Friday, March 30, 2012


This polarity is the service/sacrifice duo. In extreme expression Virgo can be hyper-critical and Pisces hyper-gullible, but we seldom see the extremes expressed entirely since all people have many variables in their charts. Virgo equates to the sixth house, so planets in that house will have Virgo energy overlaid; Pisces is associated with the twelfth house, and any planets there will take on a Piscean flavor.

Virgo has an innate drive to perfection and has a hard time overlooking what is “flawed.” Since this is impartial, people with an abundance of this expression will turn it inward, as well, so we also see a great deal of self-flagellation, too. It, along with Capricorn, is a classic low self-esteem sign. Virgo energy is very aware of its own short-comings. The urge to be useful is strong. There is no compunction about being in a serving role, so even if in a power position, one with strong Virgo traits will feel their role is to serve others in a useful way. One of the most outstanding personality traits is precision. People with an over-abundance of Virgo energy will be literal thinkers—expecting you to say what you mean precisely and mean exactly what you say. Order and discipline are innate to most Virgo people—if not in their handling of the material world, certainly in their mental processes. Many are found in the medical field where they excel. They make excellent accountants and are great in any profession that demands attention to detail and analysis.

Pisces, being opposite, can be too non-critical. Pisces does not recognize boundaries sometimes and often can be dreamy and seem “out of it” much of the time. In positive expression it is associated with spiritual activity, so we see many mystics and religious people with strong Piscean energy. Sometimes very chameleon-like, the lack of boundaries can produce good actors, or negatively, excellent liars or con-artists. On a positive level, it can produce a Mother Theresa type. The evolutionary intent of Pisces is to recognize that we are all one, and therefore, that lack-of-boundary trait can produce the highest kind of spiritual oneness of which we are capable. Pisceans above all others are able to “walk in your shoes” in their imaginations and be the most compassionate of all the signs.

Both of these signs want to serve humanity. But the difference between them, archetypically, and as expressed in the houses, is that Virgo and the sixth house sees service as a vocation and sets out to do it as a job—hence, the sixth house representing our jobs or work—but, Pisces (theoretically) sees service as a spiritual, sacrificial duty without pay because we are one and “there, but for the grace of God, go I.” Twelfth house is “behind the scenes” and Piscean heroism is often secret, known only to the principals involved.

As in all the polarities, you will often see the signs exchange traits...i.e. Pisceans seeming to be too critical and Virgo acting very Piscean. This is a common occurence and might be an over-compensation mechanism or they can have planets in both signs.

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