Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Venus Retrogrades Today

There is a great deal of buzz about the retrograde of Venus starting today and lasting until June 27th. I think it is interesting that it is stationing at 23:59 Gemini and is conjoining the USA’s Mars square Neptune aspect, which is holding a conjunction of solar arc Pluto to the Neptune. When it stations to go direct in late June, it will do so at 7:29 Gemini—very close to the USA’s Uranus. Since transiting Uranus will square transiting Pluto (finally) for the first partile aspect out of a total of seven on June 24th, I think we can expect some surprises. I know you are all probably tired of hearing all the “harbingers of doom” who have been forecasting this coming period of time, but it pays to be prepared. This coming square of Uranus and Pluto (which occurred during the Great Depression) will be perfecting less than one degree from energizing the Sun/Jupiter midpoint of the USA chart. The Sun in the 8th house would have a great deal to do with debt and foreign countries (it rules the 9th) and Jupiter has to do with justice and the country, itself, since it rules the first house. The worst thing about the USA chart (in my opinion) is the Mars/Neptune square. It simply means “corrupt government,” since it occupies the ninth (legislature) and the seventh (justice). All by itself it means an excess of deceptive behavior. Look to the houses (mentioned above) to determine where it would be active. Pluto by solar arc is now just past squaring the USA Mars (brutally suppressed information to the public) and will conjoin Neptune in roughly seven months. Pluto is “death and rebirth.” It also exposes the nasty underbelly of disgusting things. Exposure is already in progress and, in fact, one month ago it was activating the midpoint of this configuration. Pluto’s transit shows it is time to transform this energy in our chart. However, it will always be there unless we “rebirth” our country with a new chart. Iceland did this recently when it fired the entire government and rewrote the constitution. Hopefully, we’ll recognize the need to do the same.


  1. Gutsy report, but I fear you're likely to be
    right on! Thanks for spelling it out again!
    Proud of you.

  2. Yes, wonderful post! I am inclined to think the the recent JP Morgan Chase fiasco is part of the Uranus energy (from Venus) and fear there's more to come.

  3. Yes, someone on Huffington post called it the "canary in the mine."