Friday, April 9, 2010

The Cardinal Climax, Tiger Woods, and a little bit more about Star Trek

The big news that we're all hearing lately is about the intense configuration this summer of the outer planets in the early degrees of cardinal signs. It has been a hot topic for Astrologers for the last five years at least. To give you an idea of how important it is, this pattern resembles those during the Great Depression and the mid-sixties when we saw so much drama with assassinations, the Vietnam War and the back-to-the-earth movement. What can I say that will add anything to the avalanche of things already written?
One thing is that the eclipse of June 26th, at 4:46 Capricorn is conjoining Pluto at 4:05. This is in line with the USA's Venus. Venus in the USA chart represents the economy generically, but also represents the leader of the country because it rules the MC. And, it tells us about labor, employment, the military and the police force because it rules the sixth house in the Sibly chart. (This chart has long been disputed, as have a number of others, but I’ve watched it closely for years, and it does show events accurately as they occur—particularly the 9/11 event.)

With this eclipse and the cardinal pattern coming into alignment, plus a number of other things, we can expect a good revolution this summer, or at least the beginning of one. The extent of our economic troubles will come to light, as well as the true unemployment rate. However, the country is in need of a good “cleaning house.” The benefit of this house cleaning is clearly shown, as well.

For instance, nobody seems to be mentioning the almost exact trine of the progressed Sun to Jupiter! That would be exact in early October. The Sun represents the legislature and laws. Sun rules the ninth, and the ninth house is the philosophical mind of the owner’s chart—that’s why it is law and legislature, which are supposed to represent our thinking and wishes. It is our country’s chart, so we are going to do a good job of communicating our mind-set—although contradictory with red and blue expressing different views. In fact, the progressed Sun is IN the third, which is communication on a local, day-to-day level. People are getting VERY vocal already, and it will get much stronger.

Solar arc Uranus is trine the USA’s MC, which is the aspect it has in the natal chart (and so doubly significant). This shows our inherent expectation of freedom from authority (MC) telling us what to do. It is exact right about now, but will be aspected positively by the transiting Saturn and Mars around the first of August. I expect a lot of drama regarding our rights to free expression from late June until September, if not beyond.

Progressed Mercury is retrograde, but it is approaching a trine to Mars. It has already quincunxed (is that even a valid word?!) Neptune. That would indicate a separation of the country’s thinking (grass roots Americans) and the way they see their will being implemented. Plus, it’s a strong trigger to the infamous square of these too, and MIGHT bring in some recognition of obvious hypocrisy. Neptune rules the intercepted third and is in the ninth; Mercury rules the intercepted ninth, but is progressed in the third. A quincunx indicates separation. It could not be clearer. We are not in agreement with our representatives.

But, the best for last: The progressed Moon is going to be square Mars in June. Then it conjoins Neptune in July. The Moon, representing the populace, is addressing the deceptive nature of the Mars/Neptune square. If that were all, it might not mean much, but solar arc Pluto is going to square Mars and conjoin Neptune around January 2012 and January/February 2013 respectively. This will bring in a strong accountability for the prior deceptions that led up to this point. However, I want to point out that there is always the possibility of mis-use of any energy. The last time solar arc Pluto contacted this square was in 1923/24, and although the roaring twenties is remembered for the Charleston, flappers and Gershwin, there was also the rise of the Mafia and Hitler. This particular aspect only affects the USA, but the Cardinal Climax affects us all globally. We are now approaching the regular adjustments we go through on a regular basis, when these patterns repeat, to bring a correction to excesses. It’s always painful in some way until we learn something, but better in the long run.

Tiger Woods—another Mars/Neptune issue

When the news first broke about Tiger Woods’ extracurricular activities, someone commented that it was the Gemini Mars in his chart. In a way it was, but I feel it’s imperative to say that a Mars position by sign, all by itself, doesn’t account for behavior of any kind, much less something this negative. Mars is the planet we look to for one’s desire nature, and Gemini is noted for liking variety, but it can be expressed many different ways. One of the reasons I chose to write about this in the same blog as the USA chart is because it involves that pesky Neptune/Mars negative expression of “deceptive behavior.” Tiger’s Mars is opposite his Neptune, and his Neptune, in turn, is conjunct his Moon. Together this is a very active imagination connected to his emotional needs. Even that, all by itself, is not enough to tell us what those needs are. What does that is his Venus in Scorpio along with his Sun square Pluto, which happens to be in the first house. That combination is a very, very strong sex drive. Pluto is opposite Jupiter (and of course, Sun squares) which only makes it more so.

When his infamous accident occurred, Uranus was exactly square his Moon (surprise emotional shock), and his progressed Moon was just between squaring his natal and progressed Mars. It was also midway between squaring this natal Moon and Neptune conjunction. Therefore, this was a shocking lesson about deceptive behavior to gratify his vivid imagination. In addition, his progressed Saturn was conjoining his progressed MC within nine minutes—a public fall from grace. Makes you wonder if anything is ever really an “accident.”

Star Trek

And last, the additional thing I wanted to say about Star Trek is about a chart’s effective longevity. In other words, does a chart stop when the owner dies? It appears not. It is said that whenever there was a new book or movie about Marilyn Monroe, it showed in her chart long after she was deceased.

I looked at the Star Trek chart to see if there was anything going on when “the next generation” first aired. Keep in mind that an event as large as a new show, which requires preparation, is a process that is unfolding over a couple years from conception to acceptance/success.

The key element of this show’s chart (set for the first airing of the original series: Sept. 8, 1966 at 8:30 pm, NYC), I believe, is the Uranus/Pluto/Sun conjunction in the fifth house. That was the primary energy being triggered during this time. When “Next Generation” first aired on September 28, 1987, several things were activating it. The solar arc Moon was not only sextile that triple conjunction, but also about to trine the seventh house natal Neptune a year later—a success indicator. Venus had conjoined natal Uranus eleven months earlier (Uranus, the “awakener”—and Venus is the chart ruler). Transiting Uranus had, and Saturn was, square the stellium.

In addition there was a lot of action involving Mars. The progressed ascendant was two minutes from sextile to it on that date, solar arc Uranus was in sextile separating by one degree and Pluto approaching by only 26 minutes. Solar arc Neptune (imagination) had been trine Mars a year earlier. Transiting Pluto was square Mars within one degree.

One little thing deserves comment. With most of this overwhelmingly positive, it’s worth noting that transiting Saturn was exactly square the Sun within six minutes, and it might have been closer if I’d set this up with the exact time the show started. Saturn gets a bad rap as an “inhibitor” or “block” to what we want to do. The USA has Saturn square the Sun in the Sibly chart, for instance, and we are a huge, successful country—albeit in a little trouble right now. Saturn square the Sun, if not overwhelmed by other indicators, shows responsibility and hard work in the extreme, which is probably what it took to put this show on for seven seasons. Without Saturn, there is no “backbone.”