Sunday, November 27, 2016

The USA using minor and tertiary progressions

I’ve been so discouraged by the election, it’s hard to look at the USA chart, but it’s necessary. I’ve been working more with tertiary and minor progressions lately, using Robert Blaschke’s book on progressions. The USA chart has some interesting ones going on now. The Sun in a chart represents the leader. Right now tertiary Uranus is conjoining the USA Sun within minutes. President Obama has been behaving “independently” lately, albeit not enough regarding the stand-off in ND, but at least some. Trump, of course, is always Uranian, since it conjoins his natal Sun.

Over the last few months, the minor progressed Pluto has been conjoining the USA natal Moon…pressure brought to bear on the populace, which is being transformed by what is going on.

What I find really amazing is that the minor progressed Ascendant of the USA is aligning with the secondary progressed Moon and both are opposing the USA natal Uranus. The minor Ascendant will not actually catch up to that for a little while longer. That certainly describes the shock and chaos we are suffering and may even be the indicator of an upset…common with Uranus aspects. Meanwhile, the tertiary Venus is exactly conjoining the descendant, which would show acquiescence to whatever the powers-that-be are doing.

Tertiary Saturn, at 5:00 degrees Aquarius is about to quincunx Jupiter, which I would surmise is a “disconnect” of the grassroots populace from information related to the USA’s income and expenses. Plus, tertiary Pluto is also quincunx the USA Sun…applying by only 16 minutes…another disconnect but this one regarding the legislature and their “secrets” or “behind the scenes” activities. In other words, I believe there is enormous corruption running rampant right now.

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