Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Election

When I gave a talk last Christmas at a Richmond NCGR party about the year ahead, I didn’t answer the question about who would win the election because I was sure it would be rigged and felt it didn’t matter. Even recently I’ve been reluctant to get into that game of educated guessing. But, since people keep asking, I’m going to do an analysis of three charts—Romney, Ryan and Obama—for the day after the election.

One of the reliable things in astrology is the Saturn cycle. When it is at the Mid-heaven (MC), a person has reached a pinnacle. One’s career is on the upswing as it goes from the fourth house to the tenth—and especially from the seventh to the tenth. Romney’s has just entered the sixth, so it has a long way to go before he reaches “the top.” Since the presidency is the ultimate peak, I’d conjecture that he hasn’t reached his ultimate achievement in this cycle. (Each cycle is about 28 years long altogether.) It would be more likely if this were the 2020s.

The day after the election, which is when we would ordinarily know who won, Saturn is close to squaring his MC, Venus, heading toward a square to Pluto and conjoining Chiron. Progressed Mars is about to quincunx Jupiter which shows a disappearance into privacy. Jupiter rules the 7th (the public); Mars rules the 12th (privacy) and the quincunx shows separation. The only good thing I can see is the progressed and solar arc MC trining Pluto in about three months. That COULD show a new career, but radix Pluto is opposing the MC and conjoining Saturn, so that will trump the trine. (That Saturn-Pluto conjunction opposing his MC deserves an article, it says so much about proving himself to “daddy.” He is power-hungry.) Solar arc Mars will square natal Pluto in less than a year from the election, so if he DOES get the presidency, that could be an ill-advised war. Personally, I think he will be ill then and maybe need surgery.

When I’m stumped, I look at the tertiary progressions. His tertiary angles will change signs right after the election, which indicates a shift in his life. It could indicate new responsibilities, but there is nothing else to support it. In fact, tertiary Saturn is one MINUTE from opposing natal Mars—an indication of frustration.

Mr. Ryan’s Saturn is about to enter his 12th house, an indication of obscurity. This is when people retreat to write a book or “find themselves.” It is time to review one’s life up to then and ordinarily indicates a slow period. It is not usually related to public acclaim. He will emerge in a couple years to build a new foundation for his life. The big thing coming for him is that in one and a half to three years he has a huge indication of real problems. At that time solar arc Saturn will square the MC while at the same time solar arc Neptune conjoins Mercury (classic for lying) and the MC will oppose his natal Saturn. That is crushing to one’s career.

Six months before the election, his MC changed signs, which can be when he first entertained or got wind of the idea of being more than a Congressman. But it isn’t supported. The biggest thing is this: he was born with a tight conjunction of Neptune to the Ascendant. On a positive level it can be very spiritual and sensitive, but used negatively, it can be deception and delusion. That conjunction is being squared by the transiting Neptune and the progressed Moon had just left it in opposition the month before—very confused or delusional.

The tertiaries for Mr. Ryan are even more spectacular. The tertiary Sun is being opposed by the transiting Neptune within one minute!! And the tertiary Sun is at zero Virgo, squaring his ascendant and Neptune. I don’t see how this much confusion can possibly be a clear “win.” Plus, less than a month later the tertiary Venus also squares natal Neptune. But the most interesting thing is that the tertiary MC is opposing natal Uranus within six minutes. Probably exact a day or two before. That is shock and surprise in one’s career.

Obama’s Saturn is approaching the MC. It was on its way up (between the 7th and 10th houses) when he was elected in 2008, and now it is approaching the pinnacle. It will get there in April and December 2014 and then August 2015. That is when one has gone as far as one can go in career.

However, solar arc Moon will oppose Saturn less than three months later, so there can be a heavy-hearted event connected with the inauguration. Transiting Mars is square his natal Mars, too, indicating a minor shift in one’s life.

But the best thing is the tertiary progressed chart. The MC is 15:44 Libra, and the tertiary Jupiter is opposing it at 15:48 Aries—very indicative of a win. Plus, the Sun and Moon on November 7th are conjunct both at 29 Gemini—a new beginning. A little over two months later, the tertiary progressed Sun will conjoin natal Venus, which rules the MC, another positive indicator. There is a great deal of anger right after the election, though, because tertiary Mars is minutes from conjoining tertiary Pluto, both in the ninth house—the courts.

Retrograde Mercury

In the late afternoon of Election Day, Mercury will retrograde. That happened when Bush was first elected, and it had to be decided by the Supreme Court. We might have a similar problem this time with no outcome officially until three weeks later when it goes direct. Since I think elections are rigged these days, and candidates are in corporations’ pockets, it might very well be that someone who doesn’t like the outcome will fabricate a distraction. That would explain Ryan’s surprise and confusion. In conclusion, I think Obama will win, but not easily—mostly because of the retrograde Mercury.

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