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King George VI and “The King’s Speech”

The King’s Speech, a movie based on the life of King George VI of England, premiered first on Sept. 4, 2010 in Telluride, CO. I used 8:00 pm as the time of the premier, but it could have been at any time during the day. The question of whether or not a person’s chart is activated after death has long fascinated astrologers, so when something like this comes along, it is interesting to test whether or not it is true. First, though, an examination of his chart is in order to give a little background.
The future king was born on December 14, 1895 at 3:05 am in Sandringham, England. He was baptized Albert Frederick Arthur George after his great grandmother, Queen Victoria’s, deceased husband, and his birth was on the anniversary of Albert’s death. His childhood was difficult due to knock knees that were corrected with painful braces, delicate health, forced to write with his right hand although being left handed, a stammer that invited ridicule, and seeing his older brother always favored. It was said of him that he was “easily frightened and prone to tears.”
His birth chart shows this childhood clearly. The fourth house (early home life) is ruled by Uranus which is in a stellium spanning the first and second houses of the physical body and self-worth. This stellium includes Saturn, Uranus, Moon and Mars, all in Scorpio except Mars, which is at 1:21 Sagittarius. Moon in Scorpio bestows deep reactions and emotional turmoil—especially when very close to Uranus, adding suddenness to reactions, hence “easily frightened.” Mars, less than seven degrees away, only exacerbates this. Saturn, when connected to Uranus, can indicate a feeling of hopelessness, lack of freedom, a feeling of “one must do what one must do.” And, of course, Saturn conjoining the Moon (which it does because of Uranus bridging the distance between them) is notorious for hyper sensitivity and depression, leading also to a feeling of loneliness.
Further, the chart ruler, Venus, is also in Scorpio and square Jupiter in Leo, which conjoins the MC. I am amazed that he didn’t have diabetes (maybe, though who knows?), but he did smoke to excess, which eventually led to his early demise. This square often indicates illnesses associated with over-indulgence or a lack of ability to process sugars. But, in this case, because Venus rules the ascendant, he would over-react to anything that attacked pride and ego (Jupiter in Leo). But, where you may ask, do we find the stammer?
Sun and Mercury are conjoined in the second house in Sagittarius. These are opposing Neptune conjunct Pluto in Gemini in the eighth. We would expect Gemini to be represented or the third house, but Neptune and Pluto would not qualify for a specific case like this because they are outer planets in a sign for many years. However, Mercury (speech, communication) opposing Pluto is difficult because the process of talking would be so intensely important, it could indicate excessive concentration of effort resulting in physical and psychological blockages. Neptune opposing both Mercury and the Sun further erodes self-esteem and amplifies imagination so that the owner of the chart can imagine or fear slights that may not even exist. The third house is ruled by Jupiter, and Jupiter is the dispositor of Mercury—therefore, it is of importance. Since it is in Leo and conjoins the MC, his ego and pride, even public image, is all bound up in his communicating abilities. Since it squares the ruler of the whole chart, Venus, and is the most angular planet, he has a deep conflict about this issue. Further, the south node in Virgo indicates a perfectionist, so he would be deeply aware of all his flaws and shortcomings.
Two Important Speeches
The last straw leading the future king to do something about his stammer was a speech he gave on December 31, 1925. It was so painful for him and the audience, he sought help the next year. The progressions for that day show the progressed Ascendant conjoining progressed Saturn—both at 17 Scorpio. Transiting Saturn, at 22 Scorpio was just passing his natal Uranus in the same degree (“I have to do what I have to do.”) Progressed Sun was sextile natal Uranus, progressed Mercury opposing the MC, transiting Mercury opposing Neptune, and most importantly, transiting Uranus squaring the natal Sun within two minutes!! That is famous for being a “declaration of independence” from whatever constraints are bothering anyone. For the past two years, progressed Mars had been conjoining the Sun, so he was frustrated and angry about the whole situation, and he had just had his Saturn return, a time of confronting whatever is haunting a person.
The second important speech was on May 9, 1927 in Canberra, Australia. He had been working with his therapist for about six or seven months, and this was the first speech in which he did not stammer. (note that this was about a decade before he was king) Solar arc Moon is only 18 minutes from trining the Descendant (public), the progressed Moon is just about to conjoin the progressed Sun—a brand new beginning, solar arc Ascendant is about to change signs—a new personality emerging, transiting Saturn is trining Jupiter and the MC—gaining control over one’s public image, transiting Jupiter is trine the Moon—joy, and transiting Uranus is trine Mars—unique abilities. There are other contacts for both these speeches, but these are the main indicators.
And Now the Movie:
This movie is going to give the public new insight about this quiet king who died way too early. Amazingly, the chart of the debut in Telluride, CO on September 4, 2010, and progressions/solar arcs for the date activated the King’s chart as vividly as the above events!! Immediately, we see that transiting Venus is conjoining the King’s birth chart Ascendant exactly (and would have been in range no matter what time the film aired). Progressed Venus at 22:53 Pisces is just about at the midpoint trining the natal Uranus-Sun conjunction. The progressed MC is just past Mars, but keep in mind the movie had been in production earlier, when the MC was right on the Mars—changing public perceptions. Solar arc Venus is square Mars exactly within one minute!! Since Venus rules the 12th and 1st, and Mars rules the 7th and 6th (Koch system), then this indicates the movie’s bringing into public awareness the private life of the King and his health issues.
The progressed Moon is opposing the natal Jupiter, and since the progressed Sun is quincunx progressed Saturn, we may see this film changing awareness about speech impediments more than anticipated. Progressed Mercury is conjoining progressed Hygeia, the asteroid regarding health matters, and both are approaching a trine to the MC and sextile (tightly) natal Juno. I’m sure this movie is making the Queen Mother (Juno—his wife) very, very happy. She had asked that any drama about the King’s personal speech problems not be made public in her lifetime. Progressed Juno is also in the last minute of Pisces, being transited by Uranus and both are trine the progressed Jupiter. All these energies are moving into a new expression. Solar arc Juno is opposing natal Mars. Even transiting Neptune is trine the ascendant. There may be more contacts, but this gives you the idea.
The movie is about this man’s life. Therefore, it is reasonable that the events unfolding pertaining to it would show up in the birth chart of the person in question. We’ve seen this in events connected to her life unfolding after Marilyn Monroe’s death. All is energy, so if one is “acting out” a person’s life, the event would tap into the energy of the person in question.

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