Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Reincarnation of Anne Frank

Some time ago, I mentioned past life charts and spoke of my own. Recently, I had occasion to view a presentation by Barbro Karlen, who is the author of "And the Wolf Howls." Here is the online location of that presentation: You will have to copy and paste.
She claims to be the reincarnation of Anne Frank, and has some compelling reasons for thinking so. It was possible to obtain both of their birth data, so I naturally wanted to compare them.

Anne Frank: June 12, 1929 at 7:30 am in Frankfurt, Germany
Barbro Karlen: May 24, 1954 at 7:20 am in Goetenborg, Sweden

One of the things I look for is improvement in character, and we have it here. In Frank’s chart Jupiter and Venus are in the same sign, but spread apart. Venus is in rulership in Frank’s, but it is comfortable in Cancer in Karlen’s chart. More importantly, Jupiter, although at home in Taurus in Frank’s chart, rose to exaltation in Karlen’s and is now conjoining Venus tightly in the same degree. This shows a great deal of improvement regarding creativity, home circumstances and career prospects—especially creativity.

It is interesting that Karlen published her own version of a “diary” around age twelve when an adult found her papers strewn around her room and thought they were worth publishing. Anne Frank’s was a different circumstance but essentially the same thing. Anne Frank, had she lived, had a promising life ahead as an author. She had originally wanted to be an actress (Leo rising and the MC ruler in Leo plus Moon conjunct Neptune in Leo), but later wanted to be a journalist (ruler of the ascendant in Gemini conjunct Mercury). Frank started her diary around her birthday 1942 when she was 13 years old.

Although born close to the same time of day, their ascendants would be different signs if Anne Frank’s “on-the-half-hour” time is correct. Anne’s is zero degrees, six minutes Leo, but since 7:30 am could have been an estimate, and it had gone into Leo just seconds or maybe a minute before, it is possible that it is really Cancer, as is Karlen’s. When the Franks were forcibly removed from their home on July 6, 1942, her solar arc Pluto was at 29:40 Cancer, so I suspect that is close to the degree of her ascendant. There was so much Leo in Frank’s chart, it would have been hard to tell just by her words. Karlen’s ascendant is late Cancer, ruled by the Moon, which is in Aquarius, the opposite sign from Frank’s. It is also in the opposite house. Opposite signs and houses have an affinity—two sides of the same coin. So, both have the Sun in Gemini, both have possibly the same sign rising and the Moons are in opposite signs and houses.

Both charts also hold angular Uranus positions. Frank’s was conjunct the MC by about four degrees, and Karlen’s conjunct the Ascendant by four degrees. I don’t know what that means in terms of reincarnation, but it is very interesting.

In Frank’s chart Mars is in Leo, not a bad placement, but in Karlen’s it’s in its exaltation, Capricorn. Therefore, I’m inclined to think there was improvement in behavior in some way. However, in Frank’s chart Mars was square the nodes, which it is believed shows some unresolved anger related to material circumstances (nodes in the Taurus/Scorpio axis), and in Karlen’s chart Mars is conjunct the North Node—still connected, but not as rebellious. Uranus is in her twelfth conjunct the South Node, so in a past life, Karlen was “confined” in some way (12th) and had an issue with “freedom” or “independence”—Uranus. That would fit the life of Anne Frank.

I’d have to conclude that she may, indeed, be the reincarnation of Anne Frank, and the lack of really strong growth and improvement can be because of a life cut short.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Prince George

Recently we have been enthralled with the entrance of Prince George, child of Kate and William, in England. There has been much discussion about the Sun Sign since he was born with the Sun in the last minute of Cancer. Most astrologers use the Placidus house system, whereas I use Koch. This puts some planets in different houses, and that will make a difference in interpretation. The Koch system puts the Sun in the ninth house, but Placidus places it in the eighth. It’s going to be hard to tell the difference, though, because his stellium of planets, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury, are in the eighth and his Venus is in the ninth in both. We’ll see both at work.

My interest is in what this soul is here to learn. There is much evidence that he’s here to learn or express true compassion with concrete responsibility. North Node is in the 12th but conjunct Saturn. In a past life, with South Node in the sixth and in Taurus, there is the possibility that he could have been in some sort of service where he was rather precise about details which could have left the soul with a feeling of guilt—Saturn in the 12th. And he’s a “do-it-yourself” kind of person—common with people who have the South Node in Taurus. Granted, he has a great deal of nurturing energy with four placements in Cancer, but Cancer can be rather clannish. IF his Sun is in the ninth, Prince George will extend that nurturance to the world at large, but with the Moon in Capricorn in the third, he does not let his head get muddled in emotion. His memory is excellent, so he will not forget experiences, taking them very seriously, since most of his emotional impressions speak to his overall philosophical attitudes (Moon rules the ninth).

Secondly, regarding the compassion lesson, Venus is in Virgo (echoing the sixth house South Node), and indeed, it’s even the ruler of the sixth. It opposes Neptune in Pisces, and so there is a dichotomy between detailed analysis/following the rules (Virgo) and true compassion where we recognize the universality of all life (Pisces) and love unconditionally.

Scorpio is rising, and its ruler, Pluto, is in mutual reception to Saturn, evidence of a serious, hard-working person. This brings us to a very important secondary lesson. Pluto is involved in a T-square with an opposition to Jupiter, Mars and Mercury, and all four of those are square Uranus. This is difficult, but it is softened by also being part of a grand trine—and “kite” pattern. There are choices to be made. The lesson here is about his values as opposed to those of others, since the four in opposition are in the second and eighth houses.

Many years ago, I did the chart of an incarcerated bank robber. His eighth house ruler was in the second house, meaning that he saw “other people’s money” as his income. In this baby’s chart, it is the opposite. His second house ruler is in the eighth. Is it possible that he sees his income as “belonging to other people” and he uses it for their benefit? Keep in mind that the chart ruler, Pluto, is square Uranus in the fourth. He is an innovator and will be very forceful in his thought processes—easily bucking the status quo and sticking with his unique ideas. He could very well change the entire financial structure of the monarchy. That is one choice.

But, energies can be expressed in various ways. The negative side of this is using money and power (Pluto in the second opposing Mars in the eighth) to impose or “buy” other people’s co-operation. Since Mercury square Uranus can indicate attention deficit disorder and compensate in a “know-it-all” defensive demeanor, especially with Pluto involved, he will probably irritate a lot of people. I don’t think it will manifest in using money to control, though, because Mars and Jupiter—which show enormous energy put into worrying (Mars in Cancer) about others (eighth)—are in a grand trine with Saturn (responsibility) and Neptune (compassion). He does have a choice, but with compassion being a main lesson, too, it’s unlikely that he will be forgetting the less fortunate.

We are in a long term square between Pluto and Uranus, which shows the upheaval and urge to rebel that we are witnessing. Those born into authority at this time are going to be the ones who grow up to make permanent the changes we are envisioning. Whether or not Prince George is ever king is probably not important. What is important is that he will possibly be in a position to introduce an entirely new way of being our “brother’s keeper.” I like this little guy, and will be watching to see what he does with great interest.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Where to start!?

So much is going on, for the last few weeks every time I started a blog, something else would happen, and I’d suspend it for a new topic. Then I heard Eric Francis on Planet Waves FM talking about Edward Snowden (he obtained a birth certificate, so we have a time of birth) and Monsanto. Eric has an article about Monsanto in an upcoming Mountain Astrologer issue. He obtained a time for them from a rectification by Larry Ely. THEN the Stock Market fell more than ever this year. This blog will be a long one.

Edward Snowden

I’ve had a children’s book in my head for years, which I’ll probably never write, and in it I present the polarities (opposing signs—the ones six months apart—are opposite energies of the same principle) as married couples. The one for Gemini/Sagittarius is the couple who talks a great deal to everyone, gathers information, is curious about what’s happening and publishes the community newspaper, sharing all the news. Edward Snowden is a double Gemini born on June 21, 1983 at 4:42 a.m. in Elizabeth City, NC. Even though his Moon is in Scorpio, which rules espionage, secrets, etc., he has Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and the south node in Sagittarius. In Gemini, besides the Sun and Ascendant, we also find Mars, north node and Mercury. He’s in the information business.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius is exceptionally idealistic, and opposing Mercury, he’d be quite aware of information or ideas that did not fit his ideal. Sagittarius is the epitome of honesty. A first house Sun and Mars is gutsy, impulsive maybe, and definitely courageous. It also has its own brand of idealism.

In addition to all this, there is a conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Libra. Libra is the sign of justice, fairness, and equity. This young man is just acting out his chart. He’s idealistic, maybe brave to the point of foolhardiness and willing to work very hard (Saturn/Pluto) for justice (Libra).

Over the last few weeks, Jupiter has been transiting his Gemini Sun and Mars. And four months ago solar arc Moon opposed his Mercury, which was probably when he decided to do what he did. Most of all, though, right now as I write this, his progressed Sun is exactly square his progressed Saturn meaning that he is going to be extremely limited for now. He has just had the US government put out a warrant for his arrest. In two years—closer to one year and 11½ months—his progressed Sun goes into a new sign, Leo, and at that time his life is altered significantly. Three years after that it trines Jupiter, so I don’t believe he’ll be put away and forgotten.


This mega corporation was born November 29, 1901 in St. Louis, MO at noon, according to Larry Ely. I had been using this chart with a 9:00 a.m. time, so was happy to have an expert like Larry rectify it based on past events.

This chart has quite a few planets in Capricorn (big business). Aquarius is rising. Aquarius is often called the “know it all” sign and is noted for invention and innovation. We can certainly see that in this company. The ruler, Uranus, is in the tenth, but most importantly, is opposing Pluto. These are the most angular and therefore, the most important planets in the chart—except for the Sun, which is tightly conjoining the MC. This opposition was prominent in charts at the turn of the century and was the signature for major inventions at that time that changed life as we had known it.

I cannot think of a better metaphor than Uranus opposing Pluto for the kind of things Monsanto does. Uranus (sudden) opposing Pluto (death) is prominent by progression, transits or solar arcs in charts showing assassinations. It represents abrupt change that is thorough and complete. It is ruthless and willful. There is very little concern for “collateral damage.” There is no time here to get into all the things this chart shows, but I do want to point out some current aspects.

First, the progressed Sun will go into Aries in three months. Expect them to get worse—more willful and more aggressive. This is especially probable because progressed Mars is at 1:39 Aries right now, and the Sun will soon catch up and conjoin it. This is already being planned since the progressed MC is now separating from conjoining it. Many negative people think a good offense is the best defense. The progressed Sun has been in Pisces for the last thirty years, and the negative side of Pisces is like flood water stealthily leaking all over the place and not noticed until it is too late.

The solar arc ascendant is now activating the above Uranus-Pluto opposition. It opposed Uranus about 10 to 11 months ago, which would be a “waking up” on their part to their public persona. In six months it will conjoin Pluto, bringing out the ruthless part of that opposition. It COULD be the “death” of them (Pluto=death) or a rebirth (progressed Sun entering Aries) of their ruthlessness in another direction. Since Pluto rules the chart’s ninth house, it can also be a new tactic regarding their role in politics.

Monsanto’s Mercury is in Scorpio, naturally, and it squares the Ascendant. Secrecy and deception is innate to the company, and in conflict with their projected image. We’ll probably never hear about what is really happening, no matter what it is.

The Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve was born on December 23, 1913 at 6:02 p.m. in Washington, DC. That was when President Wilson signed the legislation. (Read “The Creature from Jekyll Isand” to see what was behind it.) Thursday just passed (June 20, 2013) we had a huge drop in the stock market purportedly because Bernanke said he was removing the stimulus gradually. Actually, it was a global event, so most likely that was not the reason. I haven’t researched it further, but it is interesting that on that day the Sun was conjoining the Fed’s natal Pluto at zero Capricorn and squaring the zero Aries MC on Friday, as well. I believe a lot more is happening. Pluto in transit is opposing the Fed’s progressed MC. Plus, the Federal Reserve’s solar arc Saturn is quincunx the stock exchange’s Pluto! (next chart)

[I did a lecture recently at the Richmond NCGR about how one entity’s progressions and solar arcs affect another entity’s chart. It can explain the real drama behind personal relationships.]

Since this quincunx was separating by about six weeks, I have to wonder about Bernanke’s motives, and I’d suspect it would be about jobs since the stock exchange’s Pluto is in its own sixth house. And to top it off, the stock exchange’s solar arc Mercury, which rules its chart, is opposing the Fed’s Pluto and square its MC. Something very important is afoot. There is a lot more, but would require an article of its own.

The New York Stock Exchange

I’m not a financial astrologer, but I can read charts, and they are all based on sound principles. The NYSE chart started on May 17, 1792 at 11:56 am. LMT (this was before standard time, so LMT means local mean time—that is real time according to astronomy) in New York, NY. Essentially, it was noon, but I’m not so sure that was the real time it started. We use noon for mundane charts when in doubt. The time it started would be the first trade. I wonder if anyone knows when that was. I don’t know enough about finance nor even have time to rectify this, so I’ll use what we have.

But, there are many things we can look at that would not require the time, and plenty is happening!! On September 29, 2008, there was a drop of 777, which was the worst in ages. At that time, in this chart, it is fascinating to see that the secondary progressed Uranus was exactly to the minute opposing the NYSE chart’s Pluto. Remember this aspect from the Monsanto analysis? This chart has that aspect too, but with an eight degree orb, meaning it is weak. I usually don’t count orbs of the outer planets over six degrees. On this date, Uranus had progressed to an exact opposition. But, that’s not enough. In addition, the sec. prog. nodal axis was on the NYSE’s Mars within one minute. Solar arc Saturn had opposed the Sun eight months earlier, which was probably the basis for this. Most of all, transiting Pluto was conjoining the progressed Sun—and MC, but since they are the same, we can’t count the MC. Also, solar arc Mars was conjoining the Moon, also within minutes. This shows a “ruthless” event.

Now we are about to have a supermoon tomorrow at 2:10 Capricorn/Cancer. The nodal axis of the stock exchange chart is 2:12 Aries/Libra—or in other words, square the position of the supermoon. The stock exchange’s progressed Sun is 3:48 Capricorn. That, of course, is not enough to show anything, but consider that over the last couple days Saturn in transit has been opposing Venus in this chart. Saturn is in Scorpio, and this is the first contact to many fixed positions in this chart. When it gets to 15 to 28 degrees, we should have some serious issues. That would be from this October thru September 2015. However, Uranus will activate the NYSE’s Moon-Saturn opposing Jupiter-Neptune starting in the summer 2015 until well into 2018. Since solar arc Mars will also be in that territory, we have a long way to go before we see stability.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Almost thirty years ago

Most of the commentaries out there in blogs and articles regarding the current “corporate takeover of America,” always say something about how it started roughly thirty years ago, at which time wages pretty much became stagnant. That is how it looks astrologically, as well. I gave a talk to the Fellowship of the Inner Light in Virginia Beach at some time in the seventies about the then approaching planetary pileup in early Capricorn in the last half of the eighties. And now, looking back, it is apparent that the talk was rather clear. I should have made it an article, but I’d been an astrologer for only about five years or so, and didn’t feel sure of myself.

When a planet conjoins another planet, it sets off a cycle lasting until the faster planet returns and conjoins the slower planet again. In the late eighties, we had a TRIPLE conjunction of three outer planets with slow, long-lasting cycles, in Capricorn, and the ensuing cycles will carry the theme of Capricorn with them. We have been witnessing this in action.

Capricorn is the official ruler of big business and government. It also represents constriction, scarcity and stinginess. Neptune, the planet of deception, lies and secrets (in its negative expression), first entered Capricorn in January 1984. In the USA’s birth chart, Neptune operates in a negative expression. Not only does it semi-square and sesquiquadrate the nodes, showing karma connected with it (material for another blog), it is also square Mars from the ninth house (the legislature), which means we have a deceptive-acting legislature—or in plain language—a corrupt government. It was so from the beginning. After all, right away Hamilton made sure the banks had a stake in making money even though it wasn’t the intent of the constitution.

There is a quote online from the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis: “However, from the beginning, there were those who argued that the Bank was unconstitutional. The Constitution granted power to tax and print money to Congress, not a private corporation, critics argued.” (copy and paste)

The Federal Reserve, itself, by the way, is one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the country. Just read The Creature from Jekyll Island by Griffin or Money Creators by Coogan to see how it was done. It is simply a private banking cartel making billions off the taxpayer unconstitutionally. If Americans really knew what was going on, they would be storming Washington by the millions! In other words, deception has been a cornerstone of our country from the very beginning and is worse than ever today. But, back to 1984…

Neptune was the first of three outer planets to enter Capricorn in the 1980s. The last sojourn in Capricorn was almost 165 years earlier. It set into motion factions that lied, deceived and surreptitiously seeped agendas into plans that were far-reaching decades ahead for the benefit of “big business.” Right behind it entering Capricorn was Saturn on February 14, 1988, and then Uranus two days later. Uranus takes eighty-four years to return to a sign, and Saturn, an average of twenty-eight to thirty. For them all to begin cycles at once in Capricorn was unprecedented in recent history. It was about this time that deceptive plans, begun in early 1984, should have found concrete expression. Uranus is inventiveness and unique ideas, and Saturn is solid, concrete reality. Back then who would have imagined that the originator of Agent Orange, Monsanto, had plans to genetically alter seeds, patent them and try to take over the food supply of the entire planet? We would have assumed that anyone who said so was insane. But that is exactly what has happened, and many other plots, as well.

However, just as Pluto in Capricorn brought us the rebellion that birthed the USA (It is in Capricorn in the USA chart), so, too, will Pluto, now again in Capricorn for the first time since then, revolutionize and transform the status quo. All is not lost. Pluto entered Capricorn in January 2008, and by the end of the year, the first cracks in corporate plots appeared when the housing bubble burst, the stock market hiccupped, and we became aware of what “big business” had been doing.

Pluto in Capricorn is essentially transformation, dying and rebirthing of big business—and any other Capricorn-ruled item, like government. You can find a list of them in Rex Bills’ “The Rulership Book.” I said in the seventies that when Pluto went through Capricorn, it would revolutionize business and/or government as we know it. They will be transformed into something different. Just as the USA was born while Pluto was in Capricorn, it will die to what it has become and hopefully be re-born in this visit, the first time it has been in that sign since then.

Remember, however, that the outer planetary transits are global. They are not directed just at the USA. All countries are affected, but the specifics will depend on their respective charts and how these cycles affect them individually.

And now, Uranus has moved into Aries and is making challenging aspects, not only to Pluto, but also to the original triple conjunction that occurred back in the last half of the eighties. This adds outrage and impatience to the mix—historically a time of revolution. The best part will be when Saturn returns to Capricorn in December 2017-January 2018 (remember it has an average 28-30 year orbit and last entered the sign in 1988), and comes back to the original triple threat conjunction, and then goes on to join Pluto in January 2020. It is then that “dues are paid.” Saturn is the disciplinarian. Pluto is forced change, transformation and total rebuilding, and it will not be finished until 2024 when Pluto finally leaves Capricorn and moves on into Aquarius. By then, what it was all about will be clear, but what will happen in the interim depends so much on what each of us does and how we live our lives according to the highest principles. Remember any country’s chart is a collective expression. If we don’t want a corrupt government, we must do something about it.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Aries Ingress

At 7:02 am on March 20, 2013 in Washington, DC, the Sun entered Aries and thus began spring. This is called the Aries Ingress or the Spring Equinox. The resulting chart for that event, when cast for the capital city of whatever country interests you, will give a good picture of what to expect in that country for the astrological year. We are used to thinking that January 1st is the New Year, but astrologically, it is the first day of spring when we start the ZODIACAL year…i.e. Aries is the first sign, and therefore, the Sun’s entrance into that sign marks the zodiacal year’s beginning.

I’m not a weather forecasting astrologer, so I’m not going to even try to predict that in any detail, but at first glance with the little I know about that, it appears that we should have quite a bit of “wetness” this year, possibly combined with strong winds and possible earthquakes. It is so pronounced, it is worth mentioning.

The most important thing is the predominance of Pisces and Neptunian energy. The chart ruler is Neptune, and it is in Pisces and also occupying Pisces’ house, the twelfth. Plus, it’s conjunct Mercury and square Jupiter, which is the ancient ruler of Pisces, as well. That is a LOT of delusion and deception. Mercury in this chart represents the citizenry, since it rules the fourth. This shows a grassroots constituency that is “out of sight” or rather, not being seen or considered. They are shown as “asleep” or very confused or deceived. We know this, of course, if we keep up with what is going on in the rest of the world, where their access to better news reporting is allowed. We see very little that matters, since the media is manipulated by corporate interests. Therefore, Jupiter (in Gemini) in the third house square Neptune/Mercury in the twelfth, clearly shows our lack of accurate judgment and our news being full of trivial fluff and deception.

This kind of control is further indicated by Saturn in the eighth house in Scorpio trine Neptune and Mercury—they will succeed in this manipulation. The eighth house is “other people’s power or values.” It is ruled by Scorpio/Pluto, and Pluto is posited in the tenth house, which is the seat of power. Further, they are in mutual reception. That means that Saturn is in Pluto’s sign (Scorpio) and Pluto is in Saturn’s sign (Capricorn), AND they are in each other’s houses, as well—double mutual reception. Jupiter rules the ninth and tenth houses. The ninth is the law and legislators (the collective “mind” or decisions), and the tenth is the president or whatever the real power is. Jupiter being in Gemini in the third shows that there is concentration of what is being fed to us via our media. Here is the interesting part: Jupiter is in a tight YOD formation with Pluto and Saturn. (A yod is the pattern of one planet being quincunx two planets that are sextile each other.) Those in power have a great deal of disciplined power being perpetrated, but it is not what we’re perceiving. The focal point of the yod is Jupiter, and since it is quincunx both of the power planets (Pluto and Saturn) which are in good aspect, there is no connection at all between their real agenda or activity and what is being said or reported. NONE. We might as well turn off the TV and radio and stop reading newspapers.

However, there is more to this chart than just that. The Moon is in the fourth house in Cancer. It is opposing Pluto and square Mars, Uranus and the Sun. That is rage on a visceral level on the part of the collective “families” in our country. Some of this is hardship from the weather, and some is hardship from the powers that be (Pluto in the tenth). We may not have access to real news and are being fed propaganda continuously, but we know when things are not going well relative to prices, wages, unemployment, police brutality, crumbling infrastructure, et al.

Mars conjunct Uranus—especially in Aries—can indicate earthquakes and unexpected, violent storm activity, as well as rebellion and outrage. Astrologers have been predicting a “correction” of excesses, which can include a depression, happening from 2008 to 2017. We are entering the year that it will be too obvious to ignore. The meltdown of late 2008 should have been a lot worse, but it was propped up somehow and just postponed. Things are going to unravel this year.

Expect two things: propaganda will continue (especially on Fox News) and in some part be successful (the Neptune-Mercury/Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter configurations), and expect rebellion and outrage, not to mention some weather issues, to be out front and obvious. From the spring of 2013 to the next spring in 2014, we will see a great deal of drama.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

You DO Have Free Will---or “Lessons Learned”

This month I have Uranus in transit squaring my Mars, and Pluto in transit squaring my Sun. At the end of March I’ll have solar arc Pluto opposing my Sun. If this was thirty or forty years ago, and I were my client, I’d be alarmed and forecast some pretty dire things—and with some people they might be correct. However, I’ve learned a lot in the interim and now have a better understanding of how these things present opportunities to use our free will. Or as “A Course in Miracles” says, “We can look at this a different way.”

My first clue actually occurred early in my career in the mid-seventies. I was doing the chart of an elderly woman (who then was younger than I am now), and saw something similar (by a different math system) having just occurred to her shortly before. I asked her what happened. She said that had she been younger, she would have exerted her temper and expected everyone to “shape up.” But, she had learned that she could not make the world stop spinning (her words) and so just let her recent grievances go. Instead, she used the energy to move 200 plants from one house to another. That was all that happened externally. Internally, she had learned the lessons of excessive will power, which Uranus and Pluto together can express, and chose to use it a different way. I never forgot that lesson, and it also taught me to look at rulerships of houses because invariably that is where the potential action is.

The Sun rules my 4th house (family, foundations, early childhood). Mars rules the 12th and is in the 8th—the unconscious and also the judgment of other people based on THEIR values. You know how it is when you choose to be (gasp) an Astrologer (!) and your family is Southern Baptist. The 4th, 8th and 12th houses are connected inasmuch as they are the ones in various ways representing the vast subconscious reservoir where our emotional responses are not necessarily rational. The natal indication is that I am very angry about being unfairly judged by people using *their* values, which may very well be irrational, and so might my own opinions. It’s all too “knee jerk” reactionary to be able to even discuss. Finally, in my old age, I’m accepting that I cannot change that. I have to just let it go and choose different companions if I don’t want to deal with it. Currently, I could have chosen to use the energy in a futile way that would have changed nothing. (There is much more to this—like the houses Uranus and Pluto rule and tenant, but I’m keeping it simple.)

And so, right now I have “excessive will power” and instead of trying to change the world and other people, I’m going to bite the bullet and do a de-tox of my system and change myself. This is a Pluto exercise. Uranus is expressed by it being sudden. My poor body will wonder what happened to all the caffeine and all forms of sugar. It will go into withdrawal. But, in the end, it is a better use of the energy and will produce something positive. To validate that this is a good choice, a client recently sent a gift of a detox product without my even asking!! She just thought I might be interested in something like that and wanted to send a gift. Synchronicity, as Carl Jung would point out.

Fourth house is also your home, and I have recently moved probably for the last time. I’m in the process of renovating—like building stairs to turn the attic into an art studio/guest room, among other things. This is also a Pluto/Uranus expression suitable for the fourth house. It will produce a better result, as well. So, if you have something like this affecting you (particularly Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn people born around the middle of the sign), look for ways of using this powerful energy for your benefit instead of letting IT use YOU by default. The main reason for these energies is to nudge you to grow and become stronger and wiser.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

A New Age is Beginning

Every year there is usually a major aspect by progression, solar arc or transit that defines the year best. As you know, solar arcs are my favorite, hence the book I wrote about it. (Which, by the way, is just about out of print—less than fifty left.) Last year, it was solar arc Saturn conjunct the USA’s natal Uranus. It was exact about nine months ago. This is a frustrating configuration showing freedom being limited and a general feeling of one’s individuality under suppression. We felt our voices were not being heard.

The USA chart (Sibly’s July 4th 1776 at 5:10 pm in Philadelphia) has natal Sun square Saturn, and the way it is arranged, Saturn makes aspects first by solar arc, and the Sun is later. So when Saturn by solar arc contacts something, the Sun follows shortly thereafter. All of it is about the lesson inherent in the natal square. Since the Sun rules the ninth (legislature, lawmakers, collective thought), and Saturn rules the second (values, money), we allow our legislature to limit or “discipline” us related to our values and income in excess (square). That is, of course, extremely simplistic. The USA chart is fascinating, and a good book about it is “Soul Sick Nation” by Jessica Murray.

When many astrologers and psychics spoke of the Mayan calendar ending, they rightly said it was the end of an age and the beginning of another. I believe that is true, and what is ahead is exciting. First, the Sun by progression and solar arc will square the USA natal Uranus on September 18, 2013. This is colloquially called “the divorce aspect;” although it doesn’t always lead to divorce, it certainly leads to a “declaration of independence.” It shakes up the status quo related to the houses ruled and tenanted. We see that beginning in some states’ secession efforts. Solar arcs and progressions begin to be felt when they are about a degree from being exact. In the case of solar arcs, that is within a year. When you add the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square transit, which will be in range for the next three or four years (depending on orbs allowed), and will be activating the USA natal Sun, we are about to see a major rebellion. Actually, we have already been seeing this aspect in action, since the progressed Sun has been squaring progressed Uranus for the last year. It will just not be hampered by Saturn any more.

There will be a lunar eclipse on May 24th which will align with natal Uranus and trigger the above mentioned solar arc Sun square natal Uranus. We should have a pretty good idea of the 2013 theme by then.

On the plus side, Jupiter in transit will be conjoining natal Uranus one last time this coming year (March 11), which is colloquially called the "thank the Lord" aspect, and then it will enter Cancer on June 25th. Since the USA has the Sun in Cancer, it will bode well for us ultimately--or at least at the time. Saturn is transiting Scorpio, and although Scorpios, Leos, Aquarians, and Taureans may find it challenging, it is in good aspect to the USA Sun. I think 2013 will be a break-through year.

Along that line, I looked back to see what was happening the last time solar arc Sun contacted the USA natal Uranus and found some interesting things. First, that year, 1925, we had the first female governor of a state: Nellie Ross, governor of Wyoming. Calvin Coolidge became the first President to have his inauguration broadcast on radio. Charles Francis Jenkins broadcast the first synchronized transmission of vision and sound, which he called “radio vision.” And oddly, “The Great Gatsby” was published. It is being made into a movie this year, although that is really minor—just interesting synchronicity. We can expect some very interesting scientific discoveries or implementation of those already in the works. Perhaps we’ll have a “quantum” leap in electronics, like abandoning it for quantum energy.

In addition to those things happening in 1925, there was an earthquake that destroyed downtown Santa Barbara, CA on June 29. On Nova last night I saw a documentary about volcanoes in Iceland. Our own caldera of Yellowstone is way overdue for an eruption, as are those in Iceland—the biggest is rumbling. Either eruption would shift our attention to survival and away from war and greed. Uranus and Pluto are well-known players in natural disasters, so with the combination above of the Sun/Uranus connection and the Pluto/Uranus transit, it is probable that we’ll see more events like Sandy. There is a lot more to say, so as the year unfolds, I’ll get more into it. Happy New Year, everyone.