Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Aries Ingress

At 7:02 am on March 20, 2013 in Washington, DC, the Sun entered Aries and thus began spring. This is called the Aries Ingress or the Spring Equinox. The resulting chart for that event, when cast for the capital city of whatever country interests you, will give a good picture of what to expect in that country for the astrological year. We are used to thinking that January 1st is the New Year, but astrologically, it is the first day of spring when we start the ZODIACAL year…i.e. Aries is the first sign, and therefore, the Sun’s entrance into that sign marks the zodiacal year’s beginning.

I’m not a weather forecasting astrologer, so I’m not going to even try to predict that in any detail, but at first glance with the little I know about that, it appears that we should have quite a bit of “wetness” this year, possibly combined with strong winds and possible earthquakes. It is so pronounced, it is worth mentioning.

The most important thing is the predominance of Pisces and Neptunian energy. The chart ruler is Neptune, and it is in Pisces and also occupying Pisces’ house, the twelfth. Plus, it’s conjunct Mercury and square Jupiter, which is the ancient ruler of Pisces, as well. That is a LOT of delusion and deception. Mercury in this chart represents the citizenry, since it rules the fourth. This shows a grassroots constituency that is “out of sight” or rather, not being seen or considered. They are shown as “asleep” or very confused or deceived. We know this, of course, if we keep up with what is going on in the rest of the world, where their access to better news reporting is allowed. We see very little that matters, since the media is manipulated by corporate interests. Therefore, Jupiter (in Gemini) in the third house square Neptune/Mercury in the twelfth, clearly shows our lack of accurate judgment and our news being full of trivial fluff and deception.

This kind of control is further indicated by Saturn in the eighth house in Scorpio trine Neptune and Mercury—they will succeed in this manipulation. The eighth house is “other people’s power or values.” It is ruled by Scorpio/Pluto, and Pluto is posited in the tenth house, which is the seat of power. Further, they are in mutual reception. That means that Saturn is in Pluto’s sign (Scorpio) and Pluto is in Saturn’s sign (Capricorn), AND they are in each other’s houses, as well—double mutual reception. Jupiter rules the ninth and tenth houses. The ninth is the law and legislators (the collective “mind” or decisions), and the tenth is the president or whatever the real power is. Jupiter being in Gemini in the third shows that there is concentration of what is being fed to us via our media. Here is the interesting part: Jupiter is in a tight YOD formation with Pluto and Saturn. (A yod is the pattern of one planet being quincunx two planets that are sextile each other.) Those in power have a great deal of disciplined power being perpetrated, but it is not what we’re perceiving. The focal point of the yod is Jupiter, and since it is quincunx both of the power planets (Pluto and Saturn) which are in good aspect, there is no connection at all between their real agenda or activity and what is being said or reported. NONE. We might as well turn off the TV and radio and stop reading newspapers.

However, there is more to this chart than just that. The Moon is in the fourth house in Cancer. It is opposing Pluto and square Mars, Uranus and the Sun. That is rage on a visceral level on the part of the collective “families” in our country. Some of this is hardship from the weather, and some is hardship from the powers that be (Pluto in the tenth). We may not have access to real news and are being fed propaganda continuously, but we know when things are not going well relative to prices, wages, unemployment, police brutality, crumbling infrastructure, et al.

Mars conjunct Uranus—especially in Aries—can indicate earthquakes and unexpected, violent storm activity, as well as rebellion and outrage. Astrologers have been predicting a “correction” of excesses, which can include a depression, happening from 2008 to 2017. We are entering the year that it will be too obvious to ignore. The meltdown of late 2008 should have been a lot worse, but it was propped up somehow and just postponed. Things are going to unravel this year.

Expect two things: propaganda will continue (especially on Fox News) and in some part be successful (the Neptune-Mercury/Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter configurations), and expect rebellion and outrage, not to mention some weather issues, to be out front and obvious. From the spring of 2013 to the next spring in 2014, we will see a great deal of drama.

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  1. Thank-you for such an interesting piece. A month in and the Mississippi is closed due to flooding and many cities in the mid-west are flooding, and it's still snowing this week in Denver.