Thursday, November 1, 2018

Upcoming elections

Every time I’ve chosen a topic for a blog, there is breaking news that seems more relevant, and as a result, I’ve written nothing for a long time.  That is the whole reason; I have not been ill nor incapacitated at all.

Now, we are approaching the mid-term elections, and that overrides everything.  I just saw today that Fox “news” is watched by more people than MSNBC and CBS combined. That is unfortunate.  [It’s licensed under ‘entertainment’ ---- lacking a legitimate ‘news’ license (unless that has changed without my knowing it)]

When I was getting an education, I took a couple of years of journalism…in the late fifties. We were taught not to put an opinion in any straight news story; it was called “editorializing. “ (which, btw, is what a blog is--an editorial) For instance, we could not write that a crowd was ‘large;” we had to estimate a number, because “large” was an opinion. Ethics like that have largely disappeared…especially on Fox…not as much on other newscasts.  The PBS newscasts seem to be the best at reporting straight news.

Donald Trump’s Chart

In case any of you didn’t save it, Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946 at 10:54 a.m. (birth certificate source) in Jamaica, NY. The most important thing I notice right now is that his progressed Moon is approaching a conjunction with his progressed Sun. (This only happens around every 28 years…and the first time depends on where the Sun and Moon were when a person was born; so it is not going to necessarily be at age 28.) This is a major conjunction and denotes the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. The phase he’s in right now is called “balsamic” and is supposed to be a time of reflection and review of the preceding 28 years.  The next phase, the “new,” will begin for him in a little less than a year from now. Now, it IS possible that some twists and turns can happen before that, but from HIS perspective, that is a new beginning.

One of the most important “events” in solar arc directions is when an aspect in the natal chart moves to coincide with another natal aspect. Those are life-changing. He was born with Venus conjunct Saturn in Cancer and also Neptune square Mercury (the source of his unfamiliarity with the ‘truth’ and vivid imagination).  Venus/Saturn is about to coincide with Neptune square Mercury. It will first be Venus conjunct Neptune about 10-11 months from now. For him, it will manifest initially as delusional thinking, which has been the case all his life, but Venus rules his third house (Koch houses), so it is especially so at that time. Saturn will follow about a year and 11 months later, and that is when one cannot lie to himself any longer. I call that “reality hitting the fan.” However, the fallout from all this will take about two years to complete (when Venus/Saturn squares his natal Mercury) Incidentally, his solar arc Moon entered Pisces a little over five months ago, and indicates that he really does see himself as a “victim.” 

That is not unfamiliar to him. With Venus conjunct Saturn in his natal chart, he has felt unloved since he was nearly two years old.  Something happened when the Venus/Saturn conjunction "closed" by solar arc that left him feeling bereft. But, with Mars and Leo rising, his response would be pride and bravado. And with Mercury square Neptune, he was capable of "altering reality" to fit his self image. There is more, of course, but that is what is at the forefront now.


  1. Wow, very insightful! Thank you for all the wonderful information you give in your blog, and on your Facebook page. You are a fabulous teacher.

  2. Teaching is what I love to do the most!