Friday, April 15, 2011


Since I use Medicare, I am very concerned about attempts to end it or alter it in a way that makes it no better than forced health insurance via the insurance industry. Therefore, today I researched the date and time Medicare was signed into law and was delighted to find that Lyndon Johnson’s itinerary for that day, July 30, 1965, was archived at (You will have to copy and paste) On this page are links to the four pages of his schedule for the day along with the exact times he did each thing. Note that he finished opening remarks and “moved to the signing table” at 3:09 p.m. He was in Independence MO at the Truman library for this occasion, and the log also mentioned on page two that it was CST. It mentions that he and Truman, along with others, walked to Truman’s office in the library at 3:20 p.m. Therefore, since the last act was to present Truman with the first SS card at the end of the signing, I set the chart for 3:19 p.m.—a logical time for the signing to be complete.
Amazingly, the Sun is conjunct Hygeia, the asteroid we associate with health, in the ninth, the sector we associate with legislation. Also in the ninth is a stellium in Virgo (also associated with health) of Venus, Moon, Uranus and Pluto. Mercury is also in the stellium, but in the last degree of Leo. We are all familiar with Medicare’s abuses, which is shown by Neptune being in the 12th and widely square the Sun, but more closely square Hygeia. Just the process of vigorously investigating and prosecuting those abuses would go a long way to making Medicare more solvent! As a recipient of Medicare, I’ve found the process of using it most efficient. They send the patient a statement of treatments and what they paid, and I caught a fraudulent charge one time by just looking at the statement. I’ve also had years of dealing with health insurance coverage, and I prefer Medicare and the single payer process hands down.
Right now there is quite a bit going on in this chart. First, as one would expect, Neptune is not only an active trigger, but also is being acted upon. One of our greatest problems right now is being deceived and misled by the media and corporations who have a vested interest in controlling government. Masses of people are being deceived and manipulated into supporting things that are not in their own best interests. This is shown in this chart, as well. Mercury in the chart rules the 7th—the public. It also rules the MC, which represents those in control of Medicare. Neptune is transiting opposite Mercury all during this year, and since it is coming from the 12th house, you can be sure it is deception of the public, and even those in control, on a scale none of us could imagine. This is further emphasized by secondary progressed Mars moving to conjoin natal Neptune as well. It is now within one degree, which is how close it needs to be to be active. It will go on to conjoin progressed Neptune showing that it will be in effect for quite some time. The progressed MC will catch up to this long influence in ten years, which is when I anticipate Medicare will not resemble its present form any longer.
You might wonder why it would take ten years. Well, it’s a strong chart with Pluto at the MC—tenacious. And transiting Pluto is going to be trine the stellium in Virgo and the MC until 2021. After that, it will be out of range and not effective. Plus, in 2021, not only will the progressed MC be conjoining Neptune, but transiting Neptune will be opposing the natal MC. If the signing of the law was finished a minute or two earlier, then this could be earlier as well. That literally means the base of the program is “dissolved.” One would hope we replace it with another strong health system after that dissolution. Right now, though, I don’t believe anyone will succeed in dismantling this very popular program.

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  1. Carole, I agree with you and I find your post very timely as I just received my Medicare card in the mail!