Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Equinox, Full Moon, Federal Reserve and Health Issues

Remember last year when the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded? It was just before the long-expected T-square of Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn would form along with Mars in the mix. The explosion was just the sort of thing that would fit that configuration, but it started early, so when we got to late July and nothing further happened, we were disappointed. Actually, in late July the oil spill was still not contained, BUT how do we know what was really going on, the consequences of which have yet to be discovered? However, there were other things, as Ray Merriman wrote in a recent post:

You may remember at that time four major things happened: 1) the Financial Regulatory Reform Act was passed, 2) the Federal Reserve decided to launch QE2, thus surprising market participants who at the time did not anticipate this, 3) Russia fueled the nuclear rods of Iran, enhancing their nuclear ambitions against the wishes of much of the rest of the world, and 4) Russia (and much of Europe) suffered a great drought that caused wheat prices to soar. There were also deadly floods in Pakistan and China. I know many astrologers were disappointed that more serious calamities or a financial meltdown did not manifest. But events that would be associated with the Cardinal Climax are happening now it is rekindled with the ingress of Uranus back into Aries over the degrees of this configuration. It is as if this configuration is unfolding all over again. That's what happens when such highly charged degrees are hit again later on.

Well, now Uranus has entering Aries again for a seven year visit, and by the time it leaves, things will be a lot different. Last night Suze Orman was lecturing about the “American Dream” being quite different now. She said that the idea of a “bigger house, better car, new clothes and toys” is over. It was never a sustainable vision anyway, because it was not based on real values. This is only the first of a long list of adjustments we are making to get to a less insulated attitude about life and how we fit into the global community. We could not continue to conspicuously consume and ignore our starving brothers on other continents forever. (See more about this later in this blog under “Health Issues”)

The Vernal Equinox

This chart is considered the most important in forecasting for the year because it is a chart set for the moment the Sun enters Aries, and hence, the beginning of Spring. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and our Western Tropical system is based on this. The real zodiacal year is from the first day of spring until the next one. Our contrived calendars are not really natural. Therefore, it is a chart that will give us authentic information about the theme of the year and what we can expect. Keep in mind that although it is a definite chart, time is different in various places, so it has to be cast for the capital city of the country you wish to investigate. Then when put on an Astro Map, you can see how it will affect that specific country relative to the rest of the world. Mundane astrology is very complex and would just about require full time attention to be able to forecast about every country.

This chart is dramatic. We all know that this year the Sun, when it enters Aries, will immediately conjunct Uranus, which had entered that sign days earlier. What is surprising is that the Ascendant and Midheaven are also involved. Even the nodes are aligning with the MC/IC axis. This means that we are in for a very unpredictable year with a lot of surprises.

The Moon is conjunct Saturn in the first house, so depression of the populace is a given; however, it is opposing Jupiter (which is conjoining Mercury) in the 7th. Since Mercury rules the intercepted 9th house, and Jupiter the intercepted 3rd, the media will be overly optimistic and, as usual, mislead the public. However, Pluto is squaring both ends of this opposition, and financial problems of millions of homes will fuel a strong back lash (such as we have seen in Wisconsin and elsewhere). You can expect this to reach a strong rebellion about injustices (Pluto square Jupiter) about five months from now—i.e. in August/September—and then continuing for six months at least. Rage about unemployment and other daily survival concerns reach a peak also around the new year (2012).

There is a willingness to sacrifice because the majority of people just do not understand what is going on. Venus rules the chart—Libra rising—and it is in the fifth conjoining Neptune. It’s well-aspected, so the people will be led easily to dramatize the spirituality of sacrifice, when, in fact, they are unaware of how they are being manipulated. We haven’t had a Vernal Equinox chart with the Sun conjoining Uranus since 1927, and we all know what happened a couple years after that. The stock market crash didn’t just “happen” in 1929; it was a final result of the preceding several years. In some important ways, we are reliving history.

Astromap (Illustrated above--click to enlarge)

I have designated the places being affected by this chart—which is good for the whole year until the Vernal Equinox of 2012—either by lines drawn for latitudes that are sensitive or by circles. Note that the top line I drew goes through the northern part of Japan, but in the Pacific just west of Hawaii there is a very important crossing of Pluto with the Sun and Uranus (earthquakes?), and one I did not draw a circle around is a crossing of Pluto with Mars at the left edge of the map just below the top line I drew. That could be an earthquake point, as well. I did not circle Chile, but note that the whole southwestern coast of South America is alive with activity as is China, Egypt and Libya.

Full Moon Today (March 19, 2011)

This weekend is a double whammy. First today, March 19th at 2:10 p.m. EDT in Washington, DC, we will have a full Moon at 28:49 Pisces (Sun)/Virgo (Moon). A full Moon is when the Moon is opposite the Sun. The chart for the exact minute the full Moon is partile (exact) is not as dramatic as the Vernal Equinox chart, but there are some interesting things about it. On December 21st, there was an important Eclipse at 29 Sagittarius. In this chart the Moon’s nodes have just passed that point and are in square to the Sun and Moon. The Sun is conjoining Uranus, albeit out of sign, and that is going to be the major aspect in the Vernal Equinox chart. Configurations like this point to instability and sudden disruptive events.

Federal Reserve

Those of you who follow my work may remember that I’ve been beating the drum about the Federal Reserve being unconstitutional and one of the causes of our problems. It is fascinating to see that the chart of the Fed is currently being affected dramatically. Right now the solar arc Neptune of this chart is exactly (to the minute) square natal Uranus, which rules the 8th house. This means that the Fed is definitely not in touch with the values and mood of the people. Since the 8th is debt and power via debt, the Neptune square indicates a dissolving of this. This one thing would not be enough to say that the Fed is losing its grip, but there is more, and it’s the prevailing energy. The Ascendant-Mars conjunction in the natal chart has moved by solar arc to square natal Neptune!! The Mars square was exact less than six weeks ago, at which time this institution was confused about what action to take—and may not have known what it’s doing. This will continue for another year and four months at least, as the solar arc ascendant moves to square Neptune, as well. And Transiting Neptune is square the Fed’s progressed Moon for the next two months, if not longer.

The Vernal Equinox chart aligns with this chart’s MC quite well. The zero degree Aries Sun and Uranus are straddling the Fed’s zero degree Aries MC and squaring the Fed’s zero degree Cancer Pluto and one degree Capricorn Sun. AND, the transiting Pluto at 7:25 Capricorn is square the Fed’s progressed Ascendant at 7:26 Libra as well as moving closer to square the Fed’s solar arc Pluto at 8 Libra. Transiting Saturn will continue to hammer the Fed’s chart as well. Hopefully, Congress will succeed in the years ahead to dismantle this behemoth that should never have existed in the first place. (Read The Creature from Jekyll Island or Money Creators by Gertrude M. Coogan –now online free as a public domain book—for background on this)

And last, Health Issues

Recently, I was shocked to find out that my blood sugar was elevated. Not drastically, but enough to do some research. I found this about High Fructose Corn Syrup from an article in Mother Jones:

Unlike glucose, which the body stores in various tissues for use as fuel, fructose is sent to the liver for processing. Robert Lustig, a pediatric endocrinologist at the University of California-San Francisco, has shown that it causes a buildup of fats there, triggering a host of health problems including diabetes, gout, and heart disease. Most worrisome, Lustig says, it can lead to insulin resistance, a hormonal snafu that makes you feel hungry even when you're full. "The way fructose is metabolized leads you to want to eat more," he explains—no great revelation to anyone who's ever slain a pint of Ben & Jerry's in one sitting.

Ever since HFCS was added to processed food, diabetes has spiked. So I then decided to cut out Fructose and all derivatives of corn and soy. Easier said than done. It is in EVERYTHING. Even Campbell’s soup and Lay’s potato chips. Even saltine crackers!! The problem is not just the way fructose is processed in the body; it’s also that 95 to 98% of corn and soy (and possibly beets—another sugar source) grown in this country is genetically modified. Not only is it in the food via fructose, but that stuff is fed to the cattle and other animals that we EAT. Plus we are possibly buying genetically modified FRESH produce because nothing is labeled as such. To be sure you’re not getting it, you have to either grow your own (with certified organic seed) or buy from vendors who certify their produce to be organic. I’ve mentioned before in a lecture (available free by download on my website: that Mother Nature “corrects” aberrations one way or another. Monsanto’s frankenseeds are sterile, so that no one can grow anything from the seed of a genetically modified organism (GMO). Everyone is up in arms about how they make farmers buy the seed over and over. It MIGHT be profit, but it MIGHT be that they couldn’t GET seed from their GMO crops that would reproduce.

And to further this thought, lab rats fed GMO food were sterile within two generations. “That,” some greedy power mongers might have thought,” is a way to get rid of overpopulation.” (meaning the starving third world population to whom they generously donate seed) Monsanto shipped some of their “round-up ready” seed to Haiti, and the people there, knowing it for what it is, burned it. Keep in mind too, that Monsanto is quickly becoming the controller of the world’s food supply. All we need is a bug that just LOVES Monsanto seed, and worldwide famine could ensue. We need diversity.

Something to really think about next time you go grocery shopping. Read the labels. Some form of corn or soy is in everything. Now that the public is catching on, and their ads about “sugar is sugar” didn’t work, they’re getting deceptive. You’ll see things like “Sunflower OR Corn oil” – they don’t say which. Or “vegetable sugar or vegetable starch,” not which vegetable. If we just stop eating their junk, it will hit them in the purse, and this will make it change faster than any other way—and you’ll be healthier, too.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Disaster in Japan

We are watching in shock and horror as the worst earthquake in Japan’s recorded history and subsequent tsunami rocks that nation, setting off a volcanic eruption in the south of Japan and fear of nuclear explosions elsewhere. The first shockwave occurred at 2:46 p.m. local time near Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture. The chart, itself, didn’t yield much in terms of describing the event, but when it is compared to the chart of Japan, it’s a different story.

The chart of the official restoration of independence and sovereignty of Japan is accurately timed. According to Nicolas Campion’s Book of World Horoscopes, this was on April 28, 1952 at 1:30 pm GMT in Tokyo. Note that is GMT. The latitude and longitude automatically generates an accurate time for the place. It is notable that the Moon in this chart, at 28:41 Gemini, is very close to opposing the ascendant at 00:31 Capricorn. Transiting Uranus, which is notorious for sudden, unexpected events, occupies 29:57 Pisces which is very close to being square the midpoint between these two and is just over a half degree from squaring the ascendant, itself.

We associate Pluto with earthquakes and volcanoes. The progressed Moon was just past natal Pluto by 13 minutes and approaching progressed Pluto by less than half a degree. Keep in mind that the progressed Moon moves about a degree per month, so this is significant. Moon-Pluto connections are the most intense of emotional trauma indicators.

The nodal axis is also active; the solar arc Ascendant is conjoining it at 27 Aquarius, and as most of you know, Neptune has been close to that degree all year. The transiting nodal axis is only three minutes from natal Moon. Besides karma, the nodes of the moon (the nodal axis) indicate the immediate environment, as well. It is often active when there are changes in the environment, such as a move or renovation. In this case, seeing as how it is indicated two ways and there are other supporting factors, the environment is going through drastic change.

Along with Pluto, Mars is usually an active player in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. In this case, it is showing both in the country’s chart and also in the astromap. In the chart, the natal Sun in Taurus is opposing Mars in Scorpio. It is a rule in astrology that if two planets are in an aspect in the natal chart, then no matter what aspect is being formed by progression, solar arc or transit (or any other system), it will manifest the energy of the natal aspect, sometimes called the “natal promise.” Right now, solar arc Mars has moved to trine the Sun with only a seven minute orb, bringing out the violent promise of Sun opposing Mars.

I did an astromap for the eclipse of December 21, 2010 because it was on the degree of Japan’s natal Moon, and it is in effect for at least six months. Pluto and Mars (eruptions, quakes, tsunamis) are opposing the eclipse Ascendant, so the lines are going right through the middle of Japan. Exactly. Just to the east of Japan, right on the epicenter of the quake, the Jupiter and Uranus lines are present. This means that in the eclipse chart, Jupiter and Uranus were slightly east of the MC. Uranus is unexpected, sudden activity, and Jupiter “expands” or “makes larger.” These planets are tricky to interpret because they are somewhat neutral regarding “good” and “bad.” It depends on what else is going on. That configuration, for instance, if it were positively supported, can be a windfall of sudden good luck, but as it is here, not always the case.