Monday, November 19, 2012

Obama vs Boehner

Nothing much has changed except that Obama no longer has to be thinking about getting re-elected. As we head again into a Republican-ruled house with Boehner at the helm, it’s a good idea to look at their natal charts to see what the problem is that results in their inability to compromise—or rather, Boehner’s inability; Obama goes overboard trying to compromise.

The chart that I’m using for Boehner is my own rectification, and the time of birth could very well be totally wrong. However, Obama’s time—7:24 pm on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, HI—is pretty accurate (although some astrologers disagree). However, I’m not using anything in Boehner’s chart that would depend on an exact time of birth except the composite. Boehner, born November 17, 1949 in Cincinnati, OH at my speculated time of 7:37:07 pm, has Pluto (18 Leo 12) exactly opposing Obama’s ascendant (18 Aquarius 03). In other words, it is on Obama’s seventh house cusp. The seventh house sign reveals the one that is our shadow—a whole lecture would be necessary to explain why we also attract that sign (or versions of it) as our mates. It is also in orb of conjoining Obama’s Sun. When someone’s Pluto affects anyone that strongly, there is an enormous power struggle, with the one holding the Pluto seeing the other as a huge threat. The push to preserve one’s own “power” would be extreme and unnecessarily strong. We have witnessed that for four years.

Obama’s Uranus (25 Leo 16) is exactly square Boehner’s Sun (25 Scorpio 21). Boehner would see Obama as a loose cannon that has to be reined in. Obama’s Pluto (6 Virgo 59) is conjunct Boehner’s Mars (12 Virgo 03) and that is also a power struggle, but with a little rage thrown in. Obama’s Saturn is square Boehner’s Moon. He would see Obama as depressing and negative—hard to imagine, but it’s from Boehner’s viewpoint which, as we know, is extremely emotional. Although not in orb of the aspect, their Mercuries are in squaring signs. Their methods and styles of communication are in conflict.

There is more, but those are the principle problems. Not a good match. The composite offers a different insight. If Boehner’s chart is rectified correctly, then the composite has Neptune on the descendant making a grand square with the Ascendant, Jupiter and Uranus. That, in itself, is not too much—chaos, jumping to conclusions, deception, covering insults with humor and many other manifestations, but what IS a problem is the composite Saturn in the compromising seventh house in square aspect to Pluto. That is a very hard aspect to overcome. Further, they are in fixed signs, showing that the relationship is adversarial and very hard on both people—neither one wanting to budge an inch.

However, there is hope. The composite chart’s Sun and Mercury trine Jupiter in the tenth and sextile Uranus in the fourth. Mars trines the MC. And Venus conjoins the Sun and sextiles the Moon. Even though I wouldn’t advise this “couple” to make a life together, there is a possibility that they can respect each other enough to do their jobs without getting personal about it.

Remember, too, that Saturn is in Scorpio for the next 2 ½ years, so both will be under a great deal of strain—Boehner with it in his Sun sign, and Obama with it squaring his Leo/Aquarius placements. Boehner has lessons about excessive ego and force (Sun square Pluto with Sun in the rectified fifth), and when Saturn goes through anyone’s Sun Sign, it is the end of a 28-year cycle, so is very important. Therefore, when Saturn goes over that aspect in November 2014, he will see how well he has been doing. At that time, it’s good to note that Jupiter will be going over Obama’s Leo planets—a very auspicious sign.

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  1. Obama "goes overboard trying to compromise? Please....give me a break! After his election in 2008 when he first met with the Republicans, he told them "Elections have consequences; we won, you lost". In other words, it had to be his way only. That's just the first example of his unwillingness to compromise. There are others.