Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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There is a lot of Neptunian influence in the USA chart, as mentioned before, and although I had notes about it, I left out the progressed Moon now approaching a conjunction to Neptune and square Mars just before. All of those references relate, not only to the confusion of the people (if not deception of same), but also oil, which is ruled by Neptune. [So is the sea. Neptune also rules smoke (ash over Europe) and gases and poisonous chemicals in general, such as those that occur underground in mines.]

Our country depends on goods trucked all over the country. In the last depression, that was not the case. But now, with the prospect of oil going up steeply in price, the cost of food will also inevitably rise. This has happened in the past in Russia when fuel was so expensive, food rotted in the field before it could be shipped, and people starved in great numbers.

As history unfolds, it does repeat because the cycles that synchronize with events also repeat. We can learn from history, but we also have to take into account what has changed from one era of history to another. In this case, it is difficult because we are not being told the whole truth about much of anything. Just this morning (May 19, 2010) there was a Katie Couric video of a news crew being turned away from the beaches of Louisiana, under the orders of BP—i.e. the coast guard was following BP’s orders!!—and it was under the threat of arrest! Aerial photos revealed a very black beach for miles.

But on the other hand…
Even with all that going on, and knowing what enormous problems the whole globe faces, there is another way of looking at this. Robert Blaschke has written that the progressed Sun in the USA chart now trine the natal Jupiter is what is holding the country together. That may be so, but solar arc Uranus is also trine the USA’s MC, and we are awakening to what is really going on. There is a site, for instance, called for anonymous posting of whistle-blowing types of reports. The internet is making it harder and harder to hide anything.

Whenever we have these very difficult configurations, they are actually a Godsend. Otherwise, the misbehaviors of humanity would go on to unimaginable results. Look at the major planetary players this way: (not that I’m telling you what to do… just a suggestion…) The Uranus-Saturn opposition is a struggle between the old and the new. When old ways (Saturn) are no longer working (oil has become destructive and too expensive), then through “shock” (Uranus) we “wake up” (Uranus) and “invent” (Uranus) new ways of doing things. The opposition just shows that the time has come.

Pluto square Uranus (major player over the next two to three years—not quite there yet) are always harbingers of major dismantling of existing structures. When we’ve had great innovation and change, they have been active. The conjunction of the two in the mid-sixties was the main reflection of the riots about equality of race and protest against the Vietnam War. We are now at the first 90 degree angle since that conjunction. This shows impatience on a massive scale and an “I am not going to take it anymore” attitude. Assassinations often result in this attitude, by the way. But, before we can have change, we have to break down the stubborn, resistant structure that is already there. The square shows that it will be done with impatience and force, but it will effect change in the end, and that is the important thing.

A Course in Miracles teaches that when we don’t like something, we can stop and say to ourselves, “I can look at this a different way.” When we do that, our energy shifts, and we begin to attract a different version of the drama in front of us. Yesterday I was depressed, but when I reflected on the outcome that all this will bring, IF we use the energies wisely, I felt a lot more hopeful.

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  1. Thanks, Carol. I needed that perspective to lift me out of deep sadness every time the news refers to the oil spill. Again, the wisdom of astrology has shifted my perspective!
    Laurel Brookes