Friday, May 13, 2011


Nowadays, all you have to do is label something “socialist” (whether it applies or not) and conservatives will dismiss it out of hand and not even read or listen to what is being relayed. Or, if you’re a Liberal, just hear “conspiracy theory” and the ears and eyes close. Those are the sound bites our “leaders” or media mouthpieces are repeating over and over to, apparently, keep us from dialog. However, I have a son who is on the opposite side of the political fence from me (got it from his Limbaugh-lovin’ father) so I listen to, read and view whatever he sends me. I don’t agree with most of it, but I get a really good idea of what conservatives are thinking. I have to admit, there are some points that I had to pause over.
One is the “FEMA Camps.” When Jesse Ventura did a show about them, it was promptly removed from the internet, and it’s impossible to see it now. Not even allowed as re-run. I have to wonder why, and it had to come from a powerful place to manage such censorship. I don’t like Jesse Ventura particularly, but that one show was an eye-opener (popper, actually), and I now have a good DVD of a similar documentary about it. The only thing I object to in the DVD is that the producer added a lot of propaganda at the end about Hitler that wasn’t necessary or relevant. My point is that both sides have some valid information that we’d do well to ponder. And I believe we are cheating ourselves by shutting out ALL that the “opponent” has to say.
Osama bin Laden
A second point I had to pause about was the demise of Osama bin Laden. Right after the purported May 2nd killing of bin Laden, Steve R. Pieczenik was on radio saying that he personally knew (as did Bush, Rice and even Albright) that he had died in 2001 of Marfan disease. They purportedly froze the body to trot out later when politically expedient. You may have to copy and paste the following link, which is not supporting it—just REPORTING it. You can google Pieczenik if you want to find the actual radio show: (copy and paste)
I wouldn’t have put something on Facebook about it except that right after that there was a little survey on the internet asking people to vote on when bin Laden died. They offered December 2001 or May 2011. The vote tally was 98% FOR December 2001. Amazingly, I had done a little research astrologically about what month he would have died, if in 2001, and had come up with early December, myself. I wondered where they got December! I had not seen that date anywhere else—just “shortly after 9/11” or “months ago” when someone appeared on TV in late April 2002. (I wish I’d saved the links, but didn’t know I’d be writing about this.) So, let’s examine the charts for the two dates and see what they show.
First the source of the chart for Osama bin Laden from Karen Hamaker-Zondag who said:
“My source is William de Rijcke in Belgium, a physician and astrologer, who has a good friend working at Interpol. This friend has been searching the archives of Interpol and found the date and time. He gave this to William de Rijcke who in his turn spread the news. I heard somebody mentioning that it was a hospital record, but I am not 100% sure it is.
I was given the following data: March 10, 1957, in Jiddah, Saudi Arabia, at 10:58 AM EET. I know William de Rijcke for decades now, and he has a scientific mind; there is no indication that one cannot trust him.
The only problem I have is that as far as I know Arabian hospitals did not record birth times, but maybe I am wrong. I have published the data to add to the discussion, and always mentioned the source.”
Keep in mind that the family was very wealthy and might have been treated differently than the average Saudi citizen relative to birth records. Also note this data says EET, not BAT, which is the local time zone. The chart I’ve seen circulated ignored the EET, and set it for BAT, which moves the ascendant about 14 degrees. That is very important since the ascendant is the body.
The Chart for December 6, 2001
The natal chart has Saturn in the sixth house which in turn is ruled by Scorpio. Saturn rules connective tissue in the body (Rex Bill’s “The Rulership Book”), and when Saturn is in the sixth, it usually indicates chronic health conditions. Saturn rules bin Laden’s 8th house, which is usually involved in one’s death, and indeed, shows the “promise” of how one will most likely die. When the ruler of the 8th is in the sixth, then one will most likely die of a chronic illness (especially when the planet is Saturn), not violence.
It is known that bin Laden had Marfan Syndrome. Wikipedia says: “Marfan syndrome (also called Marfan's syndrome) is a genetic disorder of the connective tissue. People with Marfan's tend to be unusually tall, with long limbs and long, thin fingers.” Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, and in December 2001 (indeed, for the whole year) Pluto was transiting Osama’s Saturn. Plus, solar arc Neptune (weakening, debilitating) had been conjoining it two years earlier. On December 6, 2001, the Sun and Mercury joined Pluto at 14-15 Sagittarius which was between the 14 degree Saturn and 16 degree solar arc Neptune. It was a critical day.
Pluto in the natal chart is at 28:43 Leo. On this day, transiting Mars was opposing it and was quincunx the progressed ascendant. The progressed ascendant was semisextile that point; a semi-sextile acts the same as a quincunx and is separative. (i.e. ruler of the sixth being activated by the ascendant can be the body separating from Spirit because of illness.) Solar arc Chiron was quincunx Pluto, and Juno was conjunct. Progressed Moon was opposing progressed Pluto and the transiting Moon would trigger all this late that afternoon. Progressed Moon/Pluto connections are very intense and dramatic.
The Sun represents vitality. The progressed Sun had been opposing Neptune a year before and was square natal Uranus just before this. It could indicate slow deterioration for over a year and then a sudden turn for the worse. Transiting Uranus was trine the ascendant, but the natal Uranus is semi-square the ascendant, and when a planet activates any point in a chart, it will bring out the NATAL aspect no matter what aspect it is making. This is another indication of an emergency. And last, transiting Neptune was opposing the solar arc ascendant and squaring the progressed Venus which rules the 12th house. This can be the indication of deception about the whole thing but also the extreme weakness of the body and probably hospitalization.
The Chart for May 2, 2011
I did a blog about charts being activated after death awhile back, and it looks like this is what is going on here, and it’s a very different story than the 2001 chart. The natal chart has a square between Neptune in the fifth (which rules the MC) and Uranus in the second (which rules the ninth). Ninth and tenth houses together represent one’s position in the world (tenth) and the media (ninth). This square promises mysteries and deception regarding those things.
At 1:00 am Abbattabad, Pakistan time, the MC was exactly quincunx the ascendant and conjunct the north node. This can indicate a separation of the person from public view (one’s position in the world) and karmic results of such. Transiting Neptune, the ruler of the MC, was within three minutes of trining the natal Moon and progressed Neptune!! If this indicates a deceptive event, then it is a successful one. Plus, the solar arc MC, Mercury and Venus were all square natal Uranus, having been opposite natal Neptune the year before. This is a sudden awakening, or event that is very public (because of the MC being involved) after a year or two of deception or secrecy. Transiting Uranus was quincunx natal Neptune. This is tricky and can be either an end to media “mystery” and deception about bin Laden’s role in his “career” or that the media is not involved in the truth at all. Uranus rules the ninth (media and also foreign countries, by the way). Transiting Saturn is quincunx the tenth house/MC stellium of MC, Mercury, Venus, Juno and Hygeia. Saturn rules the 8th, remember. So, this can be the “death” of bin Laden’s career, and because Mercury (ruler of the ascendant) is involved, it can also be the death of the body. However, just a Saturn transit with little else to sustain it, is not enough for such a huge event. It can also be the final act that puts the whole thing to rest.
Solar arc Pluto is trine the ascendant and quincunx the south node. He was born with Pluto in wide sextile to the ascendant—six degrees orb—so this is activating the sextile. That is not defeat or death. It’s being able to exhibit power and control. However, contradicting this, the progressed Sun was only 14 minutes from being quincunx progressed Saturn, which can be loss of vitality and even death, since Saturn rules the 8th. Echoing this, the transiting Sun was also quincunx the transiting Saturn, which we often look for in activating a progression.
We may never know which year bin Laden died, but I have to say the 2001 date is more dramatic and concrete, and there is just too much Neptune (deception, deceit) involved in the second one. Symbolically, he “died” this month because we all know it now. Before, it was speculation. Of far more importance currently is the Japan nuclear plant disaster that may end up being a global problem.


  1. I've done a lot of work with the techniques in "The Astrology Of Death" and I have to ask... how can we tell when bin Laden died if his birth data has a Rodden Rating of "XX"?

  2. The source from Hamaker-Zondag may have been obtained after Rodden posted her rating. I used to have a date of June 28th for him. I have found many errors in her bios and data. Mine, for instance, was listed with a PM birth when I told her it was AM. It was corrected, but I learned that we cannot trust that data bank to be free of errors, albeit a valuable resource. Even OJ Simpson's acquittal date was wrong last time I checked.

  3. Carol reading your blog is refreshing. I for one lend towards what Steve Pieczenik is saying. No one haasrefuted it. And he has a steller repututaion and creditials. I listened to his interview with Alex Jones and was impressed. Another happening which should be interesting is Corsi's book and how charges are being filed for the fraud of the birth certificate. Again another interview with Dr. Jerome Corsi I had heard today. Also what Webster Tarpley was saying today regarding the US and Pakastan, China and russia.

    Debi Tichbourne

  4. Hello Carole - Another FEMA story. I have conservative associates who were telling me about buildings at military compound near Baltimore.
    They were spreading tales that there is where the government was going to house anti-government people or dead bodies or something.
    I have a friend who drives a truck to this compound (Ft. Meyers) and he said he takes leftover supplies from Katrina and other catastrophies to these buildings. He has been inside these buildings and no dead bodies or prisoners...just stuff and things.
    I forgot to post your blog on Tidbits but I will do this in the next posting.

  5. Yes, they are empty, and there are no dead bodies. I never heard about dead bodies--stories get out of hand. The way it was presented on the documentary(that was suddenly "gone" shortly after airing)is that next to the compound there were stacks and stacks of plastic coffins. They filmed it, and I saw that. When the people who know what this is about found out, trucks came in and moved the coffins to parts unknown. The compounds are double fenced with rolls of barbed wire in between then, and there is playground equipment inside the place on the grounds, but there are no residents there as yet. There are many of these compounds all over the country. If it were for disaster relief, why the bared wire and double fencing? If it is for prisoners, why playground equipment? No one who was there (minimal staff on the premises) would answer any questions. Why all the secrecy? Something very important is going on here in secret. It's all under the jurisdiction of Homeland Security.

    One more thing....I checked to see about the EET zone thing for Jeddah. It must have been in effect in 1961 for Jeddah or it wouldn't have specifically been stated. That city IS in that zone if you just look at its location by longitude, so I'm sticking with the above blog.