Thursday, December 13, 2018

The USA Drama

I announced on Facebook that I’m not taking any more new clients since I’m closing in  on age 80 in April and am now semi-retired. I still will be happy to update charts of clients I’ve served prior to this. However, I will be happy to do samplers as gifts this year. Many people like to give those for Christmas…especially to skeptics. The discount that I usually give (the price of the sampler---$30—deducted from that person’s longer version of their chart, can be deducted from the chart of the one giving the gift). Also, if you want to order your own chart during this season, MY gift to YOU is a 25% discount on anything on the website. Remember, the URL has changed to: (NOT .com) Being so late in the season, by the way, gifts will be in the form of a gift certificate.

History Repeats

During the depression of the thirties, the USA chart was activated with stressful aspects from Saturn and Pluto. It is repeating now. Saturn and Pluto are both in Capricorn (affecting the cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), and Pluto is returning to the place it was when the country was formed. Progressed Venus is about to square progressed Pluto in the last degrees of Aries and Capricorn—in about two months—while Transiting Uranus is going back and forth over the last degree of Aries, as well. Even the solar arc Moon is in the last two degrees of Libra. All of this is very dramatic and shows the ending of an era.

As if that were not enough, Saturn is opposing the Cancer stellium in this chart, and the progressed Moon is doing so, as well. However, I think the aspects of transiting Neptune really tell the story. It is now at 13:42 Pisces and has been squaring the USA Sibley ascendant. The progressed Sun is involved at 14:10 Pisces. The Sun rules the ninth house in this chart, and so, with Neptune involved, and also natally IN the ninth, the legislature is either confused or corrupt or maybe some of both. Furthermore, the progressed Sun will quincunx natal Saturn in about 7 to 8 months. That can signal a “separation” of a leader from the government.

Keep in mind that the USA was “born” with Saturn square the Sun, and so, when it (Saturn) transits the degrees in hard aspect to the natal Sun, we can expect manifestation of what that represents. Since Saturn rules the second (the country’s income) and Sun rules the ninth and is in the 8th, that square shows lessons to be learned the hard way about laws involving income (2nd house) and taxes/debt (8th house). We have a fiscally irresponsible president who is running the country into a depression. In about 9 months, when the progressed Moon joins these indicators, it should be obvious.

There is ongoing speculation about the “correct” chart for the USA. I believe we’ll have a good test of that in about three to six years when the opposition of Pluto/Mercury aligns with this chart’s MC. Around that time solar arc Saturn will conjoin Mars and square Neptune. That one should bring discipline (or a hard lesson) to the corrupt government.