Monday, May 13, 2013

Almost thirty years ago

Most of the commentaries out there in blogs and articles regarding the current “corporate takeover of America,” always say something about how it started roughly thirty years ago, at which time wages pretty much became stagnant. That is how it looks astrologically, as well. I gave a talk to the Fellowship of the Inner Light in Virginia Beach at some time in the seventies about the then approaching planetary pileup in early Capricorn in the last half of the eighties. And now, looking back, it is apparent that the talk was rather clear. I should have made it an article, but I’d been an astrologer for only about five years or so, and didn’t feel sure of myself.

When a planet conjoins another planet, it sets off a cycle lasting until the faster planet returns and conjoins the slower planet again. In the late eighties, we had a TRIPLE conjunction of three outer planets with slow, long-lasting cycles, in Capricorn, and the ensuing cycles will carry the theme of Capricorn with them. We have been witnessing this in action.

Capricorn is the official ruler of big business and government. It also represents constriction, scarcity and stinginess. Neptune, the planet of deception, lies and secrets (in its negative expression), first entered Capricorn in January 1984. In the USA’s birth chart, Neptune operates in a negative expression. Not only does it semi-square and sesquiquadrate the nodes, showing karma connected with it (material for another blog), it is also square Mars from the ninth house (the legislature), which means we have a deceptive-acting legislature—or in plain language—a corrupt government. It was so from the beginning. After all, right away Hamilton made sure the banks had a stake in making money even though it wasn’t the intent of the constitution.

There is a quote online from the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis: “However, from the beginning, there were those who argued that the Bank was unconstitutional. The Constitution granted power to tax and print money to Congress, not a private corporation, critics argued.” (copy and paste)

The Federal Reserve, itself, by the way, is one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the country. Just read The Creature from Jekyll Island by Griffin or Money Creators by Coogan to see how it was done. It is simply a private banking cartel making billions off the taxpayer unconstitutionally. If Americans really knew what was going on, they would be storming Washington by the millions! In other words, deception has been a cornerstone of our country from the very beginning and is worse than ever today. But, back to 1984…

Neptune was the first of three outer planets to enter Capricorn in the 1980s. The last sojourn in Capricorn was almost 165 years earlier. It set into motion factions that lied, deceived and surreptitiously seeped agendas into plans that were far-reaching decades ahead for the benefit of “big business.” Right behind it entering Capricorn was Saturn on February 14, 1988, and then Uranus two days later. Uranus takes eighty-four years to return to a sign, and Saturn, an average of twenty-eight to thirty. For them all to begin cycles at once in Capricorn was unprecedented in recent history. It was about this time that deceptive plans, begun in early 1984, should have found concrete expression. Uranus is inventiveness and unique ideas, and Saturn is solid, concrete reality. Back then who would have imagined that the originator of Agent Orange, Monsanto, had plans to genetically alter seeds, patent them and try to take over the food supply of the entire planet? We would have assumed that anyone who said so was insane. But that is exactly what has happened, and many other plots, as well.

However, just as Pluto in Capricorn brought us the rebellion that birthed the USA (It is in Capricorn in the USA chart), so, too, will Pluto, now again in Capricorn for the first time since then, revolutionize and transform the status quo. All is not lost. Pluto entered Capricorn in January 2008, and by the end of the year, the first cracks in corporate plots appeared when the housing bubble burst, the stock market hiccupped, and we became aware of what “big business” had been doing.

Pluto in Capricorn is essentially transformation, dying and rebirthing of big business—and any other Capricorn-ruled item, like government. You can find a list of them in Rex Bills’ “The Rulership Book.” I said in the seventies that when Pluto went through Capricorn, it would revolutionize business and/or government as we know it. They will be transformed into something different. Just as the USA was born while Pluto was in Capricorn, it will die to what it has become and hopefully be re-born in this visit, the first time it has been in that sign since then.

Remember, however, that the outer planetary transits are global. They are not directed just at the USA. All countries are affected, but the specifics will depend on their respective charts and how these cycles affect them individually.

And now, Uranus has moved into Aries and is making challenging aspects, not only to Pluto, but also to the original triple conjunction that occurred back in the last half of the eighties. This adds outrage and impatience to the mix—historically a time of revolution. The best part will be when Saturn returns to Capricorn in December 2017-January 2018 (remember it has an average 28-30 year orbit and last entered the sign in 1988), and comes back to the original triple threat conjunction, and then goes on to join Pluto in January 2020. It is then that “dues are paid.” Saturn is the disciplinarian. Pluto is forced change, transformation and total rebuilding, and it will not be finished until 2024 when Pluto finally leaves Capricorn and moves on into Aquarius. By then, what it was all about will be clear, but what will happen in the interim depends so much on what each of us does and how we live our lives according to the highest principles. Remember any country’s chart is a collective expression. If we don’t want a corrupt government, we must do something about it.


  1. Great write up! Thank you Carole

  2. Excellent article, Carole, Thanks.

  3. Thanks for reminding us that transformation WILL happen, because living in this moment of governmental paralysis and total dysfunction, it's darn hard to remember...this too will pass. Bravo!

  4. Thank-you Carole. So few Astrologers are discussing these momentous changes sweeping the planet now.

    Generally speaking, what I'm seeing now is what I expected to see back in the 70s.

    But the sludge of the Old/New World prevailed, swamping the People's Revolution by a thousand cuts.

    When these changes are completed over the next few years, it will truly be a new dawn. One way or the other...

    - Neptunio