Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Reincarnation of Anne Frank

Some time ago, I mentioned past life charts and spoke of my own. Recently, I had occasion to view a presentation by Barbro Karlen, who is the author of "And the Wolf Howls." Here is the online location of that presentation: You will have to copy and paste.
She claims to be the reincarnation of Anne Frank, and has some compelling reasons for thinking so. It was possible to obtain both of their birth data, so I naturally wanted to compare them.

Anne Frank: June 12, 1929 at 7:30 am in Frankfurt, Germany
Barbro Karlen: May 24, 1954 at 7:20 am in Goetenborg, Sweden

One of the things I look for is improvement in character, and we have it here. In Frank’s chart Jupiter and Venus are in the same sign, but spread apart. Venus is in rulership in Frank’s, but it is comfortable in Cancer in Karlen’s chart. More importantly, Jupiter, although at home in Taurus in Frank’s chart, rose to exaltation in Karlen’s and is now conjoining Venus tightly in the same degree. This shows a great deal of improvement regarding creativity, home circumstances and career prospects—especially creativity.

It is interesting that Karlen published her own version of a “diary” around age twelve when an adult found her papers strewn around her room and thought they were worth publishing. Anne Frank’s was a different circumstance but essentially the same thing. Anne Frank, had she lived, had a promising life ahead as an author. She had originally wanted to be an actress (Leo rising and the MC ruler in Leo plus Moon conjunct Neptune in Leo), but later wanted to be a journalist (ruler of the ascendant in Gemini conjunct Mercury). Frank started her diary around her birthday 1942 when she was 13 years old.

Although born close to the same time of day, their ascendants would be different signs if Anne Frank’s “on-the-half-hour” time is correct. Anne’s is zero degrees, six minutes Leo, but since 7:30 am could have been an estimate, and it had gone into Leo just seconds or maybe a minute before, it is possible that it is really Cancer, as is Karlen’s. When the Franks were forcibly removed from their home on July 6, 1942, her solar arc Pluto was at 29:40 Cancer, so I suspect that is close to the degree of her ascendant. There was so much Leo in Frank’s chart, it would have been hard to tell just by her words. Karlen’s ascendant is late Cancer, ruled by the Moon, which is in Aquarius, the opposite sign from Frank’s. It is also in the opposite house. Opposite signs and houses have an affinity—two sides of the same coin. So, both have the Sun in Gemini, both have possibly the same sign rising and the Moons are in opposite signs and houses.

Both charts also hold angular Uranus positions. Frank’s was conjunct the MC by about four degrees, and Karlen’s conjunct the Ascendant by four degrees. I don’t know what that means in terms of reincarnation, but it is very interesting.

In Frank’s chart Mars is in Leo, not a bad placement, but in Karlen’s it’s in its exaltation, Capricorn. Therefore, I’m inclined to think there was improvement in behavior in some way. However, in Frank’s chart Mars was square the nodes, which it is believed shows some unresolved anger related to material circumstances (nodes in the Taurus/Scorpio axis), and in Karlen’s chart Mars is conjunct the North Node—still connected, but not as rebellious. Uranus is in her twelfth conjunct the South Node, so in a past life, Karlen was “confined” in some way (12th) and had an issue with “freedom” or “independence”—Uranus. That would fit the life of Anne Frank.

I’d have to conclude that she may, indeed, be the reincarnation of Anne Frank, and the lack of really strong growth and improvement can be because of a life cut short.


  1. Very nice, thank you. Also I notice that both of her birthdates equal a 30/3 life path number.

  2. This is exactly what I was looking for. I very much appreciate your work!