—is the sextile between zero Capricorn Sun and zero Pisces Neptune, which not only rules the ascendant, but conjoins it on the twelfth house side, as well.

Neptune and Pisces (and the 12th house) are considered the indicators (when positive) of spiritual union. Zero degrees is a new beginning. A sextile is a positive opportunity, so perhaps the beginning of this set of cycles is an opportunity to begin a better connection to spiritual union with God and our brothers.

On the other hand, Venus is opposing Jupiter and both are square the ascendant. Jupiter and Venus in adverse relationship is over-indulgence and over-confidence (among other similar things), and when square the ascendant, there can be poor judgment about what to do with that. Saturn in Scorpio in the 8th house is trine the ascendant, so although there may be some wise guidance from “others” who are really in control and older (spirit guides?), the almost exact quincunx between Saturn and Jupiter could show an issue like this: Jupiter is ruler of the MC (authority) and since Sagittarius is on the MC, the authority could be our earthly religious or political leaders. Saturn in Scorpio and 8th house is sextile its dispositor, Pluto, almost exactly, and as mentioned, trine the ascendant. I’d say that secretly, there are going to be a lot of powerful, disciplined and persistent methodologies easily followed or offered, but that they will be at odds with our leaders. No connection whatsoever. It can be firm civil disobedience that is easily done.

There is a yod here—all at 8 degrees—of Jupiter at the apex to Saturn and Pluto. The yod is sometimes called “The finger of God” configuration and indicates a kind of compulsive energy. Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces, so it rules the ascendant, too. Being in Gemini, the whole crux of this “event” is what we choose to believe, what we say, what we listen to, write and read. I think one result of all this is a plethora of “words.” It will take a very thoughtful and discerning person to be able to separate the truth from over-indulgence in ego. The Moon, after all, is in Aries in the second house, and this can be very lucrative for many—especially since the Moon trines Mercury in Sagittarius conjunct the MC.

In the end, our spiritual journey is in our own hands for the most part. If our vibratory rates rise, I believe it will be because of our own choices. We may have some assistance, but then, we always have, with our spirit guides. And lastly, we are in an illusion of our own making, so there will probably not be an external “something” that does anything. We wake up as we grow and realize the truth about our existence…that the only real thing is love and “fear” is the enemy.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Obama vs Boehner

Nothing much has changed except that Obama no longer has to be thinking about getting re-elected. As we head again into a Republican-ruled house with Boehner at the helm, it’s a good idea to look at their natal charts to see what the problem is that results in their inability to compromise—or rather, Boehner’s inability; Obama goes overboard trying to compromise.

The chart that I’m using for Boehner is my own rectification, and the time of birth could very well be totally wrong. However, Obama’s time—7:24 pm on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, HI—is pretty accurate (although some astrologers disagree). However, I’m not using anything in Boehner’s chart that would depend on an exact time of birth except the composite. Boehner, born November 17, 1949 in Cincinnati, OH at my speculated time of 7:37:07 pm, has Pluto (18 Leo 12) exactly opposing Obama’s ascendant (18 Aquarius 03). In other words, it is on Obama’s seventh house cusp. The seventh house sign reveals the one that is our shadow—a whole lecture would be necessary to explain why we also attract that sign (or versions of it) as our mates. It is also in orb of conjoining Obama’s Sun. When someone’s Pluto affects anyone that strongly, there is an enormous power struggle, with the one holding the Pluto seeing the other as a huge threat. The push to preserve one’s own “power” would be extreme and unnecessarily strong. We have witnessed that for four years.

Obama’s Uranus (25 Leo 16) is exactly square Boehner’s Sun (25 Scorpio 21). Boehner would see Obama as a loose cannon that has to be reined in. Obama’s Pluto (6 Virgo 59) is conjunct Boehner’s Mars (12 Virgo 03) and that is also a power struggle, but with a little rage thrown in. Obama’s Saturn is square Boehner’s Moon. He would see Obama as depressing and negative—hard to imagine, but it’s from Boehner’s viewpoint which, as we know, is extremely emotional. Although not in orb of the aspect, their Mercuries are in squaring signs. Their methods and styles of communication are in conflict.

There is more, but those are the principle problems. Not a good match. The composite offers a different insight. If Boehner’s chart is rectified correctly, then the composite has Neptune on the descendant making a grand square with the Ascendant, Jupiter and Uranus. That, in itself, is not too much—chaos, jumping to conclusions, deception, covering insults with humor and many other manifestations, but what IS a problem is the composite Saturn in the compromising seventh house in square aspect to Pluto. That is a very hard aspect to overcome. Further, they are in fixed signs, showing that the relationship is adversarial and very hard on both people—neither one wanting to budge an inch.

However, there is hope. The composite chart’s Sun and Mercury trine Jupiter in the tenth and sextile Uranus in the fourth. Mars trines the MC. And Venus conjoins the Sun and sextiles the Moon. Even though I wouldn’t advise this “couple” to make a life together, there is a possibility that they can respect each other enough to do their jobs without getting personal about it.

Remember, too, that Saturn is in Scorpio for the next 2 ½ years, so both will be under a great deal of strain—Boehner with it in his Sun sign, and Obama with it squaring his Leo/Aquarius placements. Boehner has lessons about excessive ego and force (Sun square Pluto with Sun in the rectified fifth), and when Saturn goes through anyone’s Sun Sign, it is the end of a 28-year cycle, so is very important. Therefore, when Saturn goes over that aspect in November 2014, he will see how well he has been doing. At that time, it’s good to note that Jupiter will be going over Obama’s Leo planets—a very auspicious sign.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Election

When I gave a talk last Christmas at a Richmond NCGR party about the year ahead, I didn’t answer the question about who would win the election because I was sure it would be rigged and felt it didn’t matter. Even recently I’ve been reluctant to get into that game of educated guessing. But, since people keep asking, I’m going to do an analysis of three charts—Romney, Ryan and Obama—for the day after the election.

One of the reliable things in astrology is the Saturn cycle. When it is at the Mid-heaven (MC), a person has reached a pinnacle. One’s career is on the upswing as it goes from the fourth house to the tenth—and especially from the seventh to the tenth. Romney’s has just entered the sixth, so it has a long way to go before he reaches “the top.” Since the presidency is the ultimate peak, I’d conjecture that he hasn’t reached his ultimate achievement in this cycle. (Each cycle is about 28 years long altogether.) It would be more likely if this were the 2020s.

The day after the election, which is when we would ordinarily know who won, Saturn is close to squaring his MC, Venus, heading toward a square to Pluto and conjoining Chiron. Progressed Mars is about to quincunx Jupiter which shows a disappearance into privacy. Jupiter rules the 7th (the public); Mars rules the 12th (privacy) and the quincunx shows separation. The only good thing I can see is the progressed and solar arc MC trining Pluto in about three months. That COULD show a new career, but radix Pluto is opposing the MC and conjoining Saturn, so that will trump the trine. (That Saturn-Pluto conjunction opposing his MC deserves an article, it says so much about proving himself to “daddy.” He is power-hungry.) Solar arc Mars will square natal Pluto in less than a year from the election, so if he DOES get the presidency, that could be an ill-advised war. Personally, I think he will be ill then and maybe need surgery.

When I’m stumped, I look at the tertiary progressions. His tertiary angles will change signs right after the election, which indicates a shift in his life. It could indicate new responsibilities, but there is nothing else to support it. In fact, tertiary Saturn is one MINUTE from opposing natal Mars—an indication of frustration.

Mr. Ryan’s Saturn is about to enter his 12th house, an indication of obscurity. This is when people retreat to write a book or “find themselves.” It is time to review one’s life up to then and ordinarily indicates a slow period. It is not usually related to public acclaim. He will emerge in a couple years to build a new foundation for his life. The big thing coming for him is that in one and a half to three years he has a huge indication of real problems. At that time solar arc Saturn will square the MC while at the same time solar arc Neptune conjoins Mercury (classic for lying) and the MC will oppose his natal Saturn. That is crushing to one’s career.

Six months before the election, his MC changed signs, which can be when he first entertained or got wind of the idea of being more than a Congressman. But it isn’t supported. The biggest thing is this: he was born with a tight conjunction of Neptune to the Ascendant. On a positive level it can be very spiritual and sensitive, but used negatively, it can be deception and delusion. That conjunction is being squared by the transiting Neptune and the progressed Moon had just left it in opposition the month before—very confused or delusional.

The tertiaries for Mr. Ryan are even more spectacular. The tertiary Sun is being opposed by the transiting Neptune within one minute!! And the tertiary Sun is at zero Virgo, squaring his ascendant and Neptune. I don’t see how this much confusion can possibly be a clear “win.” Plus, less than a month later the tertiary Venus also squares natal Neptune. But the most interesting thing is that the tertiary MC is opposing natal Uranus within six minutes. Probably exact a day or two before. That is shock and surprise in one’s career.

Obama’s Saturn is approaching the MC. It was on its way up (between the 7th and 10th houses) when he was elected in 2008, and now it is approaching the pinnacle. It will get there in April and December 2014 and then August 2015. That is when one has gone as far as one can go in career.

However, solar arc Moon will oppose Saturn less than three months later, so there can be a heavy-hearted event connected with the inauguration. Transiting Mars is square his natal Mars, too, indicating a minor shift in one’s life.

But the best thing is the tertiary progressed chart. The MC is 15:44 Libra, and the tertiary Jupiter is opposing it at 15:48 Aries—very indicative of a win. Plus, the Sun and Moon on November 7th are conjunct both at 29 Gemini—a new beginning. A little over two months later, the tertiary progressed Sun will conjoin natal Venus, which rules the MC, another positive indicator. There is a great deal of anger right after the election, though, because tertiary Mars is minutes from conjoining tertiary Pluto, both in the ninth house—the courts.

Retrograde Mercury

In the late afternoon of Election Day, Mercury will retrograde. That happened when Bush was first elected, and it had to be decided by the Supreme Court. We might have a similar problem this time with no outcome officially until three weeks later when it goes direct. Since I think elections are rigged these days, and candidates are in corporations’ pockets, it might very well be that someone who doesn’t like the outcome will fabricate a distraction. That would explain Ryan’s surprise and confusion. In conclusion, I think Obama will win, but not easily—mostly because of the retrograde Mercury.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Paul Ryan

{I see no way to post the chart, so his data is: Jan 29, 1970 at 2:37 am in Janesville, WI}

The most startling thing about this chart is the almost exact Ascendant-Neptune conjunction with an orb of only three minutes. Such a close configuration overwhelms the chart and becomes the primary focus. At its best, it can indicate wonderful sensitivity and compassion—even psychic ability, but used negatively, it is one of the indicators of deception. Sometimes it is a little of both. Of course, we are in full control of how we use our chart’s energies, but at this time in our evolution, most people are oblivious about their charts, so hardly consider it. Another factor is how strongly it is connected to other points in the chart. In this case, Neptune is strong but not connected much with other planets except through midpoints, which, incidentally, underscore deception but extraordinary talent, as well.

It is connected to Mercury in a semi-square. Many people think the minor aspects are not important, but when it is one of only a few to a planet, and one (Mercury) rules the MC and Descendant (angles), it becomes very important. Since Mercury is speech and thought, then this aspect underscores the ability to deceive—especially in the career and partnerships (the houses Mercury rules). Other aspects from Neptune and the Ascendant are a trine to Mars and Chiron, an opposition to Hygeia and a quincunx to Saturn. He comes across very ably (Mars in Aries) and is very inspiring to those who agree with him. Neptune trine Mars is extremely charming. The Saturn aspect is another matter entirely. Saturn rules the third house (speech), so there is a separation between the way he comes across and what he is saying. Sun conjunct Venus in third indicates a person who speaks easily and charmingly. Couple this with Moon in Libra, and you have a very smooth talker. The combination is quite aware of what people want to hear, and he is able to deliver.

This is the chart of a very, VERY ambitious man. Pluto in the tenth house can often indicate a need for power in career, and since it is sesqui-quadrate the Sun and Venus in the third, we will not see this in his speech—another dissociation. Saturn in Taurus is insecure about wealth, and being in the fifth and square the Sun, he needs to prove himself. I don’t believe he’d realize that about himself because Jupiter (the antithesis of Saturn) is also square the same two. His “cure” for feeling insecure is to over-compensate by unconsciously projecting extreme confidence. Mercury, ruler of the tenth and seventh is trine the MC, so he will be successful because of his speaking ability. Since Mercury is in the second and rules both the tenth (career) and the seventh (marriage), he would gain income from both. Since Mercury is in Capricorn, he is careful about his reputation in both areas of his life.

He also has Sun and Venus trine Uranus, which is charismatic with a touch of genius. He has enormous potential, but the drive for success, couple with a penchant for being easily persuaded (Neptune) and telling people what they want to hear, can lead him down the wrong path. He has Mars opposing Uranus, too, which can indicate hasty action without enough research.


All this year Pluto and Uranus are stressfully activating his natal Mars and Uranus, co-ruler of his third house (Koch system), which indicates it is a year of fast thinking and mental pressure. In early September progressed Moon goes into Gemini and opposes the Ascendant and Neptune, bringing in true confusion about policy and what the people want (Moon rules the ninth) or even what is legal or truthful. Since transiting Neptune is square all that, he very well may not know what he is doing—or not be able to separate truth from fiction.

There is so much going on at this time (to be expected) I can’t mention all of it, but the most important things are that Saturn is going into the 12th house right after the election just after it conjoins his Jupiter. This is usually a time of introspection when things are not moving very quickly, and indeed, that is also shown by solar arc Saturn squaring the MC less than two years after the election. So if he gets elected, which I doubt, it would be a hard time following. Two years later also, the progressed MC also opposes natal Saturn further showing that the career is not going so well.

Four and five years (both) from now he will be revising his philosophical viewpoints, and I believe a new Paul Ryan will emerge.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gemini/Sagittarius & Cancer/Capricorn

Gemini – Sagittarius This polarity resonates with the third and ninth houses, which are about language and learning. We think of Gemini as day-to-day talking and communicating as we go about our business in the neighborhood, and Sagittarius as the more profound philosophies and systems society creates, such as religion and universities. That is why there is more of a representation of these signs in the charts of people who are teachers, clerics, writers, publishers, etc. Sometimes Gemini is a chatterbox who has to express through words more than others. Not all of them are, however, since a chart has many components and each, being unique, can have brakes that limit urges of all kinds, including talking. But, if the Sun is there, so is an active mind that is curious about whatever is there at the moment. Many people with a strong Gemini influence can juggle quite a few things at once and be easily distracted, so unfinished projects and books can be scattered all about like a whirlwind blew through. Since the symbol for Gemini is “the twins,” that idea is expressed in the character, as well. First, it is the sign of split personality, but not in the Jekyll and Hyde sense. In other words, it’s not opposites, necessarily, like “good and evil.” It is a coping mechanism whereby, if one door closes, Gemini’s first impulse is to do something different and re-invent him or herself. Whenever I have looked at the charts of people with multi-personality disorder, there has been a strong Gemini component—most often the Moon in that sign. I remember reading in one book about a child who developed this disorder when she couldn’t deal with what was happening, and so “became” someone else who could deal with it better. Of course, this is rare, but I think the ability to do it comes from Gemini energy within the psyche. In ordinary, healthy people, it expresses as turning ones attention to a different thing entirely when anything is thwarted. For instance, if a Gemini’s significant other leaves the relationship, Gemini will appear to change and find a hobby or interest that will take his mind off it, and for that reason it appears that s/he doesn’t really care all that much. Not so. It’s just a coping mechanism as is the desire to “talk it out.” Geminis love gadgets, media, books—anything that keeps his mind occupied. S/he will usually have two of most things that are used often so there can be a back-up. Unless one is an un-evolved Gemini who is merely interested in gossip, you will usually find a keen intellect with fine reasoning ability and sharp wit. Sagittarius, the opposite of Gemini, is also an intellectual sign, but paints with broader strokes. The Sagittarian wants to understand the big picture to which Gemini has brought the small pieces. You could compare the two to elementary school (Gemini) and higher education (Sagittarius). Or compare Gemini’s “words” to Sagittarius’ “language.” Gemini is the individual mind, and Sagittarius is the mind of society out of which many minds create systems of thought for the group such as legislation and religion—even rules for sports, which is the same thing on a recreational level and the reason that Sagittarius rules sports. It rules politics and universities. These are systems of thought to bring order to society. This is why the Sagittarian is keen on justice and honesty. A Sagittarian will blurt it out the “truth,” as they see it, spontaneously even if it’s not pleasant to hear. They are often accused of having “hoof in mouth” disease. However, a great number of them will have Scorpio planets, so it is not always true. Cancer – Capricorn This is the polarity of security. Cancer is security in the home and Capricorn is security in society. They resonate with the fourth and tenth houses—which are “home and emotional security” and “career and reputation,” respectively. Cancers, whether male or female, love their homes and all that is found there—good food, warmth, love and closeness. If a Cancer has found that feeling of being wrapped in emotional security, it is hard to leave or lose. Therefore, even with obvious flaws or pain, a Cancer will hang on for dear life to something that represents home and security to him or her. These are the people who are close to their mothers (or would like to be) and to whose home the extended family flocks because they are always there for everyone—the keeper of the hearth. Most of the time, Cancers are good cooks and gardeners (and this includes people with fourth house planets and personal planets in Cancer—particularly the Moon). Family is the first priority and sentiment runs deeply. A Cancer will keep mementos because of the event it evokes, whereas Taurus keeps them because of their value. (Keep in mind there are many Taurus people with Moon or planets in Cancer.) Often accused of moodiness, Cancer is extremely emotional and is unable to hide it. Therefore, feelings can be easily hurt, or losses can be felt much more keenly than the average person. But, they bring that caring sensitivity to their jobs and others outside the family. Consider yourself fortunate if you have a positive Cancer boss since he will care about your family, your retirement, your problems, etc. It would probably take him or her a long time to decide they had to fire you, even if your performance would warrant it. Capricorn is the business person of the zodiac and is quite complicated. The drive is to succeed in the world, and being ever so conscious of his reputation, s/he would usually be mindful of being respectable and reliable. Organization and conservation skills are strong. Usually, Capricorn makes sure s/he gets value for their money and has a reputation for being “tight with a buck.” This does not mean they are stingy (although possible), but merely have an organized way of handling money and are naturally conservative. They plan ahead and have to have an agenda before embarking in any direction. The complication arises with inner insecurity that is not apparent on the surface. No matter how successful one is, there is a tendency to compare him or herself to others, and there will always be those who have done better, are more successful, have more security, etc. Or they might beat themselves up for missed opportunities or not doing something better. Since Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is “conflict, pain and doubt.” Capricorn energy doubts the self and holds up a very high standard, in the first place. Therefore, criticism is felt deeply and sensitivity to it is very high. It can even be assumed when no one meant any criticism. The main ideal for this sign is to reach high ambitions and to be as successful in one’s chosen path as possible so that he or she feels secure in society and prepared for any eventuality.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


History unfolds in accordance with a series of cycles involving the outer planets. These cycles unfold like this: First there is a conjunction of the two planets. Then the faster one moves ahead of the slower planet and eventually forms a 90 degree angle when it gets one quarter of a circle beyond it. We call that the “waxing square” much like we call the first quarter of the lunar cycle the waxing quarter Moon. That is a time of adjustment to the promise of the conjunction. Then there is an opposition of the two where full awareness of what the cycle is all about dawns on us. Then the waning square when the planet (or Moon) is 90 degrees from coming back to a conjunction. We have a chance to finally heal whatever the conjunction told us was on the agenda. The longest of these cycles is Neptune and Pluto, which is roughly about 500 years in duration. Great religious-spiritual evolution is shown with those two. But also there is great change in society because of a pivotal event. The last conjunction was in the mid-1890s. It was in Gemini, and we had germination of the Gemini-like inventions of the automobile and airplane, the radio, etc. It was a boom time in easier movement and communication. The last time they conjoined before that was around 1400, just after Guttenberg was born (circa 1398). The printing press was operational by around 1450. That conjunction was also in Gemini, which rules language, communication, etc. and changed society forever. One of the most important of these outer planetary cycles is Uranus and Pluto. Because Pluto has an elliptical orbit, their cycle is anywhere from about 114 to 124 years in length. The current waxing square of Uranus and Pluto is the second stage of a long cycle that started in the sixties when they conjoined—actually 1966. At that time, there were demonstrations and assassinations, the Vietnam War protests, etc. We are now at a time of "correction" and reminding ourselves of the things we were concerned about then. In this cycle, the "turning points" (squares and oppositions) are always predicated on the original conjunction. There will be two more corrections. The opposition in 2045 and then the waning square a similar number of years after that. During these corrections, history has told us that there will be rebellion leading to great change. We are already seeing it in the “occupy” movement. When this was getting in range, we had the BP oil disaster and the Japanese tsunami crisis among other things, like the Arab Spring last year. Uranus is called the “great awakener” and Pluto is “total annihilation and rebirth.” Many writers, including myself, mention the ‘30s as the last time we had a Pluto/Uranus square. But, the square in the '30s was a waning square from the last cycle—roughly starting in 1849-50—so this one is different, not only because they are in different signs, but are about different issues in history, although the manifestation of destruction to clear the way for renewal will seem similar. Back then the conjunction was in Aries. Aries is war and egocentric, dictatorial energy and that was the last throes of the last cycle. Just because the cycle ended, doesn't mean we learned our lesson. The one this time starting in the '60s was in Virgo, and I believe it is all about agriculture and the food supply, which is Virgo’s domain. At this first quarter, we are just awakening about Monsanto et al. Another factor about this is Pluto in Capricorn. Wherever Pluto is, there is a "destruction and re-birthing" of whatever is associated with that sign. Capricorn rules Big Business, corporations, the “father” figure, discipline—and not always the kind sort. It rules control, and with Pluto, it is total control. The last time it was there the Puritans (after they had felt so oppressed they had left England) were then further so oppressed in the New World—taxation without representation—they formed an independent country. The United States chart has Pluto in Capricorn. Now it is here again for the first time since then, and the oppression is getting unbearable under corporations and "authority" of all kinds, including banks. It will not leave Capricorn until 2024, and it will take that long to effect change. No cycle stands alone. There were three other cycles that began in 1989 when three of the outer planets conjoined in Capricorn--right about the time Monsanto and other New World Order people began their plots in earnest. Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all came together in Capricorn. Each one has cycles of different durations, but are no less players in this drama. Tomorrow, June 24th, in the wee hours EDT, (8:15 GMT) the first of seven exact square aspects will begin between Uranus and Pluto. Don’t expect a major event tomorrow, although it’s not out of the question. It is the portal of an unfolding of extreme events that will last until nearly 2016, if not into that year. The dates when the Sun (June 29-30), Moon (June 27 and weekly thereafter) or Mars (July 16-20 the soonest) trigger this square will bring the events. It will be triggered by these and other planets on a regular basis thereafter. The good part is that the evils we are enduring will no longer be tolerated and many brave souls will resist being controlled by the conglomerates, and when it is over, we’ll be in a new paradigm with the next rebellion, if needed, scheduled around 2045. You can find some excellent essays about this at Look in his archives and read those around 2006-2009. He has some wonderful insights about this.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Past Life

I was reminded recently about an exercise I did around 1970. I had just read Max Long’s book, Secret Science at Work, and learned a method of contacting the subconscious mind. I used a pendulum, which can be a ring you wear often, or any over-one-ounce object, suspended on a string. I now have an amethyst on a chain which can be purchased in just about any new age store. I wanted to find out my previous life birthday. The idea is to ask the subconscious to move the suspended object in assigned directions. For me, I asked it to swing vertically for “yes,” horizontally for “no” and in a circle for “I don’t know.” It took half a day to do the training. Your “subby,” as Isabel Hickey called it, might be quicker. Then I asked about the century, then the decade, year, month, day, etc. I found out I was born on November 7, 1871 somewhere in England with 20 degrees Libra rising. I’ll probably never know my birth town. However, I didn’t have an 1871 ephemeris or a computer, so I ordered one just for that year from the Rosicrucians. Here is the chart with my current one around it. The odds of so many contacts being just about on the money…only minutes apart…is uncanny. It appears I improved slightly with Venus, ruler of both charts, being in exaltation now instead of its ruler. But other than that, it looks like I’m pretty much the same. You might want to try this exercise. I think it’s a valuable tool for guidance in your evolution.

Thursday, May 31, 2012


This is the polarity of values and profundity. Sometimes called the “money” polarity, they relate to the second house (Taurus), which is income and personal values, and the eighth (Scorpio) which is outgo of money and other peoples’ values, but also funds held jointly with others…like insurance, taxes, inheritances, partner’s income, and debt. A good way to remember it is the eighth is about money in which others have an interest. Any planets in those houses will behave somewhat as though they are in the signs related to them. It is also the sexual polarity. Taurus, an earth sign, represents fertility—mother earth. It comes in the spring when the ground is ready for sowing seed and growing crops. Scorpio moves beyond that and must have “meaning” in a relationship. It is looking for total union with another wherein the couple is more than the sum of each partner. Although known as the sexiest of signs, it is really quite capable of celibacy until a relationship with depth and meaning comes along. The only thing is, Scorpio reasons, “if we are ‘one,’ then I am you and you are me, ergo, I can tell you what to do.” Scorpio consumes and controls. Taurus The first thing you think about Taurus is the Bull. It was a wise person who mentioned that it’s not the raging bull it represents, but rather “Ferdinand” lazing around in the field smelling flowers. Taurus is more like that. If you watch this short cartoon on YouTube, you will see a wonderful allegory of what Taurus is like: However, as the saying goes, “Beware the anger of a patient man.” Taurus, wanting to avoid a confrontation, will hint quietly if something is displeasing (and most people ignore it), but suddenly—and Taurus, himself, doesn’t even know when—he will explode or remove himself from the situation if exploding is not wise. This is true if it’s the ascendant or Moon in Taurus, as well. Taurus appreciates the senses (especially scent) and is very physical. Taken to extremes, it can be the laziest of all the signs, but also perhaps the most patient. The essential goal of Taurus is to find value and meaning in life, plus peace and security. A little sensual pleasure thrown in, too, is welcome. Both Taurus and Libra are Venus-ruled signs, and both are non-confrontational. However, there is a difference. The Libran Venus is more interested in relationships and being accepted in society. So those heavily influenced by that sign will strive to get along with everyone more than anything else. Taurus, on the other hand, is placid but set in a pattern of his or her own choosing. It’s not that they are trying to be accepted when they don’t argue; it’s that they know they are not going to change their minds, so why argue about it? You’ll hear things like, “I see what you mean.” or “If I were in your place, I’d do that too.” or “I hear you.” You’ll notice there wasn’t an agreement there if they don’t really agree—just acquiescence to your point of view. You can’t discuss Taurus without mentioning money and food. They represent security to the Taurus, so when those things are stored away safely, they can relax and be the artistic, pleasant people they are. Most of the time, Taurus (or Taurus rising or Moon) has a melodious voice, thick or wavy hair and smooth skin and are usually attractive, although tending gracefully toward the stout side. Think of the bull—thick neck, strong shoulders—especially if it’s the rising sign. Scorpio The opposite of Taurus is Scorpio, and it is definitely “opposite.” With Taurus, you don’t necessarily find extremely strong passionate convictions—money in the bank, peace, valued work, and good food will do. But Scorpio is intensely passionate about everything. You will find the intensely positive preacher, like Billy Graham, or the intensely negative vindictiveness of Charles Manson. Very seldom is there a middle ground. Scorpio is intensely loyal to friends, but you wouldn’t want one for an enemy. Usually, they “get even” in triplicate for what they perceive to be a grievance, and since it is a water sign and very emotional, the grievance doesn’t have to be intended toward them or even real. All is in perception. My teacher used to say that Scorpio’s main problem is in not knowing where their “flight area” ends and another’s begins, so usually they are unconsciously controlling. She used the example of a mother-in-law who didn’t like her daughter-in-law’s kitchen curtains, so “surprised” her by hanging up some of her own choosing as a gift. It is the ultimate in controlling behavior to make changes in someone else’s home without their permission. Most of the time, sadly, they really believe they are doing you a favor. One way to control people is to act as if one is sharing inside information with someone, but in reality, is drawing information FROM them. Scorpios are secretive and do not reveal private information, like how much money they make or have saved, for instance. But many can be talkative and friendly, so before you know it, you are spilling your guts, so to speak. I’d think carefully before revealing anything to or confiding in a Scorpio. On the other hand, they make great detectives and lawyers. All of this will apply to Scorpio rising and Scorpio Moon, as well as a tenanted eighth house. The positive types will be controlling too, but it will be “for your own good”—like saving your soul for you. Many evangelists are influenced by this sign. They are good people, with hearts in the right place, but have so much passion about whatever the issue is, they “forget where their flight area ends.” Scorpio and Taurus are fixed signs. And fixed water (Scorpio) is ice. Scorpio is a cool customer and can appear impassive and emotionless while seething inside. What you see is not necessarily what you get.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Venus Retrogrades Today

There is a great deal of buzz about the retrograde of Venus starting today and lasting until June 27th. I think it is interesting that it is stationing at 23:59 Gemini and is conjoining the USA’s Mars square Neptune aspect, which is holding a conjunction of solar arc Pluto to the Neptune. When it stations to go direct in late June, it will do so at 7:29 Gemini—very close to the USA’s Uranus. Since transiting Uranus will square transiting Pluto (finally) for the first partile aspect out of a total of seven on June 24th, I think we can expect some surprises. I know you are all probably tired of hearing all the “harbingers of doom” who have been forecasting this coming period of time, but it pays to be prepared. This coming square of Uranus and Pluto (which occurred during the Great Depression) will be perfecting less than one degree from energizing the Sun/Jupiter midpoint of the USA chart. The Sun in the 8th house would have a great deal to do with debt and foreign countries (it rules the 9th) and Jupiter has to do with justice and the country, itself, since it rules the first house. The worst thing about the USA chart (in my opinion) is the Mars/Neptune square. It simply means “corrupt government,” since it occupies the ninth (legislature) and the seventh (justice). All by itself it means an excess of deceptive behavior. Look to the houses (mentioned above) to determine where it would be active. Pluto by solar arc is now just past squaring the USA Mars (brutally suppressed information to the public) and will conjoin Neptune in roughly seven months. Pluto is “death and rebirth.” It also exposes the nasty underbelly of disgusting things. Exposure is already in progress and, in fact, one month ago it was activating the midpoint of this configuration. Pluto’s transit shows it is time to transform this energy in our chart. However, it will always be there unless we “rebirth” our country with a new chart. Iceland did this recently when it fired the entire government and rewrote the constitution. Hopefully, we’ll recognize the need to do the same.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Aries-Libra Polarity

If we look at the Zodiac as a progression of the soul from a feeling of being a totally separate entity evolving to feeling or “knowing” that we are all one (Pisces), then the start of that journey is Aries. Libra is the halfway point where we begin to be concerned about our “significant other.” This is the polarity of relationships. Aries is “I or me” and Libra is “you.” (Remember that people are ALL combinations of many signs, and it is impossible to find a pure example of any one archetype.)

Commonly, Aries is described as selfish or self-centered. That is a perception based on observation, perhaps, but is not entirely accurate. Many Aries people have important planets in nearby Pisces or Taurus and can be as compassionate as any other person—if not more so. Aries is “self-referencing” and self-reliant. By that I mean they measure everything by their own experiences or imagined experiences by seeing themselves in someone else’s circumstances. For instance, upon seeing a strange hair-do for the first time, their immediate thought is “How would I look in that?” In this way, Aries is a breath of fresh air because the first thought is not to criticize, but to imagine him or herself in the same condition. But, this self-referencing also makes it hard to see another’s viewpoint if they cannot put themselves in their experience.

Aries is the child of the zodiac and often retains an innocent attitude throughout life mainly because it is a sign that lives in the moment. They are neither innately deceptive nor vindictive (although there can be other things in a specific chart that provides those traits), but there can be temper tantrums due to frustrations of the moment. Aries people forget about the past rather quickly and don’t spend a lot of time worrying about the future, much like a child does. For that reason, they are often admired for being able to start all over again any number of times without dwelling on failures. Also, they are self-starters and prefer to do things by themselves without relying on others at all. More than any other sign, this one is more likely to be a sole proprietor, if self-employed, and often remains single without any discomfort or regret. They see themselves as completely separate from others and feel the right to be who they are without any interference. They would probably leave a marriage in which the partner tried to control them, since the primary need of these people is self-expression on their own terms. That is why it is easy for them to be pioneers (another key word of the sign) which can often be a lonely role.

Libra is the extreme opposite. This is the partnership sign. My teacher said once that Librans don’t leave a relationship until they have found a new one to replace it. The need to belong with a partner is so strong that Librans often actually look to others for their identity. The need is not only to connect to one other, but also to belong in society. It is the most uniformed of all the signs… “I’m wearing a Navy uniform, so I BELONG to that service and my identity is a sailor.” For this reason, also, Librans have a very hard time making a decision, since they do not want to make a mistake and therefore be “alone” or to offend. The Achilles Heel in this is the problem with wanting to fit in so badly, that conformity can take over. Having to have the “right” fashions, house, car, etc. can become all-consuming.

This is the halfway point of the zodiac where the soul’s attention goes from self to others. From Aries through Virgo, the soul is building a self… [my body/self (Aries), my possessions (Taurus), my thoughts (Gemini), my family/clan (Cancer), my creations/talents (Leo), my work/skills (Virgo)] but from now on, the soul is noticing that there are others out there not of our clan (actually others of the larger “one” we are part of). When we come to Libra, we feel uncomfortable if we do not have an “other” to complete us. But we are usually born into this sign unskilled at union with another, so we do what we believe we have to do in order to be acceptable. Usually, what happens is we lose ourselves in trying so hard to please the “other.” This, however, is also the sign of compromise and negotiation. What happens when we cannot do that? War. Libra is also the war sign as well as peace. It is simply getting along with others one-on-one without either one losing their individuality, either. That's why its symbol is the scales of justice.

This brings me to another cliché that drives me nuts. When I get students taking my correspondence course, they come conditioned by other things they’ve read, and often in exams I give, they’ll use those bits of knowledge to answer my questions, not remembering where they got that information. One is to refer to Librans as “seeking balance.” This is from the symbology of the scales. That is the most simplistic of all interpretations and I usually ask the student what that means. The scales symbolize justice, fairness, or in other words, the ability to retain one’s SELF while also relating fairly with another person. The scale symbol is not a meaning in itself.

By extension, Libra rules lawyers and diplomats. All are related to the idea that we are evolving to oneness with each other, and along the way we learn little-by-little how to do that without losing our own identity along the way.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Experiment on Solar Returns

[The Mercury Hour was a place where people wrote their views in letter form, and it was published quarterly for probably over 25 years--- up until the editor, Edith Custer's, death. Now we have the same thing in forums online, but this is how we did it before the internet. There were many gems in it, and this was one that I took to heart and used, and still do, in my professional practise. I ran across this recently while cleaning and feel it is worthy of another viewing. The late T. Patrick Davis (the T. stands for Thelma) was first and foremost a researcher, and we all still have great respect for all the hard unpaid work she did for the love of Astrology and accuracy.]

From “The Mercury Hour”
By T. Patrick Davis October 1996

Trying to rid my home office of black holes swallowing up stuff, never to be seen again, I came across an experiment I conducted years ago on SOLAR RETURNS. You published the result on p. 36 of the October 1979, 23rd edition of Mercury Hour. A copy is enclosed.
The original account does not dwell on it, but the experiment was carefully conducted. I was a neutral observer whose primary interest was merely in learning what methods worked best. The astrologer was experienced and volunteered out of personal curiosity. Methods were being tested, not the astrologer.

So many new astrology students have entered the scene since then that I was wondering what you would think about reprinting it? The astrological “system” set up to educate students demands the student waste so much time “reinventing the wheel.” Perhaps this will be of some aid along the way.

Reprint from 10/79

The lure of my new computer’s keys promising quickly calculated solar and lunar returns finally generated an interest in this facet of astrology. But the contradictory advice found on whether to use the longitude and latitude of the birthplace or the location of the person at the time of the return was confusing. As a result, I set up an experiment to see if the problem could be resolved according to the advice given me by someone who has specialized in this field. At the present time, this advisor wishes to remain anonymous.

A number of people were selected who had moved a considerable distance from their birthplace so that the solar returns would be quite different in appearance. Solar return charts were then constructed for the place of birth and then the location at the time of the return. Each chart had full details written on it of the significant events for that year—but the information on whether it was for the birthplace or the new location was left off.

The specialist in solar returns, who had been taught to use the new location and had never tested using the birthplace, then studied and compared each set of charts. The chart felt to reflect the circumstances of that year was chosen. IN EVERY CASE, the chart for the birthplace was selected over the new location! The specialist was dumbfounded and quite perturbed at the discovery. My only interest was in trying to discover which one to use to begin my study of solar returns. With the convenience of computers now in so many more people’s possession, perhaps others can replicate this study, report their results, and clear this matter up once and for all.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Retrogrades…those ending and those beginning

Retro-gradation of planets is a mystery that astrologers often ponder. I am a little dismayed at how often we blame retrograde planets for anything that goes wrong while they are in that state, but through many years of observation, it does appear that they have some kind of influence—mostly giving us time to reflect, review and change direction in our lives, if necessary.

We just had Mercury retrograde in the early degrees of Aries and late Pisces. Through mid-March it conjoined Uranus—perhaps contributing to restless sleep for some people and hasty decisions by others. And tomorrow it goes direct at 23 degrees Pisces at 6:07 am EDT. That doesn’t mean that all its dire meanings are lifted. There is the “shadow” that some consider, which is the time it takes Mercury to get back to the point where it started to retrograde, in this case, 6:49 Aries, which will happen on April 23rd. This is a time of review, and if one insists on using it to push ahead (using it as it was not intended) then most of the time, events get confused or snarled-up and you are forced to stop and unsnarl them. That forces review anyway.

The best way to use Astrology is like a clock. When it’s time to pay attention to various things, you will know ahead of time what they are. Wherever early Aries and late Pisces is placed in your chart, this was a time to pay attention to those things…i.e. get rid of what isn’t working, re-check work that has been done, prepare, but not initiate, plans for the future. Mine is in the 11th house, so I have been looking at long range goals, planning a couple projects, and nurturing friendships—even looking into joining groups. Where is it in your chart?

At the same time this year, Mars is also retrograde in Virgo. It has been in Virgo since November 11th 2011 and will remain there until July 4th this year. Every two years Mars remains in one sign for many months and can be a real irritant for those signs. This time since it’s in Virgo, it’s also affecting Pisces, Sagittarius and Gemini by challenging aspect (90 degrees or 180 degrees away). That means that when Mars in its journey gets close to, or in difficult aspect to, a planet you have in those signs, you will feel it stimulated in some way. Usually, it is an irritant, but if your Mars is well-placed, it can be a surge of energy you could put to good use.

When Mars got far enough away from the Sun (actually vice versa), it turned retrograde (January 24th) and will remain so until April 14th. When you are unaware of the energy, you can act hastily without forethought and regret it later. Again, it is a time of review, not a good time to start anything new.

Soon, on April 10th, Pluto will begin to retrograde. It will begin at 9 degrees Capricorn, and although it is not as personal in its effects as the planets closer to us, it will be felt very keenly by people born at the very end of December/beginning of January, end of March/early April, end of June/beginning of July, and end of September/beginning of October. Many other people may have planets at 9 of a cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), but those dates above are for people who have the Sun near that degree. Tremendous forces are at work for these people to help them clean out of their lives all things that are not working for them, or to revise whatever has become habitual so that life can proceed on a better level. It’s as though a pressure cooker lid is blowing off, and they have had enough of whatever they have been repressing. It may be an intense process while it’s happening, but the result can be liberating later. Pluto will go direct on September 18th.

Meanwhile, Saturn has been retrograde at the very end of Libra since February 7th. It will go direct at 22-23 Libra on June 25 and finally enter Scorpio on October 5th. Anyone with planets between 22 to 29 Libra, or those degrees of other cardinal signs listed above, are probably not satisfied with the aspect of their life where they are located. Things will start moving in a better direction after late June.

Friday, March 30, 2012


This polarity is the service/sacrifice duo. In extreme expression Virgo can be hyper-critical and Pisces hyper-gullible, but we seldom see the extremes expressed entirely since all people have many variables in their charts. Virgo equates to the sixth house, so planets in that house will have Virgo energy overlaid; Pisces is associated with the twelfth house, and any planets there will take on a Piscean flavor.

Virgo has an innate drive to perfection and has a hard time overlooking what is “flawed.” Since this is impartial, people with an abundance of this expression will turn it inward, as well, so we also see a great deal of self-flagellation, too. It, along with Capricorn, is a classic low self-esteem sign. Virgo energy is very aware of its own short-comings. The urge to be useful is strong. There is no compunction about being in a serving role, so even if in a power position, one with strong Virgo traits will feel their role is to serve others in a useful way. One of the most outstanding personality traits is precision. People with an over-abundance of Virgo energy will be literal thinkers—expecting you to say what you mean precisely and mean exactly what you say. Order and discipline are innate to most Virgo people—if not in their handling of the material world, certainly in their mental processes. Many are found in the medical field where they excel. They make excellent accountants and are great in any profession that demands attention to detail and analysis.

Pisces, being opposite, can be too non-critical. Pisces does not recognize boundaries sometimes and often can be dreamy and seem “out of it” much of the time. In positive expression it is associated with spiritual activity, so we see many mystics and religious people with strong Piscean energy. Sometimes very chameleon-like, the lack of boundaries can produce good actors, or negatively, excellent liars or con-artists. On a positive level, it can produce a Mother Theresa type. The evolutionary intent of Pisces is to recognize that we are all one, and therefore, that lack-of-boundary trait can produce the highest kind of spiritual oneness of which we are capable. Pisceans above all others are able to “walk in your shoes” in their imaginations and be the most compassionate of all the signs.

Both of these signs want to serve humanity. But the difference between them, archetypically, and as expressed in the houses, is that Virgo and the sixth house sees service as a vocation and sets out to do it as a job—hence, the sixth house representing our jobs or work—but, Pisces (theoretically) sees service as a spiritual, sacrificial duty without pay because we are one and “there, but for the grace of God, go I.” Twelfth house is “behind the scenes” and Piscean heroism is often secret, known only to the principals involved.

As in all the polarities, you will often see the signs exchange traits...i.e. Pisceans seeming to be too critical and Virgo acting very Piscean. This is a common occurence and might be an over-compensation mechanism or they can have planets in both signs.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Whitney Houston

The world is stunned and shocked by Ms. Houston’s sudden death. A lot has been written about it, and I suppose every astrologer noticed that transiting Pluto was square her Mars, which can produce a great deal of tension leading to possibly relieving it through medication. Also progressed Saturn was retrograding very close to opposing her natal Sun—a bit of depression there, but she was born with that aspect, so it wouldn’t have had a major impact. However, with Neptune forming a T-square with it, a signature of self-doubt and escapism is part of her character.

What is really interesting is what we discover when looking at midpoints. She had several midpoints at zero degrees in mutable signs, and Neptune, which just entered Pisces (a mutable sign) this month, triggered those. I’m quoting from Ebertin’s book, “A Combination of Stellar Influences.” First, the Mercury/Saturn midpoint at zero Sagittarius was being squared by Neptune:

“A state of depression, distrust, emotional inhibitions…..plans without any prospect of realization.”

Also in that same place she had the Saturn/Pluto midpoint squared by Neptune:

“..danger through water, poison or gas— shattered nerves.”

And additionally in that same degree she had the Neptune/MC midpoint. It was being triggered by Neptune, itself, so there is no combination including it; however, the meaning of the midpoint, which was part of her basic character, is:

“Aimlessness and lack of purpose in life, a lack of self-confidence” and “Depressive psychoses, mental disturbance….”

Additionally, she had a midpoint “tree” of Mars=Uranus/Neptune, which Pluto was triggering with its transit. That one means:

“…the abandonment of resistance, the necessity to give in, great losses, calamities, catastrophes.”

There is a great deal more, but Cosmobiology (which this is) is very detailed, and it would take a long article to examine all of it.

Her chart shows a person who was a perfectionist and had a great need to be successful just to justify her being here and drawing breath. In recent years, with her voice deteriorating, it is not surprising that she was questioning her future. She thought deeply about things in great detail and was very hard on herself, feeling an all-pervading guilt about things she probably never did. It was probably guilt about not being “perfect.” With Pisces rising and Neptune involved in her self- esteem issues, tension would become so acute, it would not be surprising that she would seek relief through some kind of mind-altering drug. She really had a difficult life, despite appearances.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Leo/Aquarius Polarity

Many people don’t realize that the twelve signs of the zodiac are really six sets of polarities and the two signs opposite each other have a great deal in common. It could be said they are two sides of the same coin. I’m going to go through each set over the next few weeks and give you a good understanding of this principle in hopes that it can help you understand others better. Since it is February and Aquarius is influencing us right now, I’ll start with that one.

You can have a heavy influence from ANY sign if you have it rising or your Moon sign, or even if you have planets occupying the houses associated with them—in this case, the fifth house for Leo and the eleventh for Aquarius. Therefore, these may apply to you even if your Sun sign is not one of them. I have witnessed over the last 40 plus years, that many people who don’t have anything in a sign will still greatly exhibit traits of that sign just because they have several planets (or a very strong planet) in the house associated with it. The same applies to having a lot of midpoints fall in a specific sign. Astrology is very complicated!

In extreme brief, the first six signs are personal: i.e. Aries: Myself, my body. Taurus: My possessions and income. Gemini: My mind, knowledge and thoughts. Cancer: My home and family. Leo: My creations and ego expression. Virgo: My work and service, as in a job or personal skills.

The second six signs are more about fitting into society. i.e. Libra: Partnership and co-operation, one-on-one. Scorpio: Joint ownership (investment, taxes, insurance)—and usually control over it all. Sagittarius: The group’s mind—laws, rules of games, higher education (which is what others have discovered earlier, passed on us). Capricorn: Career, home away from home and support of the family in society. Aquarius: Appreciation for creativity and freedom of expression of all. Pisces: Service extended freely without concern for reward (collectively, we are one—what I do for YOU, I do for myself).
The entire zodiac unfolds from the very personal (Aries) to the absolute impersonal (Pisces). In theory, it’s like an evolutionary path back to the Father. We find perfection in selfLESSness. But, we’re all in various stages of growth and understanding, and our charts show a mixture of many facets of this principle.

The opposite sign from Aquarius (i.e. six months away) is Leo. Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs, meaning that they don’t change readily. Once on a specific path, they pretty much will stick to it. They are dependable. This pair forms the axis of ego. Some teachers say it is “love given (Leo) and love received (Aquarius).” I think, however, that it is more about self-expression (Leo) and appreciation of the right to that expression for everyone (Aquarius). My teacher used to say that Leo cares so much about what others think (vulnerable ego), they are constantly aware of how they’re coming across—hence, having to be respectable (to whomever matters to them) and well-turned-out. Some who are ignored too much (or think so) can be the worst of drama queens. More than any other sign, they cannot do “humble” very well. The need deep down inside is to feel special and unique. There is a need to leave a legacy, whether it is children or works of art or literature—or a great body of work of any kind. It is considered the royal sign.

But a king or queen is not one of the masses, and Leo usually will not feel ordinary. There is a little bit of distance although s/he will be wonderfully warm and friendly, it’s very hard to get really close. They are discovering they have special gifts and are quite eager to express them. Many celebrities have a heavy Leo influence. They love applause and attention. But, you cannot bask in applause if you are part of the audience—hence needing to be a little bit apart.

Aquarius generally doesn’t have a problem with insecurity. Just as Leo wants to appear
special, Aquarius deep down already feels unique. S/he doesn’t need a lot of applause and will work hard to assure that we ALL are free to express our talents and abilities. S/he is part of the masses, but feels that each one is special. That is why Aquarius has the courage to be outrageously different. Leo is searching for individuation and is personal about it, but Aquarius knows s/he is an individual and wants everyone to realize they are “special,” too. He feels he has a right to do what he wants—i.e. that he is an individual within society and not apart from it. Think of Leo as the artist and Aquarius as the gallery owner who gives the public a chance to applaud Leo’s creativity. They are in it together but with a different role to play. Leo wants to be free to express himself, but Aquarius feels we are ALL creative and expressive and should be allowed to shine, each in his own way. Abraham Lincoln was an Aquarius, and I believe this belief in each individual having something to contribute was the impetus behind his attitude toward slavery.

On another level, Leo is love and romance between individuals (and this produces children, which is why the fifth house is also children). Aquarius is friendships, organizations, communes, or group activity of any kind. It’s “love” but on a broader, more inclusive scale. Leo is Eros and Aquarius is Agape.

I know there are many who will feel this doesn’t fit them. Remember these are archetypes, and your personal chart, which is unique to you, will have many indications besides the Sun sign. The ascendant, which changes signs about every two hours, is probably going to define your personality more than anything else unless there is something else that overwhelms it. Without doing your chart, I would have no idea if that is the case, so I would have no answer for you if you just say it doesn’t fit you. Please take this for its intent and that is to familiarize you with the six pairs of signs so you will have a more coherent understanding of their philosophical message about our evolution

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Neptune enters Pisces February 3rd

The mysterious blue planet, Neptune, will enter its ruling sign, Pisces, in a couple days. It did dip its toe into Piscean waters last year for a test to see how the swimming was from April ‘til August, but it was only a test. Now the twelfth sign will have his (or is it “her”?) company for another thirteen years. Pisces doesn’t have this guest often; the last time was from around 1847 to 1861-62. We learn from history, and we can get a hint of what to expect, but times were different then, and we have other planets in different places now along with it, which colors the picture somewhat.

Neptune represents anything which is not solid or clearly discernable—mysticism, deception, redemption, artistic expression, spirit, smoke, gases, water, visionaries, compassion, corruption, pollution—you get the picture. Pisces is kinda like that, too—which is why Neptune rules that sign. So we sort of have a double whammy here. In a chart, if Neptune is connected to other planets positively, then we have a positive expression of its energy, but if it’s not in harmony with other energies, we get conflict, and therefore, negative results.

It seems in Neptune’s travels, that collective attitudes are subtly changed-- colored by Neptune’s innate core energy—or vice versa. For instance, when it was in Capricorn (1984-1998) corporate and governmental corruption and deception was a temptation. Capricorn represents corporations, government and power. The United States has Neptune in the ninth house, which is legislation, as well as religion (not spirituality, but organized religion). That time was the rise of fundamentalist religions getting too involved in government, religious-based warfare—or oil-based—also Neptune, and giant corporations like Monsanto deceiving us about genetically modified food, which is now a HUGE issue. Other corporations, like those of the Koch brothers, did their own manipulating.

From 1998 until now, Neptune has been in Aquarius. This sign is noted for its detachment emotionally and for fierce individuality, and so we have had a collective outcry that we are not our brothers’ keeper, and we have been looking for ways to shed emotional reaction to those less fortunate. This, of course, does not affect everyone, but collectively the masses would seem to be headed in that direction. Each sign is a reaction to the one before it, so during this time there was also an awakening to the corruption of the preceding fourteen years, and so the fierce individualism of Aquarius also noticed the infringement on individual rights, as well, as witnessed by the treatment of organic farmers by Monsanto.
Neptune is also melding or blending of anything. Immigration is one such blending. Back in the mid nineteenth century when Neptune was last visiting Pisces, we were concerned about immigration from Europe and did not trust the Irish and the Catholics. Now, it’s the Muslims and Spanish-speaking people we do not trust. These are “strangers” attempting to meld into our society, and in Neptune fashion, we have irrational suspicions.

In those years just before the Civil War, slavery was an issue, too. We are now just beginning to recognize that exploitation of children and the very poor worldwide in the sex trade is another kind of slavery. We are seeing books appearing to awaken us—like the trilogy beginning with “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” In the next fourteen years, we will do something about that.

I believe we will see much more compassion for the less fortunate as Neptune sojourns in Pisces. There might be some areas where it can be increased deception and fraud, but Neptune is not in negative aspect too much, so we’ll probably see the better side of it. For instance, it will trine the USA’s Cancer planets for most of the fourteen years. That can bring in increased recognition of how badly the American people have been deceived over the last twenty-eight years.

And last, Neptune in the USA’s birth chart is negatively aspected to Mars. We usually don’t use Neptune in its highest form. It will eventually activate that square, which has been involved one way or another every time we have a war. It is also the signature of a corrupt government. As long as this chart exists, we’ll have a propensity to this. It would be especially tempting when Neptune, itself, is activating it. That will be 2021-22, and I’d expect to see the very worst of that configuration manifesting. We would need to be particularly vigilant.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Obama Signs Defense Bill

New Year’s Eve evening President Obama signed the controversial defense bill that he had previously threatened to veto. The main problem is that it pretty much ends our rights as we’ve known them. Most Americans probably have no idea what has just happened. Now the Executive branch has unprecedented power, including being able to arrest, prosecute and imprison American citizens without due process. All they have to do is suspect you are a “terrorist.” It has been announced by members of congress that among things that indicate that you are suspect includes having more than seven days’ worth of food in your house! Another is paying with cash! Have you noticed large signs on highways encouraging you to phone a number if your neighbors are doing anything suspicious? All you need to be arrested without cause is a vengeful neighbor who wants to cause you pain. All of this is like an Orwellian nightmare.

Although Obama added a written statement that he had “serious reservations” and would not actually use those powers, it passes on to all subsequent presidents who may have no reservations at all. This power lasts until the “War on Terror” is over. As Jon Stewart said, however, that is subjective. WHAT indicates that it’s over? Does “Terror” surrender? This could be perpetual unless something is done to change it.

When I heard of this betrayal, I looked at Obama’s chart to see what was going on that day. Transiting Neptune was exactly, to the minute, square his MC! This is blatant deception revealed, and/or he is totally without a clue what he has just done. This isn’t the first time for that aspect since he’s been in office, but it is the last before it goes into Pisces on February 3rd. The backlash on him for this very treasonous decision will start in about three or four months…or at that time he will be dealing with very serious issues and it will fill the rest of his term. Right now a pattern is forming (and actually has already been active), and it will be triggered often this year. Secondary progressed Mars and Mercury are occupying 25 and 26 degrees Libra. They are marching steadily toward a square with his natal Saturn-Jupiter conjunction at 25 Capricorn and 0 Aquarius. The progressed Mercury already was partile to squaring Saturn less than a year ago. I mentioned it in a previous blog about his chart. Besides this, progressed Ascendant is approaching an opposition to this pattern. Transiting Saturn will be back and forth over this pattern in 2012 in April, and again from August through early October. The progressed Ascendant will oppose the progressed Mars exactly sometime in late August/early September—a dangerous period for him in dealing with rage from others. Around August 17-20 Mars will also trigger the progressed pattern described above which could activate it early.

I think this bill signing will fuel the occupy movement even more and cause a backlash that Obama never dreamed his “sheeple” would be capable of doing. Let’s see what happens in April.