Sunday, May 20, 2018

three charts

Last month someone asked for commentary on Billy Graham…so just a few observations:  He was born Nov 7, 1918 at 3:30 pm in Charlotte,NC….the chart:  


The ruler of the chart is Mars, not only in Sagittarius, but also in the 9th house conjunct the moon in the same sign. Sagittarius relates to religion, law, rules and regulations.  He was a Scorpio, a sign well-known for being controlling.  Plus, its ruler, Pluto is angular as well, giving it considerable strength. He was largely responsible for the words, “In God we trust” added to our money and “under God” added to the pledge of allegiance. That is control!!  The south node in Gemini in the third shows he came from past lives in which he was self-referencing in knowledge…i.e. trusting his own ideas over others. The lesson in this life was about listening to others…north node in the ninth. And ego came into the picture, as well….Saturn in Leo in the fifth.

Further, Mercury squared both Uranus and Saturn. That’s a bit of an oxymoron. Uranus stressfully aspected to Mercury can be a “know-it-all,” but the square to Saturn brings in self-doubt, too. He really had to be in control of all aspects of his life…Pluto opposing Moon, both square the ascendant.

What I find interesting is the status of Neptune, the planet ruling spirituality. It is square Venus and the Sun---some self-doubt, but often manifesting as feeling like a ‘victim.’ It trines the ascendant, however, so it would not have manifested and does show great spiritual sincerity.

The United States

The most important thing I see is that in a little over a month, the solar arc Moon in the Sibley chart will square natal Pluto in the second house. The Moon rules the 8th, which is the house of “other people’s money” or rather, taxes, debts, insurance ---things like that. Pluto is natally in the second house, personal income –in this case, the country’s revenue. Pluto squares are the most difficult because they require a total re-birthing process.  This is the kind of thing you see with bankruptcy. I would not be surprised to see a financial meltdown, but since Pluto rules the 12th , it could be kept under wraps for awhile before we realize what has happened.

We had a giant shift a year and four months ago (Trump’s takeover) when the MC by progression and solar arc changed signs.  That just means a different energy is running the country. There is much more, but it would take a long article to relay it all.

Donald Trump

Trump is ending a cycle. I think I mentioned before that he is about to end the large progressed Moon to progressed Sun cycle…always a new beginning. That will happen in about 16 to 17 months. In about a year, when the progressed Moon conjoins his Mars, he will be livid with rage. But, right now, his solar arc Moon is about to change signs….just one minute  to go, which equates to just a few days, and when it does, it goes into Pisces, usually a time when a person feels “victimized”…not always, but often. In less than a year and a half, his solar arc Venus will conjoin natal Neptune…dissolving of his prestige (career) and public image. But, right now, with progressed Venus conjoining natal Jupiter, he’s lucky. It will not last.



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