Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Progressed Phases

One of the most reliable timers in astrology is the progressed Moon to progressed Sun cycle. There are eight phases they go through over about a 28 year time. The last one, the Balsamic phase ENDS the cycle and is normally a time of reflection. Things do not move very quickly so that the owner of the chart has time to reflect. Normally, it is NOT a time of great success nor a pinnacle of one’s career. Especially if it occurs in the 12th house…also a place of reflection.

Each phase comprises 45 degrees and, since the progressed Moon moves at an average rate of one degree a month, each one lasts about 3½ years. The phases are: New, Crescent, First Quarter, Gibbous, Full, Disseminating, Third Quarter and Balsamic. When a person’s progressed Sun and Moon are in relationship to one of those phases, the person takes on the qualities of that phase and behaves slightly differently than they may have prior to that time. We go through the full cycle of these phases about three times in our lives if we live to about 84 (on average—for some it could be 90; for others it can be less than 84). And remember, you’re BORN somewhere within a phase, which is your lifetime orientation. Therefore, you can’t go by your age to determine where you are in those periods of time.

Donald Trump’s current phase is the last one—Balsamic. Not only that, but it’s taking place in the 12th house. Usually, the universe gives a person with that in effect, plenty of time to reflect. It is not a time for aggressiveness or for innovative high energy pursuits.  It is hard to say exactly what will happen to his presidency since there are so many “lucky” indicators in his chart right now….talk about “teflon!” 

However, we can see some possible turning points. The closest one is around 5 weeks from now. I mentioned it in a previous blog. The progressed Moon is about to conjoin the progressed MC which is holding a conjunction to progressed Saturn. Progressions wait for a “trigger” from something faster…like the progressed Moon, or transiting Sun or Mars, or a tertiary progression involving (always) the same ‘planets.’ (for convenience we designate the Sun and Moon as planets, too) He has also been under a great deal of financial pressure about his homes, career and his family… progressed Mercury (ruling second and tenth) is separating from conjoining his progressed Pluto (ruling fourth).  In about a year the progressed Moon conjoins that, too, which is another time he could resign or be impeached.

But, the big turning point is when the progressed Moon catches up with the progressed Sun and they start a new cycle—their “new” phase. That will be August/September of 2019. Whether he is president then or not, he WILL begin a new cycle. Let us hope by then he’ll have learned what the preceding Balsamic phase had to teach him. 


  1. Carole you are the only astrologer I'm aware of focused on 45's chart. Thank you for your insights! Please cosmos- make him go away!!!

  2. Thank you, Carole. Your comment are enlightening. I await the next trigger. I hope it is before the planet is destroyed.

  3. Thank you, Carole, for your insights. I only hope the next trigger is before the planet is destroyed. I will keep watching. Barbara