Sunday, February 23, 2014

USA chart's economics

We’ve been watching the Uranus/Pluto square unfolding for several years now, and, like most, I had expected a repeat of the Great Depression or the rebellious sixties, since those two were active then in a similar fashion. However, I met another astrologer in December, Barbara Taylor, when I attended her lecture in Richmond, VA. She is a nurse and also one of Alphee Lavoie’s “Gators,” who do a lot of astrological research. She mentioned that this time the Uranus/Pluto configuration has a difference: it does not include Saturn. That is an important distinction I had not considered. It is still very important and the backbone of current events. But, even so, there are other factors at play besides transits.

While we’re all distracted by Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto moving to activate the USA chart’s Sun, solar arc Saturn has been quietly moving closer to opposing the Sibley chart’s ascendant. Saturn, ruler of the second house, is a strong indicator of the health of the economy. It’s square the USA Sun in the 8th of the natal chart, so there always seem to be strong issues about the economy when it’s activated. Solar arc Saturn will oppose the ascendant in less than two years and the Sun will square in three years (with transiting Neptune accompanying it, too), and when something that momentous happens, we look for a similar time in the past so that we can assess what happened then, and therefore, what might manifest this time.

When Saturn conjoined the ascendant by solar arc in this Sibley chart (it has never opposed it before), it was in 1836. That was when we had the battle of the Alamo, after which Texas joined the union, and around that time President Jackson issued “Specie Circular” making it necessary to use hard currency in purchasing public lands. Right after that, British banks called in their loans which led to a seven year depression. Since Saturn rules the second in this chart, it is not surprising.

Also at that time, solar arc Mercury was about to conjoin Neptune after having just left a square to natal Mars, again highlighting yet another lesson about our deceptive, or at least "confused," government.

Right now solar arc Pluto is just leaving that same area—having activated the very strong indicator of our corrupt government, Mars square Neptune, with Neptune being in the ninth. Very recently there has been a LOT of corruption—way worse than that in 1836. Further, transiting Saturn is now traveling through the 12th house and will emerge into the first in two years around the time we see solar arc Saturn entering the seventh. We cannot go on as it is. There is a big “reset” about to be implemented around that time. However, since the progressed MC will shortly trine natal Pluto (about six months, and by the way, they are natally trine although out-of-sign), I believe some behind-the-scenes negotiating or covert activity will avert the worst of this. Pluto rules the twelfth.

Now Texas is talking about leaving the union, and our monetary system is again not anywhere near being “hard currency.” History repeats, and most likely it will do so the same way since we never seem to learn anything. Of course, an opposition is different from a conjunction, but the historical lessons will more than likely be very similar. By that time Saturn and Jupiter (the economic indicators) will be square, which is often the case when a financial correction is necessary.


  1. I don't usually look at mundane astrology much, but as you said - we are all distracted by the transits. It is worrisome to watch transiting Pluto and Uranus opposing and squaring the Sun while Putin is showing off and laughing at what he perceives as our weakness and inability to act.

    I, too, am watching SA Saturn moving closer to the Desc. and even though it is 7 years away - in 2021 SA Pluto will cross the MC! And the country's Pluto return is in 2222! Given the monumental debt the US is in and the government crises that it has been causing in recent years - I wonder if that will take down the US? Or will it be our scandalous abuse of natural resources? What is your take on it?

  2. Guess I am on a roll now : ) I hope you don't mind a comment from the perspective of Visual Astrology (Bernadette Brady's genious research).

    Currently, Pluto's actual position in the sky is in what we call "The Stare of the Archer" - the glare of Sagittarius the much-feared warrior, which is a potentially very aggressive place. When you couple that with our current transits, it is enough to make you worry.

    Also, in 2021-22 during SA Pluto conjunct MC and the country's Pluto return, Uranus will be in "The Stare of Cetus the Whale" - a placement associated with things erupting out of the collective unconscious, as it happened with Nazi Germany, when Uranus was in this same place just before and at the very beginning of the WWII.

    Just my 2 cents.