Wednesday, May 10, 2017

It's getting dramatic!

Yesterday and today we are reeling from the firing of the head of the FBI. Every time a person insists on investigating Trump’s ties with Russia, they get fired. If he is so innocent, then why would he feel a need to do that?  We are very fortunate to have a good time of birth for Trump, and his chart is working like a charm. His progressed Moon changed signs in the last twenty four hours, so this event is really significant. It went from Cancer into Leo. In addition, minor progressed Mars is conjoining his Ascendant right now within minutes. He is really pissed!!

What is beautiful is that his secondary progressed MC is approaching a conjunction with secondary progressed Saturn at 2 Leo (discipline and disappointment in career). The progressed Moon (which moves about a degree a month) will join them in two to three months. That has the potential of ending his presidency. Further, his progressed Uranus is closely (six minutes separating) opposing his natal Moon, which would indicate a state of constant emotional turmoil and anxiety. Transiting Mars will trigger that around May 22nd/23rd.  That has the potential of violence.

Minor progressions are supposed to indicate inner, spiritual matters, and if so, Trump is learning a lesson about deception. He was born with Mercury square Neptune which is notorious for indicating a vivid imagination and, therefore, a signature of a deceptive person. Some people find a way to change habits; some don’t. Right now minor progressed Saturn in Trump’s chart is aligning with that square. It has gone over his Neptune (10 minutes separating from a conjunction) and is on the way in the next few months to square his Mercury. Saturn is “reality” and discipline. He will not get away with his deceptions. 

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