Saturday, August 18, 2012

Paul Ryan

{I see no way to post the chart, so his data is: Jan 29, 1970 at 2:37 am in Janesville, WI}

The most startling thing about this chart is the almost exact Ascendant-Neptune conjunction with an orb of only three minutes. Such a close configuration overwhelms the chart and becomes the primary focus. At its best, it can indicate wonderful sensitivity and compassion—even psychic ability, but used negatively, it is one of the indicators of deception. Sometimes it is a little of both. Of course, we are in full control of how we use our chart’s energies, but at this time in our evolution, most people are oblivious about their charts, so hardly consider it. Another factor is how strongly it is connected to other points in the chart. In this case, Neptune is strong but not connected much with other planets except through midpoints, which, incidentally, underscore deception but extraordinary talent, as well.

It is connected to Mercury in a semi-square. Many people think the minor aspects are not important, but when it is one of only a few to a planet, and one (Mercury) rules the MC and Descendant (angles), it becomes very important. Since Mercury is speech and thought, then this aspect underscores the ability to deceive—especially in the career and partnerships (the houses Mercury rules). Other aspects from Neptune and the Ascendant are a trine to Mars and Chiron, an opposition to Hygeia and a quincunx to Saturn. He comes across very ably (Mars in Aries) and is very inspiring to those who agree with him. Neptune trine Mars is extremely charming. The Saturn aspect is another matter entirely. Saturn rules the third house (speech), so there is a separation between the way he comes across and what he is saying. Sun conjunct Venus in third indicates a person who speaks easily and charmingly. Couple this with Moon in Libra, and you have a very smooth talker. The combination is quite aware of what people want to hear, and he is able to deliver.

This is the chart of a very, VERY ambitious man. Pluto in the tenth house can often indicate a need for power in career, and since it is sesqui-quadrate the Sun and Venus in the third, we will not see this in his speech—another dissociation. Saturn in Taurus is insecure about wealth, and being in the fifth and square the Sun, he needs to prove himself. I don’t believe he’d realize that about himself because Jupiter (the antithesis of Saturn) is also square the same two. His “cure” for feeling insecure is to over-compensate by unconsciously projecting extreme confidence. Mercury, ruler of the tenth and seventh is trine the MC, so he will be successful because of his speaking ability. Since Mercury is in the second and rules both the tenth (career) and the seventh (marriage), he would gain income from both. Since Mercury is in Capricorn, he is careful about his reputation in both areas of his life.

He also has Sun and Venus trine Uranus, which is charismatic with a touch of genius. He has enormous potential, but the drive for success, couple with a penchant for being easily persuaded (Neptune) and telling people what they want to hear, can lead him down the wrong path. He has Mars opposing Uranus, too, which can indicate hasty action without enough research.


All this year Pluto and Uranus are stressfully activating his natal Mars and Uranus, co-ruler of his third house (Koch system), which indicates it is a year of fast thinking and mental pressure. In early September progressed Moon goes into Gemini and opposes the Ascendant and Neptune, bringing in true confusion about policy and what the people want (Moon rules the ninth) or even what is legal or truthful. Since transiting Neptune is square all that, he very well may not know what he is doing—or not be able to separate truth from fiction.

There is so much going on at this time (to be expected) I can’t mention all of it, but the most important things are that Saturn is going into the 12th house right after the election just after it conjoins his Jupiter. This is usually a time of introspection when things are not moving very quickly, and indeed, that is also shown by solar arc Saturn squaring the MC less than two years after the election. So if he gets elected, which I doubt, it would be a hard time following. Two years later also, the progressed MC also opposes natal Saturn further showing that the career is not going so well.

Four and five years (both) from now he will be revising his philosophical viewpoints, and I believe a new Paul Ryan will emerge.


  1. This is the anonymous comment that was inadvertently removed:
    Hello Carole - I can vouch for the fact that Mercury 45 Neptune is not a minor aspect. No, it is not as APPARENT as the square but I have this aspect. With Mercury-Neptune, adults lied to the child, causing much confusion about what is real and what is not. It started so simple as the Santa Claus myth, which terrified me. Then, my mother, the negative Gemini, could never tell the truth. Even as she was dying, I still got caught up in believing her. This all caused me to doubt my own reasoning, feeling that others were right and I was wrong. Astrology did indeed save my life. It gave me something that I was so good at that I have confidence in my thoughts -- and confidence enough to know and admit when I am wrong.

  2. The second removed comment was my response, which was that it was an excellent observation. childhood re-inforces the birth promise.

  3. Such a mixup. I thought the anonymous poster didn't want her name on the post, so it led to deleting and my reposting. It is Lynn Koiner whose comments carry a lot of weight. :-)