Thursday, August 3, 2017

Additional notes abut the lunar phase.

I will start making videos once in a while, but right now I’m working on how to do it. However, there is an important event happening in Trump’s chart that bears examining. First, his progressed Moon was conjunct progressed Saturn in Mid-July (depression) and is approaching a conjunction with natal and progressed Pluto in only six to eight months. That is an obsessive emotional state. In about eleven months, his solar arc Uranus will conjoin Mars, an accident indicator because it’s an impatient, enraged time when a person would not be careful—temper! In his chart it has to do with his marriage, and so I would expect his wife to be independent and unpredictable at that time. In a little less than four years, his solar arc Uranus conjoins the ascendant…a divorce aspect, and/or an unexpected “declaration of independence.” His attention is on his marriage even now since the solar arc Moon is about to oppose his Ascendant. That will be May 8, 2018. Don’t expect an event on that date necessarily…it often waits for a trigger, like a Mars transit, a tertiary progression, or a lunation (new or full Moon).

The event that I think is more important than all that is the end of his progressed solar/lunar cycle. That is close to three years away. Whether he is still president or not, it is the end of the Balsamic phase of his progressed Moon/Sun cycle. When a person is going through the Balsamic phase, things do not move quickly because the person should be doing an introspective of the previous seven phases of the cycle (each one is 3 and ½ years long). Things slow down, and nothing moves quickly in the Balsamic phase. Note how Trump can’t get anything done that he wants to do. There is so much going on in the USA chart, too, I will save it all for the video that I hope to make before the much-heralded eclipse.

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