Wednesday, November 18, 2015


We all know by now that on November 13, 2015 at 9:20 pm in Paris, France, terrorists bombed multiple spots in the city. This went on until after midnight. Plenty has been written about it in terms of transits and progressions, but I haven’t seen anything regarding the tertiary progressions.

I’ve told the story many times about how I came to include the tertiary progressions in all client work roughly a decade ago. I had been very, very, VERY tired for a month, but had no illness. I couldn’t find any indication of it in my chart, but when I did the tertiary progressions, there it was! Tertiary ascendant conjoining natal Saturn, and the definition of it was “fatigue.” It lasted a month, the time that it took for the tertiary ascendant to move off the Saturn. This is just to show you how much I like tertiary progressions…it has nothing to do with Paris.

I looked at both the original French chart in the Book of World Horoscopes (by Nicolas Campion) and the most recent, Oct. 6, 1958 at 6:30 PM CET, Paris, Fr. That was when the state seal was affixed to a new constitution. The first one he lists is Sep 21, 1792, 3:20 pm LMT, Paris. That one works somewhat, but mostly with midpoints.  The most recent one has some dramatic contacts. For instance, the tertiary moon (which moves a degree every TWO DAYS) was opposing the MC within 11 minutes of a degree when the attacks first began at 9:20 pm on November 13th. That’s spectacular. 

Since I’ll probably write a much longer article about this for a magazine, I will just point out a few things. Besides the dramatic position of the tertiary Moon, the tertiary Mars (explosives) had moved to 17:37 Cancer. Mars has a midpoint “tree” that shows it to be exactly-to-the-minute aspecting the midpoint between the Moon and Mercury and shares this with Pluto as well. Mars and Pluto together represent explosives. At that point in Cancer it was triggering the midpoints of Mercury/Ascendant, Sun/South Node, and MARS/PLUTO. In other words, Mars by tertiary progression had moved to the midpoint between itself and Pluto, which are tightly square in the natal chart. What that means basically, is that France is prone to violence, and the tertiary Mars position at that time was triggering it.

Transiting Pluto (explosives) is transiting square natal Mercury and was just 17 minutes from squaring Mercury exactly during the event.  Solar arc Uranus was only 21 minutes from conjoining the Sun, which is sudden, unexpected surprise. I’m always so stunned at how charts show what is happening, I have to wonder how much of our lives and history is really planned ahead for us.

Monday, September 14, 2015

What is REALLY Going on with “the Donald?”

I read somewhere recently that Donald Trump once said that when he was after investors for a project, he would take them to the construction site where he had told workers to “look busy”…i.e. “move dirt around if that’s all you can do.” He has Neptune square Mercury with a 3 degree orb, and although that can be used positively, it usually isn’t. It’s a deceptive mind—very fluid and imaginative.  Further, it is in Cancer, which is an emotional mind and very sensitive. 
       Trump’s birth data, according to “Astrodatabank,” is from his birth certificate and is considered reliable—Rodden’s AA rating. He was born June 14, 1946 in Queens, NY at 10:54 a.m. Many would say, with the last few minutes of Leo rising, that it is too close to Virgo to be “pure,” but that is nonsense according to most literature that I’ve read and from over 45 years of observation. It is conjunct the fixed star, Regulus, with only a six minute orb. This is a natural ability to appear “regal” but more importantly, his progressed Sun is within minutes of that position right now and will change signs in about ten and a half months. To add to his sense of regal importance, he was also born with Mars at 26:47 Leo, in a feisty conjunction with the Ascendant and square the MC. We can see him projecting this all the time. That often is exaggerated defensive pride.
         He was born just before the full Moon with Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius. It is, however, still in Gibbous phase, and that is where he potentially has some ability handling detail since that part of the Gibbous phase has Virgo characteristics.  However, the Sun is conjoining Uranus and the Moon opposing it, so his need to be “free” to do his own thing, would probably lean him toward being extremely subjective in drawing conclusions. The extreme confidence is further shown by the Sun and Moon being in positive aspect to Jupiter. By the way, progressed Jupiter has been holding a lovely trine to his natal Sun all his life, but it is also currently within four minutes of squaring natal Saturn. It always did, but is getting very close to partile (being exact) now. It moves so slowly, it is not going to indicate an “event” but, rather, bring out the natal pattern’s promise, which is a tendency to extreme swings in mood and an undermining of confidence.  
          And what is the natal promise? Donald has a sad side that we don’t see. He was born with Venus conjoining Saturn in Cancer, both square retrograde Jupiter. By the Koch system of houses, Venus rules his third and tenth houses—his conscious thought processes and public image (and other tenth house designations: father, career, reputation, etc.) Usually, Venus conjoining Saturn indicates fear of loss of money (or whatever one most values), most often leading to a poverty consciousness. I was surprised to see it, but given the Neptune/Mercury connection, it would be easy to conclude that he isn’t as rich as he says he is, and greatly fears loss. And with defensive Mars so prominently placed in Leo, he’d defend his deceptions infinitely.
         Saturn rules his fifth house—his children, creativity, ego and love life and other related fifth house issues. I believe he chooses wives for the “public image” that they would bestow upon him (ruler of the seventh, Uranus, in the tenth conjunct the Sun, ruler of the ascendant). But, since Saturn conjoins Venus, ruler of the third and tenth, he may feel they have nothing in common with him (or anything to talk about). I don’t think he has ever felt truly loved, starting with his father.  He has Venus in Cancer—a need for “mothering,” but Saturn there would limit fulfillment of that need.  He did have strong ties to his mother (Moon in fourth, trine Mars and Ascendant and sextile Jupiter), but she was sometimes unpredictable (Moon opposing Uranus). I have no evidence from his life  about that—just the chart.
What’s ahead?

Saturn leaves Scorpio on Sept. 17th. It will not return to that sign for at least 26 years. (The cycle of Saturn is approximately 28 years, and it spends about 2 ½ years in a sign, going from one to the other in order.) It has been my experience that it is intense while in that sign, and often brings discipline to those who deceive or participate in controlling behavior. Sagittarius is about honesty, idealism, and on the mundane level rules laws and regulations. I’ve notice already that Virginia is pushing to get rid of gerrymandering, which would be a great step in that direction.
        Since Trump has the last degree of Leo rising PLUS progressed Sun just about to conjoin it, Saturn has been in orb of a square (90 degrees) to both over the last three months. Furthermore, it is moving through his fourth house, which is indicative of a person who is basically unsure of himself right now and building a new personal foundation. By September 17th, much will change for him even if it is not immediately apparent publically since he is a good actor. His ego (in his view) has taken some hits for the last month since Saturn has been square the Ascendant and progressed Sun. One usually has inner “conflict, pain and doubt” (as my teacher, Gina Ceaglio, expressed it) with those energies in play. We see evidence of this in his late night tweets. Most of the time, furthermore, Saturn is nearing the MC (10th house cusp) when people rise to something as prominent as the presidency. The fourth house is more about building new foundations on a personal level.  They build anew, and he will have to since his TV shows have been cancelled. He isn’t due to reach a new pinnacle for another 14 years.
        But, that’s not all. His progressed Moon is at 6:27 Cancer. It has been square Neptune (and is about to square progressed Neptune in about two weeks) and in 2 ½ months will conjoin Mercury. In other words, his Mercury/Neptune square is now being triggered by the progressed Moon. It is bringing out his deceptive side, but also indicates confusion and a lack of clarity.
         There is much more, but I cannot delay posting this, and I cannot type for long periods with my broken wrist.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Passing of Spock

Leonard Nimoy passed over to the other side on February 27th—in the morning, we’re told, and I’ve been looking at tentative charts for him based on the time the news was released and times that worked for the event.  He, himself, said he had Scorpio rising, and he looks it, so I’m inclined to go with that one rather than the morning chart. The estimate is between 8:30 and 9:00 pm on March 26 1931 in Boston, MA. When I see that kind of estimate, I start with the midpoint, in this case 8:45 pm. I like to use tertiary progressions first in cases like this, since the ascendant (the body of the entity) by tertiary stays in one degree for two weeks to one month, depending on which sign is rising, and was delighted to find that the 8:45 pm time gave him a tertiary ascendant of 26:57 Scorpio with tertiary Saturn squaring it from 26 Aquarius. Tertiary Mars was square natal Mars, as well, and tertiary Pluto (ruler of ascendant and in the T. 8th house) was opposite natal Saturn. Even if he’d been born a few minutes before or after, it would still work.

Turning to progressions, solar arcs and transits, it is noteworthy that Uranus was transiting his nodes within one minute from the sixth. (sudden change of environment) And if he had actually died around 9:00 am (which is speculative on my part) even transiting ascendant would have been between that point and solar arc Saturn, as well. Progressed ascendant is opposing Jupiter with this time, but even if the time were a little later, the progressed ascendant could have been squaring any of the sixth house positions.

Another reason I think this is close to the correct time is that the solar arc ascendant (one’s body) is opposing natal Mars (which is triggered by tertiary Mars), ruler of the sixth. That is acute illness possibly occurring suddenly. There were probably earlier clues because Uranus was square the Sun by solar arc about 8 months earlier, BUT could have been obscure until transiting Mars triggered it shortly before his death. It is less than a degree separating from that aspect. Progressed Venus was just separating from a square to his progressed Mars, and they were triggered by transiting Saturn. It was just past squaring P. Mars and about to oppose P. Venus. Most of the time events that show many triggers will occur when a planet is separating from an aspect to one planet and applying to another.

One Last Note

I looked at the chart for Star Trek: Sep 8, 1966, 8:30 pm EDT, New York, NY, and tried to see Spock’s real life passing—since the character would not be portrayed by him again. There were a few items, but the most striking was this: using derivative houses, I see Nimoy’s death as the 8th house from the 9th (death of “foreign” crew member—also the “philosopher” onboard. Of course, ninth could be many, many other things from the show). Eighth from the ninth would be the fourth house. The fourth house ruler is the Moon, and by solar arc, it is placed at 14 Leo 58. Transiting Pluto (death) is at 14 Capricorn 58, exactly-to-the-minute quincunx (showing separation) the SA Moon. Transiting Uranus is 14:24 Aries squaring one and trine the other. Beautiful!!

Also, I realize much of this is speculative, although not by much, but so is the exact real time the soul leaves or enters the body and many other things. :-D  I’m just sharing thought processes.

BTW, I wrote a book about Star Trek, accessible from my website: