Thursday, August 11, 2016

Saturn square Neptune

Right now we are living through a long transit of Saturn Square Neptune which is affecting the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces). When Saturn goes through Sagittarius (as it is now), dissatisfaction with the status quo is prominent.  Saturn represents “conflict, pain and doubt,” whereas, Sagittarius represents truthfulness, idealism, education, philosophy and anything connected with an organized society’s government and institutions.  Neptune represents spirituality, idealism, the collective and (if not well-aspected), illusion/delusion and confusion. When two planets like this square, it sets up a conflict between the two with the faster planet (Saturn, in this case) acting on the slower one.

One way to put it is that we are taking illusion/confusion (Neptune) seriously (Saturn) because we are having conflict, pain and doubt (Saturn) about our ideals (Neptune). In more simple terms, lies and delusion (Neptune) are being revealed and taken seriously (Saturn).  Possible things that happen are that we get very serious about being lied to, we begin to see the delusion, and it will be held to account. Saturn is also “discipline.” The square aspect is difficult, but it gets the job done. Under a trine, the problem might be seen, but nothing done about it. The square sets up an impatient tension to DO something. Over the last few weeks this was brought into focus by the nodes going over it, and then Mercury. Now Venus is joining in as well as Mars before the month’s end, and in less than a day from now, the Moon. The Moon would have triggered this several times a month, so it won’t be all that startling. However, when Mars conjoins Saturn, people usually act on their frustrations.  In the next two weeks, Mars will conjoin Saturn and square Neptune.  When that happens, people who have been experiencing the frustrations of this the most will act on it.

I can only address the Sun here, since not being able to know what is in everyone’s chart without looking, and those are people with the Sun in early Sagittarius (born in late November/early December, Sun in Pisces (very late February/early March), Sun in Gemini (late May/early June) and Virgo (late August/early September). However, millions will have these signs in other positions in their charts or the chart angles, so it can really affect many, many people. Usually, conjunctions of Mars and Saturn in challenging aspect to any point in a birth chart, indicates turning points that are very important.

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