Wednesday, March 8, 2017

secondary, tertiary, minor progressions and Trump's chart

For the past several months I’ve been working with Robert Blaschke’s book about progressions. In it, he explains that when popular astrology columns started being published, the much more rigorous forecasting methods were ignored and replaced with just secondary progressions and transits. Some even use just transits. Transits were not meant to be a stand-alone prognostication method.

In the first book of his series, he explains how progressions are supposed to be used. If you google his name, there is even a lecture about it on YouTube. Secondary progressions are supposed to be used with tertiary and minor progressions with triggers from transits, but ONLY the transits of the planets that are holding the progressions.  This is the way it was done when C.E.O. Carter and others of his generation wrote their books.

Therefore, looking at Trump’s chart, his minor progressed Sun is conjunct minor progressed Saturn, and they in turn are conjunct his natal Neptune—applying, not separating. Minor progressions are not “event” oriented, but rather more spiritual in nature. We then look for a time when the transiting Sun and/or Saturn will trigger it. Neptune will not for a very long time. The Sun will do so on March 28/29.  By that time, the minor progressed Moon will be joining the minor progressed Sun and Saturn, as well, but a few days later.

This is all triggering his Neptune/Mercury square, which is the signature of a person who has a loose relationship with the truth. So the lesson will be about honesty. Transiting Pluto is now squaring his Jupiter and progressed Venus, and solar arc Pluto is conjoining them, so he is in the midst of a lot of pressure to discipline his extravagance. However, since he was born with Uranus conjunct the Sun and opposing the Moon (extreme self-will), it’s doubtful that he’ll do that. Besides, solar arc Pluto is trining those natal placements, so he feels he is absolutely in control—especially with secondary progressed Uranus opposing his Moon within five minutes. It’s hard to say how this will end, although I think a year from now will be a defining moment. He has so many positive indicators, it gives new meaning to “Teflon” president.

However, I believe the real drama will come when Saturn joins that configuration in transit by opposing it in March/April 2018.

At that time, the tertiary Sun will conjoin the tertiary Moon at 9 to 11 Aquarius, opposing Trump’s natal Pluto at 10 Leo. By that time minor progressed Saturn will be squaring Mercury and TRANSITING Saturn will be square minor progressed Saturn, and therefore opposing Mercury. And minor progressed MC (which moves rapidly) will be conjoining natal Neptune--confusion about one's career. Progressed Moon will be conjoining progressed Pluto….severe emotional pressure. When so many of these progressions line up and are triggered by transits, things happen.