Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 4th Eclipse

We start the New Year with an important eclipse on January 4th at 4:03:16 a.m. in Washington DC. If you live outside the United States, you’d have it occur at a different time (for your zone), and the chart for your country (calculated for the capital city) and its concerns would be different, as well.
This eclipse is very significant for our country because it is within minutes of opposing the USA Sun. And, since the US is also having a Saturn return this year, it is significant because in the eclipse chart Saturn is two degrees from its birth position and also activated by the eclipse. There are other contacts, as well.
One of the most pressing problems we have today is the growing inequality between the rich and poor. For an assessment of why this is a major social problem, see (You’ll have to copy and paste this into your browser, more than likely.) Those who feel we should not have to help the less fortunate through social programs may realize later, if their policies are implemented, that it actually costs them more eventually than if they just tried to work for more equality. This eclipse chart points to financial issues being the most important over the next year. Not only does the eclipse fall in the second house of the eclipse chart drawn for the USA, but also the second house of the USA chart, as well. With Saturn squaring the eclipse and Pluto not being far away from it either—eight degrees—our economy is in dire straits. The mind-set of the average citizen is very fearful and anxious.
On the surface, however, we’ll collectively appear to be OK; Venus is rising. But Venus is exactly square Neptune within one minute of orb, so underneath that façade is confusion and lack of focus—a feeling of helplessness and sacrifice. Since Venus rules the seventh house, which has to do with treaties and alliances with foreign countries, among other things, we can expect to be kept in the dark or deceived about those issues, Wikileaks notwithstanding. Neptune rules the fourth, so at our core, security is dissolving. Property values continue to be elusive. Even if they appear to rise, it will not be solid. Since Venus rules the sixth (jobs, civil services, etc.), those things, too, continue to erode.
The good thing is that in the fourth, Jupiter and Uranus are tightly conjoined, also one minute of orb, and within ten and eleven minutes of exactly being trine Venus. This shows that the public is waking up, getting impatient and may do something unexpectedly and in greater measure than we anticipated. It would have a very positive impact, and the masses’ insight and judgment about what is happening is relatively accurate, despite that Venus-Neptune influence.

What can we do?

In hard times, it might be a good idea to meditate on why we are here in this life in the first place. I believe we are here to become ONE, consciously, so that we may return to the Father. A Course in Miracles (and the Bible as well) teaches that what we do to our fellow human beings, we are doing to Jesus and to ourselves because we really ARE one, whether we realize it yet or not. (“Ask not for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”)
The key is to ask ourselves if what we do and say is divisive or unifying. It is obvious that we are on the wrong track when we point a finger and say, “It is THEIR fault! THEY need to change.” That is why I think Glenn Beck and Ms. Coulter are so dangerous. When we start labeling groups of people as “wrong” or “bad,” especially without knowing what we are talking about, it is divisive. It creates fear. A Course in Miracles says there are only two things that are real: love and fear. When you are living in one state, you cannot be in the other.
This morning the guest minister at our church mentioned that the early church in the first century stood out as “weird” because they went against the social norm and were kind and good to people. They took food to the sick, helped widows and orphans, and visited prisoners. Times were hard then, and society had become hard and selfish out of fear of not having enough. What the Christians were doing was unheard of! They did no street corner proselytizing, no strong tactics for converts…they just went about their daily lives caring about and helping other people as though they were their own family. The early church grew and prospered from this activity. But, what is happening now? Christians are actually supporting war out of fear of their brothers.
So, in conclusion, when we get into the demonstration and rebellion phase of the coming Uranus square Pluto era for the next several years, ask yourself if what you propose and believe furthers the energy of love becoming more prevalent or do you prefer more fear? To paraphrase Martin Luther King, Jr., Love begets more love and war begets more war. You can’t kill a man’s children and expect him to thank you.

END NOTE: The lecture about 2011 that I’ve been giving away became so much in demand, it was taking too much time to send it out individually. I had to finally just post it on my website as an instant download. You can go to, and it is immediately apparent. It will be there indefinitely as a gift. Happy New Year!!

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  1. I also think pie in the sky is a motivating force for the "bottom rung" to keep things the way they are. Saw something recently about bottom feeders not wanting change EITHER because they support promises of wealth to the detriment of the whole and they desire it for themselves, i.e. winning the lottery or inheriting a fortune from a long lost relative.