Monday, May 2, 2016

USA now...

So much is happening right now, I took a look at the USA’s Sibley chart. Amazingly, right now, today, solar arc Mercury is exactly opposite natal Neptune. This represents lies and deception, period.  Mercury rules the 7th (the public) and the intercepted ninth (government). Moreover, the birth chart of the nation promises a deceptive government since Mars (in the 7th—public) is square Neptune (in the 9th—government). This means the country was destined to have a government that deceives the public.

[Many pundits over the years spread the rumor that the founding fathers used astrology to pick our “birth.” Of course, they didn’t know about Neptune then, but they DID know about Saturn, and I find it hard to believe they’d pick a time when it was square the Sun.]  

Neptune is intercepted (harder to expose) using Koch tables of houses; I didn’t look at  others. If you’ve followed my blogs, you know that I have a great concern about the USA’s natal Mars (21:23 Gemini) being in square aspect to natal Neptune (22:25 Virgo). Especially concerning is Mars in the 7th (public) and Neptune in the 9th (government). Mercury energizing this square by solar arc speaks to its being brought out right now. To reinforce that, progressed Sun is currently also being transited by Neptune and both about to square the chart’s ascendant.

Meanwhile, solar arc Saturn recently went over the USA’s descendant. It was exact about three months ago, but solar arcs are felt for a couple years. That speaks to depression of the public. We are having an increase of suicides, and the public is being repressed and disenfranchised more than ever. Transiting Saturn going over the Ascendant is not helping at all, but it does indicate a new cycle underway. After an eclipse on the USA Moon on August 18th, around August 24th, transiting Mars will finally catch up to transiting Saturn at 9 Sagittarius. It will be between an opposition to natal Uranus and conjoining the Ascendant. Mars/Saturn conjunctions are like a taut rubber band releasing its tension and snapping. Things “happen” when they join forces—not huge, like a war, but problems being exposed that cannot be further ignored. These two are retrograding back and forth on the USA ascendant now, building up the energy. Also, in late August (the 26th) transiting Uranus will square Mercury.  That is called the “know-it-all” aspect when one has no more patience and rebellion ensues. Uranus represents independence and freedom, and Mercury, verbal expression. They are associated in this chart with “the public” and also “government.”  A square represents conflict.

Sign changes
In about two months, solar arc and progressed MC will change signs, going from Taurus into Gemini. That will end about 30 years of the controlling elite being more interested in profits than policy. The shift is seldom sudden, but after that, gradually, they’ll become more focused on negotiation, education and ideas….at least they’ll have opportunities to do so and be inclined in that direction.