Friday, July 29, 2011

The New Moon Tomorrow and Obama’s chart

I knew months ago that this summer would be a tense time since the T-square of Uranus, Saturn and Pluto would be in range for the last time for a while (Saturn moves away soon) and because Mars is going to join it in August. It’s very similar to last summer when Mars and Jupiter had joined them, and we were in the throes of the big BP oil disaster. The energy that has been building over the last few weeks, related to the debt ceiling, is just the build-up to the discord and tension in August—but it may not be related to the same issue. It might just as easily be a hurricane or earthquake.

Lunation charts drawn for the capital cities of countries show more detail about a couple weeks ahead. This one tomorrow (July 30) is just a regular New Moon, not an eclipse, but it has information we can use, nonetheless.

The key aspect that is the most pronounced is Mercury opposing Neptune aligning with the MC, when we draw the chart for the US. Mercury is going retrograde on August second just before midnight EDT, as well, and that will be in effect until the 26th. It is in range of opposing Neptune until about the 15th, depending on how much orb you allow. That sounds ominous, but thankfully, they are well-supported. There is a nice “kite” pattern with them involving Pluto and Jupiter. To put it another way, Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto are in a grand trine—even involving the MC. Plus, Jupiter and Pluto, in turn, are sextile Neptune, which is almost midway between them. This tells me that creative imagination is at work, people are thinking more deeply, and even possibly waking up to some deceptions that have been blatantly perpetrated (like Fox News telling people that Obama has been spending three times what Bush spent DAILY. Since the Bush era ended with an almost 12 trillion deficit, and we’re now at 14.3, then Obama’s administration is spending slightly less per day if you’re averaging on an annual basis. And the obligations were already in place). But that’s not the only lie. A little research can sort it out, but it takes work.

Mercury opposing Neptune, taken alone, is deception and illusion. When it’s well-supported, as it is now, it can be used as creative ideas, spiritual objectives, or awareness of compassion. After all, Somalia, despite their pirates, is starving and desperate. Just what we throw out every day could save them—symbolically. Of course, I’m not advocating sending them our trash. There is no excuse for this kind of suffering when corporations and billionaires are raking in more personal wealth than in the history of the planet.

Another deception is the refusal of Monsanto and big agriculture to label GMO foods. One official even said that if they labeled them, they might as well put a “skull and crossbones” on the label. Europe has enforced labeling, and GMOs are not doing well there. An opposition infers “awareness,” so perhaps this opposition being in effect for a couple weeks, plus other things in the chart, can indicate a call to action as the populace wakes up to just what they have been consuming.

As far as Congress goes, the ninth house tells us what is going on with them. It’s ruled by the Moon (and the MC by the Sun), and the new moon is IN the ninth conjunct Venus. All are square Jupiter. That is excessive posturing and over-optimism. I think agreements will be reached, but at more cost than anticipated, and that all the congressmen have too much confidence in what they are doing (or trying to put over on us). However, the fourth house is the grassroots populace, ruled by Uranus in this chart, and IT is trine the Sun, Moon, and Venus. I believe that finally, we’re exerting our rights and individuality over the next two weeks, and people are letting it be known that they are not pleased with this dysfunctional congress. Since this chart is in effect for only a couple weeks, it isn’t necessarily going to change anything. For two weeks, I don’t believe anyone in any government knows exactly what is going on (angular Neptune) and a lot will have to be re-visited and done over (retrograde Mercury). The cost will be considerable (Venus square Jupiter).

We are heading into the long-term square of Uranus to Pluto. It’s a very important configuration that comes along periodically to upset the status quo and help us clean house. It will make seven contacts over the next several years, and it is just beginning; i.e. they are moving into position and have been for the last year—the first exact contact hasn’t even occurred yet (that will be June 24, 2012). These two were in effect during the Great Depression and also in the ‘60s when we had so many protests and assassinations. Pull up a seat; it is going to be a very interesting drama.

Obama’s Chart

There is so much going on in this chart, I can only hit the highlights here. First, his progressed Moon has been in Pisces for about 27 months. When the Moon is there, one can feel weak and ineffective, plus easily fall into a “victim” consciousness. BUT, in less than three months from now, it will go into aggressive, pro-active Aries, and you will see a different side of him emerge. On August second, though, his Progressed Moon is just four minutes from being sextile his progressed Jupiter, so he will feel he has achieved something in the next week.

Eleven months ago his progressed Sun went into Libra. Since the ruler of his chart is in Libra’s house to begin with, it only ADDED to his natural tendency to compromise and negotiate. We see that operating daily. This progressed Sun is right now only a couple minutes from being trine his natal Jupiter—very nice. I wish that were the only thing operating. Unfortunately, nothing is simple.

Solar arc aspects between the heavy outer planets are the most powerful. Solar arc Pluto is now square natal Saturn. By August second, it will be one minute past that. It just shows that this has been a difficult fight and very hard for him—one of the most intense power struggles of his career. In addition, progressed ascendant will be entering these stressful aspect arenas in the next two years, so (surprise!) it will not be easy. In a little over six months, when progressed ascendant opposes progressed Mars, he will be facing very angry circumstances. It could get violent. And in about 13 to 14 months, he’s in a depression or at least very tired, which I think is the most likely manifestation.

Progressed Uranus is approaching a square to his MC—and although this is a slow and very long influence, it does cover the next several years and shows great upheaval with one surprise in his career after another. To top it off, like background music, Neptune in transit has been square his MC for over a year and will continue to do so, moving on to square his Moon. That is indecision, confusion, deception, and eventually, it may affect his health, since the Moon rules his sixth house. Not a great forecast.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Anthony Case

When we look at the tragic case of Casey and Caylee Anthony, we are all saddened. However, it is a good example of relationship dynamics and what can set off a natural personality conflict. It would be ideal to imagine that every child will be compatible with his or her parents, but unfortunately, it is not the case a great deal of the time. If parents, however, would have an analysis of their chart with their children’s many tragedies like this one could be avoided.
We don’t have a time of birth for Casey, the mother—just a date and place, but we do have one for Caylee, and even without a time of birth for the mother, it is easy to see that these two would have a difficult relationship. It doesn’t mean that Casey was a “bad” mother, nor does it mean that little Caylee was a “s**t head” as her mother was quoted as calling her. It would have been difficult for these two to get along under the best of circumstances.


Caylee Anthony was born on August 9, 2005 at 7:14 am EDT in Orlando, FL. Since she was born close to sunrise, she is a double Leo (Sun and Ascendant in the same sign), and she has the Moon in Libra. That combination needs a lot of attention and usually has a strong sense of how one is fitting into society even at a very early age.
Her mother is shown by the MC and its ruler. (I use the MC for the parent that is the same sex as the child.) That is Venus, in this case, and Venus is in Virgo squaring Pluto very closely—one degree orb. That shows that the mother was primarily materialistic (second house placement and Taurus MC), very critical of Caylee (Virgo) and controlling (Pluto square), although, it can also show that there was enormous tension between them, as well. Since Pluto rules the fourth, the other parent, it also indicates a great deal of secrecy about him. The early home life is the fourth, too, and with this kind of signature, Caylee’s early life would have been destined to be full of tension and pressure.
The Moon in Libra (in the second house with Venus) also describes her mother, and although it is sextile Saturn, showing general reliability, it is quincunx Mars. Mars is the indication of behavior—how one “acts.” A quincunx shows division or separation—nothing in common. So when she was being herself—her natural action, her mother (Moon) couldn’t relate to it. It was foreign to her. Being in Taurus, Caylee’s Mars indicates she would be somewhat stubborn and persistent. She would show frustration easily because Mars is square Saturn and Mercury. Her behavior was constantly limited or curtailed. She would have been outspoken (Mars in the ninth as well as square Mercury) and express herself quite clearly. Saturn in the twelfth is conjunct Mercury, which, in turn, is conjoining her twelfth house Sun. This is maturity at a very early age plus hardship, leaving a kind of “un-nameable” guilt for even existing. She would catch on very early that she was not really all that welcomed by her mother when she was born. This innate guilt is also shown by the Sun being opposite Neptune, both spanning the Ascendant/Descendant axis. Neptune is opposing Mercury, so she inherited her mother’s propensity for deception, although since it’s an opposition, it would often be coming to her from others rather than from her own choices.

The Composite

A composite chart is created from midpoints between any two entities’ charts. This can be between people, a person and a city, or anything that is “born.” It’s a fabulous tool to see the essence of a relationship, and from experience, I’m convinced it takes precedence over just comparing two charts. This one is not perfect, since we don’t have a time of birth for Casey (born March 19, 1986 in Warren, OH), but we can see a lot from what we have. First there is a T-square between Mars, Pluto, Mercury and Sun. If Casey had been born mid-day or later, this would be a full-blown grand square including the Moon. But the T-square is enough to indicate enormous tension. They would see each other as resistant, non-co-operative and stubborn. It would have been a life-long power struggle. Anger would easily escalate into rage.
Further, Venus is square Saturn indicating a lack of affection. And it also quincunxes Uranus very tightly revealing that there was a fundamental feeling that each was limiting the other’s freedom. Neither one felt she was free to express herself fully nor to do as she wanted.

June 16, 2008

This was the last day Caylee was seen alive. She had been going through quite a bit leading up to this day. For some reason, ten months earlier, her life shifted in some way resulting in her being more intense and ultra-aware. Her Libra natal Moon went into Scorpio. We all have this phenomenon of the progressed moon changing signs around every 2 ¼ to 2 ½ years. It usually indicates a time when we take a subtle change in direction, attitude, and sometimes even personality. Transiting Uranus had been opposing Venus and square Pluto for weeks, setting off the square that indicated a mother who was critical and controlling. Caylee would have seen her mother as being unpredictable, and since Pluto rules the fourth, her home life had become erratic and unpredictable, as well. When Uranus squares Pluto, the person experiencing it wants whatever is happening to be over with. It’s intense impatience at a peak. Little Caylee did not like whatever was happening and was more than likely very outspoken about it.
I have taught and always believed that solar arc aspects do not trigger secondary progressions, but I’ve often observed, nonetheless, that they seem to be operative. This is one of those times. The solar arc Mars on this day was square the progressed Mercury within ONE MINUTE, and progressed Mercury was quincunx progressed Uranus within two minutes. By the end of the day, both could have been exact. After all, we don’t know what time, or even what day, Caylee left us. But, Uranus rules the seventh, which is connected to “being in public” or visible to the public, and the quincunx is separating. So, at that time she was literally “separated from the public.” Transiting Nodes were conjunct the progressed Sun; this was a karmic event.
The most dramatic thing of all was transiting Mars. For about four or five days, Caylee had been angry. She was probably “acting out” quite a bit. Mars was going over her Sun, progressed Sun and then the Ascendant. The MC at this time was square the Ascendant, as well, so it was included in this. The night before this, it was exact. Chiron was exactly opposite the ascendant to the minute. This was a day of destiny, when choices were ultra-important.
Casey Anthony’s natal chart (even without an exact time) shows a Mars-Uranus conjunction square Mercury and Sun. This indicates a high-strung person who is easily angered and insists on doing what she wants. This is also a signature of attention deficit disorder—not a diagnosis, just a common aspect in the charts of people who have it. She is highly accident prone and impatient. Transiting Uranus was square Casey’s natal Uranus and conjunct her Mercury; so she was especially not patient at this time. In fact, she was highly nervous. On June 16th, the Sun at 25-26 Gemini was opposing her Mars, and since it had been opposite Uranus two or three days earlier, she had been high-strung and impatient for several days. Transiting Pluto had been squaring her Sun for over a year, so she felt pressured and desperate. This was a perfect storm.

The Composite on June 16, 2008

For over a year, transiting Saturn had been going over the T-square mentioned earlier that indicated that this relationship was very difficult. It had been activating it again from late March 2008 onward. That is extremely difficult with both parties feeling severely frustrated. The composite Moon is hard to pinpoint without a time of birth for Casey, but it was definitely in mid to late Leo close to Caylee’s ascendant. So, at some point around this time, the transiting Mars was also triggering the composite Moon which is not only anger and impatience on both parties’ sides, but also a visceral, emotional eruption of it.
Without a time of birth for Casey, I don’t want to speculate about anything, but there is ample evidence that both of them were highly volatile at this time, and it’s entirely possible that Caylee was accidentally killed out of impatience and anger. And last, solar arc Jupiter was within minutes of Casey’s natal Sun. If she was born earlier than six am, then this could have been exact around the time of the death, and it would have indicated being very optimistic about how this would all play out which could account for her behavior and carelessness.