Sunday, June 10, 2012

Past Life

I was reminded recently about an exercise I did around 1970. I had just read Max Long’s book, Secret Science at Work, and learned a method of contacting the subconscious mind. I used a pendulum, which can be a ring you wear often, or any over-one-ounce object, suspended on a string. I now have an amethyst on a chain which can be purchased in just about any new age store. I wanted to find out my previous life birthday. The idea is to ask the subconscious to move the suspended object in assigned directions. For me, I asked it to swing vertically for “yes,” horizontally for “no” and in a circle for “I don’t know.” It took half a day to do the training. Your “subby,” as Isabel Hickey called it, might be quicker. Then I asked about the century, then the decade, year, month, day, etc. I found out I was born on November 7, 1871 somewhere in England with 20 degrees Libra rising. I’ll probably never know my birth town. However, I didn’t have an 1871 ephemeris or a computer, so I ordered one just for that year from the Rosicrucians. Here is the chart with my current one around it. The odds of so many contacts being just about on the money…only minutes apart…is uncanny. It appears I improved slightly with Venus, ruler of both charts, being in exaltation now instead of its ruler. But other than that, it looks like I’m pretty much the same. You might want to try this exercise. I think it’s a valuable tool for guidance in your evolution.


  1. Emailed from Debbie:
    This is so great!! I want to and probably will do this but can I ask "what" I was in a previous life instead of a birthdate? Thanks,Deb

  2. I couldn't tell you "what" you were...just a general idea of your personality and comparing it to now, how much you improved. Remember, one cannot tell the difference between a chart for a cat or a city or a person, so it's not possible to get so specific.

  3. OOOPS!! I didn't read your question right. Sure, but since answers are "yes" or "no," you'd have to ask your subconscious in a way that could be answered that way.

  4. hi, i have a question about myself, PLEASE HELP :(

    im a virgo, my moon is gemini and venus is libra.

    i feel so tired, and like everything is going from bad to worse.. even my virgos friends are all tired and facing problems :(

    so my question is, will things get better for us virgos in 2O13? or will they stay crap forever..? i feel as if life wont get better, i been suffering for 9 years now, i just want to know if things will get better..? any hope at all?

  5. It's impossible to make a sweeping comment about all people in a sign. To get the answers you may need, you would have to have a personal consultation with an astologer. There may be someone near you or you can go through my website to order one. The "sampler" I offer is only $30 and many people find that is all they need. However, there are two things to consider: one is that you are part of the collective of the United States, and therefore, part of its problems. A lot of people have your complaint because of that--i.e. the country is going through a massive "cleaning out." And second, your attitude and thought processes are extremely important. You make your future by the energy you send out now. Read the book, "The Field" (library?) by Lynne McTaggart. It explains the physics behind our mental energy.

  6. I like Moon conjunct Moon, I got that too with one.