Sunday, August 20, 2017

 [Note: In order to keep up with the times and to keep my brain from getting rusty, I’m going to attempt to do a video the next time I post a blog. I would have done it this time, but Mercury is retrograde, and I respect that. Why ask for trouble?]

In the past I’ve usually done a composite of a new president’s chart with the USA Sibley chart. I overlooked doing it with Trump, but in view of the eclipse tomorrow which greatly affects all three of them….Trump’s, the USA’s and the composite, it is time to do that. Besides, every astrologer in the world is perusing Trump’s chart, but I don’t see much about the USA’s chart or the composite of the two of them. I’m going to attempt to post the charts here, but they may end up at the beginning or end of the post. Blogspot has a will of its own. (in fact, it is beyond me....if you're interested, I'll privately email you the charts. Blogspot changes its procedures almost monthly.)

Trump, of course, has this eclipse directly on his Ascendant/Mars conjunction. Eclipses set up at least a year’s worth of sensitivity to that point in the chart, but it manifests whenever anything triggers it…even tertiary and primary progressions and directions. The manifestation is neither “good” nor “bad” --- just sensitive. When it is in fixed signs, as this one is, it can be sensitive for a couple of years or more. In this case, that is especially true because there is a solar eclipse next February at 27 Aquarius…opposite this point which prolongs its effect, as well.

In addition, note that the USA’s Moon is located at 27:11 Aquarius. That is right on the degree of the above-mentioned eclipse in 2018, but it is affected by the eclipse tomorrow because of being in opposition. The Moon in a mundane chart represents the populace, and in the Sibley chart, it rules the eighth house. Personally, I think this relates to a very rapid rise in food prices because the immigrant farm workers were deported, and vast amounts of food are not being harvested—“rotting in the fields” as one person put it. Consider, too, the danger of more drastic cuts in public assistance that will contribute to hardship of the less fortunate of our population.

Long ago I learned (I believe it was via a Liz Greene book) that the leader a country elects is a reflection of the collective consciousness. Either Clinton OR Trump would have reflected it because they are both quite corrupt (in different ways), see the populace as easily led sheep and are both war mongers with huge ambition for power. When you compare the USA’s chart with Trump’s, it’s easy to see how much they “connect.” In particular, Trump’s Venus/Saturn conjunction aligns with the USA’s Mercury/Pluto opposition. That opposition is an indicator of the USA’s “power” issue, and Trump’s Venus/Saturn indicates his neediness to be “loved” because it was probably missing from his father. Venus rules his MC, and since that represents “authority” (father), and it squares his rising Mars, his father had to have been harsh with him…possibly violent at times.

It is interesting that the composite chart of Trump with the USA has an angular Mars, too, (conjunct the MC) and the Moon opposes it within less than a degree. In fact, there is only a seven minute orb. That polarizes the populace and can indicate a “knee-jerk” angry response to him. Furthermore the Sun trines Pluto. In a composite, that indicates a deep commitment between the two entities. However, the Sun also squares Neptune out-of-sign, which indicates deception of the one in power in this relationship. Sun rules the MC. In short, I think the country is being greatly deceived by this man. (I realize I’m biased, but I try mightily to just look at the charts.)

The eclipse is going to align with the composite Jupiter, which conjoins Saturn, albeit widely, (both of them straddle Trump’s natal chart ascendant.), which shows clearly the “love/hate” response from the country at large. I’m flummoxed about that and unsure whether or not he will be impeached.

[I’ll use these same charts on my video next month. Right now, I’m just setting up the drama.]


  1. Give us a chart on Hillary Born: October 26, 1947 (age 69), Edgewater Hospital, Chicago

    1. Hillary's time of birth is "iffy." Some believe she even midled deliberately since there are about three different times attributed to her own words. I don't do "iffy" charts ever.

    2. Should have been "mis-led." Sorry.

  2. But with Amazon buying Whole Foods, I have seen a decrease on food prices?

  3. But with Amazon buying Whole Foods I have seen a decrease on food prices.