Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter entered Leo this morning a few seconds after 6:30 where it will stay for roughly a year. The general consensus is that Leos, Sagittarians, and Arians will find this beneficial, since those three are in naturally good aspect—i.e. they trine each other. Also, the house it is transiting during that time will be “blessed with good fortune,” as a simplistic pundit might say. Jupiter is called the “greater benefic,” Venus being the “lesser” one.

In astrology classes we are taught that Jupiter is one of the “good guys” and that wherever it is placed, and whatever it may contact during your life, as it traverses the solar system, benefits abound. For instance, when it goes through the second house, income is usually better; through the 11th house, you might find goals easier to reach and make more friends. I got married the first time when it was traversing the seventh house, where we find a description of partnerships. The key word, “expansion” is associated with Jupiter.

Actually, Jupiter is not ALL sweetness and abundance. Sometimes we don’t want too much of something. For instance, when it is in a conflicting relationship with Venus, there is a good chance that sugar-related illnesses may be part of that person’s life. Many years ago I heard a lecture by astrologer, Mary Vohryzek, who explained this nicely. (her memorial tribute--copy and paste to see it)
Mary was a knowledgeable pioneer in medical astrology, and it was such an eye-opener when she said that Venus/Jupiter stressful aspects could indicate sugar-related diseases, such as hypoglycemia, diabetes and even cancer. It is now generally agreed that sugar feeds cancer cells. It stands to reason. Sugar is ruled by Venus; Jupiter indicates “expansion”…when they are in stressful aspect (meaning “too much” of something), we have the resulting, “too much expansion.” Even a thing like overweight can be indicated by those two in negative relationship.

But, in general, it will most likely be the best year out of twelve for Leos, and not too shabby for Aries and Sagittarius—especially if Jupiter is well-placed in your natal chart. The affairs of the house with Leo on the cusp might get some of that abundance raining down, as well.