Saturday, November 27, 2010

December 21: Eclipse AND Winter Solstice!!

This year, the Winter Solstice (which is the Capricorn Ingress chart, as well) is following a lunar eclipse on the same day. And this eclipse is not just in any degree(s) but the all-important last degrees of mutable signs—often called “fated” degrees. In this case, we look at the last degree of Gemini, which is the position of the Moon in this LUNAR eclipse. We’ll examine both charts as they apply to the USA, and therefore set for Washington, DC—but first, the eclipse chart.

Rudhyar says the key note of this degree is: “The setting of social standards through personal excellence and competition.” He concludes, “The SHOW is over. Now comes the hour of decision.” (An Astrological Mandala, page 109)

We know by crunching the numbers that our long term habit of living beyond our means is coming to a close. The national economical condition is the macrocosm of our individual microcosm financial condition, as witness the upsurge in bankruptcies and foreclosures. We are a collective, and therefore the country’s persona is always a reflection of its individual citizens.

A lunar eclipse is a full moon that occurs near or on the ecliptic (hence, the term “eclipse”). A solar eclipse is a new moon near or on the ecliptic. This full moon lunar eclipse falls in the second and eighth houses. Those are called the money houses, so our attention for the next six months to a year will be on money issues—income versus outgo. They are in challenging aspect to Jupiter and Uranus, which are conjunct in Pisces in the fifth house. This means there is a conflict in the collective psyche regarding income/outgo and pleasure. Jupiter and Uranus in the fifth indicate a “good time,” humor and fun. Ironically, despite the knowledge that we are going to see austerity ahead, this quarter should be a kind of “last hurrah” with more spending than expected. It’s a kind of defiant, “I’ll do as I please.” “Don’t tell ME what to do.”, attitude. Uranus is square both Sun and Moon, which in a natal chart would be a defiant, independent person. We can already see that in polls that project people will spend more than they did last year during the holiday season.

Also in this chart is a Mars/Pluto conjunction, with Mars in range of being square Saturn in the 12th, so the reality is, subconsciously, the populace is fearful, frustrated and enraged. The words coming from people are angry, most likely better researched than usual, but still somewhat deluded because Mars is semi-square Neptune, located in the fourth. Neptune in the fourth of an eclipse chart would indicate the masses are confused and feeling emotionally overwhelmed. It will come out as anger because of the Mars connection.

The legislature is the 9th house, and in this chart, it is ruled by the Moon. It is in the 8th house and part of the eclipse. The buoyancy people are feeling is in some part because of expectations from that body. However, there should be some surprises in store (Moon square Uranus and Jupiter) after feeling too optimistic.

Mercury is not only retrograde (we’ll have to retrace our steps from this quarter and do some correcting later), but also square Jupiter and Uranus. It rules the 8th and 11th. Over optimism is usually the norm concerning Jupiter stresses, but with Uranus, it can also be “know it all” thinking, or defiant decisions not based on facts at all. The 8th house is debt, taxes, any money that is held jointly or shared in some way with others. Inflation and mis-management is a common result of 8th house contacts with Jupiter and Uranus—especially in Pisces where delusion and fantasy can cloud perception.

Venus is rising and rules the 7th, the public, contracts, agreements and justice. It also rules the 12th—secrets, behind the scene activity. The Moon (remember, the legislature) is sesquiquadrate Venus, which means that congress is not necessarily going to be “just” in its contracts or policies and that there will be secret, behind the scenes activity that may not be wholly in the public’s interest. There is a chance that congress will be compassionate (Moon does trine Neptune, after all), but it is a free-will choice, and the rougher aspects are stronger. We shall see.

The other chart, the Ingress for Capricorn, or in this case, also the Winter Solstice chart, continues the saga. In this case, Saturn square Mars/Pluto is much more prominent and takes center stage. Saturn in the fourth, indicates fear in the grass roots populace, but also frustration since it is still square Mars. Mars with Pluto is rage. They are located in the sixth house which is concerned with jobs, military, police, everyday activity, and the service industry particularly. Even the Sun is there! So the emphasis is on those things. The Sun will activate Pluto in late April-early May (using a technique of one degree equally a month) and that is when the government can shut down if some things are not approved. That is shown in several ways, not just that one technique.

The Moon, which is the chart ruler (Cancer is rising), is opposing Mars-Pluto and square Saturn and the MC. Even the nodes are aligning with Pluto and the Sun! A LOT is going on out of sight, but it is affecting our everyday life dramatically. The Sun is also square Uranus and Jupiter out-of-sign (meaning that they are square mathematically, but at the end and beginning of signs not associated with squares). Back in late July-early August we had one of the first close (but not exact) associations with the coming Pluto-Uranus square. It will not be exact until 2012, and then will last for several years becoming exact an amazing SEVEN times!! That is the aspect of revolution. You can be sure that last summer some things were happening that is precipitating the drama now unfolding.

I’m not a weather forecaster, but I believe that when Saturn is in the fourth of an Ingress chart, it portends a dry season. Remember this chart is set for Washington DC, so it only applies to our country. Remember, it’s all a play, an illusion, and spirit will not be affected by coming events, BUT we are on the planet now participating in the drama, and what we choose to do or not do DOES affect our soul development.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Post Election 2010

I’m amazed that it has been so long since I posted anything. It has been very busy and time flew by.

Last year I read Jon Peterson’s book about 2012 and also attended his lecture in Fairfax, VA a few months ago. I was reminded again about his thoughts this last weekend when I attended a seminar by Tom Jerome Roma. These are unprecedented times, and no one can really predict what is coming for good reason. Tom and I both agreed that we have never seen the configurations in play now for hundreds of years (and still haven’t found the last time), and even Arch Crawford has said he hasn’t either—although he did find something to compare related to the stock market, but I don’t know what it is. Still he says it has been hundreds of years since seeing the current unfolding planetary drama.

The thing is this: We DID see a similar PATTERN in both the ‘30s and the ‘60s, but at those times five of the outer planets were not changing signs all at once within a couple years. And not just ANY signs; four of them are entering into the cardinal signs, which is the world axis degree pattern. i.e. they are the times of year when the seasons start--the summer and winter solstices, and spring and fall equinox points. When the outer planets change signs, it always brings in a new focus, new experiences and reforms. Five all at once is incredible. In 1989-90 we had a major conjunction of outer planets in Capricorn—Neptune, Uranus and Saturn. Jupiter was opposing them. When an outer planet enters Capricorn, the focus is on “father or authority figures, government and business.” That was when some of the current problems started. They have escalated because Pluto just entered Capricorn in 2008 and has been back and forth changing from Sagittarius to Capricorn since (but is entrenched there now). Pluto is subversive activity and also total destruction and transformation of whatever Capricorn represents. The last time it was in Capricorn was just before we declared our independence. The USA chart has Pluto in Capricorn in it.

Right now, the government is so controlled by corporate interests, and so many people are being misled by subversive political manipulation (google the "Koch Brothers/Tea Party" movement, for instance), it is hard to see what the causes and solutions of our dilemma really are. Most likely, we are going to see a third party emerge and the whole system will implode. But, first, expect hyper inflation. It’s around the corner. Meredith Whitney says, “It’s going to get very expensive to be poor in this country.” I’ve heard from some people that their health insurance premiums have tripled. (I don’t like all of the new health care reform, either.) Again, insurance companies are out to make a profit, and they have a powerful hold on the government. It’s an example of more of the corporate stranglehold on the country. And, incidentally, a short 20 month period of time is not enough to "cause" what we are dealing with. It started decades ago. To think otherwise is very simplistic.

The recent election result is a non-event. We all knew how it would go. Nothing will change, however, to benefit mainstream Americans. All the partisan bickering is just to keep us preoccupied while people like the Koch Brothers do their thing. I wish people would just research them, alone, if nothing else.

So far, Pluto and Saturn have changed signs. In 2011, Uranus and Jupiter will do so, and Neptune will begin its 14 year sojourn in Pisces. Hold on to your seat. It’s going to be an unprecedented major shuffling of life as we know it unfolding over the next half dozen or so years. After all, computers changed life enormously, but took a few short years to become embedded. The most important of the aspects is the Uranus square to Pluto. Uranus is the "awakener" and Pluto is "transformation, subversion and manipulation" (among other things) We will "awaken" to the "subversion and manipulation." With a square of these two, it's usually violent and disruptive. This cycle started in the mid-sixties--remember the violence then? It is not even exact yet, but will start to be in 2012. It will not be completely out of orb until 2018. That should be how long it will take to hopefully heal what ails us or get us used to new paradigms. But, we have free will to listen to liars and follow pseudo-Messiahs. Neither side of the great American two-party system is ALL right and squeaky clean. Both have a lot to answer for.

On the up side, Peterson says that change is coming via huge technological advances that will enable us to live for 200 years and halt the aging process. He says that people in their 30’s now, and even older, are going to have much longer life expectancy due to being able to create new organs from one’s own DNA. It is already successfully being done in laboratories. Other advances will usher in a whole new way of looking at life as we know it. It might be wise to expand your thinking to be able to even encompass all the change that is on the way—and not from where we expect it!!

One last thing, and probably most important... A Course in Miracles teaches that this is all an illusion, and many may feel that since it is, we can drop out and not participate. Participation is not necessarily "getting into the streets," but can be more effective if it's just holding a vision of what life can be. Prayer is powerful.