Saturday, June 23, 2012


History unfolds in accordance with a series of cycles involving the outer planets. These cycles unfold like this: First there is a conjunction of the two planets. Then the faster one moves ahead of the slower planet and eventually forms a 90 degree angle when it gets one quarter of a circle beyond it. We call that the “waxing square” much like we call the first quarter of the lunar cycle the waxing quarter Moon. That is a time of adjustment to the promise of the conjunction. Then there is an opposition of the two where full awareness of what the cycle is all about dawns on us. Then the waning square when the planet (or Moon) is 90 degrees from coming back to a conjunction. We have a chance to finally heal whatever the conjunction told us was on the agenda. The longest of these cycles is Neptune and Pluto, which is roughly about 500 years in duration. Great religious-spiritual evolution is shown with those two. But also there is great change in society because of a pivotal event. The last conjunction was in the mid-1890s. It was in Gemini, and we had germination of the Gemini-like inventions of the automobile and airplane, the radio, etc. It was a boom time in easier movement and communication. The last time they conjoined before that was around 1400, just after Guttenberg was born (circa 1398). The printing press was operational by around 1450. That conjunction was also in Gemini, which rules language, communication, etc. and changed society forever. One of the most important of these outer planetary cycles is Uranus and Pluto. Because Pluto has an elliptical orbit, their cycle is anywhere from about 114 to 124 years in length. The current waxing square of Uranus and Pluto is the second stage of a long cycle that started in the sixties when they conjoined—actually 1966. At that time, there were demonstrations and assassinations, the Vietnam War protests, etc. We are now at a time of "correction" and reminding ourselves of the things we were concerned about then. In this cycle, the "turning points" (squares and oppositions) are always predicated on the original conjunction. There will be two more corrections. The opposition in 2045 and then the waning square a similar number of years after that. During these corrections, history has told us that there will be rebellion leading to great change. We are already seeing it in the “occupy” movement. When this was getting in range, we had the BP oil disaster and the Japanese tsunami crisis among other things, like the Arab Spring last year. Uranus is called the “great awakener” and Pluto is “total annihilation and rebirth.” Many writers, including myself, mention the ‘30s as the last time we had a Pluto/Uranus square. But, the square in the '30s was a waning square from the last cycle—roughly starting in 1849-50—so this one is different, not only because they are in different signs, but are about different issues in history, although the manifestation of destruction to clear the way for renewal will seem similar. Back then the conjunction was in Aries. Aries is war and egocentric, dictatorial energy and that was the last throes of the last cycle. Just because the cycle ended, doesn't mean we learned our lesson. The one this time starting in the '60s was in Virgo, and I believe it is all about agriculture and the food supply, which is Virgo’s domain. At this first quarter, we are just awakening about Monsanto et al. Another factor about this is Pluto in Capricorn. Wherever Pluto is, there is a "destruction and re-birthing" of whatever is associated with that sign. Capricorn rules Big Business, corporations, the “father” figure, discipline—and not always the kind sort. It rules control, and with Pluto, it is total control. The last time it was there the Puritans (after they had felt so oppressed they had left England) were then further so oppressed in the New World—taxation without representation—they formed an independent country. The United States chart has Pluto in Capricorn. Now it is here again for the first time since then, and the oppression is getting unbearable under corporations and "authority" of all kinds, including banks. It will not leave Capricorn until 2024, and it will take that long to effect change. No cycle stands alone. There were three other cycles that began in 1989 when three of the outer planets conjoined in Capricorn--right about the time Monsanto and other New World Order people began their plots in earnest. Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all came together in Capricorn. Each one has cycles of different durations, but are no less players in this drama. Tomorrow, June 24th, in the wee hours EDT, (8:15 GMT) the first of seven exact square aspects will begin between Uranus and Pluto. Don’t expect a major event tomorrow, although it’s not out of the question. It is the portal of an unfolding of extreme events that will last until nearly 2016, if not into that year. The dates when the Sun (June 29-30), Moon (June 27 and weekly thereafter) or Mars (July 16-20 the soonest) trigger this square will bring the events. It will be triggered by these and other planets on a regular basis thereafter. The good part is that the evils we are enduring will no longer be tolerated and many brave souls will resist being controlled by the conglomerates, and when it is over, we’ll be in a new paradigm with the next rebellion, if needed, scheduled around 2045. You can find some excellent essays about this at Look in his archives and read those around 2006-2009. He has some wonderful insights about this.


  1. It is the portal of an unfolding of extreme events that will last until nearly 2016, if not into that year. The dates when the Sun (June 29-30), Moon (June 27 and weekly thereafter) or Mars (July 16-20 the soonest) trigger this square will bring the events. It will be triggered by these and other

    Have you looked at the eclipse in 2017 that cuts the USA in half from NW to SE? */21/2017
    could be the manifestation of extreme events?

  2. No, I haven't. There are several other things I have noticed but will write about them later.