Friday, November 25, 2011

The Current Climate of Change

Many of you may have noticed over the last few weeks that there was a climate of deception and change. We see it all around in the worldwide occupy movements, that were not reported in the mainstream media for a LONG time, and the flip-flopping of political candidates—not to mention the exposure of scandals like Penn State and even new information about Natalie Wood’s death. You may be wondering what is going on in the “astro weather” department. With the current indications, no one will get away with very much. People have had enough. You can expect further truths to emerge.

First there is the long, long cycle of Pluto. It went into Capricorn back in 2008, and that was the beginning of a clean-out of corruption and power misused. That was when we saw the economy begin to crack with all the corruption of financial institutions—and it’s not finished. The Universe has a scheduled, orderly agenda of overseeing our evolution whether we like it or not. It will extend all the way down to the individual level and will last until 2025. Until then, one out-of-balance power struggle after another will be transformed, which is putting it nicely. In other words, if you are personally (or collectively) used to wielding power or have been pushy and overly strong-willed, it will be harder to continue being that way. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was way back when things got so bad in England, the Pilgrims decided to leave the country. It is a very long cycle, and whatever sign it is in, there is upheaval related to that sign that leaves a situation totally destroyed and left to rebuild. Capricorn is about government, structures of whole societies, power and “who’s in charge.” Whether the ultimate outcome is positive or not depends on us. Are we our best most honest selves, or do we try to control and repress others? If you are the one being forceful and controlling unfairly, it will not be allowed to continue. From an individual up to a global level we are personally responsible for the outcome. Since Pluto is being energized by Uranus 90 degrees away for the next several years, expect a revolution.

Then there is the continuing opposition of Jupiter and Saturn. These have already opposed each other exactly back in March, but are now in range of an opposition, although not exact, reminding us again of their meaning here at the holiday season. This is the business duo. When Jupiter is going FROM the conjunction of the two TO the opposition, business usually is on an upswing that is relative to possibility. In other words, for the last ten years, although it seems the economy has been negative, it was relatively positive compared to the NEXT ten years when it goes from the opposition back to a conjunction. This is a twenty year cycle. The first half is the more positive compared to the second half.

Every two years Mars stays in one sign for a long time. If it didn’t, its cycle would be about eighteen months, but because of this long retrograde period, it takes two years to complete its cycle. This time it will remain in Virgo from November 12, 2011 until July 4, 2012. The first two weeks of November (just passed) it was opposite Neptune. This inclines to deceptive behavior. You can be either the one deceiving or the one being hoodwinked, but one should have been vigilant during this period. This will not repeat again, but will be very, very close in mid-April next year. Virgos, Pisceans, Sagittarians, and Geminis will be more impatient, will jump to conclusions and perhaps be more impulsive than usual. Plus, the eclipses this year will activate those signs making them a focal point. They will be learning a lot.

There are two eclipses this month and next. The first was this morning, and the next will be on December 10th. The eclipse months are two months out of four each year that we call the “Moon Wobble.” The other two are half-way between those. They always show a time of upheaval and a bit of chaos if they affect your chart specifically.

As an aside, Mercury went retrograde yesterday and will remain so until December 14th. That doesn’t help in a Moon Wobble time. It helps to be vigilant with that, as well—double checking things for accuracy and postponing a start-up of any kind. It's a good time to go back to something that needs re-working.

The outer planets have been changing signs in unprecedented numbers. Very seldom do we have so many doing so in so short a time span. We feel this by being a bit off balance and wary of what will happen next. The last month has been particularly so. But, it’s all part of the larger plan, which in the end is for our best interests. The next one to change permanently(and it already did for a short time from April to August this year)for a fourteen year sojourn is Neptune, which will enter Pisces in very early February. Neptune’s activity is totally different from Pluto’s. It can be felt either as confusion and delusion or inspiration and spiritual enlightenment, depending on its placement and aspects in your personal chart. It, too, will affect the four signs mentioned above for fourteen years.

In short, for the next several years we can expect a concentrated effect of these planets like we haven’t seen in a long time. It has barely begun. We are entering into a new chapter of our evolution, and it should be welcomed. After all, we’re not doing so great where we are, are we?


  1. great info, I always love reading your blogs, keep up the wonderful work you do.

  2. Ms. Devine has such an understanding of the role of planetary alignments and is able to so well express it in writing and is so generous to share it that this Blog is a must reading for anyone not glued to the daily news...I am very grateful to her for these insights that have been proven valid from Sumerian times...

    Thank you Carole!