Thursday, May 31, 2018

Roseanne Barr

I was delighted to discover that we have a good time of birth for Roseanne Barr. She was born on Nov. 3 1952 at 1:21 pm in Salt Lake City, Utah. With such a ruckus about her tweets, you’d expect to see some strong Mars and Mercury activity, and there is.

First, she was born with Mars opposing Uranus. Mars rules her third house (speech) and Uranus rules the chart since she has Aquarius rising. That, in a nutshell, denotes a person who will not follow the rules if she doesn’t want to. The progressed Sun was right on the Mars about a year and four months ago, and is now approaching an opposition to Uranus in about a year and eight months. She would be impatient and angry much of the whole time that was being triggered. PLUS, Progressed Moon was only seven minutes from squaring progressed Sun when she did this. That means that the progressed Moon is only minutes from entering the third quarter progressed lunar/solar phase. These 8 phases each last about 3 and 1/2 years on average and denote a period of time when various traits take center stage. This one (third quarter) is noted for organized and well-considered rebellion, unlike the first quarter, which is unruly and more raw.

The above opposition of Mars/Uranus does not stand alone. They form a T square with a conjunction of Saturn and Neptune. That must feel very frustrating for her. And that conjunction is being activated by the progressed Moon. Since the P Moon will conjoin Saturn in roughly three months, it doesn’t look like she’ll bounce back quickly. That conjunction classically denotes depression. Right now, though, it is squaring the Mars/Uranus opposition, so she is really annoyed and expression of that will come first.

Meanwhile, solar arc Moon is squaring natal Sun and progressed Jupiter. She was born with Jupiter opposing the Sun, so mainly, this is the SA Moon triggering that opposition. It denotes supreme self-confidence and an over-the-top enjoyment of the spotlight (since Sun rules the seventh).

And there is more. Transiting Mars (it has been pointed out numerous times) was almost conjoining her ascendant, but more importantly, her progressed/solar arc MC (profession, public image) is also about to conjoin the Ascendant, and Mars was closer to that. And transiting nodes were also aligned with it. One could predict that there would be an angry occurrence affecting her career.

One little interesting thing is that secondary progressed Venus was exactly to-the-minute square natal Mercury. Usually, that would not be of major concern, but given all the rest, it indicates that what she ‘says’ (Mercury) now is in conflict (square) with her values (Venus).
I also looked at her tertiary progressions, and it is just a reiteration of all this. Tertiary Mars is square progressed Pluto…rage, and it also is quincunx natal Neptune, which rules her second house. Again, there is a disconnect between her values (second house) and what she is actually saying (Mars rules the third—speech). Is she hiding how she really feels but saying what she feels she must? We cannot judge. I am unable to post the chart here, but will make it an attachment to your email notice.

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