Friday, July 29, 2011

The New Moon Tomorrow and Obama’s chart

I knew months ago that this summer would be a tense time since the T-square of Uranus, Saturn and Pluto would be in range for the last time for a while (Saturn moves away soon) and because Mars is going to join it in August. It’s very similar to last summer when Mars and Jupiter had joined them, and we were in the throes of the big BP oil disaster. The energy that has been building over the last few weeks, related to the debt ceiling, is just the build-up to the discord and tension in August—but it may not be related to the same issue. It might just as easily be a hurricane or earthquake.

Lunation charts drawn for the capital cities of countries show more detail about a couple weeks ahead. This one tomorrow (July 30) is just a regular New Moon, not an eclipse, but it has information we can use, nonetheless.

The key aspect that is the most pronounced is Mercury opposing Neptune aligning with the MC, when we draw the chart for the US. Mercury is going retrograde on August second just before midnight EDT, as well, and that will be in effect until the 26th. It is in range of opposing Neptune until about the 15th, depending on how much orb you allow. That sounds ominous, but thankfully, they are well-supported. There is a nice “kite” pattern with them involving Pluto and Jupiter. To put it another way, Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto are in a grand trine—even involving the MC. Plus, Jupiter and Pluto, in turn, are sextile Neptune, which is almost midway between them. This tells me that creative imagination is at work, people are thinking more deeply, and even possibly waking up to some deceptions that have been blatantly perpetrated (like Fox News telling people that Obama has been spending three times what Bush spent DAILY. Since the Bush era ended with an almost 12 trillion deficit, and we’re now at 14.3, then Obama’s administration is spending slightly less per day if you’re averaging on an annual basis. And the obligations were already in place). But that’s not the only lie. A little research can sort it out, but it takes work.

Mercury opposing Neptune, taken alone, is deception and illusion. When it’s well-supported, as it is now, it can be used as creative ideas, spiritual objectives, or awareness of compassion. After all, Somalia, despite their pirates, is starving and desperate. Just what we throw out every day could save them—symbolically. Of course, I’m not advocating sending them our trash. There is no excuse for this kind of suffering when corporations and billionaires are raking in more personal wealth than in the history of the planet.

Another deception is the refusal of Monsanto and big agriculture to label GMO foods. One official even said that if they labeled them, they might as well put a “skull and crossbones” on the label. Europe has enforced labeling, and GMOs are not doing well there. An opposition infers “awareness,” so perhaps this opposition being in effect for a couple weeks, plus other things in the chart, can indicate a call to action as the populace wakes up to just what they have been consuming.

As far as Congress goes, the ninth house tells us what is going on with them. It’s ruled by the Moon (and the MC by the Sun), and the new moon is IN the ninth conjunct Venus. All are square Jupiter. That is excessive posturing and over-optimism. I think agreements will be reached, but at more cost than anticipated, and that all the congressmen have too much confidence in what they are doing (or trying to put over on us). However, the fourth house is the grassroots populace, ruled by Uranus in this chart, and IT is trine the Sun, Moon, and Venus. I believe that finally, we’re exerting our rights and individuality over the next two weeks, and people are letting it be known that they are not pleased with this dysfunctional congress. Since this chart is in effect for only a couple weeks, it isn’t necessarily going to change anything. For two weeks, I don’t believe anyone in any government knows exactly what is going on (angular Neptune) and a lot will have to be re-visited and done over (retrograde Mercury). The cost will be considerable (Venus square Jupiter).

We are heading into the long-term square of Uranus to Pluto. It’s a very important configuration that comes along periodically to upset the status quo and help us clean house. It will make seven contacts over the next several years, and it is just beginning; i.e. they are moving into position and have been for the last year—the first exact contact hasn’t even occurred yet (that will be June 24, 2012). These two were in effect during the Great Depression and also in the ‘60s when we had so many protests and assassinations. Pull up a seat; it is going to be a very interesting drama.

Obama’s Chart

There is so much going on in this chart, I can only hit the highlights here. First, his progressed Moon has been in Pisces for about 27 months. When the Moon is there, one can feel weak and ineffective, plus easily fall into a “victim” consciousness. BUT, in less than three months from now, it will go into aggressive, pro-active Aries, and you will see a different side of him emerge. On August second, though, his Progressed Moon is just four minutes from being sextile his progressed Jupiter, so he will feel he has achieved something in the next week.

Eleven months ago his progressed Sun went into Libra. Since the ruler of his chart is in Libra’s house to begin with, it only ADDED to his natural tendency to compromise and negotiate. We see that operating daily. This progressed Sun is right now only a couple minutes from being trine his natal Jupiter—very nice. I wish that were the only thing operating. Unfortunately, nothing is simple.

Solar arc aspects between the heavy outer planets are the most powerful. Solar arc Pluto is now square natal Saturn. By August second, it will be one minute past that. It just shows that this has been a difficult fight and very hard for him—one of the most intense power struggles of his career. In addition, progressed ascendant will be entering these stressful aspect arenas in the next two years, so (surprise!) it will not be easy. In a little over six months, when progressed ascendant opposes progressed Mars, he will be facing very angry circumstances. It could get violent. And in about 13 to 14 months, he’s in a depression or at least very tired, which I think is the most likely manifestation.

Progressed Uranus is approaching a square to his MC—and although this is a slow and very long influence, it does cover the next several years and shows great upheaval with one surprise in his career after another. To top it off, like background music, Neptune in transit has been square his MC for over a year and will continue to do so, moving on to square his Moon. That is indecision, confusion, deception, and eventually, it may affect his health, since the Moon rules his sixth house. Not a great forecast.


  1. And then, in the case of Obama's chart, you add the additional layer of Tr Saturn t-square his Jupiter/Mercury during Primary and Election Season and it becomes even MORE difficult. If he attempts to tap into that Jupiter/Mercury energy in the form of slogans (Yes We Can) or a fudging of the facts (via Jupiter's propensity to inflate accomplishments), Saturn will be there in a way he wasn't in 2008 to challenge and correct him. And Obama is a bit infamous in how prickly he gets when corrected.

    He'll also have the South Node conjunct his Moon, which could lead to feelings of loss, of paranoia and fear. He could very well be dealing with a feeling of being stuck in quicksand with everything he thought was a "slam-dunk" suddenly shifting or falling apart. Furthermore, the shifting and falling apart could be because of a woman (with the Moon involved).

    Very good article, Carole. Thank you for posting it.

  2. You are very right about his tendency to make compromises and to negotiate, even too much!

    You know, politics is an issue of Time and timing... Situation governs all, in Chinese “situation” and “power” (both “shi”) are quite the same. And all that means: True power **is born** from and by the Situation, in it, and in it only, you will find the power to govern it. Any situation on Earth would refuse any attempt to rule it which starts outside of its own terms...

    This in politics is ***all***, absolutely all. The political genius, so rare in actual politicians, so many times mere puppets, is to stay, like the surfer, just a bit **before** events and things. And, of course, to know thyself.

    Let us make an example: Obama. He likes even too much to make compromises and negotiate but he had in chance an extremely aggressive and far wing right, by the way as in Italy and in all Europe. This far wing right - that, acting like dogs that bark to the Moon, demonster they **fear** power and are not apt to manage it - must **feel** the power of the master, just like the dog: The dog that does not feel the power of the master is doomed to make disasters.

    Obama should have fought step by step, stone by stone, giving not even a small passage to the enemy. But this from teh moment all went too far on teh right. In fact, the far right wing demonized him while he is even too much negotiating... He left himself be demonized while he had to face nothingnesses, this far right wing is a cohesion of fear, fear governs it and moves any step. Do the opposite: Courage is a surprise for the fearful. Challenge them in any moment, call the people that supported you to arms.

    So in politics the Situation commands: When you have to exert the force, you **must** ruthlessly do it. If you have not the stomach to do it, pelase do not even enter the game.

    But when you **must** make appeasement, negotiate and go on, then you must do it.

    My impression about Obama is that he acts the opposite the situation needs!

    And what you said, that he would reveal a completely different side of himslef, is highly probable when he will realize that he failed quite in all, that the goal he had in mind were not at all achived.

    But in this case he would add to an error another error! No, he moved bad, at that moment the negotiation will return in good position and he may have another chance. Instead if he adds to an error another error for 2012 I see few probabilities for him.

    I think he may be an Aquarius Ascendant perhaps, someone who denies himself. I only hope, now, for what he did, that he will continue in his over-negotiating politics whcih will return up for the Wheel turns, turns, ever turns ups and down...

    Today anyone thinks that “he or she” can while he or she cannot! These are not things that anyone can do, a complete wrong thing to be believed... The sense of timing the best is that you have it instinctively, if yoy have not, then you must study hard. Do not think it will be easy to leearn it!