Sunday, August 22, 2010

Virgo Ingress

The Ingress chart each month, when the Sun goes into a new sign, is usually a very good forecasting tool for the month ahead. Cast for the capital city of a country, it is made unique for that government and so is not the same all over the world.

The one for Washington DC this time is showing that the month is largely out of our hands. Most of it will be the results of forces already put into motion. Earlier, many pundits in our profession, including myself, had correctly pointed to late July and early August (three weeks ago) as being pivotal. Sure enough, on the news the past couple days, commentators have been saying that the unemployment figures for “the last three weeks” show that we are not out of the “recession” yet. Property values continue to plummet. And it has been a summer of extremes. The worst oil spill ever, the worst flood in Pakistan ever, the worst heat in Russia ever, and on and on. Haiti’s earthquake disaster continues to haunt them. In fact, earthquakes are occurring more frequently than usual.
In private lives, shocks and adjustments are happening everywhere. I hear about it every day.

Many people thought that a pivotal point would be a stock market crash. That may yet come, but it isn’t necessarily the only thing that can bring about global clean up. We are in a “tearing down” period, meaning that old structures that are not working, are being exposed for what they are so that we can get rid of them and build more workable alternatives. Specifically, it is the work of Pluto in Capricorn. The last time Pluto traversed that sign was in the 1700’s. In fact, in the USA chart, it is at 27 Capricorn and had been in that sign since 1762. The control of England over us that was oppressive and unacceptable led to the Declaration of Independence. We are now entering a similar period of recognizing who is trying to control us and to declare another statement of independence. We can see it all around, if we can just get clearer eyesight to see who is really doing it.

Right now the problem is that Neptune is transiting the USA Moon exactly right now, and the citizenry is being deceived. The Moon in a country’s chart represents the populace, the patriots. Neptune is deception, but it CAN represent inspiration if used positively. We need to step back and really look at what is going on and hear both sides. The worst thing we can do is to get fervent over a few sound bites fed to us by a party line without hearing what everyone has to say.

Pluto has been just beginning to affect us and has a long way to go. Uranus has yet to exactly square it. Saturn has been the star for a while, going over the USA MC, but it will quickly pass on soon, and Uranus will enter the drama. When Pluto reaches three degrees Capricorn for the last time in this cycle, which will be October/November 2010, we may be able to more clearly see the truth.

Everything is an unfolding process, and this one is global in scope. It isn’t just the USA and our concerns that are being addressed here, but rather, it is humanity’s evolution and where we are choosing to go next that is the focus. Don’t expect this to be just our country’s unemployment/property values problems; it is much, much more than that. Pay attention to what is happening all over the world.

Our personal ingress chart is showing emphasis on our homes, jobs and survival. It is not, however, the chart of a critical time showing anything major. There will be some surprises in Congress, shocking news on a regular basis (Uranus square the ascendant, and ruling the 9th), but people’s minds are on their daily routine and jobs—or lack thereof. Next month’s ingress will be a bit more dramatic.

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  1. Haven't made time to read blog in last year, what a year! Just decided to open up to it today and it was very affirming of how I have been seeing things and feeling. Thanks for your offerings.
    Keep up your great work.