Thursday, January 3, 2013

A New Age is Beginning

Every year there is usually a major aspect by progression, solar arc or transit that defines the year best. As you know, solar arcs are my favorite, hence the book I wrote about it. (Which, by the way, is just about out of print—less than fifty left.) Last year, it was solar arc Saturn conjunct the USA’s natal Uranus. It was exact about nine months ago. This is a frustrating configuration showing freedom being limited and a general feeling of one’s individuality under suppression. We felt our voices were not being heard.

The USA chart (Sibly’s July 4th 1776 at 5:10 pm in Philadelphia) has natal Sun square Saturn, and the way it is arranged, Saturn makes aspects first by solar arc, and the Sun is later. So when Saturn by solar arc contacts something, the Sun follows shortly thereafter. All of it is about the lesson inherent in the natal square. Since the Sun rules the ninth (legislature, lawmakers, collective thought), and Saturn rules the second (values, money), we allow our legislature to limit or “discipline” us related to our values and income in excess (square). That is, of course, extremely simplistic. The USA chart is fascinating, and a good book about it is “Soul Sick Nation” by Jessica Murray.

When many astrologers and psychics spoke of the Mayan calendar ending, they rightly said it was the end of an age and the beginning of another. I believe that is true, and what is ahead is exciting. First, the Sun by progression and solar arc will square the USA natal Uranus on September 18, 2013. This is colloquially called “the divorce aspect;” although it doesn’t always lead to divorce, it certainly leads to a “declaration of independence.” It shakes up the status quo related to the houses ruled and tenanted. We see that beginning in some states’ secession efforts. Solar arcs and progressions begin to be felt when they are about a degree from being exact. In the case of solar arcs, that is within a year. When you add the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square transit, which will be in range for the next three or four years (depending on orbs allowed), and will be activating the USA natal Sun, we are about to see a major rebellion. Actually, we have already been seeing this aspect in action, since the progressed Sun has been squaring progressed Uranus for the last year. It will just not be hampered by Saturn any more.

There will be a lunar eclipse on May 24th which will align with natal Uranus and trigger the above mentioned solar arc Sun square natal Uranus. We should have a pretty good idea of the 2013 theme by then.

On the plus side, Jupiter in transit will be conjoining natal Uranus one last time this coming year (March 11), which is colloquially called the "thank the Lord" aspect, and then it will enter Cancer on June 25th. Since the USA has the Sun in Cancer, it will bode well for us ultimately--or at least at the time. Saturn is transiting Scorpio, and although Scorpios, Leos, Aquarians, and Taureans may find it challenging, it is in good aspect to the USA Sun. I think 2013 will be a break-through year.

Along that line, I looked back to see what was happening the last time solar arc Sun contacted the USA natal Uranus and found some interesting things. First, that year, 1925, we had the first female governor of a state: Nellie Ross, governor of Wyoming. Calvin Coolidge became the first President to have his inauguration broadcast on radio. Charles Francis Jenkins broadcast the first synchronized transmission of vision and sound, which he called “radio vision.” And oddly, “The Great Gatsby” was published. It is being made into a movie this year, although that is really minor—just interesting synchronicity. We can expect some very interesting scientific discoveries or implementation of those already in the works. Perhaps we’ll have a “quantum” leap in electronics, like abandoning it for quantum energy.

In addition to those things happening in 1925, there was an earthquake that destroyed downtown Santa Barbara, CA on June 29. On Nova last night I saw a documentary about volcanoes in Iceland. Our own caldera of Yellowstone is way overdue for an eruption, as are those in Iceland—the biggest is rumbling. Either eruption would shift our attention to survival and away from war and greed. Uranus and Pluto are well-known players in natural disasters, so with the combination above of the Sun/Uranus connection and the Pluto/Uranus transit, it is probable that we’ll see more events like Sandy. There is a lot more to say, so as the year unfolds, I’ll get more into it. Happy New Year, everyone.

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