Friday, December 10, 2010

Julian Assange

As Mercury turns retrograde, the drama continues toward the revolutionary Uranus/Pluto square that will partile in 2012 and continue with seven exact contacts through 2017. The most amazing event to surface recently that gives us a clue of what is ahead, is the apprehension of Julian Assange, the creator of Wikileaks.

He was born July 3, 1971 at 2:05 pm (according to a source from The Mountain Astrologer) in Townsville, Queensland, Australia. The resulting chart sure gives new meaning to the old schoolyard taunt, “It takes one to know one.” Mr. Assange’s chart is heavy with Scorpionic energy which we associate with secrecy. He has Moon, Ascendant and Jupiter in Scorpio, and in fact, they are equidistant by 10 degrees from each other giving us the mid-point formula of MO/JU=ASC. That means that the ascendant is conjunct the Moon/Jupiter midpoint. He knows how to keep secrets and how it is done.

Adding to this is the Sun, Ceres and Venus in the 8th house, which is like having those in Scorpio also, since the 8th is Scorpio’s natural home. Pluto rules Scorpio, so anything it touches will add a Scorpio flavor to it; in this case it squares Venus, which will be triggered by the eclipse on December 21st. That is an aspect of crudeness in the sex drive, too, (in a lower vibration), and since Scorpio is also rather passionate in that regard, it isn’t surprising that they are using a sex issue to apprehend him.

I also expected to see a strong Uranus, and I was not disappointed. It is tightly square the Sun, and people with that are usually a law unto them selves. It takes that kind of courage to do what he did. And it also takes idealism to WANT to do it. He has Jupiter conjunct Neptune in the first house showing strong idealism and spiritual values. It is opposing Saturn, so he is aware of the responsibility to build new foundations and make ideals concrete and real.

Solar Arcs

When I was in astrology school in San Diego in the early ‘70s, my teacher, Gina Ceaglio, once said that if a giant finger came out of the sky and said, “You must choose between Solar Arc and Secondary Progressions!”, she would choose Solar Arc. For that reason I put a huge emphasis on it and wrote a book about it ten years ago. [It’s on sale on my website, by the way, until they are all gone, which will not be long now.] Right now the Solar Arcs in Mr. Assange’s chart are more phenomenal than I’ve seen in a long time! Let’s start with the Sun-Uranus square.

A year ago, SA Sun was square the ascendant, and that was probably about the time we first heard about Wikeleaks—or if not, when he may have launched his work, I’m not sure, but it was a turning point for him, personally. I remember being delighted that someone was going to expose all the corruption that goes on in Washington and all over the world. Now, during this breaking news, Solar Arc Uranus is EXACTLY on the ascendant. That is sudden, abrupt, unexpected disruption to one’s life. It is hidden things becoming suddenly known, since it’s moving out of the 12th (secrets) into the first—the house of things obviously apparent.

That was the Sun-Uranus moving to a new position; but Saturn by Solar Arc is right now—within minutes separating (meaning already happened)—leaving a square to Uranus (nothing he can do about what is happening to him; freedom limited) and approaching a conjunction to his natal Sun. That will be exact in a little over a year from now, so recently and for the next year or so, he is going to have lessons (Saturn) about being that “law unto himself.” Not that it’s necessarily a spiritual lesson; it’s his being detained so that he can’t do it as freely as before. He is currently very depressed, since Solar Arc Mercury is square his natal Saturn; it is only two minutes from partile. A year ago SA Mercury was square his natal Neptune, which often is confusion, but can also be communicating, or exposing communications, in secret. I use the word “exposing” because Mercury rules HIS eighth house and is squaring a planet in the first. This was his goal, since Mercury also rules his eleventh, which is long range goals, among other things.

Meanwhile, SA Neptune has been moving, and IT is approaching a square to Uranus, exact in about fourteen months, and opposing his Sun in about two years and three months. Those two will be extremely difficult, since they will be extremely debilitating, the cause of this done secretly, and could very well be the lowest point in his life. Powerful people who have their secrets exposed do not take it lightly. They will feel that retribution will be in order. In addition, Pluto by SA is approaching a square to the MC, exact in about a year and four months. That one destroys a career and public image, or creates a power struggle with “authority.” Solar Arc Ascendant will oppose Venus in about seven months, which is an outpouring of positive public support, but it then goes on to square natal Pluto in about two years and four months. That can be physical strain and sometimes brutality. That lasts for awhile because secondary progressed ascendant is right behind it and keeps it going on for more than a year. I have to wonder what kind of physical or psychological abuse he may be put through.

Two years ago SA Mars was opposing his natal Pluto, and that may have been the time of some of his most hardworking covert research, since Mars rules the sixth (our work or service). Mars is changing signs in about nine months, and then will trine natal Neptune nine months after that. He will feel he achieved what he set out to do and get spiritual sustenance from that.

I love what Robert Gover (whom I consider to be a genius) said recently in either ISAR or NCGR’s e-newsletter—forgot which:
“Wikileaks is Dorothy flinging open the curtain to find that the Wizard is a deranged con artist playing with lights that enchant the masses.
How dare the people of a democracy learn what their public servants are up to. Those doings are Officially Classified Secret. Your duty, John Q. and Susie Q. Citizen, is to work your asses off and pay your taxes to support the Wizard. You are not permitted to know what the Wizard does with all that money. That information is way above your pay grade” [Remember, Robert Gover wrote this, not me.]

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Happy Holidays, everyone!!

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  1. Thanks for the great post, Carole. Obviously VERY hot topic going on about Assange. Looking deeply into the debate among the "common folk" I see the two opposing viewpoints: 1) we MUST protect our physical selves and whatever the government tells us we must do to maintain security is OK by me; and 2) those who view life beyond the physical and say freedom and truth are the most important things. Kind of hearkens back to Patrick Henry's "Give me Liberty or give me Death!" I am seeing much on the web re: Daniel Ellsberg's support for Assange, and I hope more people ponder the heroic actions of Ellsberg and see the repeating similarity with Assange. However, probably the stakes are MUCH, MUCH higher now.