Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gemini/Sagittarius & Cancer/Capricorn

Gemini – Sagittarius This polarity resonates with the third and ninth houses, which are about language and learning. We think of Gemini as day-to-day talking and communicating as we go about our business in the neighborhood, and Sagittarius as the more profound philosophies and systems society creates, such as religion and universities. That is why there is more of a representation of these signs in the charts of people who are teachers, clerics, writers, publishers, etc. Sometimes Gemini is a chatterbox who has to express through words more than others. Not all of them are, however, since a chart has many components and each, being unique, can have brakes that limit urges of all kinds, including talking. But, if the Sun is there, so is an active mind that is curious about whatever is there at the moment. Many people with a strong Gemini influence can juggle quite a few things at once and be easily distracted, so unfinished projects and books can be scattered all about like a whirlwind blew through. Since the symbol for Gemini is “the twins,” that idea is expressed in the character, as well. First, it is the sign of split personality, but not in the Jekyll and Hyde sense. In other words, it’s not opposites, necessarily, like “good and evil.” It is a coping mechanism whereby, if one door closes, Gemini’s first impulse is to do something different and re-invent him or herself. Whenever I have looked at the charts of people with multi-personality disorder, there has been a strong Gemini component—most often the Moon in that sign. I remember reading in one book about a child who developed this disorder when she couldn’t deal with what was happening, and so “became” someone else who could deal with it better. Of course, this is rare, but I think the ability to do it comes from Gemini energy within the psyche. In ordinary, healthy people, it expresses as turning ones attention to a different thing entirely when anything is thwarted. For instance, if a Gemini’s significant other leaves the relationship, Gemini will appear to change and find a hobby or interest that will take his mind off it, and for that reason it appears that s/he doesn’t really care all that much. Not so. It’s just a coping mechanism as is the desire to “talk it out.” Geminis love gadgets, media, books—anything that keeps his mind occupied. S/he will usually have two of most things that are used often so there can be a back-up. Unless one is an un-evolved Gemini who is merely interested in gossip, you will usually find a keen intellect with fine reasoning ability and sharp wit. Sagittarius, the opposite of Gemini, is also an intellectual sign, but paints with broader strokes. The Sagittarian wants to understand the big picture to which Gemini has brought the small pieces. You could compare the two to elementary school (Gemini) and higher education (Sagittarius). Or compare Gemini’s “words” to Sagittarius’ “language.” Gemini is the individual mind, and Sagittarius is the mind of society out of which many minds create systems of thought for the group such as legislation and religion—even rules for sports, which is the same thing on a recreational level and the reason that Sagittarius rules sports. It rules politics and universities. These are systems of thought to bring order to society. This is why the Sagittarian is keen on justice and honesty. A Sagittarian will blurt it out the “truth,” as they see it, spontaneously even if it’s not pleasant to hear. They are often accused of having “hoof in mouth” disease. However, a great number of them will have Scorpio planets, so it is not always true. Cancer – Capricorn This is the polarity of security. Cancer is security in the home and Capricorn is security in society. They resonate with the fourth and tenth houses—which are “home and emotional security” and “career and reputation,” respectively. Cancers, whether male or female, love their homes and all that is found there—good food, warmth, love and closeness. If a Cancer has found that feeling of being wrapped in emotional security, it is hard to leave or lose. Therefore, even with obvious flaws or pain, a Cancer will hang on for dear life to something that represents home and security to him or her. These are the people who are close to their mothers (or would like to be) and to whose home the extended family flocks because they are always there for everyone—the keeper of the hearth. Most of the time, Cancers are good cooks and gardeners (and this includes people with fourth house planets and personal planets in Cancer—particularly the Moon). Family is the first priority and sentiment runs deeply. A Cancer will keep mementos because of the event it evokes, whereas Taurus keeps them because of their value. (Keep in mind there are many Taurus people with Moon or planets in Cancer.) Often accused of moodiness, Cancer is extremely emotional and is unable to hide it. Therefore, feelings can be easily hurt, or losses can be felt much more keenly than the average person. But, they bring that caring sensitivity to their jobs and others outside the family. Consider yourself fortunate if you have a positive Cancer boss since he will care about your family, your retirement, your problems, etc. It would probably take him or her a long time to decide they had to fire you, even if your performance would warrant it. Capricorn is the business person of the zodiac and is quite complicated. The drive is to succeed in the world, and being ever so conscious of his reputation, s/he would usually be mindful of being respectable and reliable. Organization and conservation skills are strong. Usually, Capricorn makes sure s/he gets value for their money and has a reputation for being “tight with a buck.” This does not mean they are stingy (although possible), but merely have an organized way of handling money and are naturally conservative. They plan ahead and have to have an agenda before embarking in any direction. The complication arises with inner insecurity that is not apparent on the surface. No matter how successful one is, there is a tendency to compare him or herself to others, and there will always be those who have done better, are more successful, have more security, etc. Or they might beat themselves up for missed opportunities or not doing something better. Since Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is “conflict, pain and doubt.” Capricorn energy doubts the self and holds up a very high standard, in the first place. Therefore, criticism is felt deeply and sensitivity to it is very high. It can even be assumed when no one meant any criticism. The main ideal for this sign is to reach high ambitions and to be as successful in one’s chosen path as possible so that he or she feels secure in society and prepared for any eventuality.

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