Monday, May 17, 2010

The Major BP Oil Spill

The news reports say that the infamous oil spill, that is now a major disaster, started with an explosion at 11:00 pm EST (note the “standard” time designation) on April 20, 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico. Co-ordinates given were exact, but rounded off, they are 29N and 89W. It is highly unlikely that the time is exact so it doesn’t hurt to round off the co-ordinates. I’m sure this chart is pretty close, though.

Amazingly, the chart for this event has the current Saturn-Uranus opposition aligning with the MC-IC axis. In fact, if the event happened about 2 to 8 minutes earlier, they would have been aligning exactly. Uranus was at 28:29 Pisces, which rules oil, and Saturn occupies 29:06 Virgo. Saturn rules “safety” and in Virgo, attention to detail. We may find, in general, for the past couple years, that the “devil was in the details” regarding safety for many, many events! Like the mining disaster that was also in April.

Pluto, although trine the Sun, is within range of a square to both ends of this opposition, and that suggests that this is a much, much more literally “in depth” event that it appears at first. For one thing, the MC of this chart is within a degree of the Sibly USA chart, and as Saturn and Uranus enter Libra and Aries, aligning with this angle over the next few months, we will see just how much damage has been done.

The nodes in this chart are exactly square the USA Saturn with only a five minute orb. I believe the nodes point to karmic lessons when they contact Saturn. Saturn, in turn, rules the Sibly chart’s second house and is posited in the tenth sector. Tenth is business, corporations, leadership, et al. Second house, as we all know, is money and values. Clearly, this is a lesson about those things. Not only that, but Pluto is in the second of the USA chart, and it has just experienced a conjunction of the progressed nodes, separating by less than a degree. Pluto is where we look for power, control, crime, even oil, if you consider that it is the “power” that is sought—not to mention it being the ruler of the “underground.” Transiting Pluto at 5:22 Capricorn is opposing the USA Jupiter within less than a degree, as well. Jupiter is too much, excess, expansion, and it is certainly true of the oil that is being spilled all over the Gulf, which will probably be taken by currents much farther away than that.

Neptune has been hovering over the USA Moon for quite awhile and will still retrograde (starting May 31st) back to an exact conjunction on August 25th and again on January 15, 2011. Where do we start to define that!?? The Moon in the USA chart is not only the ordinary citizen who has been manipulated and deceived for years, it also rules the 8th which is our collective financial system— the stock market, the insurance industry, taxes, banks—and even death. I’m not saying we’re all going to die, but I do believe we are going to be heard and the “death” will be the collective financial interests of the country that will go through dissolution of the system as we have known it, and a revision process to prevent the country from taking its last gasp.

Another clue to this is the quincunx of the USA’s solar arc Neptune to the USA’s Saturn, only 12 minutes applying. Saturn is ruler of the second, and Neptune the intercepted third. The quincunx is usually a separation, a disconnection. This can mean “decisions” (third house) to “disconnect” the monetary system as we have known it. Currently, we see a move on to dismantle banks into state-run smaller institutions. Personally, I hope it extends to dismantling the Federal Reserve.

A further clue is that the progressed USA Jupiter is retrograding to a position that is now within a degree of squaring the USA Saturn—a new foundation being built. It will probably take more than three years for this to suddenly be realized—about the time that the USA progressed Sun squares the natal Uranus in roughly three years and five months.
There is much more, but I get depressed…. More later.


  1. I agree in full with your outlook on our country's finances and lack of control. Investment banks have not learned their lesson....we are in for an awakening.

  2. Europe is not that better, Even here derivatives and World Banking Financial System kicked hard.

    We all need a true and real change, in the targets, in the objectives, in the aims...

    No more mere lifting allowed...